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Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston and beau Justin Theroux attend American Cinematheque’s 2011 Award Show on Friday (October 14) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress hit the stage during the event, which honored pal Robert Downey Jr..

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During her speech, Jennifer joked that she knew Robert would “never let his career get in the way of his commitment to hard-core, classic Grade A drugs.”

Mel Gibson and Robert‘s Sherlock Holmes director, Guy Ritchie, also came out to support him.

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Eric Charbonneau; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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228 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!”

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  1. 101
    sorella Says:

    She does look like her friend Chelsea here, she is getting hard looking in the face from too much tanning. Wonder if she will admit to wearing extensions then hahaha considering she build a career of having good hair, but turns out that is fake. Her whole look here is old and boring, she is back to her same look minus the too short skirts.

    It was classless to joke about RDJ that way instead of honoring him, but she is more Chelsea that she wants us to know I think. Irritating how she makes everything about her.

  2. 102
    guest Says:

    @Mash: she has softer face than jolie

  3. 103
    Hypocratia Says:

    The most beautiful woman in the world! It makes me giddy every time she smiles! She smiles with her eyes, that´s how you see she´s a real person!
    And Justin, look at those eyes, glitter, glitter!
    They are the perfect match. Knocks everybody of the planet!
    It makes me happy just to look at them!
    Beautiful couple! Wonderful couple! Over the moon couple!
    Love them! <3

  4. 104
    anna Says:

    Half of you here are just bitter *******. What about your careers? You spend your days on Just Jared hating on someone you don’t even know, pretending that you do. If this was a Mel Gibson post from last night, you wouldn’t be saying ‘it’s all about Mel. What about Robert?’ Get a life. P.S. Give me a million minuses if you really care that much but deep down you know what the truth is.

  5. 105
    guest Says:

    @Michele: now this is called aggressive passive

  6. 106
    guest Says:

    @Heidi’s Man: don’t forget that jen is all hollywood — her father is connected, so i think she is carrying him not vice versa

  7. 107
    Tabs Says:

    @Tabitha…that’s a beautiful name, it’s my middle name :) Anyway, I don’t know what the heck Brad saw in Jen to have married her. She seems dull, boring and insecure. I’m convinced he seriously meant it when he said life with her was dull and uninteresting. It’sso weird when she speaks she hardly moves her lips. What has she done in her career to make her this famous? she makes the same type of bad rom-com movies. She riding on the coattail of that Brad, Angie, Jen triangle, and she loves it. If that never happened and Brad divorced her and moved on, her so called career would have been nonexistant. She has no sex appeal, and this current boy toy looks like a male verson of Mortisha Adams from the Adams Family. I once saw a show when she was married to Brad which claimed them as “America’s beautiful golden couple” I was looking thinking…O.K Brad is beautiful, but there’s something odd looking about her, then I saw her pic in a mag and was like…oh, it’s the long chin and big nose.

  8. 108
    suzanne Says:

    Life isn’t just about making money Jared. If you want people to respect this site you need to take control of the hate speech directed at Jennifer Aniston. How do you sleep at night knowing you incite and encourage this unwarranted hatred towards a perfectly nice person?

  9. 109
    yep Says:

    awesome! love jen and justin and robert! congrats to robert! jen looks amazing and justin is hot! robert is fine too! JUSTJEN!

  10. 110
    Happy J&J Says:

    @Tabs… this is a harsh and bitter name

    You’re just a very sick, pathetic , jealousy and hopeless hater.
    Look at your granddad – Brad, bonny grandma – Angie, and youself
    before you criticize very classy and very beautiful Jen.
    Get a life.

  11. 111
    HatredThreadAtJustJared Says:


    Ditto. Haters have no life at all. This site is their shelter.

  12. 112
    Michele Says:


    No sweetie. Not passive aggressive at all….just stating the truth.

    1. It has been 7 years and she has finally found someone.
    2. The person she found is not bothered about the papa or playing the fame game. In fact, he thrives on it.
    3. She will be at awards show because as presenter because SHE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING NOTE WORTHY.

    All truths, sweetie!

  13. 113
    Ivermom Says:

    All the negative comments point to total jealousy. You people need to quit fretting over Jen and get a life of you own.

  14. 114
    maria Says:

    Suzanne agree with you,jared Jen and shows it hates accepting comments against it so dirty,why?what is your problem whit Jen ,just jared?

  15. 115
    HatersLostSight Says:


    Poor thing . You do not know your Angelina has very serious drug problem. Look at her bonny skeleton.

  16. 116
    hmm... Says:

    @Hypocratia: cringe

  17. 117
    LoveJA&JT Says:


    Agree wih you. Jen looks gorgeous, happy, and very healthy.
    I love her dress too. Jen and Justin are my favorite couple.

  18. 118
    n Says:

    She looks great,so her boyfriend… They make a beautiful couple… He treats her nice and you could tell they are in love!!! Go Jen and Justin!!!

  19. 119
    Ange Says:


    Yep. You are DUMB and you should really check your own behaviour
    for hating a very graceful, classy and sweet Jen so much so that you cannnot see how ugly and evil you idoles are.

  20. 120
    Linda,Use to be Lynnl Says:

    Jennifer,what Is the deal about you and your boy deciding to wear all black all of a sudden. Are you trying to compete with Angie again? Well you lose. You know that is Angie’s trademark for a long time. Jennifee did you know that you fans called Angie bad names because she wore her black all the time. Why would you try to pretend that you thought of that color first. I see your few fans thinks you and your boyfriend look so good in black all of a sudden. You need to create you own color and style. I think the reason that you do these things are to keep people comparing you and Angie, You can not compete with Angie. She is so for real and you are such a fake. Did you buy your boyfriend a Bike also so he can pretend he is Brad? I HOPE BRAD, the baddest man in Hollywood will continue to ride his bike. I see they have starting taking pictures of your boyfriend riding his bike all around hollywood. I BET YOU BOYFRIEND CANNOT WAIT TO RUN INTO BRAD AND THEY TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM TOGETHER ON THEIR BIKES MYBE TALKING. I BET THE OLD BOY KNOWS BRAD OR HAVE WORKED INDIRECTLY WITH HIM SOMEWHERE. Start doing your own thing and stop copying Angie and Brad. I dont think they care, but all we fans care.

  21. 121
    My 80 year old mom... Says:

    My 80 year old mom sees Aniston on t.v. and says, “I don’t know why she is so popular. Is she pretty?”

  22. 122
    jmho Says:

    During her speech, Jennifer joked that she knew Robert would “never let his career get in the way of his commitment to hard-core, classic Grade A drugs.”

    WTF?? Now I know she probably didn’t write that line, but she is a complete idiot for saying it.

  23. 123
    Tabs Says:

    @Happy J&J: By your lack of forming a proper sentence together.(must have went to the school of English learning from Jennifer Aniston) I can tell you’re probably sitting in your trailer parker making sure your fake teeth is soaking in listerine. There’s nothing hopeless about me. I work as a Registered Nurse here in NY, and is a former member of the U.S.Army. I come on this site on my off time to unwine, relax and get a few laughs. So tell me why are you on here…cat calling the kettle black….idiot

  24. 124
    Suri is stimming in her face Says:

    Please enrich your common sense.
    Drinking urine is nothing new. The Indians have been doing it for thousands of years.
    The theory is to retrieve some useful nutrients back to the system.
    The health benefits were documented in history.
    There are things you and I don’t do, doesn’t mean other doing is are dumb or calling for your very narrow minded criticism.

  25. 125
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Why’s it all about Aniston you ask? Because she has PR that send Pre packaged press kits to blogs that are friendly to her, JJ got stills of her presenting, staged photos of these two hanger-on poseurs, and accompanying copy to be posted for no less than 3 days straight on blogs friendly to her. No talent tv hacks and their no name kept baldies HAVE to do shite like monopolize other famous people’s events to stay in the news and pimp their fauxmance. Maniston’s no pal of rdj’s. The part time no name actor worked on tropic thunder. She can’t ensnare real actor, or real powerful guy, so it’s a trade off…he knows a couple names, and Huvane scores some fix and a presenting gig for her. Theyre there to pimp themselves. Pretty shameless and lame. Creepy.

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