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Orlando Bloom: Kate Bosworth Opens Up About 2006 Break-Up

Orlando Bloom: Kate Bosworth Opens Up About 2006 Break-Up

Orlando Bloom answers a call on his cell phone on Tuesday (October 18) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the 34-year-old actor’s wife, Miranda Kerr, was spotted on the other side of the country getting out of her SUV!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Orlando‘s ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth recently opened up about their relationship, which ended in 2006.

“[The break-up] sent me into such pain, I think I had actual vertigo. I was like, ‘Is this my new reality? Will anything be normal again?’” Kate said to the Sunday Times Style (via Us Weekly) about the hard break-up.

“You wake up and you think, ‘OK, I’ll never be the same, but I’ll survive and I’ll grow from it,’” Kate concluded.

Also pictured inside: Orlando leaving a veterinary appointment with his dog that same day.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom out and about in LA…

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97 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Kate Bosworth Opens Up About 2006 Break-Up”

  1. 1
    jesus JJ Says:

    im sure OB hopes she finds her happiness in life but must hate it when she still talks about the break up. the guy is marred with a kid now.

    kate and her pr people need to get over it and move on. it just makes her look desperate and like she never got over the split.

    i also read in the article she talks about that polish dude but no mention of why she and Alex split…but she’s still fine talking about a break up that happened over 6 years ago.

    its also lame the reporter asked about orlando.

    im happy they (AS and Kate) split but im just curious why. if she can talk about Orlando any not Alex.

  2. 2
    jesus JJ Says:

    pus i for got to add

    shes already “opened up about her split” in a edition of Vogue or a mag like it.

  3. 3
    Yo-Landi Says:

    Ok….. these two together was 5 years ago. That’s long. Very long. In fact, I’ve been living for three years in a country different from my homeland and I feel that everything that happened more than three years ago belongs to another LIFE. So her babbling about what happened in freaking 2006…… gimme a break. Find another subject. Dude is married now with an adorable baby. You were the one who let him go, now get another one of your own who’ll stay with you. He’s moved on. She says she grew from it yet she still speaks about it, what’s her deal?! Get over it.

  4. 4
    slig o^___________^ cute Says:

    miranda beautiful and orlando alot nothing and normal

  5. 5
    Reba Says:

    Kate Bosworth needs to wake up and realize that it’s 2011 and Orlando Bloom couldn’t give a crap about her. She’s such a loser and will do anything for attention.

  6. 6
    Emily Says:

    Wow Jared, this is a new low even for you. Mentioning Kate Bosworth in a post that has absolutely nothing to do with her.

  7. 7
    xiaodao Says:

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  8. 8
    BlueCrushed Says:

    Nobody asked that loser about OB, she put his name out there to explain why she’s skeletal. I’m glad Skarsgard never once called her his gf. She’s such a pathetic loser.

  9. 9
    ozangel Says:

    And how exactly have you grown from the experience Kate? You still seem to me and everyone else the shallow pathetic loser you’ve always been.

    Stop bringing up your ex’s names just in order to gain more unwarranted attention. If you were any more transparent you’d be invisible.

  10. 10
    uhmm Says:

    She did look really bad after the break up. Skinnier than she had ever been. I almost thought that she was trying to guilt Orlando into taking her back by starving herself.
    This admission, combined with the sad photos of Kate waiting outside his bungalow at the Chateau makes it pretty obvious who broke up with who.
    Orlando is happily married to a confident, gorgeous, successful woman who gave him a beautiful son. While Kate is still floundering in the dating game. It almost makes me feel sorry for her.
    But back to Orlando….
    he looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see him on Chelsea Lately tonight!

  11. 11
    blue Says:

    wow she is reminding me of bitter Bridget Moynahan who won’t stop mentioning Tom and Gisele to the press just to stay relevant. its pathetic! Orlando has moved on and is married with a beautiful baby, get over it already.

  12. 12
    @12 Says:

    She’s a loser for still trying to use his name to get attention. It’s been FIVE YEARS, Kate! Get over it!

  13. 13
    Shannon Says:

    She’s a sad person.

  14. 14
    Kerry Says:

    Kate makes the men she dates and the clothes she wears her whole reality. In interviews she doesn’t show evidence of much else. Regardless of whether you are a fan of her ex boyfriends or not, she is just not a very likable woman.

  15. 15
    Mr and Mrs Martin Says:

    Just like Ben and Jlo is more like it! Same thing as Benhe is married
    And has 2 daughters and a third child on the way! But still see his name
    With Jlo. Never do we see Tom and Penelope! Do we ! Depressed
    After breaking up with Orlando well se is not alone… His other ex
    Said the same thing ..why can’t they just shut the **** tup!

  16. 16
    Citylove Says:

    they made such a great couple ! But I’m so happy for him right now to be with someone like Miranda ^^ I hope Sidi is okay :s

  17. 17
    essie Says:

    oh cmon ppl still talk about brad and jen and that was so long ago too and i don’t see their breakup ending in the media any time soon

  18. 18
    jesus JJ Says:

    @#12 – its been 5/6 years since they have split. if your still not over that break up and constantly talk about it you need help ( this in not in a bitchy or mean way, i knew someone like kate who kept talking a about an ex years after it just not healthy. she had therapy and is now happily married with a kid on the way)

    @#16 you do know that actors and their PR people CAN control what is asked by the reporters
    plus if she didnt want to talk about it she could of said i dont talk about my private life.
    get attention by talking about the project not an ex from 5 years ago.

    i find it amusing that in an interview she did with a mag (for SD) last year or this year when they asked about Alex she said ive learned not to talk about my relationships or private life. but here we see she is still talking about her past and current bf.

    you don’t see oscar winners and other great actors talking about their plus 1 or ex from years ago

    i dont hate her so dont call me a crazy hater

    just be consistent with what you say. you cant be ‘oh i dont talk about my private life’-when dating alex then a few months later ‘say oh my bf is the one’ -when dating polish

  19. 19
    Jeannie Says:

    She’ll do anything for attention. She claims to be so private, but goes on to talk about her new relationship. Pathetic.

  20. 20
    sounds familiar Says:

    Sounds like Kate is taking advice right out of the Jennifer Aniston “cry me a river” playbook….

  21. 21
    ren Says:

    what a loser………..

  22. 22
    Endrid Says:

    Orlando must have really rocked her world! Move on Kate. Stop talking about Miranda’s husband and Flynnie’s dad.

  23. 23
    YAY! Says:

    Orlando was great on Chelsea Lately!
    He seemed very relaxed, and he was quite funny.
    It also helped that he looked drop dead gorgeous!

  24. 24
    Rachel() Says:

    Tacky. Common as friggin’ pig tracks this one is.

  25. 25
    Thai Says:

    Poor Orlando, he suffered so much when his beard Kate Bosworth “left” him! Give me a break!

  26. 26
    @30 Says:

    Nobody’s saying he suffered. She’s saying SHE suffered.

  27. 27
    fiona Says:

    jennifer aniston 2.0

  28. 28
    Peanut Gallery Says:

    Hardly surprising that a woman who relies on a movie she was in almost 10 years ago to remain relevant dredges up a relationship that was over 6 years ago.

    Now she is persona non grata in lots of industry areas, has to be desperately graping at straws

  29. 29
    Mjforlife Says:

    I believe he is the only man she REALLY loved you just have to see pictures of her with him to realize that it also did not help that HE did the dumping but that doesn’t change the FACT that she needs some REAL therapy for even talking about that FIVE YEARS latter so pathetic talk about a lucky escape LOL.

  30. 30
    BlueCrushed Says:

    Orlando just photographed his wife for a fashion spread:,14799

  31. 31
    Sabrina Says:

    @jesus JJ: I’m also wondering why she’s still talking about Orlando Bloom and doesn’t talk about the split btw her and Alexander Skarsgard.
    But I think this is btw them. They made it a rule not to talk about their relationship. (as Alex said it previously) So they probably won’t talk about it. Too bad, I was pretty curious actually ! Lol

  32. 32
    meji Says:

    As far as I can tell, he didn’t take the one of her topless against a red curtain despite what all the articles are saying. That seems to have been Lily Aldridge. He took the outdoor ones.

    Also, they all say she’s not wearing makeup, but she looks as if she’s got some lipstick on at least.

    I like his pictures and I think Miranda looks fresh and honest in them.

    I notice in some of the interviews that he’s been doing recently, that he seems to be quite good at putting people at their ease, so I wonder if he’d make a good photographer. I think he ought to do a photojournalism project for Unicef. This was a bright idea I had. He could go and photograph people and interview them (with an interpreter presumably) about how they live and the things they’re doing with Unicef aid. Then they could publish it on their site and anywhere else they thought fit.

    Because he admires Dan Eldon and seriously considered whether to do photography instead of acting it might be a very satisfying thing to do.

  33. 33
    Good point! Says:

    i find it amusing that in an interview she did with a mag (for SD) last year or this year when they asked about Alex she said ive learned not to talk about my relationships or private life. but here we see she is still talking about her past and current bf. ……..Good point Jesus JJ….I think in a few years we’ll be reading interviews where she talks about how Alex broke her heart, but she’s worked through the pain, yada yada yada…. Very sad young woman, can’t wait to see her on Dancing With the Stars someday!

  34. 34
    bah Says:

    LOL dancing with the stars!!

    dont all the celebs lose like 20/30 pounds there would be nothing left of her at the end of it

    (sorry that was mean)

    also that vogue mag jesus JJ mention was in 2008 i think it was from a few years back anyway

    @Sabrina- alex would of told kate not to mention anything about their relationship at all. im sure she is DYING to mention the split.

    in mags shes talked about orlando, that model dude and polish so she has NO problem mentioning current/ex-bfs even her highschool bf like @good point said – we will be reading it in a few years.

    i dont care why celebs split but im always curious

  35. 35
    confused? Says:

    why the F*** is KB talking about orlando????? after what there 2006
    split that was yonks a go GET OVER IT KATE!!!!!! it was only a week a go you spoke about your current beau confirming him as your BF and being you life partner? after what months of dating while you was still with alexander skarsgard? how the hell does michael polish feel about U talking about your EX orlando

    Kate Bosworth: ‘Michael Polish Is My Life Partner’
    17 October 2011 16:11
    Actress Kate Bosworth has confirmed her relationship with Michael Polish, calling the director her “life partner”.

    The blonde beauty sparked dating rumours after stepping out with the independent filmmaker following her break-up from True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard earlier this year (11).

    Now Bosworth has opened up about her romance with Polish, who directed her in his upcoming project Big Sur.

    She tells The Sunday Times Style Magazine, “He’s a special one. There’s nobody in the world I admire or respect more. When I look at him, it’s not a crazy infatuation, it’s more like we are each other’s life partners.”

    I feel so sorry for the poor poor b***ard does he feel the same way and sees you as a life partner?? stuck with you, chateau marmont, joan’s on third, your cap stylist cher ,crap-mint and the paps Good look to Michael polish

  36. 36
    BlueCrushed Says:


    Let’s see…she only references Alex as her onscreen rapist, then goes on to say the guy she immediately hopped on is her life partner. Sounds like someone was dumped and is bitter about it.
    I don’t know what you were reading but this person did whatever she could to tie herself to Alex in interviews and even to sell her crappy joolree that was “inspired” by her trip to Sweden. Alex was always silent. I’d love it if he actually falls in love and can’t stop blabbing.

  37. 37
    BlueCrushed Says:


    In case I didn’t make it clear the entire article seems geared to saying that Alex didn’t mean much to her. Apparently neither did James Rousseau. Bitter much?
    So glad Alex got off the Crazy Train.

  38. 38
    Leelee Says:

    Seriously ppl… wow you are all so cruel! She went thru a tough breakup. So she mentioned the pain she went thru after OB, big deal. I will still mention the pain I felt after my divorce if asked. What should I do? It was something awful I went thru and survived. It doesn’t mean I’m pathetic, it just means I can talk about a painful period in my life. Im pretty sure she has moved on, but we all think about the one that got away at some stage or another.
    She is stunning, and boy can she dress. Stop being jealous. Good grief.

  39. 39
    BlueCrushed Says:

    Isn’t strange that JJ who usually posted if KB blinked hasn’t done a KB post recently?

  40. 40
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Leelee: Don’t you find it kind of ODD that Kate decides to talk about the breakup with Orlando at the same time that Orlando has a big movie coming out?Just like when Kate went to Mexico(which is fairly frequent) and flashed her floppy lopsided pathetic boobs and have it photographed by a friend at the same time Alex had a movie released.Kate is a selfish LEECH! I’m so sorry if I sound cruel.But, I call it like I see it.If Kate wants people to like her she has a whole lot of changing to do.

  41. 41
    Bettyb Says:

    She hasn’t done anything to make me like her or admire her

    I don’t hate her but she’s done nothing inspiring or amazing in her acting or charity’s or body image etc anything really in her life

  42. 42
    Lisa Says:

    Justin Timberlake is still talking about Britney, ans it has been 9 years so…

  43. 43
    BlueCrushed Says:


    Where? Journalists are still talking about the two of them but where has Justin been quoted recently talking about her? There was never a reason for Bosworth to namedrop Bloom; she could have just said she went a stressful, difficult period that caused her to lose weight. No one needed to know about OB. But I’m not surprised, she’s known for the men she does and not much else, even LIFE magazine knows it.

  44. 44
    Tres Says:

    People have different ways of coping over a break-up. She can talk about Orlando all she wants, after all she is one half of that relationship too. She can share her part.

    I kinda feel sorry for her. I’m sure if she had things her way, she wouldn’t be known for the men she has dated and her questionable fashion icon status. But this is Hollywood, one minute your up, next thing your down. Too bad she wasn’t able to capitalize on her Blue Crush fame.

    I really hope she is genuinely happy with Michael Polish. For her to say that he is her life partner, that’s a big deal. Maybe he’s the one. Let’s hope. Girl has been bed hopping for far too long.

  45. 45
    Eresyn Says:

    WOW! she really is truly pathetic!!!! i hope she can get some help asap and get over Orlando for good.

  46. 46
    Lynne Says:

    Didn’t she cheat on Orlando? It’s a little late to have regrets now.

  47. 47
    Canuck Says:

    @BlueCrushed: The reason is that she no longer has a pap magnet Swede to hang onto and Bloom has a film that has been killing it abroad and that is about to open in two days in the US. I would almost feel sorry for the woman about having to stoop to the depths she does to try and remaon relevant, except for the fact that she does indeed stoop without any apparent remorse. I’m sure we’ll hear all about how the breakup with Alex gave her heart palpitations, nausea and agoraphobia about a week before Battleship hits the theaters.

  48. 48
    @44 Says:

    She should have kept her mouth shut. He is happily married with a beautiful baby. She needs to move on, and get out of his shadow.
    She didn’t have to drop his name. She did that to get attention.
    This makes me believe the rumors that she set him up for those pap shots a while back. She knows what a warm person he is, so she was counting on getting a hug, and she made sure that the paps were there to capture the moment. She knew that those pics would make the gossip columns, and she may have even been trying to cause problems between Orlando and Miranda. Didn’t work, BTW.

  49. 49
    ladybug Says:

    @uhmm: I suspect the breakup and the critical drubbing she got for Superman Returns didn’t help her, either. She looked horrid that summer.
    I found this quote interesting:
    The experience ended up being an epiphany for her. “I realised that, as an only child, I had been ¦ craving that feeling of community, that closeness of a large family. When the movie finished filming, I sobbed saying goodbye to everyone. But I’m like that – I get very emotionally connected to people. Perhaps overly so. It’s a kink I’ve had to sort out since.”

  50. 50
    Canuck Says:

    @ladybug: I guess she did it by doing no more movies, right?

  51. 51
    BlueCrushed Says:


    Thank goodness you are always here to make us see reason with KB”s actions. I don’t care what her motivations and setbacks are, there is no for her to pull half the attention getting stunts she does. Making excuses for this self indulgent, spoiled, selfish, entitled person only goes to show how some people are able to rationalize bad behavior.

  52. 52
    ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: But she’s working!
    So, after Straw Dogs, there is Fairytale of New York, which she is soon to start filming with Kiefer Sutherland, for which she has to dye her hair red. Then there is the film Bosworth is producing herself, Lost Girls and Love Hotels…

  53. 53
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: I’m only talking about her 2006 weight loss.

  54. 54
    BlueCrushed Says:


    I doubt that FairyTale of NY will come to fruition, at least not with her in it.. She’s to be in Serpent Girl but it’s in production and I don’t see her working on it. Lost Girls is a lost cause at this point. All of her finished projects are stilled shelved except Another Happy Day which will be in limited release supposedly.TWW and SD were epic box office fails. She’s running on fumes..

  55. 55
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: I’m only talking about her 2006 weight loss, which conceivably could have been stress related.
    I am in no way defending her famewh***** or stalking ways.

  56. 56
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: I’m going to have to start putting the /snark tags on my posts.
    The ‘she’s working’ is something I used during the spring and summer when she suddenly stopped being papped (due to the lack of a certain Swede), we joked that she was working, darnit!, and that’s why she wasn’t papped so much.

  57. 57
    Canuck Says:

    @ladybug: Oh wait, what about that indy thing that was some sort of a Nancy Drew/slasher story? Hehe

  58. 58
    BlueCrushed Says:


    Gotcha! ; )

  59. 59
    ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: The Nancy Drew thing was a quote from one of the Rodarte sisters (I’ve closed my LexisNexis and so don’t have access to the article right now).
    It was a weird quote.
    And through the magic of Google, here it is: She has won the genuine admiration of designers, too, including Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte, who called the thoughtful, fashionable starlet “a magical hybrid—a mix between Nancy Drew, Sylvia Plath, and C. Z. Guest.”
    Funny thing is that’s an old quote.

  60. 60
    annie Says:

    never knew what OB wanted with that no talent bosworth. he has a great family and a real lady as his wife love u OB AND MIRANDA

  61. 61
    Sabrina Says:

    I meant that I didn’t hear a word about the split btw her and Alex, so I was curious. But like @bah said it, she has no problem mentioning other ex boyfriends… It appears evident this is Alex who made it a rule not to talk about their relationship. Certainly, she’d love to talk about it but let’s say “she can’t”…
    So yes, it seems like Alex didn’t mean a lot : the girl is talking about Orlando Bloom, like there’s never been an “ALEXANDER relationship” between ! I find this really rude for Alex, impolite. Like, “Alex, pff, he meant nothing ! Not like OB, see ?”

    Plus, I think Alex really liked her. She went to Sweden, met his close friends, his dad etc… Almost two years together, that means something (nope?)

    I was curious, that’s all… [By the way, I'm french so I'm sorry if I made mistakes, or got people wrong...:) ]

  62. 62
    ladybug Says:

    @Sabrina: Being precise here, the KB and Alex relationship (including the dating and just friends stage) was probably only about 15 months.
    But, yes, it’s possible that she’s not talking about Alex because she’s honoring a request not to talk about. At least not with her name attached to it.
    And yes, I think he really liked her. In the beginning.

  63. 63
    sam Says:

    @Leelee: yes u r right! she has gone thru such huge pain!i dont understand why these people mind??? that cabbage patch keeps repeating the pain she suffered during birth, and even kept her son’s name after her dead boyfriend even though she is with orlando, if she cant forget him after almost 13 years, why cant KB remember her boyfriend of 6 years?
    miranda’s boyfriend was of 2 years, but she still misses him to such an extent that she kept her boy’s name after him? please be fair, dont be so narrow minded, trying to save miranda at every -ve and +ve point,forgot sake miranda doesnt own orlando, anyone can miss him,
    plz kerr’s fans dont be so partial, maybe miranda and orlando are bound be divorced, but waiting for the right time,then what will u all do. nothing.

  64. 64
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: Lost Girls isn’t even on her IMDB page anymore. And hasn’t Serpent Girl been in preproduction for literally years?
    sam: She went through huge pain. I give you that. And was dating JR how soon after the official breakup announcement? 2-3 weeks?

  65. 65
    still Says:

    @sam: oh, please don’t use Miranda’s teenage boyfriend as a comparison. They were fifteen and he died in a car accident while they were dating. It’s very different to keep a memory alive than constantly rehashing for PR press, especially when she most definitely jumped into another long term relationship mere weeks after it ended with him. Even at the time, her PR was spreading all over town and back that she had issues with his partying and hanging out with his friends to explain the break.

  66. 66
    Ella Says:

    How utterly tacky to bring up a 5 year-old breakup with a man who’s obviously moved on.

  67. 67
    Macy Says:

    “actual vertigo”? As opposed to vertigo that isn’t real? Yes, because so many people suffer from fake vertigo. God what a moron.

  68. 68
    sam Says:

    @still: excuse me, when they were 15? how fast did u come from no where to support this baseless statement?? she was only 15, when she lost him, and after 14 years of it she is not able to forget him? she even kept her child’s middle name after him? after her so-called true love from orlando bloom?? when she got the man, who made her to the top, yes it was solely orlando’s status that made her profile to the sky, still remebers her teeny crush??? KB has lost a major thing, she assumes, and at the age when the breakup from love is considered heart rendering, cant even share it with media? plz, kerr has shared petty issues with the media, why cant KB? i am not a fan of her, but this really unfair that KB is always hold accountable. I feel KB is much more better than kerr.

  69. 69
    ladybug Says:

    @sam: So, we’re not supposed to hold KB accountable? Is this what you’re saying? And that KB, with her pap-calling and stalking ways is better than MK? I don’t know anything about MK other than that she’s an Aussie, married to OB, and has a totally adorable baby and is apparently rather successful in her chosen line of work.

  70. 70
    Ella Says:

    @Sam. ‘KB has lost a major thing.’ Umm, wouldn’t you consider the death of someone MK was actually dating to be a major thing? It’s not like her boyfriend left her willingly (unlike KB), and excuse MK for mentioning the inspiration for the name when asked about it. MK hasnt’ been talking about his death for years as a tool to keep her name in the press– it was something that came up when she was interviewed about the birth of her son, a RECENT event. KB comes across as desperate and unable to move on by STILL talking about this years later.

  71. 71
    @68 Says:

    MK spoke in a little more detail about this situation in a recent interview in OZ. According to her, she wrote a letter to her boyfriend after his death and among other things said she hoped to always remember him by somehow giving his name to her first child. When she told Orlando this story, it was his suggestion that they use Christopher as a middle name. The interviewer stated this showed the strength of her relationship with Orlando, and she agreed that it was their commitment to each other that allowed her to keep her promise from the letter. She has mentioned this a couple of times on FB saying that Orlando has a “beautiful heart.”

  72. 72
    still Says:

    @sam: so, you’re saying that what Miranda did was petty when she shared why they decided to give their son the middle name of someone who was close to her and died? From my take, she grew very close to the family and wanted to honor him (and them) – not that she was holding on to the relationship (and if you think I’m pulling things out of nowhere, here’s an article – I’m not saying that the break up wasn’t harsh for KB but it’s been 6 years. She’s been in more relationships after OB (each over a year long or more) and while it can still hurt it’s not the healthiest to identify and market yourself by a past relationship that’s not even your most recent break up. How often is OB asked to talk about the relationship? He doesn’t. It’s a blip by the writer (he dated such and such) and then it moves on to the present day. I’m not a major fan of Kerr, so it’s not that I’m solely supporting her side. I’m just saying that KB tends to constantly have this as a major talk point and gets press for it.

  73. 73
    sam Says:

    @@68: u r right, he has a beautiful heart, how true!!

  74. 74
    Shannon Says:

    @ladybug: I think Alex was her shortest relationship to date & some gossips say she latched onto him to draw away attention from the CM affair, which was around the same time. But then wasn’t she also with that model then, too? God, she gets around.

  75. 75
    @71 Says:

    @@68: yes he has a beautiful heart, how true! well said!

  76. 76
    ladybug Says:

    sam: “i am not a fan of her..” And yet you write this:
    “KB might be calling on paps to get her name in news(she is not a plain jane either ), but who is constant attention of media? MK! not KB!
    who is constantly been seen on airports? cafes, roads streets, well u r smart u might know the answer.”
    Miranda appears to be actually successful in her career, while KB currently isn’t. So I suspect MK doesn’t have to call the paps, unlike KB, who’s not had a successful movie in years and so far isn’t that famous for fashion, except to a limited audience.
    I can’t tell if you just really dislike Miranda, or really like KB and for some reason won’t admit to it.

  77. 77
    ladybug Says:

    @Shannon: She was with the model James Rousseau (sp?) just after the final breakup with OB (or at least just after the breakup was announced). But yeah, two years ago she seemed to go from JR to AS to CM and then back to AS for the next year or so. And then onto MP, her ‘life partner’.
    She really does give the impression of not being able to be without a boyfriend.

  78. 78
    sam Says:

    @ladybug: i dont like miranda at all. cleared. i dont like KB. cleared, u seems to be an idiot to not understand. why wont i admit if ilike someone, seriously iknew KB as his GF, i never saw her any movie, because i dont find her attractive at all, do u know Angelina jolie? jennifer aniston? nicole kidman? i hope u know! they r 1000 times more famous than this panty model, still they do not get coverage like kerr gets, why? simple, cz they want only relevent situations to be in media, not like her,being an eye candy to paps and smiling like an annoying woman everytime she sees them! why wont she try and avoid? simple cuz she dont want to, she wants to be the center of attraction. And that is not because she is has a successful career, she will continue to stay in attention till orlando by her side, i know being a model is not easy, first struggling period, then a little attention,then by searching for a high profile hollywood star, be with him, and viola, done! successful career, from model to supermodel. this is story for mirandal purpose onlY.
    P.S: Flynn is the cutest baby ever. love his chubby cheeks. Wish he would be like his dad not mom.

  79. 79
    Shannon Says:

    @ladybug: She’s ridiculous. That “life partner” business is especially suspect. She’s been dating him for 5 minutes, unless she was two-timing Alex & hooked up with him earlier. I think she believes every guy she’s ever been with is her soulmate, only now she’s older it’s “life partner.” She’s just an insecure, irrelevant little twit who needs male attention to validate her existence. I pity girls like her.

  80. 80
    Dimbulb Says:

    JJ should be ashamed for using a photo of OB to promote this piece of garbage post. Kate is a classless, artless twit who wishes she had everything OB now does. Green is not your colour Bos-ho.

  81. 81
    sheesh! Says:

    She is not a loser!

  82. 82
    JEN Says:

    Ridiculous and incredibly stupid you mean. Her big mouth is what gets her dumped time and time again. She can’t keep anything to herself, it doesn’t matter how private her boyfriend wants their relationship, she just doesn’t give a s hit. I can’t wait till MB hears about her “life partner” comment. That’s going to have him running for his life. I mean seriously after 2 months of dating your going to call him your ‘life partner”. That right there just proves how clingy and mental this girl is. If she get that attatched to someone that quickly there is a problem.

  83. 83
    JEN Says:

    oops not MB, I meant MP

  84. 84
    Zeeshan Says:

    I wish that you will stay happy all the time in life.dont be worry about break up.
    houston massage

  85. 85
    ladybug Says:

    @sam: If you’re trying to convince me about a point you’re trying to make calling me an idiot isn’t going to help make your point. Perhaps if you wrote coherently and straightforwardly and not so much in text-message style it might help. If you don’t like Miranda, stick with detailing your dislike of her, not trying to defend Kate, whom who say you don’t like.
    Shannon, I suspect if she could have talked more extensively about Alex during their relationship she probably would have been just as gushing (she was pretty gushing even when she just said ‘i adore him’ right when they started dating).
    JEN, I think Polish may be going along with the ‘life partners’ bit, since he’s also sing with the ‘wedding/commitment’ rings. I also suspect he has no idea of her actual relationship history-the stalking and so forth.
    I still don’t think she hooked up with him while she was with Alex, because I think for Alex the relationship was over by late winter. I think KB, once she realized Alex was not coming back to her, convinced herself that Polish was the new one for her. KB admitted in the Times interview that she can get too attached to people (stalking?), and I think she may allow herself to fall in ‘love’ very quickly. So I’m sure that she’s sure that MP is a ‘life partner’.

  86. 86
    sam Says:

    @ladybug: I am not teaching English here, if u want coherently, u may visit the educational sites. I am here to express my feelings, so i am doing my job, i am not here to clear u, but u keep commenting on my posts so i have to reply, I can see ur desperation, u r trying to let down KB at every point in a bid to save MK. how conservative! KB was in OB’s life when MK was barely even known! Mk is famous just because she has a high profile attached to her’s.

  87. 87
    @86 Says:

    We aren’t asking for an English lesson, it’s just that your posts are so poorly expressed that you aren’t making much sense.
    Much like your hate posts on Miranda’s threads.

  88. 88
    @sam Says:

    There are often misunderstandings when people talk in the Internet even if they write in proper English, so your puerile way of writing makes it more difficult to understand you. I think that’s what ‘ladybug’ meant.
    As for Miranda’s career, don’t fool yourself, a model can get more or less well known as a celebrity for being in a relationship with a famous person, but that doesn’t grant her HF jobs or HF magazine covers.
    Miranda is successful, whether you like her or not. And the reason why she gets so many posts on JJ is that people DEMONSTRATE that they are interested in her through many comments and hits on various sites.

  89. 89
    BlueCrushed Says:


    So Victoria’s Secret is letting her wear the $2.5M bra because OB? If that’s your logic, then KB would have starred in Black Swan or gotten the role in the new Terminator movie. Face it , Miranda is likeable, has a rocking body and has her own skincare line; KB has B movie roles that flop or are never released and famwh*ring. I dislike that Miranda/OB is on here so often but they’re at airports and known pap hangouts not at unknown vet/ doctor’s office or homes of their obscure friends that no one cares about.. They don’t need to pay to be papped …they just are.
    Btw, don’t you find it odd that KB has two actually good pictorials in Harpers/ InStyle and 2/3 French magazine covers but JJ didn’t do posts? Seem like either the checks didn’t come or even JJ no longer cares.

  90. 90
    ladybug Says:

    @sam: But you’re not expressing them very well, and so not doing your ‘job’. You don’t make any sense. I’m not expecting college level writing here, but a bit of coherency would be nice. You write (and apparently think) like some 10 year old who’s discovered texting and is just randomly hitting keys.

  91. 91
    Anon Says:

    Sam get a life. Miranda is a successful, beautiful and lovely person. Learn how to write properly. Your writings very incoherent. Miranda is very likable and has her own skincare line and is successful because of everything she’s done.

  92. 92
    BlueCrushed Says:

    It’s very strange that this post is about KB but doesn’t come up under her search. First it wasn’t tagged to her, then it was, now it’s not again.

  93. 93
    Rachel() Says:

    @sam: Ladybug isn’t tearing KB down b/c she loves MK. Ladybug loves ASkars and tears Kate down for the pure joy of it. Understandably. A lot of KB haters couldn’t care less about OB or Kerr. You’re the one who seems enamored with her.

  94. 94
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: You notice that too? It’s happened with Alex as well.
    Rachel(), well, I wouldn’t quite use the word ‘joy’, perhaps perverse happiness would be better? :) KB just makes it so easy, I make a vow I’m going to ignore her and then she all but screams ‘I will not be ignored!’ by dressing like a hobo while claiming to be a fashionista or whatever. It’s like picking at poison ivy, you know you’re not supposed to, but you end up doing so anyway (rather like playing with the trolls).
    And having ventured over to my first OB/MK thread I must say the trolls over there make the trolls on AS threads look like the epitome of sanity.

  95. 95


  96. 96
    Macy Says:

    Interesting article about Kate and MP and their relationship. It says they’ve been inseparable since Big Sur, which would suggest she’d been seeing him for longer than since July. But then it also says she only spilt with Skars weeks before being seen with Polish. Me, I think they were dating long before the first outting but she was biding her time until Skars agree to have confirmation of a split because he was spotted flirting at Comic Con.

  97. 97
    BlueCrushed Says:


    I don’t think Skars was the one holding off on a breakup announcement….he never acknowledged they were together. I think the announcement, if anything, was at his request. The more I see of this creature, the more it looks like it was just casual to Skars and she tried to make it more than it was. That would explain her bitterness and how she’s been throwing Molish in people’s faces. Yes, I know she went to Sweden twice but his friend Keith Ellis went to Sweden first, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

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