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Alexander Skarsgard: Hamptons Film Festival's Breakthrough Performer!

Alexander Skarsgard: Hamptons Film Festival's Breakthrough Performer!

Alexander Skarsgard poses with Emily Browning at the press room at the Maidstone Inn during the 2011 Hamptons International Film Festival on Saturday (October 15) in East Hampton, New York.

The 35-year-old actor was chosen as one of the film festival’s Breakthrough Performers and participated on a panel with his fellow honorees.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alex was joined on the panel by Emily, Shailene Woodley, Anton Yelchin, Ezra Miller, and others.

The night before, Alex attended the premiere of his film Melancholia at the film festival.

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Credit: Brad Barket, Fernando Leon; Photos: Picture Group
Posted to: Alexander Skarsgard, Anton Yelchin, Emily Browning, Shailene Woodley

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# 1

Yay! Go Alex!

# 2

Wow he looks huge next to Emily. Love you Alex!

# 3

He is wearing the hell out of that shirt!! Yummy!!

# 4

On the other pictures he looked so tired… now he looks relax haha

# 5

The first set of pics were from yesterday right after he arrived from Sweden. These pics are from today. Looks like Alex got some rest.

# 6

DAMN!!! Talented and gorgeous not to mention great personality …what more can you ask for???

# 7

Go Alex!! Making Sweden proud & looking hot doing it!

oh my gosh! Alex and Emily! i love them both! Emily looks so good here. I adore her personal style, such a lovely outfit

*SPOILER* @ 10/16/2011 at 7:56 am

don’t read if you don’t wanna know! *spoiler* Quess who won the best horror actor award 2011 :

I’m sorry if I sound totally stupid now, but why are there always comments that say: ”you can do” and why have they always bad rating?

appreciate answer :)


That’s because those people are trolls and like to post random nonsense.

It’s amazing what can happen when you no longer are dating someone who just drags you down.

More like got some booty.

lafamepoma @ 10/16/2011 at 12:31 pm

Very handsome, travelling to Sweden was a good idea for seeing his family/friends. He’s more relaxed.

Even Dr. Who is a fanboy:
HM: Did you have a particular moment at Comic-Con where you just geeked out?
Smith: I met the guys from “True Blood,” and I was like, ‘Whoa.’ I love the show. I did a panel with them and was just trying to remain cool. Alex Skarsgard must think I’m a complete loser because I was like, ‘I love you, I love you, oh my god!”

It’s so good that his career is back on track since he got rid of the 95 lb albatross.

bleecker street @ 10/16/2011 at 11:53 pm

Cheers to that, Marlo! It is good…and the fandom did rejoice! This is where he should have been a year and a half ago. He’s a little late to the party, but you know what they say. Glad he showed up, and so very glad he’s being recognized. He’s such a talented guy.

Gigantic creepy guy.

Mmmmmm, some award winning Swedish delight :)


Am I the only one who thinks this is January Jones’ baby daddy?


Yes, you are. Coming from his background with such a strong sense of family, I can’t see him not telling the world it’s his child.

“I signed a six-year contract, so they have the option to keep me for those six years if they want.”

If you decided to leave at the end of your contract, they’d have to find a way to kill off your character—but he’s already dead..

“You sound so disappointed! Were you expecting me to show up like Bruce Willis, all guns blazing, and shoot the planet and get the girl?”

Would that have been too much to ask?

@ladybug: well…really in Rio?? I mean, in the interview-link you’ve posted for yourself, one could get an other impression…just saying…

->”In the next two days, he’ll fly to Stockholm for a week of rest, and then to Louisiana to start production on The East with Brit Marling, Ellen Page, and Patricia Clarkson. When that wraps, he’ll head straight back into the sexy, sordid world….”<-

…do you know what I mean?? I’ve got the impression that this interview was after or during the HIFF, so….but I could be wrong, of course…

Talking about TB S5….I think, it’s a good idea to give eric a “sister”, if they will write it good, then this could be interesting to see it, may be. Not sure what I should think about this “salomé”-thing at this point…
Only one thing is obviously for sure – they apparently want to go away more and more from the original story, I suppose. But I have the little suspicion not everyone will like this – especially the “bookies”.

He IS in Rio. Stellan is filming a tv show there for the next month. Good that he’s getting some down time without being papped excessively.

gabesimas Gabe Simas
Vampiro Eric já está entre nos.
17 Oct
Google Translate:

Vampire Eric is already among us.

Essa vai para os fãs de True Blood. O ator sueco Alexander Skarsgard, que vive o vampiro Eric Northman, está em terras tupiniquins. Na série, ele disputa o amor de Sookie Stackhouse (interpretada por Anna Paquin) com o vampiro Bill Compton (papel de Stephen Moyer).

Alexander chegou nesse domingo ao Rio de Janeiro e vai ficar uma semana na cidade hospedado no Copacabana Palace. Vale lembrar que, além da série da HBO, Alexander também atuou ao lado deKirsten Dunst no filme Melancolia, do diretor dinamarquês Lars von Trier.

Após dois anos de relacionamento com a atriz Kate Bosworth, em junho deste ano, o casal se separou e Alexander está solteiro.

Google Translation:

That goes for fans of True Blood. The Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, who playsvampire Eric Northman, is Tupiniquins land. In the series, he played the love of SookieStackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) and vampire Bill Compton (played by StephenMoyer).

Alexander arrived on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro and will stay one week in the city staying at the Copacabana Palace. Remember that, in addition to the HBO series, Alexander alsostarred opposite Kirsten Dunst in the film Melancholia, the Danish director Lars von Trier.

After two-year relationship with actress Kate Bosworth in June this year, the couple separated and Alexander’s single.

Cafélady @ 10/18/2011 at 3:23 pm

@Marlo: oh…well…interesting. Thanx for the reply and for the effort to post the translate. :) Like I said, interesting. Do you happen to know what project it is exactly, which stellan is working for?? And do you have possibly the source (an english source) for this info too?? I haven’t heard/read something about it up to now (which must not mean anything, of course).

So if it’s really true that he is in Rio now, than I wish him a lot of fun there and that he may be can have a little relaxation plus (hopefully) the possibility to enjoy a little time with his people. :)
I think he deserve a little free time (especially with the possibility that he can be a bit out of reach of the pap’s ;) like you already mentioned too), after all obviously he worked a lot in the last time.

Cafélady @ 10/18/2011 at 3:38 pm

@Marlo: Oh, and I forgot to add, in the bulletmedia interview it just sounded a little different…I mean, like I wrote, one could get the impression in it, that he got planned to go to stockholm…that’s why I’m asked for the Rio info again.


Yw! Perhaps he was set to go back to Stockholm but changed plans later.

Cafélady @ 10/18/2011 at 4:49 pm

@Marlo: well…that’s good possible. Thanx for the link.
Interesting project. It seems like he (Stellan) like roles as in this future tv-series (not only such roles of course).

I mean, years ago (2007) he made a (swedish) series called “Arn- Tempelriddaren”, a movie respectively, with an similar background plot (I mean, about the ways of religion especially christianity and how it become more and more influence and power). The movie/series is based on the novel of the swedish author Jan Guillou and tells a story about the sweden of the middle-ages and the first steps of christianity in sweden. Or the beginning of the influence of christianity in sweden, respectively.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t the possibility to watch it up to now. Because in Germany it was been only released on dvd, and I have a little problems to loan it here. But this is one point of my personal “to do list” for watching movies/tv-series definitely. I hope I can watch it in the next time.
Btw. Alex’ younger brother Gustaf plays in it too, and -as far as I know- his other younger brother Bill. So it was really almost a family-project already! :)

@Cafélady: Or didn’t feel like telling the public that he was going, to try and avoid too much advance notice for fans and paps who might want to hang out the hotel.
Marlo, Stellan’s working with Joaquim de Almeida, who I love watching. Pity he and Alex and Viggo Mortensen couldn’t do a movie together, they doesn’t even have to be a plot.


I saw Arn. Here’s a link with English subs. SHHHH!!!!!!

I love Alex Skarsgard. I will go see ANYTHING he is in. YUM.

Le sigh! I went to NYC for a week, and that was the week he wasn’t there. Well, he was there for two days but nowhere near where I was. Crap! Now he’s in Rio? That man gets the flier points for sure. When does filming on the East start if he’s in Rio for a week? I thought they were supposed to start in October.

@Camille: I hope you had fun in NYC anyway, even without catching a glimpse of the Viking.
The East is scheduled to start filming on November 2.

I did have a good time, except I caught a cold, which isn’t fun on your birthday. I’m sure a dose of Alex might have helped, but alas it wasn’t in the cards.
Wow, that’s ending quite late. They mustn’t be filming TB until mid Dec then. Unless they start a few days earlier, and he doesn’t have to be on set right away. Maybe they can film the other actors for a bit.

@Camille: Happy belated birthday!

@Camille: Belated happy birthday!
I wonder if some of the delay in annoucing his role was due to his working out his schedule.I suspect they’ll try and get his stuff for The East done before filming ends and start his stuff for TB a little later than everyone else.

Thanks Canuck!
It’s probably the case that they were ironing out the start and end dates to work within the confines of his TB schedule. With his recent comments about missing out on some projects because of scheduling it seems that he’s very aware he can only take about 2-3 roles that are shorter from July-Nov.

Cafélady @ 10/19/2011 at 3:11 pm

@Marlo: #37 Thanx for the link!

@Camille: Damn, you really should have had a Skarshug for your Bday. Hope you had a good time!

Cafélady @ 10/19/2011 at 3:52 pm

@ladybug: #36 Good point! Yes you could be right, may be this was an “tactical manoeuvre” :)…and should this be the case here, I think it would be understandable. Like I said, he deserves a little free time and especially a little timeout of the pap’s and so on…
I think mostly he enjoys his popularity and having fans and so on…but I could imagine that sometimes it is even for an patient person like him a bit much…

Cafélady @ 10/19/2011 at 4:26 pm

@Camille: What a pity…sometimes it’s jinxed! But may be it will happen anytime else with the Skarshug, anyhow I would be pleased about it for you then! :) I hope you had a good time anyway (even with this nasty cold) in NYC and on your Birthday.

It would have been nice to get a Skarshug on my b’day. I’m sure it would have made my cold just disappear.

Sadly it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe next time! Thanks anyway, I did have a pretty decent time.

Alexander was photographed in Brazil while visiting his dad. Don’t like what’s going on with his hair but the rest looks great.

@Macy: His hair is a little goofy in those pics.
I tried to post those last night but kept getting error messages. JJ needs to upgrade his servers or something.

I really don’t like it when he slicks his hair all back like that. He has a big forehead and it just emphasizes it. It also looks like it’s full of gel. I wish he’d just let it go more natural.

@Camille: Rio with his Dad… Seawater or hangover hair? Something tells me that those two together might be a sight to see when out and about. ;)

Indeed. It would be hilarious I’m sure. I get the sense the old **** can party and has a wicked dry sense of humour.

I saw Arn on DVD — got it via Amazon I think. It was good but kind of hard to follow because I think the DVD is a much cut down version of a longer TV mini series or something. It’s worth seeing if you like historical stuff. I didn’t know anything about early Swedish history so this was all new info to me.

@Canuck: I’m wondering if it’s hangover/vacation hair.

@Camille: I’ll bet he’s the worst of the lot. :)
@ladybug: Maybe it’s fell asleep on the beach with a hangover while on vacation hair, good thing I was in the shade? Lol

OMG JJ blocked out f art. Good grief! Yeah, I believe in a recent interview Alex said he couldn’t keep up with his dad while shooting Melancholia.

Probably a bit of both. Maybe he’d had a hat on too.

@Camille: Well, looking again at the Hampton photos it’s that way in those as well, and it’s washed. So perhaps it’s at that awkward length where it can’t figure out what to do. I am actually hoping it gets cut for the East, I’ve more a fan of the GK/SD hair length.

Yeah I’m not a big fan of it this long. He doesn’t seem to know how to style it properly. It looks good when he’s in shoots, or on the carpet, but that’s because someone else is doing it for him. It really does look better on him a bit shorter.

Cafélady @ 10/21/2011 at 3:13 pm

@Marlo: #52 Thanx once again!

Here’s a new fan pic. He looks a little sunburned, but good!

@Camille: Getting his fill of sunshine before he has to go vampire white again? How hard must it be to resist temptation when you live somewhere that the sun always shines?

@Canuck: Well, he’s got about 6 weeks before TB starts filming and he has to break out the SPF sunblock for vampires, so he’s probably soaking in all that he can.
It seems that he’s been able to be out and about without being bothered too much, that’s probably a relaxing thing for him. Though, does it make me a bad person to wish that we’d gotten a beach shot of him?

@ladybug: Um, no……..

Not sure what the threshold for badness might be as to the number of those shots though, I might possily have zoomed right past it, lol

Yum! His hair looks way better here.

I think he tans, but I also think he burns pretty easily too.

I saw that, it’s been back the last few pics. I think it was back in the Hamptons too.

Cafélady @ 10/22/2011 at 8:28 pm

@ladybug: #69 I noticed this too (the safety pin), it was the case at the HIFF already (that he wore the old chain again). Seems like as he would wear one day the new necklace and the old one on the other. I suppose the old (chain) must have somehow a very personal meaning for him may be and it was nice from him that he wore the new one (also the fan present that he got recently) sometimes anyway.

According to some tweets, Alex is at a concert in Brazil. Good to know he’s been relaxing without being mobbed. The translations are kind of weird though.

Eric Northman just came here at Flying Circus, the show’s Cut Copy!

OMFG, I knew I had to go this f*cking Cut Copy … aka Eric Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood is in canines and bone there.

afliceta generalized @ circo_voador with the presence of Eric True Blood

Here is a video of Alex taking fan pics. Wow, there seems to be a lot of people there, even in Brazil after him. You can see people on the balcony of the hotel staring at him. Poor guy gets mobbed everywhere he goes.

@Macy: He could, but he also doesn’t appear shave when he’s on vacation. I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks.

@ladybug: From the looks of what eveyone is wearing, not really beach weather in Rio. Bummer

@Canuck: High of 77 fahrenheit
But he’s a Swede, he should be able to tolerate it! :)

@ladybug: Yeah, but he’ll have nothing to look at! Isn’t the whole point of the beach in Rio the “scenery”? And not necessarily to be it… :)))

@ladybug: @Camille: I keep having the urge to mail a new silver clasp and the necessary pliers to his manager. Domyou think it’s just disinterest that’s kept him from getting it fixed, or that maybe the way it broke/was repaired is sentimental?

@Canuck: Someone needs to ask that!

@ladybug: Yeah, they’d probably use better grammar than I did on that last, lol.

Valter is also in Arn. It’s a pure Skarsgård party :) Family friend Joel Kinnaman is also in it. Watching it makes me a bit sad that Alex isn’t it, it’s almost like he’s missing :)

I think he’s just a really laid back guy and it isn’t a high priority for him to get the chain fixed. He figures the safety pin is good enough I guess. I don’t know why he’d keep it broken. I can’t imagine breaking it in a sentimental way, though I can imagine that’s why he keeps a broken chain, because it means something to him.

Anyway, here is a video of Alex leaving Rio. It’s blurry but he looks like he’s at the airport and the girl is asking him to say goodbye to fans and blow a kiss.

@Camille: He’s got a week before filming starts so I’m presuming if he’s not heading to Shreveport immediately it’ll be very soon. This is his third movie to be filmed there. Which I find amusing, since TB is set near there, and they’ve never filmed there.

I was just wondering about NYC because I’m thinking he didn’t take all his stuff with him when he went to Sweden for a week. He seemed to only have one bag at the airport, so maybe he left some clothes behind in NYC? Of course I’m just speculating, he could have just been with a carryon, and another bag checked.

Not so much about the beard, but it’s possible it’s for the East. Though maybe he’s just taking a break from shaving and hiding his pretty face.

@Camille: I am not a fan of the beard either. Hopefully this is just his vacation look.

OTOH, if this rumor is true I’m pretty sure the beard is gone:

Kitsch is doing reshoots for sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Alex is. Taylor has been doing them since last week I heard. Alex may have come later, but since he isn’t in the entire movie he may not have to do them at all if they’re reshooting something else.

@Camille: That’s why i put it as rumor, I think the twitter post was assuming that it would be both when that wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

Yeah that’s probably true. They seem to do a lot of reshoots for this movie. They had already done one round of it a few months ago, so I wonder if it’s just due to the special effect, or what the case is.

On another note, Alex’s siblings were in Rio also and went to the concert with him. There are pics of Bill and Eija there too. How cute that they all hung out with the big age difference. My sister is only 6 years older than me, and she treated me like garbage when I was a teenager like Eija is. It’s only in the last few years that she’s been decent. Obviously Alex thinks differently, which is great.

@Camille: I love it that they want to get together and can afford to get together.
I hadn’t been paying attention to reshoots for Battleship. I don’t necessarily take it as a sign that the original shoot was bad, as you said it may be due to special effects or tweaking. IIRC, Lord of the Rings also did extensive reshooting and new shots right before the final cut of each movie.
I”m just looking for a good popcorn movie out of Battleship.

I think they probably like to visit Stellan when he’s working if they can. It seems they’re all very close, which is really nice to see.
The reshoots are probably to tweak special effects. Green screen work can be difficult to get the marks in the right places. You can shoot something and then when you send it to the company to add the effects in, it might not work as well as you had originally planned.

I’d guess Alex had to go back to LA at least long enough to unpack and repack for Shreveport trip. Even HE can’t live out of a carry-on for like 4 months and 3 different continents, right?? And I bet he’s being careful to stay off radar out there. For many reasons. And I bet he’s seeing the photos of KB hanging all over Polish who is looking ever less thrilled with the whole thing at the recent Burberry event and thinking how glad he is that he wasn’t there.

@seeshay: I think the only reason he’d pay attention to what she’s doing is to make sure he doesn’t accidentally run into her. And for that he can probably check in with their shared publicist.

All I keep thinking is that he is just so thrilled and happy and he looks better and better each time we see him.
I don’t think he cares about her in the least. The only thing he probably still worries about are her drunken phone calls and texts, and to be honest, I still think she will stalk him when he is back in LA to film True Blood.
Poor AS, he has to deal with his own personal Fatal Attraction.
But he has to always keep in mind, he has the greatest family, the best fans, and a career that just wont stop.
AS I am so glad I have been one of your fans for such a long time, you are so deserving of everything that you have going on now and what is to come.

@mforman: I don’t think she drunken texts/calls him because he either blocked her number or changed his. Or both.

Lainey has an interesting take on KB’s recent Burberry appearance and how MP appears to be playing the game, where Alex didn’t want to be used that way by her. I have to agree with her take on why Alex didn’t show affection. I think he didn’t want it to be used, which she definitely wanted. He’s certainly affectionate with tons of people, but he went out of his way not to do it with her because he probably knew she wanted the paps to get it on film, especially in the US.

@Camille: There was some public affection (though not much) in the beginning when he didn’t realize how she was using it. And obviously at the end he looked like he’d rather be anywhere else but near her. That must have annoyed her, I’m sure she realized that he was huggy and touchy-feely with just about everyone else but her.
I don’t know if MP is playing the game, or if he realizes he’s playing a game. It’s possible it’s early enough in the relationship that he is sort of blind to how she is concerning the paps. Or perhaps he thinks it’s normal and for right now he’s ok with it.
I’m just glad AS is free of that.

See, and I always thought it was on and off with the affection in the beginning. There were pics early on in the year, like Jan/Feb when he wasn’t affectionate with her. To me, there wasn’t much affection other than the Coachella weekend, and then in Sweden. Though she always got a crumb or two away from the US because he probably felt the paps weren’t as available to her. I don’t remember much affection other than in April/May of 2010. Besides that he was always at least 5 feet away from her and as early as June, frowning. Unless I’m missing something, but I have’t seen many pics that showed affection which weren’t from those couple of months.
MP has to wonder something, what with the rings and all. I can’t imagine a man with any sort of werewithal would wear a ring on his wedding finger on the first public sighting of them together. He’s got to know something. Maybe not the whole story, but somethings fishy there to me.

Here’s a picture of Alex in what looks to be on set from Battleship. I don’t think we’ve seen this before, at least I haven’t. You can see he’s on deck of a ship or something. I wonder if this is newer though, as his hair seems to be much longer than when he was filming last summer and fall.

I agree with you guys in the beginning of their so called relationship, AS showed affection to her at the first Coachella (you all remember that when she called the paps, probably didn’t tell AS and then he got into a fight, and remember what did she do laugh about it, and then of course her classic posing pictures at the hotel they stayed at) and then that first trip to Sweden. A lot seemed to change when she starting hinting around in interviews and inviting herself to Sweden the second time, when he was filming and very busy. When AS and his friends went to the Way Out Fesitival, of course they had to drag her along, but when she started cursing at him and complaining about how she didn’t like the VIP treatment she got, I think that sealed the deal for him, he saw her true colors.
The best is when his friends and family started to run interference and any and all events to keep her away from him.
What tells us all the most is that the girl didn’t make one Swedish friend, they saw right through her even before he did. We will never know what happened between her and Lisa, those two were joined at the hip at the beginning and then bam it was over. KB used her probably to get closer to AS and then Lisa finally realized it.

Thank goodness AS is a free, happy, working man. He deserves so much better, and it is all going to come his way.

@Camille: The ones where he wasn’t really aware they were being papped. And yes, they were few and far between even in the beginning, but even if he wasn’t touching her he was looking at her like he enjoyed being with her.
I can’t tell when that Battleship pic was taken, there’s no date. It’s possible it was taken even before the initial shoot began.

As I said, it’s a few crumbs. There was really only one burst of public affection and that was short lived. He seemed to learn pretty quickly what she was about with that kind of thing. Even in the Mexico pic he seemed really tense and like he didn’t want to be holding her hand. No matter, he finally got rid of her clinging *ss so I’m sure he’s glad about that part of it. I see she’s back to her multiple posts on here. Ugh!
I was looking at the picture again. He seems a lot more bulky than when he was shooting the first time. He’d lost weight for Melancholia, and to me, he looks a bit more muscular there and like he has some more meat on his bones. It could just be the way he’s sitting though, who knows.

I finally got to see Melanchia last night and I was truly speechless.

What a movie.

As I have said before, if AS would do a commercial, I would watch and love it but this movie truly took my breath away.

The cast was amazing and their parts were just made for them, but I expected nothing less, or course though AS completely stole the film.

I cannot wait to see what is next because no matter what he is in, he l gives us an amazing performance and once again he will make it his own.

I just cannot wait to see what he will bring us next

@Camille: I still have no idea when the Battleship photo was taken. I guess that means more research, poring over photos of him from the last 14 months or so :)
Here’s another pic from the Disconnect set, oh his hair!

Ha! That hair is so brutal. It sure fits the urban dad theme they’re going for I guess. I like the one where he’s snuggling Paula and making that face. So dorky!

@Camille: I love that he’s an adorkable goofball.

Me too, it adds to his endearing nature. Sweet, and goofy.
I can’t wait until The East starts filming. We need to see some new photos soon.

@Camille: We were very spoiled with the filming for WMK and Disconnect, new pics on a regular basis.

@Camille: He wouldn’t have scruff on his face if he was in the midst of filming Battleship, would he? Military = clean shaven usually, at least in films.

@Canuck: I suspect it was summer 2010, before he started filming. Could have been the preproduction trips.

Yes we were, totally. I’m hoping we’ll get a crumb or two for The East.

Unless he just got back on set and hadn’t shaved yet. It’s probably from eariler though.

@Camille: I think you’re right, last pix we saw his hair was longer and does he still wear those sunglasses?

@Camille: I think it’s early preproduction because the beard’s not as heavy and the hair is shorter than it was for Melancholia.
Since The East is schedule to start filming next week I’m hoping for a few shots, at least fan shots. And then TB starts up again in a month, and we know he’ll be papped once he gets back to LA (gym shots, please!).

@ladybug: Out of curiosity… and because TB really ticked me off last year, particularly by making Sookie rather unlikeable, blindly stupid, emotionally inconsistent and everything else. Hat Ball has dne to what is a strong female book character, plus the trashing the book Pam/Sookie friendship storyline… the ONLY reason I’m likely to watch it next year is Skarsgard and the return of Russel Edgington. I’m not finding myself waiting with impatience for next seasn to hit the air like I was last year. Just me, or is anyone else sort of feeling the same?

@Canuck: Oh, i’m waiting for it. But I got the same vibe from a lot of TBers last year, they were so ticked at S3 that they weren’t going to watch, weren’t that interested, etc. I suspect that as spring rolls around those who are ticked from this season will start getting interested again.

@ladybug: I’ll admit to having fast forwarded through a lot of the last two seasons, out of lack of interest for some of the story lines. This however, feels different since the central storyline of the books revolves around Sookie and Eric and Ball has managed to turn Sookie into a fickle weak bookmark that to me no longer feels very central. And who in the Alan Ball version of the SVM, is no longer a character that you can understand, even if you don’t agree.

Cafélady @ 10/30/2011 at 4:51 pm

@Canuck: No, it isn’t only you – I think it isn’t the same (feeling) like before – before s4 has started.
I mean before s4 I couldn’t wait for the next season, couldn’t expect to see it (the show) – now I’m sure interesting for it too, but not the same way as before. And I believe it’s not only the reason that book 4/making the film version of it respectively, was the height of the series for many of the fans.
I heard that a lot of people weren’t been full satisfied with this season. One reason is probably the final of the season, anyhow I heard/read it often that people disliked it. Even though the sookie/eric thing (and an absolut superb playing AS) were the highlight of it (s4).
I could see only parts of it (in germany -as far as I know -s4 will not start before february ’12) but the most annoying thing for me (up to now) was sookie and her behave to eric after the end of his amnesia.

I agree, for me the only reason to watch the show further is/will be only Skarsgard and may be the one or the other of the side characters. First of all (at least for me); Pam.
The return of RE will be interesting too, I think.

The only reason I’ll be watching TB in the future is to see Alex act. Just about everything else is a f*cked up mess – Alan Ball has managed to frack up every single female character and ruin all the relationships from the book. Well, I guess Jessica is ok but she doesn’t make up for all the stuff he has ruined including Pam, which is really, really too much for me – I love the banter between her and Sookie in the book. Thanks a f*cking lot Alan Ball!

@Cafélady: Sookie’s behavior to Eric after he got his memory back was totally inconsistent compared to how she behaved with Bill given the complete betrayal he dealt her and the “Sookie timeline” involved. One minute Bill has totally screwed you over and you just realized it and then 15 minutes later in Sookie time, you’re almost caving? Can we say weak doormat with no self respect? That really ticked me off. As you haven’t seen the whole season, I’m not going to get into it, but by the end of it I was pretty much thnking that I had no empathy for the character of TB Sookie and that anything rotten that happens to her, I’d kind of be going “meh”…

@Tanter: Agreed. I’ve thought more than once that Ball must either have very little understanding of how women interact, or that deep down he despises women.

@Canuck: i know that AB believes in conflict in relationships, whether it be romantic or maker/sire, friendship, etc. Which is why I think he put the Eric/Pam conflict in.
But I do wish the Pam/Sookie relationship were closer to the book, in someways book Pam is a better friend to her than Sookie’s human friends.
I would be fine with AB no longer be the driving force behind TB and let someone like Raelle Tucker (sp) take over.

@ladybug: 100% agree. While I can see how conflict can drive a TV series, so far Ball has made Sophie Ann, MaryAnn, Lorena, Marnie, Queen Mab the major nasty characters. The only male “bad guy” has been Russell, who is bat sh*t crazy and almost endearing because of it. Next season, we’re likely to have an Eric/Bill bromance/buddy thing going on due to they’re being outlaws to the Authority even though they hate each other and Bill has gried to kill Eric several times, yet Pam hates Sookie even though she not only saved Eric at least three times, but also saved Pam at least once (and may have broken the rotting curse if death broke the spell as it did the forcefield spell). I call Bullsh*t, sorry. That just really t’s me off.

I think he does, he took several pairs with him to NYC. Could be that he got a trim, but it’s probably from summer of last year.

Could be the first time he went just for those couple of days in June was it?

It’s pretty much the only thing that’s keeping me watching, though I’d rather download it and skip the other parts which is sad. There are a lot of casting calls for werewolves this season, so it looks like we’ll see more Alcide. Ugh! Joe M is so wooden. Also, apparently they’re making a sister for Eric and….groan, it’s Salome from the bible. WTF?! Ugh!

I read those too. Sounds terrible to me, the weres at least. Eric’s sister might be interesting, emphasis on the might, if they do it right.

@Macy: I didn’t read the casting call as Salome being Eric’s sister, I read it as two different characters. Nora is his sister:
Salome is actually mentioned in the books a couple of times, book 5 and later one in whatever book when the shifters/weres become public.

It’s a stretch to make her from the bible I think but oh well. Also, I really hope Eric having a sister isn’t lame. I don’t have high hopes though, and for some reason I don’t like that she’s going to be a series regular. For some reason that makes me think it’s just a cheap replacement for Pam since Eric is banishing her.

@Camille: AS mentioned one in June, to San Diego, which seems to have been before the trip to Hawaii, which I think was June or very early July.

@Camille: Salome is from the Bible. As a child growing up in Chicago, we visited the Art Institute often. This was my favorite painting:

I’m presuming that Eric’s sister is the friends in high places in the AVL that was hinted at by both Bill and Nan Flanagan.

Oh yes I know, I just meant making the Salome from TB from the bible. She wasn’t biblical in the books, was she? I don’t remember any biblical references in mentioning her. I think Nora might be the AVL person. It does mention she loves Eric a lot, but has taken her life in another direction. Maybe there will be some tension there if she’s supposed to punish him somehow?

Yes, I think he did go in early summer for a weekend to meet with Peter Berg. I remember him talking about it. Wasn’t that when he was photographed with Hot, Flat and Crowded too?

@Camille: Yes, in the books it’s the biblical Salome.
And the Hawaii trip was the Friedman book. Blech.

Ah I must have missed that reference then. The sister thing throws me off though, Eric has the Russian prince brother but it’s Bill who has the sister if I remember correctly. I wonder if they’ll give Eric other children, since he had them in the books.
I remember that being a big deal, that he had that book. I’ve never read Friedman’s stuff, so I can’t comment but I know a lot of people think he’s a hack.

Oooh a new magazine cover for Alex. It’s a greek magazine. Is the picture from the Blackbook shoot maybe? His hair is quite short there.

I’m willing to bet that either the sister or Salome will be a love interest for Eric. Because of course, after a thousand years of not having feelings for anyone but his maker and child, he’s now going to have them willy nilly for other women. Bill of course, will not.

@Camille: He’s a hack. On a superficial level I agree with what he says, and he’s very big on emphasizing climate change. But he just wrong on so many levels.
And the Greek mag cover is from the Blackbook shoot, like the Out cover was from the InStyle shoot.
Canuck, on the book he has a ‘brother’, but of course AB would change that.

@ladybug: True, and a Romanoff to boot! But that plotline sailed once Ocella became Godric. As for Freidman, he’s no idiot at least from the one book of his that I read (From Beriut to Jerusalem) but boy oh boy, did he ever have an agenda and that made about half of it intellectually dishonest.

@Canuck: He’s coasted since FBTJ. And he has an agenda. But there was also his complete support of the Iraq invasion, just because he wanted to invade a county.

@ladybug: I know, although that also fits into the same agenda. He and Judith Miller… Propoganda puppets.

You’re probably right, Bill will be the martyr. Though, he did sleep with several women while Sookie was in Faery and we never got that sense with Eric. I was actually quite surprised about that. I was also surprised that AB allowed it that Bill thought she was dead, and Eric knew she wasn’t. Interesting turn there.

I though so. I went back and looked at the photo. I couldn’t see where he’d have done another shoot. We probably would have heard about it through twitter and whatnot.

@Camille: Quite a few bloggers got the impression (I think an accurate one) that Eric had been staying at Sookie’s house, waiting for her.
Admittedly, some of Bill’s behavior was probably an act, in the sense it was to pretend he was over her and being all King Bill-ish.
I think you are correct, if he’d done the reshoots last week we’d have heard/seen something from someone on set. He’s been able to spend the last week not being papped, tweeted or found by fans. A rare occurrence for him, these days.

I think that’s accurate also, seeing as there was the blood in the fridge and he’d made his chamber. Kind of sweet that he was there waiting for her, even if it was for the reason of claiming her to be his.
I’m glad he’s gotten away from prying eyes these last couple of weeks. Even if we did see a few pics of him in Rio, it sounds like people there generally respected his space and left him alone. I read a fan report stating he was only approached twice outside the hotel, and just for a few minutes from a small amount of people (like 10). Quite a difference than the disgusting mob for Disconnect.

@ladybug: I don’t know about him staying there waiting for her. He couldn’t have been staying there the night she came back, otherwise he would have made his appearance before Bill showed up. Plus with workmen in and out of the house during the day, it wouldn’t have really been a very safe place to stay. And… he sent her the microwave (to heat blood) for her house only after she got back. I really liked that he still had her POS car parked in the driveway, waiting for her since we know book Eric would have replaced it or at least had all of the mechanics rebuilt, I really liked that he kept and restored her Grandmother’s furniture, but I can’t see him actually dying for the day there so long as there were still people working in the house.

@Camille: Bill also seemed like he had, if not a relationship, a regular thing going with the Security lady. And of course, meeting the Grandmother of your current lover would imply an intent of establishing a real relationship.

Exactly, that part surprised me since I’d fully expect AB to make Bill sit around and pine for her since he supposedly loves her more than Eric. It was surprising that wasn’t the case. Eric felt her on some level, and either Bill didn’t, or he chose to push that away and to me that says something about his character.

@Canuck: I don’t think he was there all the time, especially in the beginning. And the safety thing is a point. However, he could have had the cubby done and that room done, and then he could have glamored the workers to forget about that being built (and perhaps a suggestion to not look too closely at that closet).
Perhaps this is something that will be explained in the dvd commentaries.

@Camille: I kind of think that Eric just has far more experience, and doesn’t lie to himself. Even if he hides what he’s feeling. When Sookie landed in the cemetary, Bill awoke surprised, Eric awoke not surprised at all. Could be that Bill hadn’t ever given his blood before, therefore had no landmarks and thought the worst because he had no other explaination for it. Eric on t he other hand, probably knew that right before a bond winks out of existence you would feel panic, fear, determination, resignation… something.

I think he must have been there at least some of the time, or she wouldn’t have come home to a stash of blood in her fridge. To me, that said that he must have spent some nights there, if he would keep food around.

It’s possible I suppose, but he did heal people he’d fed on with his blood as we know from his flashbacks. Wouldn’t his blood then be in there system, even if only a couple drops. He did tell Sookie that was all it took, when Eric first gave her his blood in Dallas.

@Camille: I’ll admit yet again to gast forwarding through much of what doesn’t interest me, and I don’t remembe seeing the bits where Bill heals people. But I would also think that if you feed someone your blood once and they die of old age 40 years later, you might not experience anything when it happens. As opposed to someone having lots of your blood more than once and then vanishing within a year without leaving a body or a trace of a struggle. Logically, from the no panic or fear being transmitted, one would assume nothing was forced. Then, no body, blood or smell of anything violent (although it’s certainly possible that the smell of Fairy was present in the cemetry for a while after they were there), no sudden illness or malaise coupled with no body and the disappearance of the bond… Someone who knows about Faery and how it works might be better placed to understand that Sookie was likely taken there than someone like Bill with no more experience with Faeries than Sookie.

@Camille: I’m trying to remember, but I think part of that with Eric needing so little blood to be able ‘track’ Sookie was due to the age thing, 1000 years old provides pretty potent blood.

It’s possible. Didn’t Eric only give her his blood the one time though, before she got back I mean? Other than Dallas, has she ever had Eric’s blood. I don’t think she has. So you’d think Bill would know more than Eric would, as Sookie would have only had a minute amount of Eric’s blood.

True enough. I just don’t think AB has the memory or logic to make sure that’s a part of the storyline. He’s made so many consistency errors through the seasons, that I find it hard to believe he would have considered that point. He certainly didn’t have Sookie question it, nor was any type of explanation offered as to why Bill would have so completely moved on and thought she was dead, while Eric waited for her. Unless they were trying to be witty and give us a glimpse into the real character behind Eric and Bill, but I don’t give AB that much credit either.

@Camille: I’ll throw out something that was posted on a TB site during the season: Bill’s behavior was in part to protect Sookie from the AVL/Nan, should Sookie reappear. If Bill was all emo and moping over her it would draw unwanted attention to her. So, if he’s all ‘it’s good to be the king!’ and sleeping around and not seen to be concerned over Sookie’s disappearance, and reappearance, it would help prevent interest into what is it about this human that has Eric and Bill all hot and bothered.
Who knows.

That could be, though he sure moved onto Portia quite fast even after Sookie returned, but he still had the gall to be mad at her for Eric. He acted like a douche there, trying to kill Eric off. Bill has tried to kill Eric off more than once, and it bothers me that Sookie doesn’t ever notice this or question it. Like Eric comes and says the King showed him mercy and she’s all, oh sweet. Pfffffff!

That could be, though he sure moved onto Portia quite fast even after Sookie returned, but he still had the gall to be mad at her for Eric. He acted like a douche there, trying to kill Eric off. Bill has tried to kill Eric off more than once, and it bothers me that Sookie doesn’t ever notice this or question it. Like Eric comes and says the King showed him mercy and she’s all, oh sweet. Pfffffff!

That could be, though he sure moved onto Portia quite fast even after Sookie returned, but he still had the gall to be mad at her for Eric. He acted like a douche there, trying to kill Eric off. Bill has tried to kill Eric off more than once, and it bothers me that Sookie doesn’t ever notice this or question it. Like Eric comes and says the King showed him mercy and she’s all, oh sweet. Pfffffff!

That could be, though he sure moved onto Portia quite fast even after Sookie returned, but he still had the gall to be mad at her for Eric. He acted like a douche there, trying to kill Eric off. Bill has tried to kill Eric off more than once, and it bothers me that Sookie doesn’t ever notice this or question it. Like Eric comes and says the King showed him mercy and she’s all, oh sweet. Pfffffff!

Holy crap, ok I don’t know why that posted 4 times. Sorry guys, stupid JJ!

@Camille: That annoyed me too.

@ladybug: It looked to me like he thought she was dead. Even the look on their faces when they woke up when she landed back in the cemetery, bill looked surprised, Eric didn’t. Plus I would think that had he had any inkling that she wasn’t dead, he would have bought her house instead of Eric so that when she came back he could have played the hero.

I am still trying to figure out why AB favors the Bill character, we really have been patient about it, but enough is enough. The way AB has handled the wonderful friendship between Sookie and Pam has been destroyed and the worst was how could he handle the end when Sookie completely devasted Eric.

Bill has betrayed her time and time again, but Eric has never lied to her once (unless you count the blood incidenrt, that is one of my favorite Eric moments), and for her to walk out on him like she did at the end was disgusting; watch Eric will be the first to help her with Tara.

I have always enjoyed everything AB has done, but I have to admit that he signed a new contract where he will step away from TB and go onto other HBO projects He is not allowing AS to act to his complete.

I think he thought she was dead. He told her that at her house, before anyone was around and he wouldn’t really need to do that if he was protecting her from the AVL because nobody was around other than Jason. Jason was inside the house at the time, and Andy didn’t show up until later. I think the only reason Eric got there after Bill was because he’d been resting at Fangtasia, otherwise he would have been there first. Maybe AB is really setting Eric up to be the guy who always feels Sookie and truly loves her, but it’s hard to believe when he just keeps messing up so badly with their storyline. Then again, I think Sookie is an idiot for being soft on Bill like 10 seconds after getting back from Faery where she thinks she’s only been for like 15 minutes. Moron.

@Camille: That to me is another incident where AB shows his dislike of women. No way that feisty Sookie, the one who slapped Eric, would suddenly get all soft and mushy for someone who did to her what Bill did, within an hour or two of finding out. And then later, she asks Bill to FORGIVE her????

As for the blood in the fridge, I’m trying to remember when she found it. It seems to me that it wasn’t until the next day once she got back from shopping, right after she found the microwave delivered onto her kitchen counter, both probably by his day person. I kind of took the two together as Eric making the point that it was his house and that she should expect him to drop by whenever he felt like it. I could be remembering the timing wrong though.

@Camille: I’ll have to go back to the screens shots and look, but in the shots where Bill and Eric woke when Sookie came back from Fairlyand, weren’t the pillows that Eric was on the same as in his cubby at Sookie’s?

@ladybug: Ah, found them. No they aren’t the same pillows. But his bed/couch thingy when he wakes looks an awful lot like the one in Edward Cullen’s room in Twilight, only in dark grey, LOL.

She does find it after she goes shopping. I just assumed it had been there from before, and she didn’t see it because she hadn’t gone in the fridge after getting him at first. She basically went to her house and just sat there until Jason got there, and then she was talking with him until the two vamps showed up. I think it was there from before. Sookie had a microwave prior to that, so I think Eric was just buying her a new one.

@Camille: But she didn’t go shopping until the next day. You would think that normally, she would have at least opened the fridge and cupboards either that night or in the morning on the off chance there would have been something in there to eat, even if she would assume there wasn’t. I would have at any rate. Funny how the same scene can be taken completely differently.

See and I wouldn’t have after being told that I’d been gone for a year. I would assume there wouldn’t have been any food and probably just gone out to eat because I was too tired to get groceries. The cupboards maybe, but the fridge no, because it would be strange to keep anything in there when you’re gone for a year. I would have assumed that Jason would have cleaned it out.

LOL it is funny the different things people notice. I guess that’s the fun part of having shows not explain everything.

@Camille: It wasn’t so much the amount of blood she’d had as the amount of experience that each of the Vamps might have had in interpreting the vanishing of the link, and the amount of knowledge of the other possibilities than death that might cause the link to disappear suddenly. I find it interesting that Bill had actually managed to visit Faery yet it didn’t occur to him until she came back that she may have gone there, while Eric has never been there as far as we know, yet he seemed to have understood that she went somewhere else out of reach rather than having died.

@mforman: He probably identifies with the brown haired Beta male who wants to be an Alpha.

@Camille: I’d have absolutely beeb hunting for coffee, if nothing else, lol!

@ladybug: More potent certainly, remember when she was attacked by the Maenad and he commented to Bill to allow him because his was stronger?

I really hope that AB doesn’t destroy the upcoming season. When Sookie made that ridiculous speech to Bill on the last episode, I was in shock, but then when she started to talk to Eric, I couldn’t believe how nasty she came off, I was really hoping that she would say they should give themselves a try.

Seriously look at all that Eric has done for her and never told her, all Bill has done is use and betray her. The Sookie in the books is such a strong character, why has AB decided to make her portrayed, as such a weakling.

I wonder if that is why it took them so long to finish shooting the past season, we all known that the big shots at HBO got inolved, because it was truly interesting how they released that press release about how AB’s role would be changing.

They know what a loyal fan base TB has, look at the turn out at Comic Con had the first year TB premiered, that had never happened before for a brand new show and each year it only grows and grows, and TB always has the largest turn out, it really is amazing

Also, the TB cast are the last ones to leave, they want want to make sure they see each fan.

I think that is amazing

I would need coffee too. LOL!

Alex is on set for The East! By the looks of the date he was there on the weekend. Hopefully someone will take a couple pics.
paigewells Paige Wells Eric from True Blood is here too!!!! 29 Oct Ellen Page & Shiloh Fernandez and more celebs idk are in the restaurant!

@Camille: I’m impressed that he’s been there for a couple of days (at least) and no one’s seem to tweeted or twitpiced him. Until now. He might actually have a little more normalcy in Shreveport than he did in NYC. At least for now.

I hope so, and I hope he isn’t going to bombarded like the last time he was in Shreveport where people were trying to get the room next to his to listen through the walls what he was doing. That’s goddamned creepy!

@Camille: And that was when his fame was just really taking off.
IIRC from the Blackbook interview he seemed to think that he’d be able to hang around NYC and not be bothered too much. That obviously didn’t happen, except when he was able to escape to his friend’s house on LI.
I do want some new photos, ’cause I’m needy that way, but I really hope that it’s not too bad.

I like new photos too, as long as they don’t get all up in his face and shout out arsey things to him while doing so.

I’m glad that Alex is on set now, maybe we will get some new photos of him. I hope he doesn’t get attacked by fans like in Long Island or wherever that was. That was so awful for him. At least he’s been able to hide out for a few days. I read on a couple of sites that he’s got at least one nude scene for this movie, so we will get some eye candy.

@Camille: OMG, did people really do that???? Paps, I presume? That’s just so unbelievably way over the line of decent behavior. Geez.

@mforman: At least we won’t be disappointed because it left all the good parts of the book out, since it seems that the next season won’t follow the books at all. But I wouldn’t hold your breath over AB not continuing down the road of trashing all of the strong female characters and relationships.

@Canuck: The hotel room thing? That was fans, according to Skarsgardnews.
The nude scene from The East?

It was fans I think. I remember reading the admin’s rant from Skarsgard News on it. They wanted to hear if he was having sex and whatnot. F*cking stupid and creepy. Those people aren’t mental well if they’re doing things like that. That’s just plain wrong.

Nice! Will you go?

@Camille: I believe so, the theater’s within walking distance, so I should be able to find time to do that.
Stephen Moyer’s so cheeky:
Now onto the pressing question: Will we see more of the bromance between Bill and Eric develop next season?

“My missus got to have a go with him last year, so I think it’s my turn,” Stephen said with a smile. “I know [Alex] is very excited about that.”

@Camille: The hotel thing is creepy. It’s one thing to want a photo and an autograph, another thing to want to know what he’s doing in his hotel room.
And, Alex is into polygamy! :)
As an early present, we also give you True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard… in a tux. Better yet, he has a message for ELLE readers. He says: ‘Tell them I will marry them all.’

Haha, I read the marrying comment. Cheeky bugger, same with Stephen. They both have such great senses of humour.
It’s disgusting how far some people will go. I know they are choosing to be public figures, but that doesn’t mean you get to violate every aspect of their privacy. People deserve their own time, and a hotel room is definitely one place they should be able to have that.

@Camille: Stephen and Alex do have great senses of humor. I’d love to see the blooper reels from TB.

So now I’ll have to get the British Elle?

@ladybug: @Camille: Ok, ewwwwwww. I’m probably going to gross everyone out, but I’ve now got some rather cringe inducing mental images of what those people woud have been doing with themselves had they heard sex noises from next door. Way way wayyyyyyyyy past any concept of behaving like a decent human being o another human being. That also sounds way more stalkerish than fan-ish.

@ladybug: Hahaha, he’d better have Eric Northman stamina then. Lol

@Canuck: Thanks for that image :(

Me too, I bet they’d be hilarious! I wish she would have made those scans bigger. I’d like to read the article. Though a lot of it sounds like rehash.

That’s way beyond normal behaviour. So what if we was having sex? What are you going to do with that information? Seriously, it’s his own time, leave him alone.

@Camille: I had to right click to get the open image option. But yeah, nothing new, not even new photos.

“Only a few more years and then the entire world will know every single one of these freaking anecdotes and we can finally move on to new ones.”

@Camille: “We was having sex”? Have you been holding out on us? LOLOL

@Canuck: I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that! Freudian slip, Camille? :)

@ladybug: @Canuck:
Now girls, you know my Swede is ultra private. I can neither confirm, nor deny any Shreveport sexy time. Though it is much easier when you check in under a fake name at a hotel in such a small place. LOL

Is Alex getting a new cover maybe? Some Marc Jacobs ads perhaps?

So…my sister is doing a photoshoot with Alexander Skarsgaard today. I’m jealous to the point where I feel like hurling myself out a window

@Cmpet0 it’s for a Marc Jacobs photoshoot apparently. I still have to talk to her about it. Yeah….it’s crazy!!/cinephile24

@Camille: I’d settle for some new pics from Shreveport, since I’m presuming it’ll be a while before we see the finished results for the Marc Jacobs photoshoot.

True enough. It could be at least a month or two. BTW I got to read the article from a bit bigger scans. Mostly rehash, though I’m surprised certain people have not jumped on a specific section and comment.

@Camille: On an earlier thread for another person someone did, and since this hadn’t come out no one else could find out where it was from. But methinks he was being his professional self.
But yes, sadly the intereview really was just repetitive: nudity, Leeds, girlfriends, blah, blah blah.
Why not ask about why he reads Thomas Friedman, or something different?

Hee hee!

It actually was from an earlier piece, maybe Blackbook but I forget exactly where it came from. I’m not really talking about that one though, the other one where neither of them will speak about it. Interesting.

@Camille: Well, part of that may be that he is really a pretty private person, and even saying ‘we just drifted apart’ would be saying too much, especially this soon after. Or, it could be something else that we could all make pretty good educated guesses about.

I’m thinking something big went down most likely. Though it’s also that he’s private about it. I think she won’t because she’s the person who caused whatever happened to happen and he stepped away from it.

@Camille: I think the fact that he arranged to do the Strawdogs premiere in NYC at a different time than everyone else was a pretty big hint that something not so nice happened.

Exactly. It’s obviously strained and he stayed far away. I think those comments can be chaulked up to professional politeness. I doubt we’ll see many friendly outtings in the future.

@Camille: No friendly outings on his part, anyway.
I have to wonder if we’ll see him back at his old hangouts once he’s back in LA for TB. Joan’s on Third probably misses him.

@Camille: @ladybug: I suspect he may have already drawn a line through those. If he went to the trouble of avoiding her at their own premiere, it’s not likely he’s going to put himself in a position to be found easily once he’s back.

Not unless he gets set up like OB did. Poor bugger.

I think he might avoid for awhile, or just make his return not know for as long as he can get away with.

@Camille: But that pap shot with OB was just a happy accident, really!
Luckily for AS, there are probably plenty of restaurants and cafés in LA that aren’t pap spots that he can hide out in. At least for now.

@Camille: You don’t think she’s got someone there who tips her off to when he comes in? I do.

An observation from my restaurant days… part of the thing about being a restaurant regular is the food of course, but also a large part is the staff, in that it’s nice to be known, treated a bit special because you come there all the time, having them know which your favorite table is, making a fuss over you if you bring someone in who you want to impress etc.. If you start going to other places instead, the staff of the new place starts to treat you like that while often the staff of the old place will have turned over enough that you’re a stranger to them by the time you go back. Often people won’t make the effort because it’s never the same once that happens.

@ladybug: Yes, an incredible coincidence!

Like their mutual PR lady? Or someone else you have in mind?

Suuure it was. Uh huh. I don’t think many people believe that. As for the restaurants, he’s got a few that he’s already tried out so maybe he’ll continue to go to those.

@Camille: No, I was thinking more along the lines of people who work in his usual hangouts. $20-30 for a quick text that says “He’s here” is easy money.

@Camille: I wouldn’t be surprised if Robin Baum has some sort of matrix so she can make sure that her clients do not come within several miles of each other.

@ladybug: Anti-mag GPS? Lol

@Canuck: I wouldn’t be surprised if that starts happening to him at his new hangouts, that the staff will text or tweet that he’s there.
I can see Robin Baum telling AS where KB is, but not vice versa.

@ladybug: Yes, I’m sure she knows what side her bread is buttered on.

@ladybug: Lolol, are you sure we can’t sign that? :)

Do you think she’d actually go that far though? I’m not sure people would be that inclined to help her if he’s a regular and treats them well. I suppose it’s possible though, some people will do anything for a few bucks.

If she’s smart she does. She knows who is the bigger moneymaker for her, so I’m sure she helps schedule his stuff to appease that.

@Camille: I can see her having tried during the late spring and early summer, I really can. RB probably had a very interesting time dealing with it.
I’m showing my age, but for some reason this shot reminds me of the running montages from the Six Million Dollar Man. The Six Million Dollar Man as a schlubby suburban house husband with a fake beer belly.

Yeah she tried lots of things I think. Hence why he went to a new place to eat practically every day.
LOL at least he’s not doing the t-rex hands there.

Here he is with the Friedman book. I really want to move him away from Friedman.

@ladybug: Totally Steve Austin. Only much much taller. A bit of trivia, you remember the crash scene in the beginning, the reason for him becoming the Six Million Dollar Man? That was actual footage of one of the early test flights when they were developing the Space Shuttle.
@ladybug: Is this an old shot? I’m more than willing to give him the credit for having the brains to figure out the Friedman isn’t all he pretends to be. While it may not be evident from one book, it’s pretty clear if you start following the guy. Even though he does come up with pertinent comments from time to time. It’s hard to disagree with what he has to say about the shell game that the banks have been playing in this article for example:

@Canuck: That shot’s from July 2010, I think.
I want to agree with Friedman, but he’s still very much go-go on capitalism as it is and he’s been really fond of geoengineering as a way out of climate change. He’s wide, but shallow. He’s one of those writers if I saw someone really reading him I’d have to suggest other people: oh, you’re reading him on economics, why not read Krugman, Stiglitz, as well (I did this with our business students who had to read him for class) Climate change, here are other people to read. And then there was his undying support of the Iraq war. Though, he is now responisble for my favorite measurement of time: the Friedman Unit:

I was amused when a certain ex of his wrote in a online style mag she was co-editing that we should all read Friedman, it’ll change our life, or some such bs.

There is nothing capitalistic about the US these days. It’s handouts, bailouts and tax breaks for the corporations while the poor Joe goes bankrupt.

@Canuck: Oh, we’re all about the crony capitalism and business as ‘people’ now. I’m still impressed that AS knows about the Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling, which allows corps to spend all the money they want on politics, and most of my fellow citizens probably have no idea about it.

She did make a statement about that. It was during her stalking probably, around the time she showed up with Master and Margarita at the salon. *eyeroll*

@ladybug: He probably found that so shocking that it stuck in his mind.

@Camille: Yeah, it was during the “look! I like everything you like!” phase, wasn’t it?
Canuck, that may be true, it shocked and appalled him. I share that opinion.

Pretty much. A sign that things weren’t going well. To me that says that someone is trying to convince the other person they share commonalities, when it’s apparent that they don’t have much in common at all and aren’t compatible.

@Camille: I’m sure he really doesn’t read the gossip stuff, but you know that someone close to him probably passed that info along: Alex, she’s still toting Master and Margarita around, and tossing out how great Friedman is.

I’m sure he caught wind of it somehow. She might even be so transparent as to babble that she mentioned Friedman in her interview, etc.

@Camille: Of course, by that time, he might not have really been listening to her.
He’s been in Shreveport a week now, and no new pics?

I am sure we will get some new set photogrpahs soon.

It must have driven him crazy, when she started not only running around with the Master and Margarita, but that she made sure the front cover was facing the paps and she told them what she was reading.

It really must have made her crazy, when he probably paid no attention to her ways of acting like a child.

That is why it is so easy to believe the stalking and all of her other ridiculous and crazy behavior, what sane creature woud do any of that behavior.

Wow that’s fast, pretty much straight to dvd then. It was only in theaters for maybe 2-3 weeks.

@Camille: Actually, that’s later than I was expecting, I was expecting around beginning of December. I guess they’re waiting for whatever’s left of the international release dates to be done with. The turnaround time from theaters to dvd release is pretty short now, for most films, even successful ones.
And Melancholia keeps getting critical love. I really want to see this now, and not just for AS.

It’s still usually longer than two months. More like 4-6 months normally. You’re right though, I expected it to be faster for this movie seeing as it pretty much tanked. At least Alex has other films that will be better received. I really hoped Melancholia comes to my theatre.

Someone on yuku posted something, must be a tweet, about Alex being spotted at a cupcake place in Shreveport today. The Cupcake Gallery I believe. Maybe he’s getting some for his co-workers? Or maybe they went there for a treat.

@Camille: 6 months would be an outlier for movies to get from release to dvd, even for major films special effects laden films (Dark Knight, Avatar, were out on dvd in under 6 months). They’ve streamlined the process, plus the studios know that fans are impatient. For straw dogs, filming was done two years ago, so all that should be done, including whatever extras they may put on there.
So, he’s buying cupcakes? Dear Shreveportians, where the heck are your photos of him? I don’t want stalking, but just the basics- is he clean shaven? Sporting a yeti look?

Oh, and I can’t read, that’s from two years ago. I still much prefer that look.

@247—Ladybug—I have rented Melanchoia twice so far. The first time was definitely for AS, and his performance, I think was maybe one of the best of his career.

The second time I rented it was just to watch a truly amazing film, and it really is. There are so many terrible movies out there nowadays, that when you get to see one like this, you not only want to see it more than once, but you want to recommend it, especially to people who you know will appreciate it.

I really hope you decided to rent it and let me know what you thought.

@mforman: It’s scheduled to be at the theater 1/2 a mile from me, probably at the beginning of December. Since enough people here, plus other critics, have said see in a theater if possible, I have every intent of trying to see it in December.

@#254–ladybug—I really hope that either you get to see it on your laptop (as I have) or in the theater, you will walk away stunned.

There are very few movies worth talking about so highly but Lars, the cast and of course the crew all just seemed to work perfectly together it really was truly an amazing experience.

I know you wil love it.

I hope it will be playing close to me, but somehow I doubt it. Small towns usually only bring in the movies guaranteed to bring in an audience. Though, they did bring in the Woody Allen movie, so I guess it’s always possible.

Cafélady @ 11/07/2011 at 5:12 pm

For the case that you guys haven’t seen it already…there is an new interview vid with Alex on Askars swedishmeatballs…anyhow I guess one couldn’t see this before…

@#257–Cafelady—Thank you for the link, but that guy had to be the worst interviewer I have ever heard. He asks the same questions over and over and even made sort of a rude comment about Battleship.

Poor AS probably just got off a long flight, or was doing a whole bunch of interviews that day and had to deal with that jerk. He was probably saying to himself, “why am I here, with this guy, who set up this interview.”

But thanks again for sharing any link with AS.

@#257–Cafelady—Thank you for the link, but that guy had to be the worst interviewer I have ever heard. He asks the same questions over and over and even made sort of a rude comment about Battleship.

Poor AS probably just got off a long flight, or was doing a whole bunch of interviews that day and had to deal with that jerk. He was probably saying to himself, “why am I here, with this guy, who set up this interview.”

But thanks again for sharing any link with AS.

@#257–Cafelady—Thank you for the link, but that guy had to be the worst interviewer I have ever heard. He asks the same questions over and over and even made sort of a rude comment about Battleship.

Poor AS probably just got off a long flight, or was doing a whole bunch of interviews that day and had to deal with that jerk. He was probably saying to himself, “why am I here, with this guy, who set up this interview.”

But thanks again for sharing any link with AS.

@#257–Cafelady—Thank you for the link, but that guy had to be the worst interviewer I have ever heard. He asks the same questions over and over and even made sort of a rude comment about Battleship.

Poor AS probably just got off a long flight, or was doing a whole bunch of interviews that day and had to deal with that jerk. He was probably saying to himself, “why am I here, with this guy, who set up this interview.”

But thanks again for sharing any link with AS.

Yay first pic of Alex from Shreveport. He’s still sporting the beard so I guess his character has one unless they haven’t started filming yet.

@Camille: At least the beard’s filling in. I’m not fond of it, but it does look better once it’s had time to fill in the patches.
And no beanie, but the Dodgers cap is back?

I’m not fond of it either, but it does look better than when it’s patchy. I don’t think he is actually a fan of the Dodgers, more like he want a ball cap and that one was all black and said LA on it. LOL! It’s probably better for going incognito than a beanie.

@Camille: From Swedish Meatballs:
Anonymous asked: Is he wearing that black LA Dodgers cap? I can’t quite tell…
Yes, it has returned. I still don’t believe he even knows who/what the Dodgers are.
Hah! I don’t think he does either, I think he just wanted a black baseball cap and that one looked good.

Yep I agree. I don’t think many Swedes know that much about baseball.

Is anyone else going to buy “13″ tomorrow. I have been waiting for this one also. I finally saw the TV ad for it and it only has a short peek at Alex. They will be showing Melancholia here in 2 weeks. It will be great to get a double dose of Alex performances in a month.

I am so sorry for those 4 posts, it was only suppossed to be one, but sometimes the JJ postings go a little haywire.

@267–texas swede–Yes I will be buying “13″ it looks very interesting and I cannot wait to hear what you think of “Melancholia”, I have rented it twice on my laptop. Once for AS of course and then the second time because I couldn’t believe how it was one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. The entire cast was just exceptional and I will buy that as soon as it is available.

You will not be disappointed but simply amazed. Truly let me know what you think when you see it.

@texas swede:
I watched 13 a long time ago through other means. It’s….not the best movie ever, but you get to see Alex. He’s not in it a whole bunch, which is a shame and I hate that he dyed his hair dark brown for it because it doesn’t look great on him, but he does wear a really nice fitting pair of jeans and a leather jacket. :)

@Camille: He looks rather smirky in that one, lol

@Canuck: The new one? I think one of the tumblrs mentioned that we finally get a pic of him and of course he’s surrounded by women. Not that he seems to mind.
as for the movie 13, it didn’t get very good reviews at all, but it’s the type of movie that my friend likes, so that’ll be my excuse for getting it from the library, that it’s for him (said friend, male, doesn’t quite understand my fondness for AS. He got upset when he realized how much I liked Viggo Mortensen, I’m not going to stress him out over AS).

@ladybug: Yeah, the photo. He looks like he’s a happy camper.

Sure, he’s surrounded by ladies. LOL!

It wasn’t good, but oh well. I think Alex chose it because the storyline is interesting, and it is, but the movie itself isn’t great.

@Camille: I suspect it was one of those that looked interesting on paper and didn’t end up translating onto film. I think this was filmed in Fall of 2008.

Do you think? I thought he might have had the dark brown hair in season 2 due to that movie. I looks to be about the same colour in the movie as it was in some of the episodes of season 3.

@Camille: Per Wikipedia it started filming in November of 2008, so right before S2.

Hmmm, he must have dyed his hair for something else during season 3 then. There were episodes when it was definitely dark brown, and some where it was blond.

@Camille: I don’t think he filmed anything else while he was filming S3.

The lighting, hair product, and clothing he wears all effect his hair color on TB. It appears different shades in the same episodes sometimes. He has the type of hair that can change naturally in few days depending on how much he is out in the sun…hence the beanie and cap when he is filming TB.

@texas swede: The beanie/cap is also an attempt at going incognito as well, IIRC. Not that works very well.

At 6’4″ the beanie does nothing to provide camoflage for him…LOL.

@texas swede: You know, it never occured to me that’s why he wears that. I just assmed it was bad hair days…

@texas swede: That was mentioned in the interview as well.
@Canuck, apparently the beanie is popular among the younger HW set, as opposed to the baseball cap/sunglasses combo.
I actually don’t think he really cares about bad hair days, not considering what the back of his hair was doing at the Hamptons FF.

If he cared about bad hair days he’d let someone else do his hair every single day. Boy is hot, but he can’t do his own hair to save his life. LOL

Newish interview:

Considering the interviewer/author is a Columbia School of Journalism grad, it should have been a better article.

Thanks for that. I’ve had a sh*t week and it was nice to have something to read.

“But when he grins – and he grins almost non-stop – he immediately loses 15 of his 35 years, plus any hint of danger. It’s like flipping on the lights to reveal that the monster in the corner is actually your favourite teddy bear.”

Thanks again. Funny how he spent his nights having dinner with Charlotte and Kirsten yet KB says she took romantic bike trips for a month. Something doesn’t add up there. I never quite believed her story, since it was obvious he was busy.

I see on yuku they posted a twitter sighting of Alex getting gas in LA. Don’t know if it’s true or not and they seem to be wondering that too. Maybe he got the weekend off though they did post other stuff, and it shows the movie is still filming.

@Camille: He’s also said that he’d take trips to Stockholm when he had time, so if she was taking all those romantic bike trips perhaps she was by herself, he seems to have been pretty busy.
As for the Twitter ‘sighting’, could be mistaken id, has happened before. I think this summer someone posted some photos from one of the photo sites that had id’d someone as Alex, when it wasn’t (same beanie and jeans/tshirt, but missing the build and the height).
I have to admit, while I’m glad that he seems to have escaped the crushes of fans, or the pap shots, in Shreveport , I’m kinda of missing the random pap shots of him leaving the gym (yes, I’m shallow).

Cafélady @ 11/12/2011 at 6:17 pm

@ladybug: I suppose, they (the film-team in Shreveport) have may be done something to secure the shootings (‘closed set’ or something similar, I think). Otherwise we had seen some fan-pics already, I guess.
I mean, after this -I would almost say- annoying thing at the ‘Disconnect’ shooting -screaming(!?) fangirls and a lot of people who obviously can’t behave themself in a good way- it would be understandable. And should I be right, this decision would have my full sympathy.
Sure, we have all read in one and the other interview that Alex naturally enjoys it to having fans and love it, respectively (even though if they behave a bit crazy like during the named ‘Disconnect’-shooting and even then if it’s probably sometimes a bit stressful for him especially if he is at work, I guess ) but one could read on several sites, that mentioned fan-crowd and their behave there, apparently had an disturbingly effect to the shootings too. So I could imagine that they perhaps tried to avoid something like this, for this time. Just a personal thought of course…

I mean, really there are a lot of people at work during a shooting – and not only Alex. I mean, it’s one thing to visit a shooting and to be allowed to watch it, and a other thing to disturb it with screaming and what not and other -a bit crazy- behave…

Exactly. He didn’t have time to go traipsing around the Swedish countryside, which is where KB said she was. He was busy shooting, and hanging with his castmates and when he wasn’t he was with his family in Stockholm, which is most definitely NOT the country/rural part of the nation. Either she was lying, or she was with someone else going through the countryside. Cher said she got inspiration from Sweden, maybe she went there. The house was for cast and crew. As far as I know nobody else stayed there, and Von Trier doesn’t seem like the type to let people come by and lollygag around his sets.

@Cafélady: The first two weeks that he was filming Disconnect it seemed out of control, as if the producers/security couldn’t figure out how to handle it.
Shreveport seems a little more low key in that regard, it’s a much smaller city and as you said they may have closed sets (if they’re doing exterior shooting) just to keep a lid on things.
@Macy, I can see KB visiting the set, but no, LVT doesn’t seem the type to have her hang around set just because she’s dating one of the actors. So she may have spent time wandering around with someone else. And she certainly wasn’t there the whole summer.

I agree. She was probably there for a few days with him, and then went off on her own.

It’s obvious she was there, we all know that.

JJ has put up a new post, but it’s from the MTV interview he and Kirsten did a few weeks back.

@#293–Macy–I remember he didn’t ask her to go to Sweden that time, she invited herself, that is the time they had their huge blowout at the Way Out Music Festival, she must have gone with Cher and spent the time with her.

After he returned from filming this things really seemed strained, if you go back to the stories and especially the photos.

This was also when she started bringing up Sweden in a lot of her interviews and insulting the people there, but she got what she wanted, she got to keep bringing him up in any way shape or form. He was probably so happy she couldn’t get near him. Lars really doesn’t seem the type to want someone like her hanging around his set. He respects and admires talent, not whatever the creature is.

I really think at the beginning he really did like her, but that burned off really, really fast and it just kept going from off/on again until he said enough is enough. Every single thing she has done has represented a woman scorned and her behavior is just getting more and more desparate.

An Even 300 @ 11/13/2011 at 1:08 pm

^ I agree. That is all.

sweetitart02 @ 01/19/2012 at 12:49 pm

ahh i love emily!!! just read the her new BULLETT media article(shes on the cover) and looks great!

Two of my favourite actors together,
(Alexander Skarsgard and Emily Browning) – is this a dream?

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