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Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!

Jennifer Aniston and beau Justin Theroux attend American Cinematheque’s 2011 Award Show on Friday (October 14) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress hit the stage during the event, which honored pal Robert Downey Jr..

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During her speech, Jennifer joked that she knew Robert would “never let his career get in the way of his commitment to hard-core, classic Grade A drugs.”

Mel Gibson and Robert‘s Sherlock Holmes director, Guy Ritchie, also came out to support him.

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Eric Charbonneau; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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228 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: American Cinematheque Awards!”

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  1. 126
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Hahaha…love the I luv Justin comments. Please cat ladies. If Maniston had started dating a homeless guy, you losers would cream yourselves just because some peen was in her vicinity. As for him loving her, he loves her tabloid based celebrity that affords the old baldy no name instant fame. His not even holding an umbrella over her anvil shaped head with weave attached in a rainstorm was proof that it really is ALL ABOUT HIM. sad. Lolol. It’s pretty creepy that you get so happy when she’s fauxmances up. I guess her pr really knows her fan base, which is precisely why they go dialing for dates for middle aged unemployed actors yet to make it. Desperaaaaaaaaation. Hahaha. No wonder the woman went crawling back to douchebag Mayer 3 times so he could crahp on her head. Hahaha. Both she and the pr knew the cat ladies luv it when she’s paired up with anyone, no matter how big a loser. You’re enabling this sad desperate behavior and you don’t even know it.

  2. 127
    HeidiHADanRDJtikJENstoleIT&MAN Says:

    Hens are mad because 45 yr old grandma Jen is not knocked up by the Unknown middle aged bald dwarf Justin. She should just adopt.
    They both like wigs. Why didn’t Justin wear his new one? Hahaha.

  3. 128
    Hypocratia Says:


    Check your facts! Jennifer was the ONLY ONE who visited RDJ at prison. She wrote him letters a so forth to keep his courage! He´s agent says she most likely saved his life!
    That´s why she was invited! She´s often spoke of as a very giving and caring person.
    AND RDJ can take a joke since so many poked him for his former drug use!

  4. 129
    Hypocratia Says:


    Check your facts! Jennifer was the ONLY ONE who visited RDJ at prison. She wrote him letters a so forth to keep his courage! He´s agent says she most likely saved his life!
    That´s why she was invited! She´s often spoke of as a very giving and caring person.
    AND RDJ can take a joke since so many poked him for his former drug use!

  5. 130
    Hypocratia Says:


    Check your facts! Jennifer was the ONLY ONE who visited RDJ at prison. She wrote him letters a so forth to keep his courage! He´s agent says she most likely saved his life!
    That´s why she was invited! She´s often spoke of as a very giving and caring person.
    AND RDJ can take a joke since so many poked him for his former drug use!

  6. 131
    holla Says:

    I am not even a fan of Jennifer Aniston … But i love Robert Downey Jr and even i know she was the first celebrity to visit him in prison therefore she knows him from a long time

  7. 132
    Ivermom Says:

    I did not know that….Jen really does seem like she cares about people and the type to be there for anyone so I beilieve it!

  8. 133
    holla Says:

    @CLINIQUA: FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston has shown ROBERT DOWNEY JR. some much needed affection by secretly visiting the troubled actor in California’s toughest jail. Robert, who’s in jail serving a three- year-sentence for violating probation on a 1996 drug charge, had been brutally beaten up by violent inmates and almost choked to death. Despite being anti-drugs, the Friends stunner spent two hours offering comfort, support and hope to Robert who is in CORCORAN JAIL. After her visit Downey said, “Jennifer was there for me when other so-called friends turned their backs. Thanks to her, I have hope, a way out… Before there was none. I’d even thought of doing myself a favor by ending it all”. The CHAPLIN star spoke of his gratitude to Jennifer in a conversation with his former agent and lifelong friend Jerry Goldstein who went to see him in prison on his 35th birthday. Goldstein says, “He’s like a frightened rabbit. Overtures were made to several Hollywood stars to go to see him. Only Jennifer Aniston did and it’s just about saved Downey’s life. God bless you, Jennifer.”


  9. 134
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Wow!! Black again. What a surprised…….not. A transvestite and her little midget.

  10. 135
    michale Says:


    STOP LYING . Ticky Did Sweet D ick!!!

    That’s TOTAL BULL!!! Look up GoodMorning America when Ticky is giving her Poor Me show ,did two, two hour shows with the morning show and she starts baling her eyes out when asked about Matthew Perry’s drug problem saying “we didn’t know what to do b/c we had never had to handle a drug situation before and booo hooo sob sob we just tried our nest to talk to him. She is talking about Matthew Perry and it’s in 2005. RDJ’s problem was in the 90′s Get EFFEN REAL!!!

    Stop making up sad tales about what Ticky did when it’s a friggen lie. We would have read about it if this was true. All it takes is a link to prove you are not a LIAR like your idol . Bet we WON”Tsee that.


    We all know how ms hunch back uncomfortable looking Ticky got to do her presenting and it’s got everything to do with Squiggy co directing that movie RDJ was in. Only Squiggy did NOT want to go on stage. That’s Ticky’s forte, she lives for it. Dreams she going to be a big A List star one day BWHAHAHAHA
    she loves the limelight but is as stupid as they come without a teleprompter. And it’s no secret she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.
    Her comments to RDJ were almost as bad as insisting she be a presenter the yr BOTH Angie and Brad were at the Oscar premier for best actor and best actress noms and she gets on stage winking to Brad making a complete fool out of herself. brad and Angie start talking and laughing and you could see her squirming like a 2 yr old thinking they were laughing at her..haha they probably were. Everybody else was.

    I hate LIARS. HUVANE would have had Ticky doing a mag article if she visted RDJ in jail so give it up!

    Nobody has ever heard this bulls hit EVER EVER EVER before b/c it’s NOT TRUE LIAR!!!!! Geesh if you are a Ticky Fan you can bet your bottom dollar LIES come easy to yall just like Ticky.

    Go get a life. Ticky does enough of her own lying. You don’t have to start adding extra lies for her. Get over it she made a fool out of herself again. Nothing new …

  11. 136
    Bra Says:

    Remember …The little girl who had cancer at St. judes left an audio message telling Maniston she is cured from her cancer and all Maniston did was tell i think it was Billy bush at the Love Happens premier ohhh you just wanted me to cry so my makeup would be ruined. He had to telll her that the little girl was watching the premier and it would be nice if she responded by saying something to her .
    Dumb b1tch was more concerned about her makeup instead of being thrilled that the child was a survivor.

    So she did the cancer gig for PR, and that’s that! Never once asked if that little girl lived or died . What a nasty selfish b1tch she is.
    It’s all about PR and nothing else matter with Ticky except me me me.
    She visited that little girl in 2006 for attention and it was plastered all over the media. End of story . so what if the kid died and loved big deal to her. It was PR.
    Ohh yeah she is big hearted alright. Such crap. we are talking about a women who calls her own mother ‘Her Cancer”! here is Ticky looking for little presenter gigs like this one rather than visiting her ageing mother who is dying from a massive stroke. as we speeak.
    Kind and big hearted you say?? Too selfish for words.

    Ticky didn’t do anything for Robt R.Downey,just like she never checked on the 5 yr. old cancer patient who asked to see her and lived to send her the audio at the premier.
    Just like she couldn’t care less about the only mother she has…her cancer. I can’t belive anyone could be that cruel to spread the word in HW that her own mother is her cancer. Sick B1tch.
    Ticky does things for others if there is something in it for herself. PR PR PR PR… Done Dotta.

  12. 137
    holla Says:

    @michale: erm seriously? Everyone knows she went go google and check it out and go check RDJ biography it mentions it everywhere you are the deluded one

  13. 138
    holla Says:

    @michale: You seem crazy here is my source

    Just because you may hate the women does not mean she is a bad person believe what you like but everyone is aware of her vising RDJ in prison this is like old news

  14. 139
    Allie Says:

    There was two things for sure the journalist was not allowed to ask Jen about and that’s why her recent mag article was sooooo boring.

    Huvane most likely set it up so it cost $$$ so they wouldn’t hound poor little Ticky
    about these two following issues..

    Trust Ticky warned him too…Ticky said before he started writing…

    Don’t ask me about my relationship with a my new

    guy who was in a 14 yr . long term relationship. 14 years to be exact. It’s going to make me look really bad.

    Don’t ask me anything about my mother having a massive stroke b/c ppl know i spoke about her being my cancer and as far as i was concerned she was dead to me . So i will sound like the hypocrite i am. So Mr. Huvie must have cleared it with you. B/c r if you dare question me about those two things i will walk out and there will be no mag article..Got it?

    Journalist said…. Got It.. N/P Huvane paid the bill.

    Pathetic but true…

  15. 140
    Michale Says:


    WOW!! Blow me away and i do know how to apologise. I am sorry to say i did not for one min believe Ticky would do anything of the sort .

    I am getting a laugh out of the article being a secret visit tho.
    Once again PR for Tickster.

    I called her a LIAR without checking b/c she has been caught in many lies. And no not everybody knows about this onless you are a Fan of hers. I get tired of her PR bull is alll.

    and BTW crazy are ppl who are Fans of Tickys who wish Angie and Brad and theeir children dead and describe in gorry detail how they would like for that to happen.

    Cal lme whatever, i am a big that’s okay. I don’t like Ticky but would never wish her dead. I don’t hate her but i dislike her be it.

  16. 141
    Spongebob Says:


  17. 142
    Barbie Says:

    Maniston does look hunched up with her body all tightened up . Is it b/c she has put a bit of weight on? That shouldn’t matter .. She doesn’t look so hot even with extensions.

    It couldn’t be b/c she has a conscience and knows she is the talk of the town for nabbing Heidi Bivens man she was in love with actually she still is.?????????????????????

    Something is not right. hmmm. I realise she is mugging for the cameras at the table but on stage she is tsuper tense. She doesn’t have a guilty bone in her body so it can’t be over around with Heidi’s guy.
    Hmm would like to listen to this on Youtube.
    She has no more movies to do or ruin after the one with Heidi’s man comes out and the one she tried to co- direct on Life the other night lol lol they told her to go back to acting.. They had the softest numbers since a very long time ago.

    Maybe she knows how plainjaane she looks with some extra beef ya think that would do it? Maybe JT wants her to buy him a house…EEEEK!!!

  18. 143
    LaCroix Says:

    I really like her dress..

  19. 144
    GorgeousCouple Says:

    I love Jen’s dress.
    Jen looks stunnig, lovely, and very classy. Justin is very supportive.
    Very happy for Jen. Wish them a lot of happiness.

  20. 145
    miri Says:

    REALLY??? the only one? not even his son Indio went to visit? or are you referring to being the “only” celebrity?

    Sometimes the hens say: Picture or it didn’t happen. Whatever. Here’s an article for you, “only one” my b*tt.
    “The Star in Cell 17 (Part 1)”

  21. 146


  22. 147
    take my pic Says:

    Going to visit RDJ got the HO’s piccie taken by all the tabs.
    That’s all she wanted. There is an agenda to anything she does for somebody else. PR

  23. 148
    guest Says:

    @BLAH: just watched five. with 20 minutes, believe she has captured the highlights — should have been longer because of flashbacks. anyway, hers is the funniest and the goofiest. love it!

  24. 149
    guest Says:

    @gah!: how did she make everything about her?

  25. 150
    guest Says:

    @lol: why are they a joke? they look good together. they look of same age, which they are.

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