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Shia LaBeouf: Anna Kendrick Joins 'Company You Keep'

Shia LaBeouf: Anna Kendrick Joins 'Company You Keep'

Shia LaBeouf goes for a bike ride while wearing a New York Giants hat on Saturday (October 15) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 25-year-old actor is in town to film his latest movie, a political thriller called The Company You Keep!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Shia LaBeouf

Shia was recently joined in the cast of the star-studded film by Anna Kendrick, Terrence Howard, Brendon Gleeson, and Sam Elliott!

Anna will be playing Shia‘s former flame who provides him with information he needs to uncover the truth about a case he is working on, according to Variety.

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# 1

Ugly, nasty, douchebag.

# 2

it’s nice to see a Muslim woman in the second picture!

# 3

UGH! @ you are one sick twisted little guy /girl.why in the name of god do you hate this guy .give me one reson?the thing is i am sure you don’t have a real are just a littile angry man or a very ugly pimple face girl,that just after shia for no reason at all.i bet you that you are one of those that like zac efron or tayler gay lutner.hhhhhhhhhhhh

# 4
ka simply amazing @ 10/16/2011 at 3:53 am

i love shia

# 5

Pls stop take my name,
shia average like person live in jail

# 6

wear a helmet

# 7

So SEXY !!!!!!!

# 8


# 9

they should hook up!!! they’d make beautiful & talented babies!!

that very hard for every girl who can’t have you.. it’s just not fair ;(

Why isn’t he wearing a helmet?

@ithink: i’m so with you , they r cute together and they both talented .
she so lucky to work with him !!

You have some anger management issues, don’t you. You really need to grow up and accept the fact that not everyone will share your opinions.
I happen to agree with #1. I think that he is very homely, and he always looks scruffy and dirty.
As for not liking him as a person? I find it very hard to respect anyone who drives drunk. Or anyone who get so wasted that they end up being arrested at a Walgreens. Not to mention his rude behavior to fans, co-stars and total strangers. And the pap that he doused with coffee before running away like a coward, could have had him arrected for assault.
So let’s re-cap. Rude, obnoxious, drunk, cowardly, and IMO, ugly. No redeeming characteristics at all that I can think of.
So you see, there are very real reasons why a lot of people don’t like this guy. Maybe you should open your eyes, and see what type of person that you are supporting.

13@ see for me he is just a normal guy that some times mess up.and dosnt act al sweet infront of the camera but in real life is shia isnt fake like others in hollywood .as for his drunk incident he was 21 just becous he is famous he got a lot of heat over this .as for the way he dresses or why he always looks scruffy and dirty well he is free to dress and look the way he want 2.and a bout the pap coffe incident, papz are just idiots with cameras that follow him every where lets see you after 2 days howl you will behave.and ps he never been Rude and obnoxious to his F U,take that for anger management issues

Since you are so rude to anyone that disagrees with you, I feel that I can speak freely.
You are delusional.
Plain and simple.
“Normal guys” DON’T drive drunk. “Normal guys” DON’T get arrested for public intoxication.
And no, his being famous is not why he got attention. He got attention for breaking the law. His being famous is what got him off the hook.
And no matter how bothersome the paps get, he has no right to assault them. A real man would have ignored them, or have gone up to them face to face, and ask them to back off a bit. Other celebs have done that, and it works. But no, Shia runs up to one who was LEAVING, throws coffee on his back, and runs away like a little b*tch. RUNS AWAY!
And you LIKE this (to quote Mr. Ford) “f**king idiot”??????
That says more about you than anything else possibly could.

@15 : can you just shut up and stop talking the same **** about shia , i just can’t believe how you find the time to do that !!! you r the one who have anger management issues !!!
nice talking (alex) , don’t even make that dump upsets you , let him talk to him self , every body here don’t agree with him anyway!!
p.s : LOVE YOU SHIAAA <3<3

I agree with #15.
Shia is a jerk. I saw him in real life, and he acted like he should be treated special because he is famous. I was standing in a long line at a coffee shop in LA, and he came in a walked to the front of the line, expecting to be served first. The clerk reminded him that there were people there before him, and he said that he didn’t care, and kept trying to give them his order first, even talking over the older customer at the counter. A man who was a bit further down the line, tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to the end of the line, and Shia started shouting obsenities before leaving the shop.
I was excited to see him when he first came in, but by the time he left, I was an ex-fan.
I’m sure that you fans will have a nasty name for me, too. But you can’t hide the fact that Shia is not a nice person.

i’m sorry i think you r Lying you and @16 r the same person cuz i saw him at a restaurant before in Chicago and he was very friendly with people , and i saw him chatting with some fans and he wait until the people in front of hi to finish , some people asked him to sign for them and he did with a happy smile in his face , i was too shy to talk to him , i was so happy to see him face to face !!!

I love him
Short, ugly, nasty drunks just seem to do it for me!!!!!!!

Watch Shia run like a little b-itch!

I think that he has a Napoleon complex. He’s a short man trying to overcompesate for his lack of height by being rude and obnoxious. he thinks that makes him look tough.
Sorry Shia, it ain’t working.

melody !!! @ 10/16/2011 at 4:14 pm

I absolutely love him!!!!!!

Cutebutherfly @ 10/16/2011 at 4:20 pm

Shia is like so awesome, looool. I think I always fall for the Shia types,If´╗┐ a boy looks like him or has that comedic personality like him, then I’m destined to love the guy 2 death…:)))))

@lol: sorry.. but the only little b-itch here is you !!!

That is priceless!

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