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Rihanna: 'We Found Love' Video Premiere!

Rihanna: 'We Found Love' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rihanna‘s new video for her latest song, “We Found Love“!

The 23-year-old entertainer stars opposite British model Dudley O’Shaughnessy and reunites with directer Melina Matsoukas who also helmed Ri‘s “S&M” and “Rude Boy” videos.

“We’ve never done a video like this before,” Rihanna tweeted about the clip. “This is probably one of the deepest videos I’ve ever done. It’s all about love and love being like a drug… you definitely get that from this. The good feeling of it and the dangers of it. That’s what this video is about.”

Also pictured: Rihanna leaving her hotel and arriving at L’Avenue restaurant on Tuesday (October 18) in Paris, France, where she rocked jeans by Nobody Denim.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video?

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  • Dubya Bush

    I don’t like this song.

  • Liza

    The video reminds me of the British tv-shows Skins and Shameless…

  • siby

    so far. best video of rihanna. powerful. meaningful.

  • kenny

    Wooha. A bit like Requiem for a Dream, but i really like it.

  • jesse

    damn at first i was like why is all this drug/smoking stuff coming up and is it really necessary?
    but i guess it goes with the message of the video?
    that drugs are bad? lol..

    they are though. but it’s a little much in the video for my taste. and i’m not conservative.

    but good she’s trying to show drugs aren’t good?

  • tara

    She seems broken to me…and not just in this video. Like she can’t find her way back. I feel bad for her.


    LOVE. IT.

  • Ships

    How can I share this video?

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    Is that guy supposed to be Chris Brown?

  • fitz

    Christina is BEAUTIFUL and kelly O will always be a fat ass COW!!!!

  • carla

    im sorry, but for me, in this video, she act like its really good to smoke, drugs, sex……. its sad, i like the song

  • carla

    sad message for the young lady who will look at this video…..

  • Yo-Landi

    Uhhhhhh this video makes no fvcking sense O.O All I see is her ass, her legs spread, the two kissing….doing all kind of super idiotically stupid ish…. smoking, getting drunk, doing drugs, in that bathtub looking at each other??? ….Oh well, I didn’t get it. What’s deep in that? I watched the whole thing til the end hoping the end would be like BAM, something terrible happens but it never happened. She just left?! WTF. Should I say that I’m disappointed? After Man Down, you’d expect something more interesting. Man Down is the only good song and video she’s done in two freaking years. ugh this one song is awful btw.

  • nate

    i don’t think Rihanna is saying you need to be on drugs when you are in a relationship, i think she saying love IS a drug. When you love someone you get so caught up in the feeling that it makes you say and do things that isn’t in your nature. Eventually the relationship hits a critical point and you come off the high of love you regret and feel disappointed in yourself for not seeing the bad or not being able to take back the mistakes you’ve made.

  • platinumblonde

    The video is gross

  • ejd

    This video will go the route of S&M re criticism etc. and like S&M it will be number one on Billboard. It is already #1 in the UK.

  • Alex

    I am a huge Rihanna fen been since Music of the Sun this video is AMAZING best video she has ever made ♥♥♥

  • carla

    the scene where the guy smoke 10 cigarets at the same time….Seriously!! she will give bad ideas to people

  • shamy


  • ALE

    great video! the message is that an experience that starts out wonderful (a relationship, drug use) can take a drastic turn into darkness quickly.

  • Chrisssy

    so she is basically telling us she and Chris Brown did some drugs, had some mad sex and were fighting a lot while she has a tattoo on her butt saying ‘mine’ …. I wouldn’t be surprised if this all was true.

  •!/DaneeMoran DANIELA

    All this video is saying is that drugs will destroy anything.. and they did fell hopelessly in love but the drugs tore them apart! It shows how she loved and lost because of it. I think this is one of her best songs to date!! <3

  • gglover128

    yes she was definitely trying to portray Chris Brown the blonde hair was a dead give away

  • http://_Vhv Valentina

    OMG!!!!!!! It’s so amazing!!!! TERRIFIC…!

  • katherine

    just hope people don’t think the video is a true reflection of where it was shot

  • han

    still milking the cb situation i see rihanna, dear me

  • Mia

    Please Rihanna you are a bad example for all the YOUNG girls watching you.
    Showing all these drugs and cigarettes? Why?
    Showing your butt, spreading your legs?
    Looking high/depressed/sick/dead. Seriously you say you don’t want to be an example for the FANS.
    But you are, if you want it OR NOT.
    Sad that this is what everybody looks up to know.
    No great voice, only some looks and a lot of skin/as$/bo0b showing video’s and performances.
    She just fingered herself on STAGE. PLEASE who wants to adore her?
    Are people seriously not seeing trought this??????

  • jiji

    Well i really this video shows something concrete. It’s about being addicted to drugs, is just: love is THE DRUG, and sometimes you can do bad things for the person you love.
    And the ending ? Well maybe she realized that she can dump him or something because she became a bad person.
    BTW you don’t need to watch this video to get the idea of smoking 4 cigarettes at the same time.
    This video is great, and sometimes is good to see a message through it.
    Bravo Rihanna, tu les a tous tué.

  • Joey

    If You Can’t Understand The message of the video, you need to keep your head in the books.
    It shows them in Love, obviously, and it shows the good (Happiness, innocent fun) And the bad (fighting, drugs ); Love is like a Drug, and with drugs, you like the feeling it gives you, and when you come off the high, you realize its bad for you, and its turning you into a different person.
    In the end, she left, fully clothed, and sober. THAT IS THE MESSAGE.
    not that difficult.

  • Mash


  • madness complete utter madness

    Chris Brown look a alike

  • ddd


    Exactly !!! Skins had better music though…..

  • yes

    When the video first started i was thinking oh no another slutty legs spread arse in the air video but then as it went on i finally seen a story to it and for the first time in a long time i actually like this video but it got me thinking if that was meant as her relationship with Chris brown like the way the guy was trying to rule her like tattooing mine on her arse abit creepy for my liking

  • Imani

    I love that she has a lot to say – like any artist – she’s got to express what she’s thinking and feeling. Drugs, rape, violence – she’s got something to say. Using popular culture to reveal her concerns is smart. She’s an artist, powerful, womanist, unique. I like the video – it’s hard to look at sometimes – but that’s ok.

  • Shoshanna

    C’mon, all these comments are so conservatives! No wonder all popstars MUST act like idi*ts Disney’s stars, specially womens! No wonder Britney was crucified a few years ago.

    50 cent can act like a pimp, Eminem like a d*ckhead, Justin T. is allowed to talk sh*t on Howard Stern and nobody give a f*ck….

    I’m not fond of hers, but I think I f there’s a substitute for Madonna’s throne, is Rihanna for sure. This girl speaks with all kind of people and music. Straights, gays, hip-hop, r&b, dance…

    Also when Lady Gaga releases a video, there’s nobody to complain about her copied “provocative” behavior! That’s because she’s white? The girl has no spontaneity, she’s pedant with old speechs and a artificial look.

    The video is good, the music not much. But she’s on her way… LOL

  • shar


  • Missy

    Love the video, but I like the intro more than the actual song. Sad to say shes not over Chris Brown one bit by the looks of this video. This part of the intro says it all, “and when its over, and when its gone, you almost wish you can have all that bad stuff back so you could have the good”

  • http://@NeyekayeO4life Ra

    In my opinion this is another bad example for young people all over the world. It encourages drug use and bad relationships. On the contrary, I like the song and I feel like the video is very artistic. It actually made me want to see more of the story. It just saddens me to know that there will be young girls watching this video mimicking this destructive behavior, because they look up to Rihanna. We have to be more conscious of what is put on TV. Many people live and breath what they see these celebrities doing on television.

  • Saz

    I love the song, but for this to be the official music video I think it’s wrong. Doing drugs isn’t the only way of emphasising how love is like a drug. Young children are going to see this and think drugs/smoking/stealing/dressing like a stripper etc is okay. They’re not going to be like “It’s okay mum, Rihanna’s just showing us how love is like a drug and it can be dangerous sometimes”. SNM was bad enough that they only showed it after 9pm.. yet I saw it on the music channels during the day plenty of times!

  • Balben


  • Bonnie

    I think the video is great…I don’t get why people are having issues with it. It has a great message, a “hopeless” love, with drugs, and along with emotional and physical pain, like that isn’t worth the good and you have to move on!

  • LaCroix


  • Bjstur

    She needs some serious help herself. He isnt the only one with big issues!

  • bkbunny

    i love this song…and the video is deep…and im sorry i dont think ol boy looks like chris brown..hes sexy but he dont look like chris…and if it were nebody else doin the car fight scene nobody would think nething of it…so get over it….im so tired of everybody bringin up past stuff…

  • hm…

    love+no control= danger, love it…I definitely get what she is talking/singing about…been there done that…

  • Rizzy

    Love the video. The message?. . . Love can nourish, but it can also destroy. I went through that hwole video scene with an ex and it was exhausting yet I couldn’t get enough of the misery and ecstasy it brought me. Weird and sick and addicting, thats what love is.

  • mathew james

    Great song, some of us need to grow up and not take things so seriously
    The most important choice you have in life, is you either can be affected
    by a given situation or effective within it.
    The biggest problem for most people is they allow other peoples agenda to
    become theirs.
    You ever need me to help you out, just shoot me an e-mail
    you will find me, wish you the best, Mathew James

  • mathew james

    Wake up, some people see themself in the mirror and don’t like what they
    see. You have but one choice in life, you can either be affected by a given situation or you can be effective in it. The choice is yours. Most people run around allowing other people’s agenda to become theirs. Does the tail wag the dog or the dog wag the tail. If you are confused or in trouble drop me a line.
    Take Care and God Bless.
    Stay Smooth, Mathew James

  • Zippidy

    From the introduction, it sounds like Rihanna is still heartbroken over her breakup with Chris Brown. “…even when it’s over, when it’s gone, you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so that you could have the good.” The video is troubling but, sadly, mirrors what often happens in reality. After being out of a bad relationship for a while, it is easy for one to forget just how awful it was, so they go back. It is why so many cases end only after one or both parties is dead. Seriously, if Brown’s abusiveness had not been so well publicized and Rihanna had not feared public opinion, do you really think that she would not have stayed with him? Of course she would have. Co-dependency is a difficult thing to fix. The girl needs help.

  • Jessica

    If all you got from this video was the drugs and sex then I really don’t know what to say to you…it has a meaning that goes way beyond that. Sorry you can’t see that.