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Beyonce: Pregnancy is Going Smoothly!

Beyonce: Pregnancy is Going Smoothly!

Beyonce keeps dry under a large umbrella as she arrives at an office building on a rainy Wednesday (October 19) in New York City.

The 30-year-old entertainer and mama-to-be matched her purse and her shoes to add a little color to her outfit.

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Bey‘s mom, Tina, recently told Us Weekly that Bey’s pregnancy is going smoothly. “She had morning sickness,” Tina said, “but she’s over it and she’s doing really good…she’s very busy.”

FYI: Beyonce is wearing Norma Kamali round framed sunglasses and a pair of Mama J by J Brand “3401″ Maternity Leggings in Hewson.

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  • Mia

    She sure doesn’t look pregnant.
    Talking about that vid where her belly ‘dissapears’.
    However her belly was very little a few weeks ago, strange…..



  • http://tdat slig o ^_____________^ cute

    beyonce lair

  • Aloha

    She forgot to stuff the pillow under her shirt. She’s so dumb. If you’re trying to fake pregnancy Bey you gotta be smart. Should just be honest and admit you’re 38 and you and your old husband can’t have kids.










  • chris

    Compare her to Hillary Duff who is actually preggers. The girl didnt show until last week, yet Beyonce shows us this 8-month pregnancy like bump last week, then this week it deflated by like 50%. How’s that possible? It isn’t. She lies about everything including faking a pregnancy , that’s how pathetic she is.

  • James

    No one cares if this b!tch is pregnant or not! I don’t give a flying monkey’s buTt, this hoe needs to take it easy with the make up, she’s as real as her wig!




  • iknow

    @chris: She lies because she wants to look perfect to the world, and admiting she can’t have kids would a)confirm that she’s lied about her age and is actually much older b)make her seem less perfect.

  • Delphic

    For some who used to be photographed very little, she sure is getting her photo taken a lot.

  • iknow

    @chris: She lies because she wants to look perfect to the world,. and admiting she can’t have kids would a)confirm that she’s lied about her age and is actually much older b)make her seem less perfect. .

  • iknow

    @chris: She lies because she wants to look perfect to the world,.. and admiting she can’t have kids would a)confirm that she’s lied about her age and is actually much older b)make her seem less perfect. .

  • whyyy

    wheres the bump? no more pregnant?

  • hi

    the mysterious disappearing belly is gone again lol

  • zoe fan

    Yeah Beyonce, your pregnancy is going smoothly but my stomach isn’t…everytime I have to see or hear about your pregnancy I want to throw up in my mouth. Overexposed beootch, copycat….can’t dance..could sing but whenever she dances she looks so nasty and ghetto…

  • truth

    @zoe fan: she is nasty and ghetto. and lies too much. she is not pregnant.

  • J

    i am more offended by that big, dumb, doofy looking ox who can’t let her walk two steps without grabbing for her, or hoisting the umbrella for her princess behind without looking like a slave.

  • J

    i am more offended by that dumb, mouth-breathing, doofy looking ox she has holding that umbrella for her, acting like she can’t walk 5 steps without acting like he’s going to the gallows if god forbid she falls. stupid.

  • Nan

    Perfect. People are soo jealous. She can dance and has an amazing voice. I can’t say that for trash out there now. Famous and deserves it. At least talented not like people out. Hat of to her. Enjoy your pregnancy dear. U are gorgeous. Forbes top celeb. Grammy”s , etc. Wow

  • Nan

    What jealousy . Love bet . She can actually sing. Jealousy is a terrible thing it eats u inside then u turn ugly . Ha ha ha . Go beyonce.

  • nan

    And people who are 38 can have kids. Mariah Carey 40 has kids not to mention soo many people I know. Ignorance is a terrible thing. Secondly 38 when her classmates are 30 . People are soo dumb.

  • yes

    i watched that extra footage of her in that Australian interview where everyone is saying there are no straps holding a fake bump up so it has to be real but the dumb asses missed the outline of something that looked like padding when she is standing on her side i wont believe it unless she wears a bikini i think she is trying to fool us how far along she is i do believe shes pregnant but not a far as she says

  • http://justjared sunshine

    i heard jayz cheating on her and got a another girl pregnant and saying that she is faking her preganacy to save her marriage!? idk!?

  • Amanda

    Could this be any more boring, hearing about Beyonce’s pregnancy each and every day. Who cares….who cares….who cares. Please, give it a break already.

  • samalmeida

    people would have more respect for her if she would just come clean about it… sooner or later everyone will find out!!!!! Stop with all this BS already.

  • ZE

    She is indeed pregnant and beautiful. Judging by the intensity of comments you people missed the fact that wearing all black is slimming and from the front of course you can’t see anything. and attacking this woman is easy for all of you because you are behind a computer. If she showed up to your front doorstep you would be the same people kissing her ass so stop


    how do people know if the girl is not pregnant wow .people are such haters .do you think she is worried about what dumb ass people have to say.she look happy to me .i guess all you dumb ass people are fly’s on the walls and you know her you live with her you know what she is doing 24/7.people get a all these stories out their . why do people believe everything they hear and see the media can twist things and the public feed into it and keep going on and on about it. ……i am sure jay z and bey-once and their family are not worried about dumb ass people.point blank know the facts before you comment. none of us know that girl personally so how can you judge about her life and what is going with her and her husband.

  • camillus

    She must have done something to her face, botox? botched surgery? she is more uglier than normal. She is so sickening. Why all the fuss over her being pregnant, she is pregnat just seeking attention, shes a BIG FAME WHORE. Can’t sing, can’t act, just a fake beyotch.
    Die Cunt.

  • http://justjared sunshine

    when you are pregnant, are you supposed gain baby weight???? she sure doesnt look there. i don’t know if she is faking it but if she is, that is not cool for the media and fans.

  • All Ya Haters!!

    Did u ppl ever think that her havin her picture taken so much now is because of dumb asses like ya dat want to prove dat her pregnancy isnt real? for eveyone dat say “I dont care if she is pregnant or not ” just keeo talkin about it.. y? cause ya really do care..ya aint got nothin better to do wit ya lives but talk about her…also did ya ever think that she is wearin clothes that will keep her conformable.. wen u are with child u want to wear clothes dat arent to tight..get over ya selfs really cause she aint thinkin about stop thinkin about her..get a life cause she got her own one…ya just like stupid all around.

  • seriously?

    @All Ya Haters!!: Aahahahha you call us stupid yet you cannot even spell? seriously go back to school and learn how to write it’s embarrassing

  • Summersu2
  • truethat

    @nan: yeah, special needs kids

  • WhatATool

    has anyone seen Beyonce crazy sister? maybe she is pregnant again and bey is going to pass this one off as her own????
    Cue the Conspriacy/Twilight Zone Music
    like someone stated earlier I am more offended by the umbrella carrier what a diva

  • csa

    Ugly liar! hahah

  • Sean101

    You people really need to stay in school and get lives.. who the hell lies about a pregnancy?… and as for the videos she shot the majority of it earlier in her pregnancy and added new shots to it later in her pregnancy.. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out you pathetic low life worthless bitches! You people make me sick I wish all stupid people like you were exterminated off of the face of the earth! Rot in HELL… fcking retards

  • Sean101

    Beyonce is One of the BEST BLACK FEMALE ROLL MODELS PERIOD!! at least she got pregnant the right way you hating ass hoes! who probably got pregnant at 15 and 16 and cant even afford to take care of your children!! Pathetic Bitches why dont you go find some meaning in your life! Or dig an early grave because sitting here bashing a WONDERFUL WOMAN shows that you have nothing to contribute to this world and theres no point in you being here! DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND END YOUR LIFE, THE LESS PEOPLE WE HAVE IN THE WORLD LIKE YOU GUYS THE BETTER!

  • cassandra philips

    well lets not hate on beyonce.she is talented and she has an amazing voice and really good dance i do not get why someone would insult her for that.she is human like any other person.why would she be faking her pregnancy for those of you who say she is.maybe she should pose nude like mariah carey for you guys to believe her.some of you have to really mature about some issues