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Rachel Bilson & Jaime King: Awkward Family Photo!

Rachel Bilson & Jaime King: Awkward Family Photo!

Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Scott Porter, and Wilson Bethel pose together in an “awkward family photo” for the Christmas episode of their CW series Hart of Dixie.

“Just took a #HartOfDixie #awkwardfamilyphoto for our Christmas episode. Who wants to see it?” Scott wrote on his Twitter account.

Hart of Dixie was recently picked up for a complete season, making it the third of the three new shows on the CW to be picked up, including The Ringer and The Secret Circle.

Also pictured inside: Rachel wearing a cream chiffon Madewell dress and going shopping to get ready for a different holiday… Halloween!

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rachel bilson jaime king awkward family photo 01
rachel bilson jaime king awkward family photo 02
rachel bilson jaime king awkward family photo 03
rachel bilson jaime king awkward family photo 04
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rachel bilson jaime king awkward family photo 06

Photos: Fame Pictures, Twitter
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  • ?

    weird grey thing & ugly fug boots. i dont get the fashion sense thing she does. is not fashion & is not sense. just ugly looking. why dress ugly when you have money to buy nice?

  • What

    That is the ugliest and most unflattering ensemble I’ve ever seen anyone wear. WTF? You’re not “edgy” Rachel, just stop trying so damned hard, you look ridiculous most of the time. If you were truly a fashion “icon” like they keep trying to force feed us, you’d know that for someone of your height and stature wearing a skirt that length with those stupid looking booties makes you look like one of those little people from the Wizard of Oz or something.

  • Anonymous

    Are you allowed to just take peoples twit pics Jared??? I love Bilson, but I can tell you like to pimp out people to get them overexposed. Kind of a d-ck move.The more people that get pissed off and rant over a certain post, the more you post of that person. Poor Rachel, innocent girl who got had to get overexposed by your dumb site. You’ve had an obsession posting about Hilary Duff, Jaime King, Leann Rimes, Kate Bosworth, Hayden Christensen and now you can’t seem to miss a picture of Alexander Scarsgard. Anyways, I think her candid outfit looks cute.

  • Jax

    Maybe that’s actually her Halloween costume? She’s going as a frumpy, frigid, old maid librarian or something? Oh wait, as a librarian, she should probably be able to read, right? Well, maybe just the frumpy, old maid and frigid part then, IDK.

  • @Anonymous

    @Anonymous: Who do you think asked for the overexposure to begin with? Rachel’s people they think it’s actually a good thing. It isn’t but hey that is what most dumb pr people think and she seems more than happy to go along with it. Which is where all these nice candid pictures come from.

  • Eden Lords

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  • Eden Lords

    please jared check ou my blog/site

    i’m ur biggest fan

  • caro

    love hart of dixieeee, wilson and rachellll, scoot and jaimeee, loveeeeeee =))

  • em

    wooot wade and zoe! I want them together on Hart of Dixie.

  • call me crazy but…..

    She really left her house looking like that! Didn’t look in a mirror and think; hey wait one goddamn minute, this is a bad look. She plans what she wears, doesn’t she? What’s the thinking, here? And with the good news that her show has been picked up for a complete season you think she could look happy? She looks like her best friend cheated on her. Glum.

  • Nik

    This show is refreshing. Because it’s simple. Back to basics. I hope it has a good run on-air. As for Jared’s site. . .IT’s refreshing! I like seeing other peoples faces, instead of going to other sites, that only seem like a Gaga shrine! Keep up the variety Jared! And you’re context is classy. . .I don’t feel gross after I’ve visited your site.

  • Anonymously

    Damn she looks miserable yet again. This is the worst outfit she has ever worn. She dressed like someone that was too upset to care what she wore that day. Wow.
    Wilson Bethel actually was on the OC before Hart of Dixie. He was in at least one episode for sure and also best known for being on The Young and the Restless. That is why he got the job he was on the OC so always helps get you cast in a Schwartz production and that means he had worked with Rachel before and he was a soap star so there is that fanbase.
    Personally I don’t think Hart of Dixie is going to stay that simple or back to basics for very long. In the next episode it looks like they are starting to take it in a gossip girl direction with Wade and Zoe. It would probably be a mistake to go that direction but hey look at Gossip Girl the writers on there actually think they are doing a good job because everyone is sleeping with everyone else on that show. It wouldnt be the actors faults but everyone behind the show. Studio heads will want to boost Dixie’s ratings and the first thing they try is steaming and sl@tting up their characters. CW really lost its way ever since it became the CW. Gilmore Girls and Everwood was from the WB era and that era is gone. They sell shock tv now. SMH.

  • Darline

    Wade and Zoe <3333


    She looks a one of those mormon sister wives from that reality show. Just because she is on a show set in the south doesn’t mean she has to dress frumpy. She does realize people are not that poorly dressed in the south? Seems like she just didn’t care what she looked like or really really wants to get on Fashion Police. So Joan Rivers can rip into her. Grey baggy sweater ,white wrinkled skirt, brown purse, black shoes, and messy hair. This might have been a rock -able look if she had worn a belt at her waist to cinch in the baggy mom sweater and had either a longer or shorter skirt with some heals. She is already short and this outfit bring out her worst features. Shouldn’t she know better by now? Or would someone intentionally sabotage themselves to get on a worst dressed list somewhere. This outfit is such a Nononono. Add her frowning face and the whole look is depressing fashion.

  • Vanessafan

    I’m excited for the new episode! I’m another person who wants Wade and Zoe to get together.
    I’ve seen Rachel Bilson in person before and she is seriously five times more gorgeous IRL.

  • Jesse

    No Hayden Christensen this time huh? Looks like someone is trying to start the break up rumors all over again just so they can be denied and milk a little more press out of the pairing. She is doing a pretty good job of acting though. The fashionista wears awful clothes and people take notice and then she looks sad even though she has a new tv show so people turn to her personal life. Clever plan , Rachel’s pr people. I highly doubt she would have gone out dressed like this unless someone was trying to start those kinds of rumors. Probably went something like this publicist ” Wear something really awful Rachel, something that makes you look like a 40 years old soccer mom” Rachel” EWWW Why?” Publicist ” Because I said so and make sure you look really sad and unhappy to be spotted and be sure to hang your hang down and look like a sad little puppy. Rachel” OHHH the puppy face I’m good at that one” ~giggles~
    I have nothing against Rachel other than the press games she plays. She has been going it for so long that you can predict everything. I liked her on the Oc. Hart of Dixie really isn’t my taste and I would rather watch House if I was going to watch a medical show. I did watch the first couple of episodes of Hart though and noticed after the premiere the writers immediately backed off from serious medical situations and went for busted arms and things like that. So it really isn’t a medical show that is just an excuse for Zoe to be in the south, I found that part of the writing to be disappointing and I went back to House. The next episode coming up with Zoe and Wade looks more about them playing doctor with each other than Zoe being one. Which is probably a little ” sexist” of the writers. If Zoe was a male character they probably wouldn’t have written the show this way. That or the writers have no faith in Rachel or any of the actors on Hart.
    I think if Wade and Zoe get together it will turn into a cliche” bad boy tries to go good for a girl and then feels like the girl is trying to change him so he resorts to his old ways one night and ruins everything” kind of story line. Probably after that she will get with Porter’s character, running into his waiting arms after Lemon and Lavon are busted together. If that does happen shows the writers are not really trying to give the actors anything original to work with.

  • marlough

    What a big laugh – when they always put the MIDGET on the middle – LMAO!

  • Gemma

    How awful for her to leave the house without wearing figure-hugging clothes and high heels! Who does she think she is, choosing her own clothes and dressing comfortably? She should be ashamed of herself.

    This is a beautiful casual day outfit, very cute. I don’t think women always need to put on a short dress and high heels to be considered fashionable. It’s very indie fashion, I love it!

  • marlough

    Actually when acting between mediawh*ring / pap-tipping; that’s the only time that she looks credible & expressive.

  • amaranth

    She looks like a jobless Amish… well that was too close isnt it?!

  • call me crazy but…..

    There’s casual and there’s frumpy. You can be casual w/o being frumpy you know. Even on a budget it’s not hard to do. My mom calls this ‘unhappiness’ dressing. Like you dress how you feel at the time. Happy inside/ happy clothes, sad inside/sad clothes.

  • Gemma

    @call me crazy but…..: Well maybe she is sad? Ever think of that? Is she not allowed to have that kind of emotion? It’s so annoying how when ever you see a celebrity looking down or upset people just ASSUME it’s about their relationship. Oooh no she’s wearing sad depressing clothes something must be wrong with her and Hayden!! Really? Could easily be from being tired, not feeling well, or just having a gloomy day. God knows I’ve have many of those..

  • call me crazy but…..

    Who said she’s having boy trouble? Maybe her pooch died or something! All I said was that we girls tend to dress the way we feel. When we’re happy we choose from our happiness closet, but when we’re blue we grab at the sad rags w/o thinkiing bout it. Sheesh, if you’d read my comment properly you wouldn’t be the one ASSUME-ing I said something I didn’t.

  • Gemma

    @call me crazy but…..: Look up at the 10 paragraphs @Jesse wrote

  • Gemma

    Look up at the comment @Jesse wrote…
    “No Hayden Christensen this time huh? Looks like someone is trying to start the break up rumors all over again”
    “I highly doubt she would have gone out dressed like this unless someone was trying to start those kinds of rumors.”

  • OCFan.

    @Gemma: They didn’t say she was actually having relationship problems, they said “looks like someone is trying to start the break up rumors all over again” Seriously Gemma can you read. They were accusing Rachel or her people if you read things more carefully of staging upset photos not that she actually was upset. Haha. Publicity for the show. There is a big difference.

    So you are upset over the wrong thing. They probably think Rachel and Hayden are just fine as a couple but trying to start rumors or that someone is.@call me crazy but…..: Wasn’t even the one that said it. Yet you accuse and chew them out about it, because you THOUGHT someone else said something they didn’t. Yeah that makes so much sense Gemma. Next time read a little more clearly and you won’t look like a fan that needs to slow their roll.. Because neither @Jesse: or @call me crazy but…..: actually said what you thought they did. Ha.

    “No Hayden Christensen this time huh? Looks like someone is trying to start the break up rumors all over again”
    “I highly doubt she would have gone out dressed like this unless someone was trying to start those kinds of rumors.“

    I think he just went back to Canada again. Like always. Nothing new. No big deal.

    Moving on.They had Scott Porter on KTLA( which is in LA and owned by the CW today, it is a pretty big morning news show in LA).Instead of having Rachel on. The weird thing was they didn’t really ask Scott about Rachel at all. Not even what it is like working with her. Even though she plays the character Zoe Hart that the show is named after.
    Her name was mentioned once. ” Rachel moves to Blubelle Alabama”

    Scott on the other hand talked a lot. He was very charming.They even got him to SING. I Can Show You the World from Aladdin he use to work at Disney and Universal so he had the perfect voice.!! So he is a multi- talented actor. I think his career might go far.

  • Dixette

    The show is a hit!!! It is a lot more entertaining then “Up all Night”!! Rachel looks stylish and can pull off anything. A lot sound incrediably jealous!! Never ceases to amaze me. Rachel looks amazing in one of the dresses she wore last night on HOD! Don’t hate!! Appreciate!!! Zoe and Wade have amazing chemistry!

  • Dixette

    The skirt and sweater combo is cute. At least it is a nicer way to dress down look. Since, when does one have to look like a super model all the time but, she does here!!! She looks amazing!!! Bilson

  • tennille

    Hows that a *real* hit – when it consistently stuck up only on 1 million?! But then its just the CW who hold shows even if it scores of 0.5 ratings – shame!

  • Ratings.

    Hart of Dixie’s ratings went back up a bit in it’s fourth week. With a 17% increase after a 25% loss the week before. I think that might have been because of all the shirtless men advertised for the episode :P. The problem is if the CW thinks they will get more ratings if they “slut” the show up then they will and Dixie will become just like another Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill type of show. Which would be completely against how the writers and actors have pitched the show in interviews. But for ratings it might happen. That would really be a shame but it is the CW they do whatever it takes to get anymore viewers they can, even if it ruins the core of a show.

    So shirtless Wade and Levon are becoming a big pull for viewers it seems.

  • call me crazy but…..

    1 million seems kinda low. Esp when you realize that the US has a pop of 300 million. So what are the other 299 million people watching then? That’s less than 1 per cent of the population. I guess most people are watching House, or Two and a Half men :S

  • LMAO

    @call me crazy but…..: Three days without a Rachel Bilson post. That must be a recent record. LMAO

  • Gemma

    @call me crazy but…..: It’s The CW, not many shows besides Vampire Diaries are over the 2 million mark. SMG’s new show Ringer in 1 million mark as well.

  • Misfits.
    “Though Josh Schwartz got his new series Hart of Dixie picked up for a full season on The CW, his series Chuck will have its last season begin later this month, so he’ll have some more time to work on something new.” Hit series?
    It doesn’t have the ratings the OC,Chuck or Gossip Girl ever had starting out. It barely beats GossipGirl now with it’s awful ratings.

    Well if Hart of Dixie does get canceled after its first season. There is now another Josh Schwartz show for her to bug for a part in. He is adapting Misfits. From the Uk. I’ve seen Misfits and unless he puts it on cable I doubt it will be as on the edge as the original British tv show. They cuss , they drink, they smoke , do heavy drugs. They are basically teenage trouble makers XD. Although Schwartz has done the teenage drama on tv before I don’t think he can handle it. Which is why he is co-writing the pilot up with the guy that created the UK version. At least Rachel will have a back up plan if Hart goes south ~winkwink~ and gets canceled after it’s first season. Of course that is assuming Misfits gets picked up by a network to begin with. Ghost Angeles amongst others Schwartz pitched never did.

  • just me

    @Gemma: True. But why so miserable? No one is starting a rumor. But its time for one don’t you think? Things are going too well for her these days.People do have problems don’t they? Hayden is not working and that’s not good. And its not good for him being there when things are not working out for him. He needs to take a long break from la. Its not helping him at all,Things can’t be like last year when he was coming there.Rachel needs to let Hayden go for a while until things get right with him. If there going to be a break up rumor it need to stick and not use it to promote her show. The show is going in the wrong direction anyway. They soon be saying she is hooking up with someone on the show to make better rating. When other people are becoming stars on the show. And its her show . Why didn’t Scott porter mention her? How well it was to work with her? break up rumor yes. LoL

  • Gemma

    @just me: WTF are you even talking about? And the show IMO is going in an even better direction, I’m loving every episode. It’s getting better and better.

  • Ratings.

    @Ratings.: Final ratings for Hart’s most recent episode.
    The ratings remained almost the same as the week before.
    Episode 01-04 — Monday, 10/17/11
    0.6 in the demo (0% week-to-week change) with 1.65 million; fifth in the timeslot.
    Demo rank: #7 of 10 TV shows on the network (Fall 2011 – Spring 2012).
    Season average: 0.7 in the demo with 1.71 million.

    Episode 01-03 — Monday, 10/10/11
    0.6 in the demo (-25% week-to-week change) with 1.57 million; fourth in the timeslot.
    Demo rank: #6 of 10 scripted TV shows on the network (Fall 2011 – Spring 2012); tied with Supernatural and Gossip Girl.
    Season average: 0.7 in the demo with 1.73 million.

    So it actually lost some footing but not much after taking the 25% hit the week before. Dropping from 6th to 7th in demo rank.

  • Jon

    @Ratings.: Y are you posting the ratings here? Go somewhere else and post that.

  • @Jon

    ” Y are you posting the ratings here? Go somewhere else and post that.” Upset much Jon over the link or the ratings?

    Why NOT post here? Um because the ratings are for HART OF DIXIE.
    RACHEL BILSON”S show. This post was about her and the show above with twit pic from an up coming episode, so why wouldn’t the ratings be posted here duh?
    Unless you have a problem with the truth?
    If you dont like the results of the ratings WATCH IT more often and get your friends to.:) as well.
    Don’t go all weird fanboy because someone posted the ratings results about Rachel’s show on a Rachel post. Where else would it be posted… on someone else’s thread that doesn’t make any sense. DUHHH. This is her most recent post on her thread so this would be where everything is posted until there is a new post. Makes sense huh?
    This isn’t a fan site forum so people don’t have to go somewhere else. They were just posting the official results of Dixie’s ratings for episode 4. It’s not like they were making things up.