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Reese Witherspoon & Tom Hardy: 'This Means War' Trailer!

Reese Witherspoon & Tom Hardy: 'This Means War' Trailer!

Check out the just released trailer for This Means War featuring Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pine!

Here’s the official synopsis: The world’s deadliest CIA operatives are inseparable partners and best friends until they fall for the same woman. Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now employing their incomparable skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against their greatest nemesis ever – each other.

Director McG recently told USA Today how he offered Reese the lead role.

“I told her, ‘You’re America’s sweetheart. Women love you. Men … like you. I want me to covet you.’ She took a deep breath and said, ‘Go for it,’” he shared. “I love strong female characters, and she had seen Charlie’s Angels. Between her physical readiness and the manner we photographed her, you get a sexy takeaway.”

This Means War, which also stars Chelsea Handler, hits theaters February 17, 2012!

‘This Means War’ Trailer
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  • DCE

    you have the wrong release date.

  • Zac Heffron

    Random Star Trek connection – Chris Pine (James Kirk) and Tom Hardy (Shinzon) together on screen. I hope this movie is a grand critical and commercial success.

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Vile Chelsea Handler ruins the whole trailer and movie. She looks trashy and talks trashy. Ugh.

    Tom Hardy is quite hot thought here.

  • Evie

    looks horrible!

  • Sands

    I hope the fights between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy knock everyone on their ass.

  • coco

    it looks like funny

  • Happy

    Except these two lead men nothing looked interesting in the trailer. Not sure how it is going to be. It’s kinda sad what route took the Oscar winning Reese in her career, while other winners do some serious stuffs. This is a waste.

  • jjj


  • Dianacc

    Yeah this movie doesn’t look very good, but DAMN what i would give to have to THOSE two men fighting over me. Lucky broad. But really it’s no contest….TOM HARDY IS MY KRIPTONITE.

  • ha ha

    Another flop for Reese. Imo not sexy anyway.Jessica Alba is but her movies flop too!

  • bobjustbob

    Reece REALLY needs a hit. Like REALLY all her movies have been taking in the past few years and at her advanced age in Hollywood, you don’t get too many chances to headline movies if they keep bombing. She must be worried of her status, she likes the attention and would likely freak without getting any.

  • bobjustbob

    her movies have been “tanking”

  • SmellyCat

    Reese is “cute” but I don’t think she can pass for “hot”. McG should have cast Emma Stone.

  • Liz

    LOL! Love it! Can’t wait to see it! :)
    She looks gorgeous by the way!

  • Oprah

    This already looks godawful. Tom Hardy is so disgustingly ugly and Chris Pine is blander than non-flavored ice milk.

  • http://dta slig o lambert^_____^cute

    couple of zero in down

  • L

    Isn’t witherspoon a little old to be chased by tom

  • Jessyka

    What a joke. Reese’s career has gone down in flames, and this is another flop waiting to happen. For someone with such talent it’s sad to see her waste it.

  • Rayray

    You couldn’t pay me to watch this junk. Lol Reese sexy? She’s a soccer mom. Tom Hardy is the best thing about this movie.

  • d will

    She seems like a great person hopefully this movie does well since everyone seems to want her to fail

  • Mann

    Tom should get a boost from this after his last flop (Warrior) nice to see him try to be funny also a great chance for Chris Pine to shine as it seem like Justin Timberlake is taking all the lead roles these days *sigh…. Looks good BTW Will Smith is the producer so it should be a Hit.

  • Sammi

    The only thing this movie has going for itself is Tom Hardy. I personally don’t see anyone ‘fighting’ over Reese Witherspoon. Bad casting choice. I’ll just want for this to get released on video or netflixs

  • Dee or Deemebr

    AWESOME!!!!…. CHRIS PINE!!! …. :-) :-)

  • Love4SAMCRO


    Sure, Warrior was a flop in theatres, but for the movie itself? It’s pretty amazing. Especially if you’re a fan of the UFC. My dad even shed some tears!

    On another note, I love that Tom’s taking it easy with this role.. I love him! And lol– so glad it wasn’t JT.

  • Oh Please!

    Give me a break…

    Same theme as How Do You Know…..

    She just can’t stay away from the guys fighting over her movies….

    Poor Poor casting choice for the female part….

    Pine and Hardy maybe….

    Emma Stone would of been a better choice and Handler is just TRASH!!!!

  • nicky

    I don’t see two guys fighting over Reese Chunkerspoon! Hope this movie is a flop cause Reese needs to realize there are much better actresses than her.

  • loverducky


    she’s a year older than him

  • loverducky

    seriously? Is there just one person with so much time on their hands that they keep commenting over and over again?That seems the best explanation as to why so many people have the EXACT same opinion on this matter. If not, maybe some people need to work on forming an original thought.

  • TH

    Loved Warriror, Tom was great in it, dont know why more peeps didnt see it,
    this movie will bomb,theres an article about other actors who turned it down, but being in Batman should save Tom’s career after this flops

  • Mrs Toth is a JOKE!!!

    I am not any of these people completely original but have the EXACT same opinion….
    Wither Fake Spoon does the exact same sh!t all the time!
    She sucks she is boring and she is predictable….
    Same sh!tty movie just a different title!!!

  • KissMyA…

    ba ba ba ba BOMB!

  • ken

    Looks terrible. Sad, Witherspoon just isn’t sexy.

  • Candikanes

    I’m surprised this film got made after so many years and having so many different actors attached to it. The casting seems off, but the idea of the film itself is silly. Is it supposed to be action or romantic comedy? This isn’t my type of film and no matter how good-looking Chris Pine is, I won’t pay $11.50 to see this in theaters.

  • S@n

    Of course the haters of Reese are here, but I found the trailer very good, and there are many people attractive in the movie including Reese , like it or not the haters!

    Chris Pine and Tom Hardy look great!

    Welcome minus sign!

  • gglover128

    While when I first read the synopsis it sounded good but now that I actually see the trailer, It doesn’t look good at all. And maybe I completely spaced out while reading but I don’t remember them being CIA agents. I love Tom Hardy & Chris Evans but the whole CIA thing kinda kills it for me

  • gglover128

    And I agree Emma would have been way better and Chelsea Mandler I mean Handler sucks balls!!

  • Candikanes

    @S@n: I think different people find different people attractive. The movie just seems silly to me and while some people might be ‘hating’ that’s just their opinions.



  • Love&Justice

    Well since her husband is a fudge packer, only in the movies can she have men fighting over her…

  • Love&Justice

    “fug&e p@cker”


  • Dumb Fake Blonde

    This b*tch ALWAYS makes the same damn sh*t

  • Sue

    The only reason to see it is Tom Hardy. Really hope he doesn’t star going down the road of rom-com; he’s too good of an actor to do crap movies.

  • Happy

    @Oh Please!: Yes, Reese is already old for this kind of movies like two man fighting over her. I don’t get it why she doesn’t do a movie where she plays mother or something relating family drama. Oh, I so used to like her until this year. Yes this movie is exactly for Emma Stone who is young and can pull this role.

  • Raichill

    Reese Witherspoon is not sexy and is totally miscast in this movie. She should be playing a mom in a kids’ movie. She will, without a doubt, ruin the movie.

  • kikay

    It’s like” How Do You Know Part 2 “,CIA edition,LOL!

  • InTheIndustry


    took the words right out of my mouth….


  • Dee or Deemebr




    :-) :-)

  • Dee or Deemebr

    And a smart girl can do 2 guys fight for her… need not be a stunning girl!…:-) :-)

  • S@n

    @Dee or Deemebr:

    Someone mistook “Chris Evans” with Chris Pine and you get negative signal for correcting the person in question! It’s funny!

    Then, again “Welcome the minus sign”! hahahahah!!!

  • fighter

    seriously, two hot men fighting for Reese Witherspoon ?!?.. they should change name of the movie as This Means You re Kidding me.. to sum up Mr. and Mr. Smith fighting over a girl