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Selena Gomez: MTV EMAs 2011 Promo!

Selena Gomez: MTV EMAs 2011 Promo!

Selena Gomez and her foul-mouthed alter ego show off their rapping skills in this promo for the 2011 MTV EMAs.

The 19-year-old entertainer will be hosting the award show, which airs November 6 at 9 p.m., from Belfast, Northern Ireland!

“With the promo that we released, its kind of the direction I want to go in. There will be fun and different and things people have never seen me do before,” Selena told THR about what viewers can expect.

“I’m already feeling [the nerves]. I’m definitely nervous,” she added.

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Selean Gomez – 2011 MTV EMAs Promo
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  • Gangsta Selena is hilarious XD

    Ps. Her outfit makes me feel like a perv >_O

  • Ann_Howard

    Wow. I kind of hate myself for watching that to the end. Sorry – like Selena, but that was… really obnoxious.

  • Canuck

    That was really stupid…the 1:42 mins that i will never get back.

  • Rosie

    Love the promo! it’s funny and she played very good the gansta character! really impressed.

  • Rosie

    It was pretty clear you will be going to watch a Selena Gomez video, right? If you don’t like her.. well keep rolling. I personally think it’s funny.

  • Shay

    this video is just embarrassing. selena gomez can’t do badass. im sorry but she can’t. just like she can’t really act…or sing.

  • WTF?

    WTF is this? how wmbarrasing for her. Please go to JJJR especially when you are dating an underage kid like Justin…

  • elle

    I am ebarrassed for her..

  • Mute

    Wow…that was just terrible. I, too like Selena from time to time, but that was just bad to watch.

  • urgh

    Showing your bra does not make you badass nor does it make you seem grown up it makes you seem desperate

  • Blair

    OH no girl….just no.

  • chanelrat

    like a little girl playing dress up

  • Jame

    This is sad, she reminds me of a little kid

  • seriously?

    Is this her trying to tell us she can’t be tamed? no longer a disney girl so she needs to show her bra to prove that?

  • Amy

    Now this is a new low….does she think she’s pulling this off? haha please. watching this just made my night. selena gomez, if nothing is at least entertainingly pathetic in her attempts to seem grown up and badass. move over bitch and go back to the wizarding world.

  • gglover128

    She soo full of it smh does she think she Nicki Minaj or sumthin? I’m really sick of her prancing around like she God’s gift to the music industry. I use to like her when she was on Wizard of Waverly place but now she such a wannabe she should go back to acting full time she can barely even sing.

  • teri

    fire your pr manager…whomever told you this was a good idea for you, should have taken a closer look at the demographic of your fans. This just doesnt work.

  • miri

    her underpants are showig in both outfits… klassy!

  • lisa

    this is really funny^^ cant wait for the emas!! hahah at all you haters, dont like her but still watching her videos to the end! :) if you dont like her you dont have to watch it, so easy!

    “nunca llueve a gusta de todos” right? xD

  • Candace

    LMAO at majority of the comments >.< I love it and she isn’t going to stop just to please people who dislike/hate her. I can’t wait to till November.

  • melsa

    Yet again another great role model for kids has to go slutty so she can feel grown up….why do they all do this? The only one left now is Taylor Swift. She’s pretty much the only little girls role model who isnt doing shit like this.

  • A

    O.M.F.G….look who mugged Cher Lloyd. S=/

  • Jory

    From now you can tell that award show will be boring as hell UGH

  • Susana

    WTF is this?! Jesus Christ, the world is lost. THE WORLD IS LOST!

  • treyc

    Knew it was just a matter of time before she started the Hollywood ho route. The studios, label executives, managers, keep them innocent untill 18, after that, they turn them to video vixens. Sad. She is not that great of singer but she is a beautiful girl. Too bad she will soon go the ho route.

  • Nora

    u all sound so jealous, i mean i’m not a fan of hers but when u look at the comments – it’s pathetic. she’s pretty and thin and famous – she might not be the most talented actress/singer in the world but come on, so much loath is too much. she’s 19, she’s just a kid, stop writing all that terrible stuff

  • Frida

    Why is Selena freaking Gomez hosting the EMAs anyway? Why can’t they ever have a European celebrity do it?


    I wasted my valuable time watching this…wat was i thinking!!? wat was SHE thinking!!?? someone put her in a mental hospital


    oh lord please help her!

  • http://@LifeEras Sarah

    It’s cute you don’t like it keep your f***ing comments to yourself. It’s just a commercial. And how can you be embarrassed for someone if you don’t know if they feel ashamed about doing something -_-
    She wanted to do it.
    And she wasn’t trying to be a badass it was for FUN
    at least things are going good for her. Just be quiet.
    Keep Calm and Move on with Life.

  • Kathy

    Damn, all these haters hating on selena gomez, what she ever did to you! calm the f#@k down.. you people need to understand that kids grow up, they cant always be a LITTLE GIRL, and plus selena is..what 18? 19?? Hell no she is not a “LITTLE” girl anymore.. i bet you didnt like it when people called you a little girl or boy when you were 17 or 18! if you dont like her why watch it and waste time posting something so ridiculous on here. people who are hating on here are the ones that need to grow up. just saying. at least shes out there helping others and what are you doing, that makes you so much better than selena? so think twice before posting a stupid comment.

  • Arcachnar

    Come on! Get your head out of your bum! This was not to show Selena as a bad girl. No. She made fun of herself and all of those who are full of themselves. IT WAS FOR COMIC RELIEF.

  • taketwo