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Miranda Kerr: 'I Feel Healthier Than Ever'

Miranda Kerr: 'I Feel Healthier Than Ever'

Miranda Kerr steps out on a sunny Monday (October 17) in New York City.

The 28-year-old Aussie model took her beloved pet pooch, Frankie, for a walk around the city!

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Miranda arrived in town with her adorable son, Flynn, on Sunday evening (October 16).

Later in the week, Miranda will unveil this year’s Fantasy Treasure Bra from Victoria’s Secret – and it’s worth $2.5 million!

“It’s very special,” Miranda told People about being back for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “And now I feel better than ever. I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt. It was wonderful to have a bit of time off after I was pregnant and having Flynn. But now I’m back in the swing of things and it feels good.”

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Credit: Jason Winslow; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Sartain

    She would be more attractive if she had a fuller figure.

  • Pretty

    Love her dress – she has great style.

  • Victoria’s Secret


    I think she looks great the way she is but I do find it silly how skinny most of the Victoria’s Secret models have become. It seems they were curvier years ago. At least Miranda is healthy looking …

  • laverdadduele

    Why so many posts on her? She’s just a boring average model.

  • ..


  • Jess

    Miranda is in no way “healthy looking”. She’s become way too skinny and it sends out the wrong message to young girls looking up to her about weight and success.

  • Justin

    Big Head chipmunk eye

  • Matty

    She’s a great candidate for face lipo and cheekbone implants. If it weren’t for seeing her body, I would think she were a plus size chick.

  • Nice

    Lol she best looking gorgeous.

  • idiots

    She’s a model. So of course she is thin.
    The difference is that she is a HEALTHY thin. She’s a great example for young girls!
    Her skin is radiant and her hair is healthy!
    She is GORGEOUS!

  • intelligentmodel

    I don’t like that dress. It’s good for a 40 year old woman or a fatter lady but not for her.

  • doll

    @Matty: She has the luck that she’s got chubby cheeks and not an anorexic face.

  • dreamer

    @doll: Looking like you are constipated 24/7 is luck? smh

  • jo
  • @1

    She wouldn’t be a model if she had a fuller figure.

  • ta

    I wonder if she is on her way to a VS fitting?
    It’s about time we get some promo shots!

  • To Dea

    I hope that you will see this, because I have a serious question to ask you. I don’t have an LJ account, so this is the only way that I could think of to reach you, even though I’m sure that I will be ignored.
    I was wondering if when you started your blog giving people free reign to speak their mind and to insult Miranda, did you really intend it to become a second delphi? I mean, most of your current posters are delphites, and all they do is bring the same irrational hatred to your site.
    I mean, look at the last thread started by a delphite. Do you really want your site to be known as a place that people can come on and insult an innocent baby? Calling them developmentally challenged, and pasty? Is that what passes for humor in your world? Really? Is this the same Dea that showed some reason on OLove?
    Is it OK that people use your site like this?
    And don’t give that same ‘freedom of speech’ garbage that Chocolover gave when that psycho wished that Miranda and Flynn would get sick. You have a choice as to what you allow on your site. You have a choice to show people what you believe in, how you want to be seen, and how low you are willing to go.
    If you let this thread stand, you are no better than delphi. And that is NOTHING to be proud of.

  • @18

    *waves at the delphite*
    Charming as always.
    And why do you accuse her of stirring up trouble? She’s just stating facts. The troublemakers are the hateful idiots that posted that cr*p.
    And yes, freedom of speech CAN be garbage. When you use that right to foster hate. That’s why there are laws in place.

  • @18

    Soooo, you’re mad at this person? Not at the person saying such horrible things about a baby?
    Yep, you’re a delphite.

  • mayfrayn

    Someome is playing the “victim’s role”, as usual….Dea, you are NOT the only one who get complaints, be sure of this.Also,this is not an “intimate place” where talking about some garbage, it is public, just like the nasty comments on your community. Bashing a baby is BAD and, if you allows this, or justify this with the words “freedom of speech”, you are bad as well.
    Also, if you don’t want to be bothered with comments following your posts, make your community private. Otherwise, face the consequences of your posts, like everyone else.

  • mayfrayn

    To Chocolover:
    it seems you are missing the point. This is not something about Flynn’s parents. This is about bashing a baby when you don’t like his parents. This is vile, nasty, bad. You think you have the right to say what you think? Then we have to right to say that this is WRONG!
    And about having a life, look how many minutes pass after me or everyone else post something about Orlando or Miranda before any of you write something in return….checking the Net too much, eh? LOL

  • Jess

    @10, if starving yourself and only drinking liquid fluids for food is healthy, then by god I’d rather not be.

  • mayfrayn

    I’m wondering which one has given a thumb down to my previous message…..mmmm, I guess I can imagine. LOL

  • ta

    It’s a shame so many good people died to defend our right to free speech, only to have morons like this who don’t understand the responsibilities that it brings.
    I haven’t been to her site in a long time, but I had to see what this was all about. And all I can say is ‘wow’.
    How can you be so hateful as to attack a baby? Insulting him with names that surprisingly enough *cough* are some of the same insults used here? Funny, that the post insulting #17 for having “an agenda” has disappeared. I saw it a few hours ago, wonder why they pulled it?
    Here’s my own note to Dea….
    Yes, you DO have a responsibility as to what you allow on your site. You ‘own’ it, so everything posted on there belongs to you. You CHOSE to allow it, that makes you guilty.
    And freedom of speech? You contradict yourself in your response to #17. You claim that your site is a place where people freely voice their opinions, then go on to say that you would never have allowed someone to wish that a baby got sick. Doesn’t that go against your claim that the hatred that you post is freedom of speech? You just admitted that there ARE limits to that freedom, and that you ARE responsible for your site’s content?
    Do what you want with your site, but you will now always be known as delphi lite. And like the other person said….that is nothing to be proud of.

  • @jess

    That’s just it.
    She advocates healthy eating, not fad diets.

  • Tess

    Why the deleted posts? If all you haters are so proud of your right to bash whom you please, then own the consequences. Don’t run back to your little journals and hide when you get called out for your deeds.

  • @26

    That’s just what they do.
    Next they will be denying that they ever said anything mean about that beautiful baby.

  • @27

    I have read lots of comments about Flynn on many different websites. Some from people who are disinterested in OB & MK and some from people who don’t like one or the other or either of them. But in every case, I have never seen anything said about Flynn but how gorgeous or adorable he is. But quite by coincidence I’m sure, the only places where there are negative comments about his looks are at delphi and its spin-off sites. For some reason the posters there see him differently than the rest of the world. I wonder why that is?

    And btw, what’s all this talk from them about Flynn being so “pastey”? Just a few months ago they were implying that MK’s business partner, George Moskos, was his father because of the same dark olive skin.

  • @28

    They really do make it easy to mock them, don’t they.
    That’s where their selective amnesia comes in handy.
    Just like when they were claiming that Flynn was George’s child (even though George was on the other side of the planet at the time of conception) because he had brown eyes. Now they say that Flynn is not necessarily Orlando’s, just because he has brown eyes.
    And they still wonder why people laugh at them?

  • @28

    Even non-fans see Orlando in Flynn. One person on ONTD even said that it just looked like someone had “baby-fied his face” and attached it using photoshop! (LOL).
    And as you said, every non-delphite thinks that he is a beautiful child.
    Which he is. Absolutely beautiful!

  • LOL!

    The delphites are in a twit snit today!

  • @31

    That’s when they are at their most fun!
    Watch ‘em spin!

  • @23

    Mayfrayn stop being a bully and take your fight to some other playground. You’re messing up this thread with your own agenda. How rude.

  • @32

    Oh I get it now. This isn’t really about defending a baby from the bad posters this is just another attempt at bashing a group under the disguise of righteous indignation. Typical of the LOL hypocrites.

  • @34

    So you are saying that the delphites are being bullied????
    Women that spend their days insulting others, including fans?? Women who spend their days creating fake blogs to defame not just the celebs, but their fans, too? Women who try to spread their lies and hate all over the web 24/7 are THE VICTIMS of bullying???????
    Well, you shouldn’t dish it out if you can’t take it.
    So cry me a river.
    I’ll just continue to mock you.

  • @34

    So you think that it is OK to insult an innocent baby? And that you feel sorry for the poor little haters because people are picking on them?
    Well, OK then. At least we know where you stand. Right under the delphi flag.

  • She IS/WAS a delphidiot

    Can I just LOL for a moment over this?!! First of all, Dea is/was a member of Delphi but there seems to have been a falling out as she’s not posting anymore and neither is the other hypocrite who doesn’t spend all of her waking moments looking up info on Miranda and Orlando (haha since she is runs a site that bashes them non-stop). Also, if Dea never posted anything about O and M her site would have no comments. Her “friends” are all haters too and enjoy bashing them.

    Getting upset that someone posted that Flynn isn’t cute though is a waste of time because you only have to have a pair of eyes to see that he is gorgeous and looks EXACTLY like his father. The point of the post was to cause this kind of reaction and it did. They may pretend they don’t like this drama but in reality they need to cause it in order to feel relevant during a time when Orlando is so successful and happy.

  • @37

    I agree with you. All they want is to stir up controversy, otherwise they’d have nothing. Every day OB proves more and more how wrong they have been about everything they’ve said.

  • @37

    You’re right.
    And the reason that they are so out of control right now is the fact that Orlando IS so successful and happy.
    They are just spitting into the wind. And what makes it even more funny is that they know it.

  • Anon

    That Delphi board should be shut down. People saying awful things about Flynn are just cruel and heartless. You can see Orlando in Flynn and is such an adorable child. Dea, chocolover, and others just sound like bitter, hateful people. Orlando has proven them wrong and will keep proving them wrong. There is no point to that despicable board. Orlando and Miranda are beautiful people and have a cute child. The delphites should shut up and stop saying what they are saying. Hopefully they will be called out on their behavior.

  • @34

    If you can dish it out, honey, you’d better learn to take it!

  • Irony

    It is amazing how thin-skinned the delphites are. They seem to have gotten their little feelings hurt over the past couple of days. It is not so much fun when you’re the ones being mocked and ridiculed is it?

    The only difference is the things being said about the haters are true.

  • @42

    Bullies are always cowards, and the first to cry foul.
    It is just more proof of their complete lack of character.

  • ha!

    Their amnesia is back.
    Now they are claiming that they never said anything bad about Flynn, they were just expressing their opinion that Leo was cuter.
    So I guess that calling him developmentally challenged, “pastey” and big headed are compliments?
    How stupid are these idiots? Do they not even read their own posts?

  • ssaamm

    My fav hater posts are when they go on and on about how “he does nothing for me”, and “I’m glad that I don’t care anymore”, yet all they do is talk about him ALL DAY LONG!
    Must be horrible to be OBSESSED with the life of someone that you “don’t care” about.

  • Too much hate?

    I love how she’s “sick to death” of this but she has a community dedicated to spewing lies, YES LIES, about them. I also find it funny when she talks about being open to different opinions. I call bull@#$% on that one. If you disagree she puts your e-mail and IP address for everyone to see. I have seen over and over how they treat people who even disagree slightly. She is NOT open to differing opinions at all. That is why she left Delphi. Someone called her on the ridiculous claims and she got mad. She claims that his fans are crazy and obsessed because they stand up for him and his family. I’ll take that any day over bitter, heartless liars who insult babies and sit on the edge of their seats waiting for someone’s marriage to break up. Who’s pathetic?

  • @47


  • @46

    It’s funny how she goes on a rant, then goes on to add even more examples of her hypocrisy.
    But this is my favorite…..
    “what sane person would come here in the 1st place if they hated what we said?”
    So since she stalks Miranda across the web, reading her facebook, twitter and ALL of her fan sites, AND Olove, I guess that she is calling herself insane?
    She’s right, of course.


    THIS! heeheehee!