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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Midtown Mates

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: Midtown Mates

Daniel Craig holds hands with his wife, Rachel Weisz, as they step out together on Thursday (October 13) in New York City.

The 43-year-old English actor will go up against Javier Bardem in the upcoming Bond film, where Javier will play a villain!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Daniel will hit the big screen next with Rooney Mara on December 21, when The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo will be released! Be sure to check out the film’s international trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

FYI: Rachel is wearing MiH Jeans‘ pull on shirt.

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  • Bob

    What a Lovely Couple!

  • beech

    They certainly do clean up well for the obligatory PR photo op don’t they. They probably even sent in a stylist for this one.

  • Karaleev

    Cute, truly lovely couple who clearly loves and adore one another!

  • Mia

    They both are sooooooooo HOT<3<3<3

  • canuck


    Wow you got a lot of a couple of pictures.. Where do you see that they “adore” each other.. by holding hands.

    Maybe they should have been seen together when they were promoting their film that BOMBED at the BO..

    better luck next time.

    anyway..I don’t dislike them, but seriously stop writing a romance novel based on a couple of pictures of them walking down a street.

  • canuck


    Wow you got a lot of a couple of pictures.. Where do you see that they “adore” each other.. by holding hands.

    Maybe they should have been seen together when they were promoting their film that BOMBED at the BO..

    better luck next time.

    anyway..I don’t dislike them, but seriously stop writing a romance novel based on a couple of pictures of them walking down a street.

  • Ciero

    Love this couple!! They are the most modest in Hollywood.

  • Teehee

    They look so cute together! <3

  • Tommy


    They did not promote that bomb because they knew it was a bad film because the studio recut it. And why should they be together in order to promote a film?

    Try to know what you are talking about before you make a fool out of yourself moron and if you don’t like them holding hands, then that’s your problem.

  • kiki

    I love Daniel. God bless them and their family!!

  • canuck

    Wow you people are seriously LOST

  • Elle

    JJ, thank you for the ‘nice’ photos!!! Daniel rehearsed Bond 23 in the U.K. Rachel is shooting The Bourne Legacy in NY. Probably he came to pick her up for the London Film Festival (The Deep Blue Sea)?

  • Mira


    If you knew what you were talking about, you would have known that both Weisz and Craig did not do any press and they did not do it because they did not like the way Morgan Creek destroyed the film in post production and took the film from the director. Maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

  • beeban

    i want to see their baby as soon as possible..

  • Monica

    His pecs! *drool*

  • canuck


    OH boy how professional. since they were so above promoting a film they got paid for did the give back the money they were paid.

    YEAH bet not..

  • canuck


    and last I checked this was gossip blog. open to everyone so you need to STFU. these two people are no different than the other celebrities on this site.

    and you comment to defend them makes them look like two losers. If you don’t like the film fine, but you got paid money and if your integrity won’t allow you to support YOUR WORK then give the freaking money you got paid back to the studio.

    NOW you shut your face until Daniel and Rachel write that check.

  • Raúl

    So now I think that they r really a perfect couple in d world!

  • Yolanda


    Why should they give back the check? The movie came out. And what ever personal problem you might have because they did not want to promote it is just that, a personal problem.

  • Dyan

    Rachel is the most beautiful, talented in HollyWood these days. Daniel is the gifted actor who always exude sexiness in HW. As much as I’m allergic to HollyWood, I just adore them!

  • K


    A) This is not a gossip blog
    B) Why should they promote a film in which the studio destroyed their hard work?
    C) Having seen the film, I can’t blame them at all for not wanting to promote it. It’s terrible and you can see studio interference all over it.

    P.s Love them.

  • Sofia

    Why do they have such a beautiful figure? Though my parents are both 45 years old, they are not beautiful at all like them! Geez!

  • LOL

    Canuck, is your real name golddigger Sats? LOL

  • Luv

    So hot!! I’m happy to see Rachel marries Daniel and is being to exude confidence.

  • Jacqueline

    Ideally, couples need three lives; one for him, one for her, and one for them together.
    Love them.

  • meh

    Beautiful People.

  • PatCollins

    I want to see their pics frequently though they’re keeping low key. They’re worth seeing!

  • Gerry

    I Don’t Care What the Pepole Say. I saw Dream House, and did like It!!
    It was very sad though.

  • Shannon

    I didn’t know Daniel Craig was such an indie-master…HOT!

  • to 27

    However your name and your post are contradictory to each other. lol

  • susan

    i’m so happy to see Rachel and Daniel together. i hope we get more photos of the two of them.

  • to canuck

    in case you didn’t notice Jim Sheridan, the director, did not attend the premiere either. neither did Naomi Watts. that should tell you something.

  • to 3

    If the sun were to rise in the west, I would never agree to your crappy delusions. They are the couple who are the most natural in Hollywood.
    Look, other celebs who are promoting! They are each other hugging, kissing, laughing. A stylist? Ha! Daniel always wears such clothes.
    They should make Daniel wear Tom Ford if they sent in a stylist for this one. LOL

  • Seriously

    Gotta laugh at the syncronized pout. Weisz trying to copy Craig by shoving her lips out. Shes trying to look like him and he looks like a old man. What does that make her look like. ROFL. Bring on the red arrows all those sad people who think these two are summit special. news for you cause they aint as their latest films which were all BO flops shows.

  • Beat Pop

    I think they both are the eye candy, the gorgeous cake!

  • Bond bod

    Bond bod in the making. Beautiful – both of them, even pouting LOL
    BTW – Dream House was not that bad and its sad thinking, what it could have been, if it wasn’t screwed up.

  • *Catherine*

    This couple has an aura of sexually attractive. I and my hubby want to become husband and wife like them, when we get old.

  • dylan

    they should have a daughter she’d be the most beautiful person in the world

  • to Seriously

    Weisz trying to copy Craig by shoving her lips out. Shes trying to look like him
    You are a fool thinking an instant to be all.

  • Tariq Bhai

    IMO, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are an amazing and beautiful couple! NOW THAT IS CHEMISTRY!

  • Iines

    Kate Winslet and her kids are going to visit to see her ex on the set of Bond. I guess she does not want Rachel to come to the set to meet Daniel b/c she is jealous of Rachel. By the way, I dreamed of Rachel becoming a Bond girl all the time. *tsk tsk*

  • Paula

    Although they may be too shy, Daniel and Rachel are such an adorable couple!!

  • Jessie

    Wow, I’m not their biggest fan but they do make a cute couple. And Rachel Weisz – Hot japanese girl showing her beautiful legs and heels!

  • to 45

    what the hell does japanese mean LOL

  • Plus B-sides

    I have a crush on Daniel!! I’ll eat my heart out ‘cos I love, love, love, love him :D

  • Jessie

    Her style is similar to his ex’s. His ex is Japanese, isn’t she?

  • To Jessie

    His ex, Satsuki Mitchell, is Japanese-American.

  • to 47

    still silly to say “Hot japanese girl showing her beautiful legs and heels!”, because this beautiful woman has nothing in common with his ex.
    Well, come to think of it, one thing they have in common. Both have been F*U*C*K*E*D by the Mr. S*E*X himself.

  • Fio

    Oh, I thought Daniel was in the UK! He’s an active man who seems to be everywhere at once. lol
    So… Daniel seems to start filming Bond 23 next week. YAY!

    SurreyReporter: New Bond film (called Skyfall?) to start filming on Monday expertly featuring @Bud_Wilkinson on props. Good luck to all cast and crew. #Bond
    13 Oct via web

  • Fio

    Howell: A view from inside the Dream House–howell-a-view-from-inside-the-dream-house
    He failed, but Huband contends that the Irish director can’t duck all the blame. Sheridan’s habit of prolonged rehearsals and sudden script changes led to numerous delays, misunderstandings and cock-ups.

    Take the diner scene, in which Craig’s Will Atenton shows up to angrily ask local yokel coppers Nelson and Conklin why nobody told him about the psychotic killings that had occurred in his newly purchased house.

    “That was the first day of shooting for me,” Huband says.

    “We get set to rehearse with Jim and Daniel and we rehearsed the diner scene for eight hours. We didn’t shoot it! The crew is sitting around on their iPhones and playing video games for eight hours.

    “We rehearse and rehearse and finally we shoot it. And they shoot it 10 different ways. It was a way bigger scene and it was a long day and it went on forever. Then the scene is a minute and a half. Everything got cut!”

    It should be noted that Huband is no rookie. The Winnipeg-born actor has been working since he was 12, and has appeared in such movies as Cinderella Man, Frequency, Down to Earth and Wrong Turn, and such TV shows as Corner Gas, Street Legal, The Newsroom, Monk and Little Mosque on the Prairie. He knows his way around a set and how to take direction.

    “Each one has its different problems, a different beast,” he says of his various productions.

    “But Jim was kind of crazy a bit. He basically threw out the script and let us improvise … I don’t think we ever did two takes the same way. I’d do one scene where I’m banging on Daniel’s door, and then Jim would say, ‘Cut!’

    “Then he’d say, ‘Mark, this time you knock on the door! Okay, Dave, speak like Mark!’ And I’d say to him, ‘How is this cutting together, Jim?’”

    Not terribly well, as anybody who sat through Dream House can attest, although most of Huband’s footage never made the final print.

    Huband later found out that Sheridan had reshot the diner scene using different actors playing the cops, but finally ended up using the original version.

    Craig remained a trouper through it all. The man who plays 007 was neither shaken nor stirred by Sheridan’s shenanigans.

    “He’s a sweetheart, he really is, just the sweetest guy. Very approachable. Whenever they’d call ‘cut!’ and we had a break or reset, he’d dash back to his Winnebago. But he was very approachable, he had a great sense of humour and was really, really nice to his fellow actors.”

    Craig was the polar opposite of Russell Crowe, whom Huband worked with over a 41-day shoot in Toronto a few years earlier for Cinderella Man. He describes the Aussie actor as a “psychopath” — but he means that in the nicest possible way.