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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Premiere Pair!

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Premiere Pair!

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler share a moment on the red carpet at the premiere of his film The Descendants on Sunday (October 16) in New York City.

The 50-year-old actor brought along his 32-year-old gal pal for the New York Film Festival screening of the flick.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of George Clooney

George will be receiving the prestigious 2011 Actor of the Year award at the Hollywood Film Festival, according to THR.

George Clooney delivered a flawless and passionate performance in Alexander Payne’s human drama The Descendants. Clooney continues to shine as one of Hollywood’s most gifted actors. We’re delighted to honor him at this year’s Hollywood Film Awards,” said Carlos de Abreu, founder of the Hollywood Film Festival.

FYI: Stacy is wearing a Versace gown, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Stephen Webster jewels.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler at the premiere of The Descendants

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Credit: Ivan Nikolov; Photos: Wenn
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  • Mr and Mrs Martin

    George is working on The Argo movie with Ben Affleck starring and directing it…! Matt Damon wanted the lead role though. George is
    Not looking at Stacey like his other girlfriends….

    2011 actor of the year award! Wow for he only did 2 movies?
    Not Brad Pitt who is going to give him the award? This should be

  • fin

    i reaqlly dont like this guy and dicaprio because they like one of those douchess who switch girls every month even after they get old. u’ll regret it when u’re like 80 and never having a long loving lasting relationship

  • tara

    Oh George, you old womanizing rascal you…

  • JMC

    The body language isn’t particularly intimate.

    Coming around to the idea he’s gay after all. She’s an unconvincing beard.

  • tara

    I do wonder about those young women who are content just being the current arm candy of some powerful man…I would find it degrading, but that’s just me.

  • lima

    i agree tara. dont care who the guy is or was..who wants to just be one of so many and the flavor of the month for some guy,,obviously a lot of women dont mind but it wouldnt be for me(not that i would get the chance,lol)

  • hate jolie

    george clonney is in a romantic relationship with brad pitt.. come out of the closet. stacy is an amazon or maybe george is just short

  • Scelotina

    I agree, they don´t look intimate. There´s no passion between them,
    Still beleive his gay and som girls are okay with playing the girl – for a while. I guess Elisabetha thought she could “change” him….
    Like him though, have made some good movies…

  • bi curious george?

    he is over rated, he plays the same guy in every role. his movies dont do well unless they are oceans movie with a more popular brad pitt in them, dont fall for the hype,,new woman always around awards time, wonder if when he is older if his bought and paid for awards will keep him warm and happy,

  • Anonymous

    He looks so miserable in the photos in which Keibler got into the photo frames. He clearly does not want her there, but she stalked him there with the help of Stan, and he’s in front of all those cameras and reporters, so he has to take some photos with her. He doesn’t look at her. God, this is painful to watch. Let the man live his life.

  • hate pitt

    flop after flop. mr clooney no matter how many women you date, ur movies will still FLOP

  • janined

    He looks like he is being made to do this – he couldnt be more uncomfortable. This is just too soon after the last one. Worried that folks will think badly of him – he’s right, they do.

  • Anonymous

    In addition to destroying his personal life, this also ruins his chances of winning any Oscars, and he deserves to win one. Such a shame.

  • Anonymous

    @janined: Yes, I agree. Many people are noticing the same things. He couldn’t look more miserable and stiff around her.

  • Brad Pity

    Hey anonymous crackie, Georgie boy would be glad to live his life, but his agents all think he’d lose his $ making potential if he comes out of the closet. So what, you giving up on your “this is photoshopped” spiel? To any of you poor saps that believe the nut who keeps saying he has a “real” secret girlfriend, forget it. This is it, no secret girlfriend. Why would he bother paying beards if he had a “real” gf? Ridiculous. Secret boyfriend, sure, we all have one of those.

  • Anonymous

    This set of pics is not photoshopped. The Cabo pics were photoshopped. Keibler stalked him to the premiere with Stan’s help, and George was put on the spot with her being there in front of all those people. He was coerced into posing with her. He’s not gay.

  • Lili

    she is having the time of her life but him does not look happy.

  • Anonymous

    @Brad Pity: He hasn’t hauled her around anywhere. She’s showing up on her own when she isn’t sending out photoshopped pics.

  • Anonymous

    Also, there’s the fact that Keibler is criminally insane. She wore a black spider legs dress followed by a spider’s nest hairdo in Toronto, and someone associated with her put a black widow spider inside my house for posting the truth about her. She’s pure sleaze.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t said a thing about a secret girlfriend. You’re who keeps posting about that.

  • Anonymous

    Um, just because someone has a different empirical opinion than you doesn’t mean they’re crazy. You’re the one coming across as crazy here. You keep posting things about a secret girlfriend and then claim that I’m the one posting it. As for the spider, I know damn well what a black widow looks like, as it does not look like any other spider species around here. Believe it or not, there are actually bad people in the world who do bad things. Having a Twitter account and a publicist does not mean that someone is a good person. 4% of the population are sociopaths, and that includes celebrities.

  • Saph

    George just looks miserable with this one even more so then the Italian Ice Queen. Too soon after the split George should know people want to see him happy not with an amazon blonde who just wants to ride on his coat tails. Stacy looks like a hooker and like she could break him. First thought on some pictures was look someone is taking her grandpa for a walk. They look stupid together no wonder he has been showing up without her. Notice how much happier he looks when he is alone. Stacy needs to stop working out she is looking more butch then Clooney. Hope this fling is over quick I don’t think anyone could stand an award season with Cray Cray all over the place.

  • commonsense

    @tara: It`s not just you Tara honey.

  • janined

    I dont really understand why he wheels these birds out all the time, he looks like idiot and they get ridiculed to hell and back. If they really were into him, they’d play it smart e.g. you do your movie star thingy and I’ll my thing and like catch you later…gater. They should keep it private, then they might actually last. That last one was clearly in it for the photo ops.

  • Anonymous

    @Brad Pity: I’m going to sum this up very simply: You’re a liar.

  • Sean

    After her failed acting career, this is her one last move to get in the spotlight. Sad, really.

  • Anonymous

    It just gets worse. This was a premiere with the child actors there for The Descendants, and George’s handlers enabled the hooker famewhore to intrude on what should have been a night filled with only wonderful, special memories for them. Now those experiences and memories will include being subjected to the intrusive presence of a hooker famewhore. George’s young actress co-stars are already being shown that they are nothing but objects and that they’d better be ready to jump on a casting couch or make a dirty deal with an A-lister’s publicist. What a horrible shame for them.

  • theresa

    just how tall is Stacy anyway? in any case, i just can’t see these two as seriously dating. personally, i don’t think George even likes her all that much. why doesn’t George do himself a favor and find a nice girl to be with. he doesn’t have to marry her; Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell aren’t married. Neither were Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. as for protecting his millions, California is a community property state.

  • Brad Pity

    janined, if he is never seen with a woman companion, he will eventually be perceived as gay. Now George hates this type of BS, but he plays the game. Thats why he never looks thrilled when doing this stuff. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the girls though, or has them forced on him. He picks his own women. Hes not the spineless sap that the poor demented “anonymous” wants you to believe.

  • janined

    Seriously could you be bothered – there are nicer guys n gals at the local mall. I am bored with this now, I hope they are happy. Life goes on doesnt it. Looks like a good flick – I gave up after the first 10 mins of Leatherheads. Might see this one.

  • kj

    George doesn’t seem to be that happy….notice he dates a lot of D or E Listers? Stacy is so happy to be there and he seems disconnected and annoyed. I think she overheard him saying he had to be there and she invited herself and invaded his personal space on the red carpet…Poor girl. lol! Someone just needs to tell her that George isn’t feeling it as she’s oblivious for sure. Wow, it’s painful to look at!

  • happy

    This guy changes betrothed to a velocity truly suspect …… begin to believe the rumors circulating about him ……

  • kj

    @Brad Pity: Who the hell is this person? Oh Geez, Stacy Kibler in disguise! If you knew George so well, why would you waste your time responding and perusing Just Jared!

  • theresa

    @ happy

    i don’t believe the rumors about him. George loves women; he just doesn’t want to get married again. can’t say as i blame him. i’m single and i can’t understand why anyone would get married instead of just moving in with your partner.

  • bobbyweiner

    Georgie dating a former wrestler….hahaha

  • Jesse

    Wow that comments on George threads are really screwed up. Anonymous and Brad Pity are probably the same person have one big fight with themselves. HAHA.
    Anyways Clooney is now 50 years old and still playing this same publicity game? He is either just a womanizing d bag with a peter pan complex and never wants to grow up or gay..seriously.
    He has his date for the Oscars this year though. Leo,George and several other actors and actresses always make sure to get a date months ahead of time. It is all part of the courting Oscar gold whirlwind that happens every year.

  • Ka simply amazing

    Hi george clooney go dating maryse ouellet ,als she’s diva wwe

  • bobbi

    Stacy looks stunning!

  • happy

    @theresa: but who has talked about getting married! you can be with the person you love without being married, but this guy is constantly changing his girlfriends so I doubt very much whether it is really in love! just advertising

  • jk

    Honestly, he was hot in the eighties. He ain’t hot. He hasn’t aged well either.
    If he didn’t have money she wouldn’t look at him once…

  • Jessica

    @tara: I agree Tara. I would find it degrading to be the trophy girlfriend/arm candy of some old man. George is 50 so it’s not like he’s just 5 years old than Stacey Kiebler. He’s a 50-year-old man!! Even if I were in my 30s he would still be WAY TOO OLD for me and also it would be degrading to be his flavor of the month. But Stacy is probably happy to be getting publicity and I’m sure Clooney buys her gifts and expensive dinners. So they’re each getting something out of it. But still it would be degrading to be that girl. It’s kinda sad when you think about how shallow and empty alot of these celebrities’ lives are. I hope Clooney one day finds a life partner that he can truly be happy with.

  • Kat

    “actor of the year”? “most gifted actors” Most overrated is more like it. Why does Hollywood love this guy so much? Fassbender or Gosling anyday over this guy.


    George is an egomaniac who thinks he’s worthy of women young enough to be his daughters. If he respects women then why can’t he ever date one his own age? I work in the Finance industry and men like him are a dime a dozen. They are self-centered, shallow, VERY SEXIST, and very superficial. They see females as accessories and status symbols. Kinda like luxury cars or designer shoes or an expensive silk tie. I find it so sad when his poor pathetic fangirls drool all over him and fork over money to watch every single POS movie he makes. He’s literally setting women back like 50 years. And some (not all) females just eat this right up. Trust me, I work with tons of guys that are the finance industry version of Clooney.


    @Kat: Ryan Gosling IS A MILLION TIMES better than old man Clooney. But Michael Fassbender?? HE WAS SOOOO CREEPY in that movie ‘Fish Tank’. His character made my skin crawl. In real life, he’s also a creep. His ex-girlfriend Sunawin Andrews filed a restraining order against him because he came home drunk one night after an awards show and was violent with her. He pushed her, hit her, and threatened to kill her. Just google it and you’ll see for yourself.

  • csa

    Much better than that dog, Elisabetta…

  • Jenn

    @FASSBENDER IS A WOMAN BEATER: Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that about Fassbender. An alcoholic with violent tendencies? No thanks.


    Fassbender is really no better than Clooney. BOTH ARE CRADDLE ROBBERS who would never even consider dating a woman their own age. Fassbender is dating Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz’s daughter) who’s only like 21 years old. Fassbender is in his mid 30s and honestly I think he looks even older than that. He could easily pass for a man in his early 40s. Sorry ladies, but I gotta agree with comment #44. A lot of men in Hollywood are egomaniacs who only view your gender as a status symbol. Especially the older actors over the ages of 30. Just look at Leo Dicaprio who only dates models or phoney model/actresses. Do you really think that Fassbender, Clooney or Dicaprio respect women and care about their personalities? LOL. Of course not.


    ok i’ve always thought george clooney was a conceited perv so him dating stacey keibler is no surprise. but i’ve had a crush on michael fassbender for the past 2 years. i had no idea he had alcohol problems or violent tendencies or that his ex-girlfriend had to file a restraining order after he came home drunk from an awards show. poor woman. that must have been one scary night for her. i also didn’t even that he was dating such a young girl (zoe kravitz). i think that’s WAAAAAY too young for him and honestly it kinda creeps me out. it’s hard to be a fan of his after knowing all that. sigh.

  • Stephanie in Ohio

    Stacey Keibler is such a typical Hollywood famewhore. She has no self-respect and is willingly being paraded around like George Clooney’s new toy. Uggghhh. It’s funny that girls think our gender has come so far and has made so many strides for equality. Take a look around. Some things haven’t changed much. We are still many many years away from reaching equality.