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Chad Michael Murray: Halloween Horror Night!

Chad Michael Murray: Halloween Horror Night!

Chad Michael Murray has a ghoulishly good time at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights earlier in the week in Hollywood, Calif.

Tomorrow, the 30-year-old One Tree Hill actor will be at Barnes & Noble bookstore on the Upper East Side (86th & Lexington) for an “Everlast” book signing!

Other celebs who got in some screams and scares included Elijah Wood, Wilmer Valderrama (with Demi Lovato), and some cast members of this season’s Dancing With The Stars (David Arquette, Ricki Lake). Of course David posted with Scream‘s iconic “Ghostface Killer”!

10+ pictures inside of Chad Michael Murray‘s Halloween Horror Night…

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  • Wes

    Chad will be forever hot!

  • tara

    Demi darling, please DON’T hook up with Wilmer Valderrama! He’s a sleezy guy with a list of teenage conquests.

  • oh

    he probably wishes that he could be referred to as the gilmore girls or dawson creek actor, oth was an embrassment of a show still is. Anways hes hot…

  • elle

    @oh: lol ya oth is horrible I only watched it for him. I still dont understand how its still on air with its main characters gone but than again it is the cw

  • mfh

    nice to see his face again he was amazing in Cinderella story

  • laverdadduele

    Z lister.

  • rain

    @laverdadduele: Well that applies to everyone on the cw except some of the gossip girl and vampire diaries cast

  • Mia

    Who the hell cares about Chad?????
    He sucks and will always be a Z lister.
    And fyi, Oth has 5 main characters, just because 2 out of 5 aren’t there does NOT mean all main characters are gone.
    Plus, all he ever did was squint, squint, and squint some more.

  • huh

    @Mia: Well he is the most successful out of the OTH cast so if he’s a zlister than the rest are just scrubs. fyi Lucas and Nathan scott were the main characters, the followed by hayley and peyton, the show was about two brothers coming together through basketball and drastically changing each others lives for the better. Anyways lucas and peyton are gone now, nathan is a background character, and hayley doesnt get as much much camera time as she deserves. Plus its not even the same show anymore theres so many random/boring new characters that add nothing to the show; like the julian actor who tries to act and comes off as a nervous kid trying to deliver a school speech. The only good new addition was robert buckey. wow thats a pretty big rant anways I think mark schwan destroyed his own show in his quest for a 200th episode it could have ended really well with a season 4 show finale epilogue episode.

  • Face It

    @huh: LMFAO!!! Are you being serious??? Or are you just reallyyyyyy high?? Chad is in NO way the most “successful” out of the OTH cast. The most successful, popular, and loved is Sophia Bush. Whether you Luke her or not, you know it’s true. She has a HUGE fan following and her character Brooke on the show has the biggest following. You may not like it, but it’s true. Most of Chads fans are Lucas Scott fans. Other then that, he’s not all that popular or famous…not like the guys from other CW shows like The Vampire Diaries or even the actors from Gossip Girl. And while OTH started off as a show about 2 brothers, it changed over the years….just like any other show that stays on air for almost 10 years. It’s a different show now but from what I’ve been seeing and have heard, a lot of fans still love it and watch OTH religiously. I do agree on your statement about Rob though….the guy is fineeee. And while I also agree that the show could’ve ended after season 4, fact is that a lot of people still watch it and go ga ga over OTH due to their obsession.

  • huh

    @Face It: I do agree that sophia has a bigger fan following but going on to success its obvious that chad has done a lot more with his career hes been on two great shows and he was the lead for this show as well as some successful movies (cinderella story, freaky friday) you can spin it all sophia has is the hitcher and stuff like van wilder. Moving on to characters lucas scott had a way bigger following obviosly the fan focused has switched to brooke now because shes the only entertainment value left on the show. But based on rating its obvious that chad and hilarie characters held up this show with their fanbase when they were on the show oth had decent rating as soon as they left it just sank they were lower than 90210. Its obvious that the cast only stuck around as long as they have because this is all they have going for them. I used to be a fan of sophia acting in the early season and she was really great in seasons 3 and 4 but later seasons she was just bad. She should have left the show earlier and tried to pursue a film carrier with more demanding roles but she stuck around and hurt her own career at the end of the day you don’t get roles on how big a fan base you have (btw her fan base isnt that large) you get them on experience and talent and almost all her acting experience is one tree hill so maybe she’ll get a role on a sticom or something but if your expecting her to be the next big thing dont get your hopes up…

  • WTF

    Sophia is the most popular only if you are basing it on how many twitter people she has, because she seeks it. She thinks she has become the queen of twitter and I can’t stand how she thinks she invented philanthropy!!! She has no other talent(her acting isn’t bringing her to much success) so she uses something that anyone can do now-a-days…..get on twitter and preach about “do this do that.” Everyone she meets she probably tells them request me on my Twitter become my “Little Voice” , while the others don’t seem to pride themselves on how many twitter followers they have. She still acts like a snobby HS girl!!!

    Go Chad, show them what you can do outside of OTH!!

  • alessandra

    10000000000000% with face it

    The 2 most popular in OTH right now it’s Sophia & Bethany

    Sorry but Chad acting is really lame, he can not play and even less crying

    The girls on the show are more talented

    And really Cinderella is a good film mwahaha it’s for child, and since he’s gone & he has done nothing except lame stuff

    LOL to fans who hate the show now because Lucas/Chad/LP are gone now and haters

    And Sophia has the most followers because they are fans, not beacause the little voices things! Nobody obliges someone to follow her on twitter so your “arguments” is invalid! Brooke is the most loved character with Haley

  • Face It

    As far as I’m concerned, this argument can go on back and forth all day for me (and I’m willing to do it) because its obvious some people are in denial.
    When I said Sophia has a bigger fan following, I also meant to say that she is obviously MORE successful than Chad as well. I do agree that Chad has done more in terms of acting because he started way before Sophia did. Chad had done other things before OTH whereas OTH was the FIRST thing Sophia has done in the business because that’s when she decided to leave school and pursue acting. But just because Chad or anyone else has done more, does NOT mean that the person is just automatically more “successful.” Take Joy for example. She has been working in the industry since she was a child and has been in plenty of other things before she ever joined OTH. Yet, barely anyone remembers what she did before OTH and no one even really knew about her until she became known as Haley.
    Yes, Chad acted in popular films, but truth he told, while I did like Freaky Friday and Cinderella Story, other people stole the limelight. Meaning that when Freaky Friday came out, barely anyone paid any attention to the fact that Chad was in it because all of the attention went to Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. And with House of Wax, all attention was on Paris Hilton because well…..she’s Paris Hilton and it was her first film. Cinderella Story is the only movie where Chad got any recognition.
    And I don’t know where you’ve been, but even when Chad was on the show, Brooke still had a bigger fan following than Lucas because from what I recall, all I heard from fans during seasons 4-6 was how annoying Lucas was.
    And you can’t just chalk up the whole ratings scenario to Chad and Hilarie leaving the show. Because I’ve seen insiders talk about how if Sophia was the one to have left, they would’ve probably experienced a huge decline. When Chad and Hilarie left, a lot of fans were ready for the show to end all together because they had been feeling that way SINCE season 4. Yet it still continued and while others grew out of the whole OTH craze and moved on, others still held on and watched. I myself, stopped watching the show only because I moved on from OTH and became hooked on to other shows and NOT because Chad left…..I could’ve cared less about his departure.
    And as for what you just said about Sophia and her career and her choice to stick around on OTH (and its not because she didn’t have other things going on for her but because she was LOYAL and didn’t want to leave in the middle), I’d rethink the whole “she may not be a big thing” statement because one of the biggest and most famous talent agencies in the world JUST signed her to be represented by them just less than 2 weeks ago. So I’d say that she has a lot to look forward to.
    And as for Chad, if you’re expecting him to be the next big thing, then I quote, “don’t get your hopes up.” ;)
    Sophia has said over and over again that if you don’t like what she has to say, then DON’T follow her on twitter. She could care less about how many followers she has. So your whole “she seeks followers” bullsh*t comment is INVALID. She has also never said that she is the queen of philanthropy or that she “invented” it, but only that she loves it and supports it and always will. So again, your “thinking” yet again, is screwed up.

  • WTF

    @Face It:

    Correction on Joy. She was very well known for her role in Guiding Light and was even nominated for a daytime Emmy for that role. Get your facts straight also all of Sophia movies have been lame and duds so unless you follow OTH you know nothing about her either. She is also known for her role as Brooke Davis and what really put her on the radar was her brief marriage to Chad. He brought her more into the spot light and she loved every minute riding on his coat tails.

  • Face It

    Aww, you little Chad fan, you.
    Joy was NOT well known for her roles prior to OTH. She may have been well known in the Soap world but definitely not outside of the world of daytime soaps. Unless we’re talking about women like Susan Lucci or Kelly Monaco. Most people in the biz barely even pay any attention to soaps and their actors. Sad?? Yes. But soooo very true.
    As for Sophia’s movies, you may think they’ve been lame. But those so called “duds” have earned her several Teen Choice Awards and a lot of popularity, especially John Tucker Must Die.
    And as for your stupid comment about her being only known for OTH…..ummm, let’s see, from all of the comments I’ve seen people on twitter make about how they’ve never seen OTH but love and follow Sophia due to other things such as her charity work, I’d say she’s definitely not just known among the OTH crowd.
    And as for Chad’s supposed “coat tails.” What coat tails??? He was a mild teen star a couple of years ago who got caught cheating on his wife. And she dumped his a$$. Don’t go on acting like he ever had anything remotely close to Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt status because he never did and never will.
    Keep on dishing it out, and I’ll keep dishing back. If you think I’ve had enough, then your veryyy mistaken. This it too entertaining. ;)

  • AN

    This JustJared column is always full of TROLLS!!!

  • sigh

    @AN: Sophia bush fans are insane they look at her as an inspirtation and role model. When really all she is a tramp whos slept her way through her entire male cast. I guess she can be succesful after the show if she can showcase her “talents” and bang a producer to get. Her “charity work” includes retweeting anything that can get her attention . Its the intentions behind ones actions that show their worth as a human being not the action themselves-John Mill, In her case shes just a famewhore. She also opens her big mouth before thinking e.g. calling out african american as homophobic and implying that they should know better (I dont know how her fans can still try to defend that).

  • sigh

    @AN: sorry comment 18 was intended for @Face It:

  • team chad

    OTH used t obe good. Glad he left, it was sucky for most of his last season. I’ve talked to him through twitter a few times. I know he got a bad rep, but I do think he has grown up and matured and changed. However, I do not know him. I like Sophia, but she tends to get snotty if you don’t agree with her beliefs.

  • WTF


    So true! Anyone can retweet and tweet about this that and the other thing. Big deal she ran a 5k, millions of people do that daily to raise money for numerous causes. All she does is tell people where they should donate their money…..again, big freaking deal…….and to her “little stupid voices” who sit and listen to her and need her to tell them what causes they should endorse, when they should have brains enough to know for themselves, well they are just as stupid. I can name many more celebrities that do way more than this chick but don’t go on and on about their activism and philanthropy, Now- a- days everyone is involved in something to maintain their image. She had a couple of ideas and now she prides herself as being the voice of all charities and causes.

  • Face It

    B*tch Please.
    Sophia Bush fans are FAR from insane. The only fans that I see as being idiots and so far out of their f*cking minds are Chad fans who think anyone who criticizes him for being a douche must automatically be crazy.
    News Flash—You’re the crazy ones. Face It.
    Everyone from countless fans to the media to various organizations to various charities to numerous celebrities have ALL praised and acknowledged Sophia Bush for all of her work and efforts. Yet I’m assuming you believe they’re all wrong but you morons are right. Sophia IS an inspiration and she IS a role model and for good reason to. But then again what do we know?? After all you imbeciles seem to worship a guy who couldn’t keep his d*ck in his pants and went on cheat on his wife.
    PS….don’t hate on Sophia for dating her fellow actors. Do you really blame her?? Look at them. Hell, all you tramps who rag on her for dating her co-stars all know deep inside that had any of those men paid any of you whoress the slightest bit of attention, you’d jump at the opportunity.
    Oh and her fans don’t need to defend anything she does. Because from where we stand, its pretty obvious that the world seems to LOVE Sophia for who she is. And its obvious from the way the support and love for her continues to grow every day.
    And I see you’re still ranting on like a little cunt. Before you go around calling her fans “stupid,” I suggest you look in the mirror to try figure out how your mother could’ve possibly given birth to someone so stupid. Name those “many more” celebrities that you speak of who do charity work but don’t speak about it because at the end of the day, they ALL talk about it. And its not because they want to brag about themselves but its because they know they’re in a place where if they were to talk and reflect on all of the things they do to contribute to society, others such as their loyal fans will follow in their footsteps and go on to do the same. And guess what??
    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!
    Goes to show how much you know. Sophia doesn’t just tweet about things but she actually speaks up for her causes even if it pisses off some people. Yet she doesn’t care because she’s not the type of person to back down from what she stands up for. Plus, she attends conferences and just recently came back from Washington DC where she spoke and took part in meetings among other things that involved standing up for women.
    At least she is f*cking doing something to raise awareness for all of the charities and causes she supports. But what about the loser you support?? Last time I checked, all he does is tweet about himself and his stupid book…..oh yeah, not to forget his dog. LMAO.

  • ashley

    @Face it
    i totally agree with u
    my friend had the chance to run into chad in 2004.
    when she approached him to get an autograph he responded “NO NO NO pictures, no autographs” he was being mean.
    Because ya know..back in 2004 he was a teen heartthrob, he had lots of fans n stuff…he didnt need the attention
    7 years later, in 2011, ppl barely even know who he is…now he NEEDS the attention thats why he’s acting all nice.
    im not a hater i like chad, he’s hot, but a douche for cheating on his wife and being mean to his fans.
    and seriously….. all he does is tweet about his book >.<
    sophia on the other hand speaks up for her causes, takes the time to communicate with her fans and she is trying to make the world a better place
    the only thing that bothers me about sophia is that she gets very snotty/mean if u dont agree with her beliefs :P