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Beyonce Craving Waffles During Pregnancy

Beyonce Craving Waffles During Pregnancy

Beyonce heads into an office building on Thursday (October 20) in New York City.

The 30-year-old entertainer, who’s expecting her first child with hubby Jay-Z, has been craving waffles during her pregnancy, according to mom Tina Knowles.

Though Tina was tight-lipped on the baby’s gender, she told Us Weekly she was excited about the family’s upcoming addition and shared Bey will be “an awesome mom.”

Jay-Z is going to be awesome, [too],” she added. “They are very, very happy and just glowing, and it’s great to see.”

FYI: Beyonce is wearing a pair of Mama J by J Brand “3401″ Maternity Leggings in Hewson.

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  • Valentina

    OMG, I am so tired of her! She is so overrated!
    Who cares if she is really pregnant or not?

    Oh, wait! I do! Because now she gets even more attention. You basically cannot escape her.

    She is two-faced and calculating.
    I cannot understand why apparently so many people like her.

  • Mia

    Seriously, if she is trying to convince us she is pregnant, she failed.
    Why is she dying her hair? And why are her legs her much smaller dan in the vid where her belly disappears?
    It’s not because of the pants! And her belly looks very little here.
    Much, MUCH smaller than on the Australian Interview.
    She was always so QUIET about her relation, her family was always QUIET.
    And now they all talk and are followed by the paps daily?
    Really Beyoncé,are that much desperate for attention?
    You have money, family and a husband.. why you do need attention from the WORLD? Fame hungry?

  • BeyonceLover

    You’re all haters because unlike other stars, she knows that she is “strong enough to bear da children..DEN GET BACK TO BID’NESS” Which means unlike the other women who PIG OUT like crazy and gain MUCH more weight than they need to for pregnancy, Beyonce has to get back to work once this baby pops, you fat bitches are just JEALOUS that she can do it :)

  • Delphic

    She’s got to be kidding with the baby bump. Yesterday, it was clearly visible. Today, I can barely see it. Go home, woman. You’re damaging your credibility.

  • yikes

    i AGREE! And don’t forget this..She never responded to that video in which we saw her belly disappear..she had her agent shout angrily “it’s a lie.” But she never personally went any further to explain why that weird belly fold, which makes her look super guilty to me. She is fake all around. And how pathetic do you have to be to fake pregnancy? Well it doesn’t get faker or more pathetic than Beyonce.

  • hahaahah

    She fakes this pregnancy in such a bad way. One day she looks like she’s about to explode, the next day her belly is gone and doesn’t look pregnant at she needs a more clever fake-bump stylist.
    let’s get real..the only reason some morons refuse to believe their eyes and use common sense is becasue she is black, and they can’t accept who this trick really is, but they go on blindly supporting her just because she’s one of them.

  • hahaahah

    @BeyonceLover: and you are stupid

  • Kristy

    U guys are killing me it’s clothes ppl! “clothes” of course it depends on what clothes n material it is she is goin to look bigger or smaller!

  • hahaahah

    @BeyonceLover: She can’t bear children she’s almost 40..not in her womb anyway. Jay-Z’s side piece is preggers with his baby, which they will take as their own, and write her a big fat paycheck to keep her mouth shut.

  • Armani

    Y’all are soooo sad..

  • hahaahah

    @Kristy: just because you are so easily manipulated and lied to because you have no brain cells, doesn’t mean everyone else is.

  • yo

    I bet Rihanna is fertile and can have your baby Jay-Z. Why didn’t you pick her? Beyonce is old.

  • pantsonfire

    aLL I gotta say is Beyonce is SOOO NOTT PREGNANT!!!!!!

  • pantsonfire

    aLL I gotta say is Beyonce is SOOO NOTT PREGNANT!!!!!!f

  • seriously?

    If she was actually pregnant she would understand the damage heels can do to the back ever since she got fake pregnant all she wears are heel and have you noticed she is everywhere like the paps are all over her before you would hardly see pictures of her… Her album was flopping therefore she needed to stay relevant and this was the way to do it sad and pathetic

  • ^..^

    fake ghetto biatch..I wanna yank her dry wig off her empty head!

  • danny

    @seriously?: Soooo true!!!!!

  • danny

    @Mia: She’s a w h 0 r e..they never get enough attention..she has to make sure every perv in the world is getting off on her pictures.

  • Lydia

    You know why I know her pregnancy is fake? If some rumor about you is false you go on with your life and let the people see the truth themselves. Beyonce knows she screwed up during the Australian tv interview so now she’s trying to say “look, I’m pregnant, I really am”. That is why she’s out and about every day. She’s not intelligent enough though to make it believable, as obviously seen by her bump size changes. If she really was pregnant, she’d say ” f ya’ll, I’ve got nothing to prove to you” and go do her stuff in private, not in front of paps.

  • Fakeeeeeeeee


  • Fakeeeeeeeee


  • hm
  • Sara

    Y’all are so DUMB. You’re obviously lying to YOURSELF. You know damn well that this woman is pregnant. But You’re too proud to admit that You’re wrong.
    Get a life and let her enjoy the best time of her life.
    And she ridiculously doesn’t even care of what y’all think or say about her… Smh

  • hi

    @Sara: Explain to me Ms. why her bump is smaller today than it was a month ago? Thanks.

  • hi

    @Sara: Explain to me Ms. why her bump is smaller today than it was a month ago? Thanks..

  • Alice

    Ok I can’t say whether she is or is not pregnant, but obviously SOMETHING is going on because look at how huge the bump is in the first photo in the link @hm posted and compare that to these photos.She’s nowhere near as big today. The least scandalous explanation is that she was wearing some sort of garment under the red dress that rounded out her belly, but why? To foster a buzz around her pregnancy? The fact that she’d feel the need to do that doesn’t exactly speak highly of her.

  • ashlaasdhl

    1- she’s 30, not pushing 40, she’s not old
    2- i think she’s pregnant but i also think she sometimes pads her bump. maybe its to through people off about when she is due or maybe she just wants more attention.

  • b

    Kudos for her, I hope her baby looks exactly like Jay-Z.

  • kwame

    Beyonce and Jay-Z were together when she was a teen. Beyonce is avoiding the same route that Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan took when they were 18. Being a teenager and a twentysomething in Hollywood is much different than someone working at Mickey D’s or Walmart.

  • Class_Act

    Hmmm so Mama Tina calls Bey’s hubby Jay-Z? Sketchy

  • Sarah

    @hahaahah: she’s 30…. last time i checked that wasn’t almost 40.

  • http://justjared sunshine

    she is not even gaining any weight!!!! she show her tummy at VMA and she def had a bump there since than she should have been showing more!?!?

  • http://justjared sunshine

    when woman are pregnant are not suppose to dye your hair and not high heels, not good for the preganacy.

  • O Mercy

    Beyonce is Pregnant!!!! Time will tell Anyways!

  • ewwwwwwww

    @O Mercy: How do you know? You are her OBGYN?

  • LaCroix

    WOW.. From someone who has been pregnant before.. I can surely assure most of you morons who really think this is what a woman of 5-6 months looks like you mistaken.

    This woman’s bump changes every time today the bump doesnt want to show.. I mean listen ppl once your bump is out there.. it does not retract! My god wake up you BEYONCE drones. This woman is a liar & a fraud.

  • treu


  • Shawna

    I don’t usually get into the celebrity gossip and I try and take people at face value but these pictures do not show a woman who is 5 months pregnant. Well, actually I was that small with my first, but the difference is that it was SO much bigger at other times. If it was really that big the shirt would be rounded out, not hanging right down. She may be pregnant but she has definitely been doing something to make her bump look bigger other times.

  • http://justjared sunshine

    oh really well okay.@treu:

  • Soe

    This is really getting ridiculous now .. There is just no way that bellies change shape from one day to the next.. This is extremely odd!

  • Harrietta

    Plz peeps, LEAVE this poor girl alone. I don’t know if any of you have gotten pregnant before, but when I was pregnant my son, Some days it looked very small and some days it looked like I was 8 months when I was only 5 months. I even had someone told me that I was faking it too but today I have 4yr that looks like he is ready to play in the NFL. Amost 4.5ft tall and wt 55lbs no fat just a big boy. So all you hatters stop it.

  • http://facebook Harrietta E


  • Niquey15

    hmmm…i think she may be pregnant. Supposedly she wasn’t that far along when she first revealed it at the VMAs and my friend thinks she wore a fake bump to emphasize it (because really, you don’t show THAT much until well into your pregnancy) and just wasn’t constant in wearing it. I mean really tho. THis is a woman with millions of dollars, her husband has millions of dollars, if she was wearing a fake bump, it wouldn’t be so cheap as to crumple up how it did on that interview, which was hella weird. I think that was clothing she was wearing underneath that made it do that.

    She might be faking it to take away from those Jay-Z mistress rumors, or those 10 year old son rumors (jay-z supposedly has a kid in trinidad) but maybe she isn’t and her clothing choices just switch up so wildly. She’s been in maternity clothing and regular clothing so maybe some emphasize the bump and some don’t. I guess we will see when “she gets far along” ;)

  • Nadia

    This is a really odd pregnancy…I want so much 2 believ dat she is not faking, bt the more an more pics of her, with the ever changin baby bump is realy making me wonder!!!


    @hahaahah: it is honestly so ignorant to say she cant bear children cuz shes almost 40….. first of she is barely 30 and second of all weve seen how 40 year old women and older can still have children just look at jlo, kelly preston and moreeee


    why is everybody so skeptical about her pregnancy ??? not all women have a huge belly when pregnant!! kourtney kardashian knew she was preggos when she was in her 5 month!! and u could barely see it,and ive known women whos belly barely grow,… why cant ppl accept she is human, married and that she could be pregnant…. i mean if it was another person im sure it wouldnt be such drama damnnn


    @Niquey15: my sister thinks the same about her being pregnant but using a padded belly to emphasize she is in the vma ,…. anyways i do believe she is pregnant

  • Mia

    With all the money in her pocket why didn’t she get a real looking bump?
    Why is her mother talking about her, when she never has before?
    @ yikes. yes she never said it was a lie because she can’t lie
    Her fake persona on stage and her fake additude that she is a saint, I don’t buy it.
    I was a great fan of her but she has changed so much
    Especially since she is with Jay Zippit.

  • I_Love_SHILOH

    I love Beyonce…..although im not sure if she is really pregnant!!!!