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Shia LaBeouf Sports Bruise After Bar Fight

Shia LaBeouf Sports Bruise After Bar Fight

Shia LaBeouf takes a break after riding his bike on Tuesday (October 18) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 25-year-old actor, who’s in town to film his latest movie, The Company You Keep, sported a bruise near his left temple.

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Shia reportedly got into a fight with a man outside a local bar last week.

“[A]fter security kicked them both out, the man tore off his shirt and unleashed the fury all over Shia‘s face,” TMZ reports.

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  • Eddie

    Violent loser.

  • Audrey

    something is seriously wrong with him!

  • Mark Buffalo

    “…the man tore off his shirt and unleashed the fury all over Shia’s face”
    Sounds like it was a famous professional wrestler and actor whose name escapes me.

  • CJLOVE23

    WTH? What is wrong with that guy??

  • http://Fagot Slig o ^__________^cute

    He face alot nothng and yes @1 he loser

  • http://Fagot Slig o ^__________^cute

    Barnaby dunn and moritz laufer better look lol take him do new photo

  • Kaa

    No one care

  • Grecko

    Sexy Sexy Sexy !!!!!


    he just needs to get laid. sex solves every problem :)

  • Alex Levin

    that dude hit Shia so hard he gave him a pimple

  • josef rakich

    don’t see any bruises

  • cjohn

    there are 2 types of drunk people ,ones who when they drink they become happy and bring crazines n hapiness to everybody and there are those like shIA who when drunk they disorder the party,….who are you in this?

  • betsy

    People, please, don’t make fun of this situation. Clerly, Shia’s has a problem. I don’t know if it’s alcohol or drugs or what, but instead of making fun of him and calling him loser, you should try to understand tht he could be you or a friend or a family member… Try to help those people, don’t make fun of them.

  • Clara

    Why is it short little guys like Shia star fights and always get there asses kicked over and over. How embarrassing. Why do producers want to hire this angry little mediocre actor?

  • Kavya

    Sissy boy LOL!

  • prattle

    l guess fame can do funny things to people. Put it this way if her were female you would say that shes an air head diva that should be dismantled from her throne. But tha’s jus’ him.

  • KayJay

    T.K.O B***H! The greatest knockout since ALI – FOREMAN IN ZAIRE. LaDouche deserves to get his butt whooped. He always acts like an insecure, hot-headed, immature C**T.

  • The Truth

    Let me guess, this wasn’t a real fight, but was a pre-planned thing to bring attention to the filming of what will otherwise be a shitty movie (like one of his previous flicks Disturbia)?

  • anonymous

    Shia please stay out of bar fights. Do it for your fans. Hey i’ll race ya on your bike. Just kidding. I’m positive you can whip my ass in a sec. So I’ve read you won’t be in anymore Transformers movies if there are anymore. Transformers won’t be the same without ya.

  • Rob

    @Clara: I bet it was one of those situations where some prick recognized him as a movie star and then decided to star s***.

    Shia, as an actor is terrible, but I doubt he instigated the fight/

  • true

    Shia needs get out of the closet like Zach Quinto…

  • bobbyweiner

    Shia go to rehab

  • @20

    Actually, if it had been any other young actor I may have agreed with you.
    But this isn’t the first time he has been in a bar fight. And he is well known to be an agressive drunk. Based upon his reputation, I’m more likely to believe that he started it. It’s just that the other guy finished it.

  • awwww

    What’s the matter Shia? Did this guy catch you when you started to run away after sucker punching him?
    poor baby


    Shia should keep his big mouth shut or learn how to fight

  • Sarcastic Irony

    This fight doesn’t really happen, was an invention of the media, the media did the video of the fight with CGI

  • YAY!

    They were talking about this on Chelsea lately. Even they were calling him Shia LaDouche! LOL

  • :)

    You all need to shut up. Shia is a great actor. How do we know what actually went on. It’s mean to say we are happy that someone is getting beat up. That’s why this world is an awful place:( I love you Shia:)

  • @28

    Oh come on. how long are you fans going to be in denial about his lack of character? This isn’t the first time he has been in a bar fight, that’s just his personality. Combine the ‘short man syndrome’ with a nasty drunk, and you are going to have fights.
    He has showed over and over again that he is mean and obnoxious to everyone around him, and even worse when he is drunk. If he wants to keep picking fights, thinking that he can do whatever he wants to people (spitting, throwing coffee, etc) then he has to deal with the consequences. Normally he runs away before the other person can fight back, or he hides behind his ‘posse’, but he picked on the wrong guy this time. If he can’t take it, he shouldn’t dish it out.
    I don’t wish him harm, but a few bruises to his ENORMOUS ego would be good for him.


    He is pissed off since Megan Fox got married, which I totally understand

  • SARA

    thank god you r okay ma baby shia !!
    I LOVE YOU <3<3

  • http://supergirl1984 mary26

    omg shia love you
    please be careful shia.
    dont go to that bars =s that makes you angry because you are so adorable, handsome, cool, etc…

  • hd

    i really respect shia only on the fact that he’s just as normal as us ,clothing wise .. even though he’s got millions…humble