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Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston and beau Justin Theroux attend American Cinematheque’s 2011 Award Show on Friday (October 14) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress hit the stage during the event, which honored pal Robert Downey Jr..

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During her speech, Jennifer joked that she knew Robert would “never let his career get in the way of his commitment to hard-core, classic Grade A drugs.”

Mel Gibson and Robert‘s Sherlock Holmes director, Guy Ritchie, also came out to support him.

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Eric Charbonneau; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • Heather

    Jennifer looks chunkier.

  • Cate

    Looks like a good time was had by all!

  • CJLOVE23

    Take away the hair & she would NOT be attractive at ALL. She has shiny hair– that’s it! Oh and she will NEVER have a baby so her fans are delusional in thinking that she will LOL!

  • eric

    looks fat and bloated here

  • macy

    Ticky is too cheap to buy a dress that fits her properly. She looks like my grandmother. Those shoes are from the old days she wears them so McStumpy the Midget doesn’t look so short.
    He sounds like a girl when he talks so lmao when i read that comment about him having a hampster d..ickk
    Poor Ticky she can dress him up,spray tan him change his balding hairstyle but she is still going to bed with a half girl. A taker who likes her money more than he likes her.

    As long as he does not walk out on her like the rest did and they all did up and run on her , well…she will keep paying the shot.

    I am just thankful as am in hopes she will stop coattailing the JPs.
    That’s a big hope b/c the WHORRRE has no shame.

  • Miami D

    Hahaha. As usual Jen’s owning the loons!! Still here on her thread day in, day out, 24/7. Why don’t y’all just tell the truth and admit that you’re secretly in LOVE with Jen?? Nobody could spend this much time thinking about someone unless they were obsessed!

    Suck it, Loons!! She couldn’t care less about your insults. She’s living a life you would kill your momma for! And the PROOF IS RIGHT HERE, EVERY DAY AND NIGHT!! Hahaha.

  • anon

    maria., # 201
    WTF!! Silence from Ticky??? Are you nuts? Ticky was on Oprah doing 4 hours of shows ro whine and cry about Brad and Angie even tho Brad divorced her azzz she never shut up about nor was she truthful abouyt what she knew.. For instance she knew her marriage sucked and was in the pooper but acted and spoke like a cluless ditz. Little did peeps know at the time she was no innocent babe.
    She wanted Brad to NOT date or fall in love with another women so never shut up about what could of been but was impossible to be.

    Ticky went on a morning show the week after blabbing about Poor Me and once again playing the victim. She also did the VF article where she opens the door to let the VF jounalist in while sobbing . She put on a good act for a women who knew her marriage was kaput since 03 and this was 05.

    Ticky moved VV into her home in July and had pics of her dry humping him asap for the tabs .
    She is sneaky, passive agressive and enjoys playing the victim card so has zero pride.

    Brad just went on with his life,but she would of preferred if he stayed home and mourned about the failure of their marriage from afar.
    Things are not always as they seem and Ticky coattailed her divorce from Brad Pitt and still does. except ppl are onto her PR and coattailing crap so comments like yours make no sense.
    Keep feeling sorry for the Ho that’s exactly what she wants ,keeps her in the news. what a joke.

    Congrats to Brad for moving on, making a nice life for himself Angie and their 6 children

  • Miami D

    @ anon – Prove that her marriage was “in the Pooper” in 2003!

    Prove that she moved VV into her home in “July”.

    Prove that she “had pics of her dry humping him asap for the tabs “.

    You Loons never stop with making up stories. I must say that the recent LIE about her “knowing that her marriage was no good in 2003″ is a little new. I can only deduce that this just another fabrication from you Loons, because, well, you obviously have nothing better to do with your time than to sit around and fantasize about Jen. It appears to give y’all some sort of purpous in your lives to constantly put Jen down and defend Jolie with your lies and hatred, so carry on, haha. Just seems strange to me that this “most powerful woman in the world” would need to have you Loons defend her.

    But, as AJ once said “I understand that people are board in the checkout line and read the nonsense on the front pages so, I don’t really care….”

  • ashley

    Justin Theroux is soooo hot!

  • MikeeandT

    If McStumpy is hot i would hate to see fug. Same with the whorae,
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  • blondie

    looking good

  • yep

    gorgeous couple! congrats to robert!

  • Dl

    @Miami D
    She most definitely said brad was not emotionally there for her in Jan 2004..(vanity fair 2005).. Stop being lazy and look it up yourself. I don’t believe all of a sudden your marriage became bad in Jan . Anon is right it probably was going down hill in 2003. Yes there was a photo in the tabs of her dry humping VV at some hotel garden area.

  • briela

    I’m very glad for jen & justin! they look great together!

  • Hypocratia

    It doesn´t matter what you losers and haters say! You are just full of envy, sitting in your dull, boring nonsense lifes and the only way you can feel could about yourselfes are to hate someone!
    Good luck to you!
    Jennifer Aniston is still the most beautiful woman on earth and I wish her the best of all things! She and Justin Therous looks so happy together and I wish them happiness forever! <3

  • Hypocratia

    It should be GOOD not could in ” only way you can feel could about yourselfes”
    Of course! :)
    Never the less – Happy loving couple and they look GOOD!

  • Ghost

    The Hobag of Hollywood.

  • Canuck

    @canuck: Oh lovely, hello there namestealer, how nice to see you again. Haven’t got a life yet?

  • briela

    @Bethy: I disagree. Jen looks happy very often!!!

  • Miami D

    @Dl: You are a liar, just like the rest of the loons. And no matter how much you want to spin “the condition” of her marriage when he hooked up with Jolie, you will never get past the fact that he was married at the time and how Brangelina handled the sitch was tasteless and cruel – PERIOD.

    Now just move on and leave Aniston to live her life and quit trying to rewrite history, because in the big picture, Pitt was only in her life for 7 years – only 1/5 of her life so far. And nobody cares about their breakup anymore EXCEPT YOU LOONS.

    Personally I wouldn’t give a damn, but you people are just so hateful and continue to lie about this woman and have convinced yourselves you are the only ones that know the truth. My God, it only seems to take one of you people to say something like “I think Jen eats doggy poop” and next thing you know, y’all scream it at the top of your lungs here, and convince yourselves it is a solid fact that you witnessed a picture of, haha. But when someone asks you to prove it and provide a link, you are suddenly all indignant and can’t be bothered to do that, or another Loon will post a video of Mayer on the street in NY claiming he did the honorable thing by “ending” a relationship before he cheated. Btw, it’s quite common for young guys to attempt to save face by saying they were the one who ended it. But who really cares, he’s a bit of a tool, and would annoy most women with his ego anyway. Why don’t y’all razz on him for being alone??

    My whole point is just “move on”.

  • OnTheRocks

    Dl @ 10/16/2011 at 5:48 pm

    Actor and comedian Omid Djalili, who met Brad Pitt on the set of ‘Spy Game’ in 2000, claims that he gave the actor marriage advice after he married Jennifer Aniston.

    The comic star revealed to the Daily Express newspaper: “I did a scene with Brad in the back of a taxi and it was only a few days after he had married Jennifer. I chatted to him for hours giving him advice about the three stages of marriage.”

    He continued: “Stage one is perfection – blind love. Stage two is the difficult stage because you start to despise everything about her. If you can deal with the baggage you can possibly get to stage three – a harmonious marriage.”

    Pitt and Aniston were married in July 2000 in Malibu and Djalili told the newspaper: “After six weeks Brad came up to me and said, ‘I’m definitely in stage two Omid!’”

  • maria


  • Dl

    @Miami d
    If you would stop reading the star, national enquirer, etc with unamed sources for your information and read legit news publications which all three parties actually gave interviews you would have some insight about the state of brad and JA’s marriage.. Start with the vanity fair article in 2005. Their marriage was on the rocks as quoted by JA a year before they legally separated. Since you didn’t llike how it was handled.. Did you like they handled the situation with Heidi??
    @0n the rocks
    Thank you for that piece.. Miami d seems to think brad and JA had this picture perfect marriage. What does the man have to do and say so that these knuckleheads understand he was miserable before Angie entered the picture.

  • Dl

    @Miami d
    Why do we keep bringing up the triangle? Because JA keeps bringing up her long ago marriage.. Did you read the latest Elle interview? She’s the one who said( I’m paraphrasing) , she came back from the ashes of 6 or 7 years ago. Well she didn’t have to mention Brad by name but who was she with 7 years ago. Hasn’t she dated at least 4 men since brad. Why not talk about her high profile flop romance with John Mayer ( 2-3 years ago).

  • Observer

    Any “jokes” made about someone who is a recovering drug addict are not funny.

    At a ceremony honoring someone who has battled drug addiction, and done jail time, the woman who “joked” about this person’s drug addiction has revealed who she really is and all the makeup, money, plastic surgery and hair extensions in the world cannot cover up her ugly, mean-spirited soul.

    This woman needs to get to her local womens’ shelter and donate her time, and money.
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    Get real JA.

  • Melissa

    lol hahaha its so patheric to see the negative comments,obviously JP fans who are panicking when Jen is looking radiant and beautiful and getting attention.. hahaha jolie trolls, shut up and SIT DOWN!