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Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston and beau Justin Theroux attend American Cinematheque’s 2011 Award Show on Friday (October 14) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress hit the stage during the event, which honored pal Robert Downey Jr..

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During her speech, Jennifer joked that she knew Robert would “never let his career get in the way of his commitment to hard-core, classic Grade A drugs.”

Mel Gibson and Robert‘s Sherlock Holmes director, Guy Ritchie, also came out to support him.

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Eric Charbonneau; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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228 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!”

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  1. 51
    ida Says:

    I guess the thing about the drug use was suppose to be funny.. I found it silly and offensive. This was not a Roast nor was it the Spike TV awards. She should have been more classy. I get that she maybe his friend, but she tries too hard to be edgy.

    And that is not a good dress for her. I see she is going back to her OLD hairstyle yet again.

  2. 52
    Heidi's Man Says:

    WTF!! This dumb HO wants her pic taken seeing that she can’t talk about her relationship with the wee feller Sqiggy.

    Manny paid Heidi STFU money and both signed a contract NOT to talk about how Chin was f cuking her man the 1st week she met him..

    LOLLOL What happened to,.. I do I did and I will..have a baby nows it’s not in the cards or as HO puts it there is no desperation.
    There is no desperation b/c Brad didn’t rat her out ,He just got out to have the life she denied him.

    All HO wanted was Brad Pitt to get her movie parts. Ho got em all right and BOTOX HO ruined them all b/c she can’t act worth sh it.

    Word is out in HW HO is buying Squiggy new boots with 4inch hidden heels so he can look like a man. New hairplugs to cover up his bald spot and a dyck that works.

    Heidi’s Friends are going to blow the lid on her creepy ex of 14 yrs

    All little Squiggy ever did was f cuk around on Heidi and beg to be forgiven,afterall he needed Heidi’s $$$$$$$$$ to survive HW.

    Squiggy is like ChinHO he likes getting his pic taken , hoping The HO can find him a place in Hollywood. . Squiggy won’t be happy
    being known as JenHO’s Man/boy.

    AzzzHole Squiggy kicked Heido while she was down. Heidi does NOT want to play the victim like ChinHo so said EFFF YOU HO Give Me THe Money and Take the PipSqeak and Stay OUtta My Face!!

    HAHA It’s Killing CHINHO She Can’t Tallk About Her Little Fella she promised she would try to make him a star. First she has to buy him a house . They can’t keep living in ( The Horrible Bosses )Directors furnished apt in NYC forever. \Chinny is buying Sqiggy new clothes, new hirdresser, new spraytans(reg) new bikeies but is leery about buying an apt when he doesn’t have any money to pay his half.
    2 Phoney DouchBags insist on finding a house where all walls are made out of mirrors. Can’t get enough of themselves.

  3. 53
    riley Says:

    She is trying to be like her friend Handler,,,actually Aniston has always been a snarky bish, I hate humor that mocks others, really lame, but as someone also pointed out, Jennifer cant handle anyone doing the same towards her. She is really annoying me more and more as the years go by,

  4. 54
    yep Says:

    beautiful couple! congrats to robert! yes, mel gave robert another chance when no one else would. jen and justin are looking fine!

  5. 55
    gah! Says:

    Why does she make everything about HER? This was supposed to be about Robert. She has to be the most annoying celeb on the planet. Wish she and her gigolo, and her flabby arms, fake everything, would just GO AWAY.

  6. 56
    coco Says:


  7. 57
    lol Says:

    Jennifer and Justin are a joke. Love RDJ though. Congrats to him.

  8. 58
    weirdos Says:

    @Heidi’s Man: i don’t even like Aniston but you huni have far too much time on your hands its scary

  9. 59
    Aminata Says:

    And Just Jared just found a way to twist her quotes. Not surprising though.

  10. 60
    Judy Says:

    Does Brad still drink pee?

  11. 61
    Miami D Says:

    Ho has to snort some and drown herself in tequila before she can face an audience, i heard that she said she can play more than the ditsy hear head parts that she always plays, well go ahead old CVNT it’s fall acting.

  12. 62
    yep Says:

    love robert! an amazing actor! jen and just are one HOT couple! JUSTJEN!

  13. 63
    Kylie Says:

    Back to the extensions. Yuck. She looks thicker, but not in a bad way. Still, her body is the only thing going for her so she can’t get too much heavier.

  14. 64
    Nicole Says:

    She looks flawless! Absolutely fabulous!

  15. 65
    lol Says:

    Yes Just Jen is the perfect name for this couple because honey,, it is always about just Jennifer, Just jen’s money just jen’s ego what ever she wants,,heidi’s BF…. bought and paid for awards. new boobs new nose new hair extensions. JUST JEN. has there been another more shallow, insecure, selfabsorbed middle aged actress? dont think so.

  16. 66
    CPM Says:

    Why do you think Brad drinks pee? What have you heard?

  17. 67
    ann Says:

    “Hard-core, classic Grade A drugs”. I bet she had to memorize that line quite a few times to sound like a complete sentence. Compared to the talk shows she’s been on when she’s buzzed or half cut, she looks pretty stiff and pained. I’m sure she got quite gooned after that. I know I would, but the “joke” is on her.
    I know she’s insecure but I wish she needs to get her hair out of her face.

  18. 68
    puhlease Says:

    She must be talking about Jen’s ex john mayer who admitted to urinating on his GF’s…Brad has never been associated with such talk. Or the poster could be making things up to make Brad look bad and Justin look good?

    Dont understand the hate towards Jennifer..or Angelina and Brad for that matter, Jennifer is ok I guess but I find her a bit dull and haven’t liked any movie she has been in except Office Space.

  19. 69
    Jaye Says:

    She’s no more a friend of Robert Downey Jr’s than I am. If she knows a celebrity’s name she’s considered a friend. Even if Justin ‘knows’ Downey, it’s doesn’t mean that Aniston is an ipso facto friend.
    I know he gets tired of the drug references. She’s not edgy or witty, she’s just lame. She’s the one missing the sensitivity chip. This wasn’t a roast. He’s just too nice to tell her to F off in public.
    All she’s got going for her is getting invited to as many Awards shows, fashion shows, Art Exhibits as she can. She’s the Queen of tag-a-long. Oh, then there’s that getting photo ops with REAL A-listers. Everyone’s got her number; she’s a fraud and a has been. As much as Justin is using her, she’s using him by getting entree to his lifestyle and friends and acquaintances.

  20. 70

    Wow she looks like a professional wrestler who has stopped practicing. Look at those wide flaby arms !
    No wonder she is addicted to diet and yoga. ‘ole girl need to check her weight like her, otherwise sher balloons and gets flabby in a wink !

  21. 71
    linda Says:

    Well deserved Downey Jr!! Congrats!
    Theroux looks fresh!! He’s beautiful and sexy!! But I miss his beard!!
    Aniston looks stunning!! Her hair is long now! She has worn her hair up, so we can’t see it growing… Looks good

  22. 72
    patti Says:

    Sometimes things just end. Feelings change. It happens… BUT Justin definitely should have put on his big boy pants and told Heidi it was over before moving on with Jen.

    No matter how long the relationship, be it months or years, if you’re in a committed relationship the person you’re with deserves the respect to be told you’re moving on.

  23. 73
    kaki Says:

    Anyone noticed how she wears almost exclusively black since she got together with this guy. Talk about insecurity and desperation. When a woman her age feels the need to dress like her man. that smacks of junior high to me.

  24. 74
    CaroleS Says:

    I heard he used to. Makes your teeth white.

  25. 75
    Judy Says:

    I’d hate to kiss a pee drinker, no matter how white his teeth were.

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