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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Manhattan Mates

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Manhattan Mates

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom step out on Thursday morning (October 20) in New York City.

The 28-year-old Aussie model reportedly headed to a photo shoot, while Orlando visited NBC Studios to make an appearance on Today and chat about his new movie, The Three Musketeers, and getting to play a bit of a cad.

“I think that was kind of the appeal! People expected me to play one of the musketeers but I got to [play] the Duke of Buckingham,” Orly said, adding that his lethal weapon in the movie could have been his pompadour hairdo.

Yesterday, Miranda looked picture perfect in Michael Kors as she unveiled the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra.

Orlando Bloom on Today
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Credit: Jason Winslow, Doug Meszler; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Kaa simply

    Im walked in the park! Enjoy nature

  • Alex Levin

    I hate everyone who wears high heels

  • Nice

    Miranda looks beautiful gorgeous kiss.

  • Bharbara

    Chipmonk eye head again?

  • Momment

    Yes Orlando great man.

  • yiwai

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  • Sandy

    Orlando looked gorgeous on the Today Show!

  • BarRefaeli

    enough of chipmunk already, can’t you do a joint post Jared? why 5 every day? Its quite annoying.

  • http://tdat slig o ^_____________^ cute

    mirand sweet girl orlando normal man

  • @9

    Don’t know what world you live in but he’s certainly not the “normal” looking man in mine. He’s gorgeous.

  • yay!

    He looks so handsome!
    And Miranda is just gorgeous.
    I can’t wait to see him as The Duke!




  • Niz

    Why are there never any pictures of just the two of them together. Seems like they avoid each other as much as possible and are only in the same place because of the baby.

  • amanda

    Orlando said on the Chelsea Lately show that some movie he was supposed to be doing right now was no longer going to happen. Anybody know which movie he was talking about?

  • XXX

    Chipmunkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk baby

  • Elly

    Where is cutie Flynn.

  • Stupid

    What a lot of idiots posting on this thread. Is delphi down today or something.

  • Anon

    @stupid unfortunately the Delphi board is still running and they are in a frenzy because all their crazy theories have been shut down. Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn are a beautiful family and they can’t stand to see a couple like them in love. They are hateful, bitchy people and watch out for Callie, Wanda, and others on the board if you visit there. They are incredibly nasty and despicable. I have gone there just to see what they are saying, and it’s quite bad. I am surprised they have not been called out on their behavior when they make references to mirandas skincare line. They are saying things that could get themselves into big trouble.I love seeing pictures of Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn. Delphi should be closed down due to the sick things they are saying on there.

  • @amanda

    I’m guessing either Cities or The Mandrake Experiment. I can’t find out any news about either of them but he spoke about filming them soon during his interviews. Cities was supposed to be filming in October in London at one point. But on the other hand it seems an odd film to be building up muscle for.

  • BlueCrushed


    Probably because they’re both working people and don’t seem to go to obvious pap spots. Paps catch them at airports or events. That’s better than a pap set up at their friend’s house in South Nowhere or some other obscure place like some people do.

  • @amanda

    I also wondered if he meant Effie, because that did “slip away” and Tom Sturridge got it. But it’s even more unlikely he’d be bulking up to play an artist.

  • amanda


    Thanks. I was worried it was The Laureate but IMDB shows it starting in January. But then what about The Hobbit. Isn’t he going back to NZ soon to keep working on it.

  • Why?

    It seems like OB’s movies never make it to the screen.

    I know that these things happen in HW a lot, but after 3M it now looks like it will be over a year before we see him in anything big again.

  • @18

    Why do the delphites obsess over Orlando and Miranda so much. If they don’t like them, okay, fine, just move along to somebody you do. I don’t understand why they talk about them day after day and spend their free time making up this stuff. Don’t they want to spend their time talking about positive things that they like.

  • @21

    What happened with “Effie”?

    Did Orlando give it up or was he just auditioning for it and lost out to Tom?

  • @amanda

    I don’t think he’s talking about The Laureate, but I would be cautious about that film. The director has been working on it for a LONG time (although that was true of Albert Nobbs and it did eventually get made). There was some news in June that two new producers had joined the project so that could be a good sign.

  • @13

    I think they do try to avoid being seen together if they can because of the paps, especially if the baby is along.

  • @25

    I don’t know what happened. I thought it might have clashed with The Hobbit filming, but then it didn’t seem it did. They cast Dakota Fanning and there might have been the wrong chemistry I suppose.

  • @24

    Why can’t you just move along and let them do what they want.

    Why do they bother you so much.

    They are entitled to their own opinion whether you like it or not!

  • Frozoid

    His face is too puffy for a 34 year old. Does he like his booze a little too much?

  • @30

    He did look pretty drunk in the 3M after party pictures. Maybe he does. He was in that accident a few years ago where those girls got hurt. I don’t think he ever got charged for it though. Handy having your PR agent and lawyer on celeb speed-dial I guess.

  • Ha!

    Having to pretend to love MK and put up with her fame wh*** family and endless papfests would drive any man to drink.

  • @31

    So he was drunk? At a party??? OMG, call the authorities!

    He didn’t get charged after his accident because it was others the ones who provoked the accident. And those didn’t get charged either that we know of. Funny, huh?

  • @Ha!

    Why not dump her instead of drinking?

  • ta

    I just love how the idiot haters just make up stories to suit their agenda.
    That’s why people mock you. Maybe someday you will learn to just stick to the facts instead of writing fanfiction.

  • @32

    He’s always got drunk at parties, Billy and Dom certainly commented how drunk he got during LOTR filming. Long before he met Miranda or even Kate. When the paparazzi had never heard of him.

  • @36

    Yeah, he always laughed and called himself a “lightweight”.
    But I really don’t think that he was drunk at the afterparty. He always hangs all over his friends. And his eyes looked bright and clear.

  • lafamepoma

    I want to have her thinner legs.

  • @35

    Well the facts are that one of the servers at the party tweeted about how drunk he was. You’d think that now he has a kid he might be a bit more responsible, but I guess he hasn’t grown up after all.

  • @30

    I think he looks tired not puffy. Miranda said in some interview this week that she only got 3 hours sleep the night before because Flynn is teething. Between all the traveling and the baby probably keeping him up last night, i think he’s entitled to look a little drained.

  • @39

    You make it sound as if he got drunk at 3 pm at home while being the only one with the baby. He was at a party, the baby was being taken care of by Miranda or a nanny. I don’t see any irresponsibility there. He just had a little fun in the right circumstances.

  • Ha!

    @34 Probably because because of the same reason he married her. He was stupid enough to knock her up, and if he wants no hassle access to his son, he has no choice but to put up with her.

  • Mary

    There are cute new pics of Orlando out with Flynn in NYC today. But poor Flynn is barefoot. It is chilly out, why don’t they put some socks on his little feet.

  • @Ha!

    Law gives separated fathers the right to a partial custody of their children. It’s actually a well known fact.

  • Ha!

    @44 Partial custody is not full custody. I think OB has made it pretty clear that that baby is his #1 priority and he would do anything to be with him as much as possible – obviously including dealing with MK.

  • @39

    Oh, I forgot.
    If it’s bad, you guys believe anything someone says.
    But if that same person had said that he and Miranda were cuddling, they woul dbe “liars”.
    Besides, it’s not like he had Flynn with him while partying.

  • @Ha!

    So you’re saying that fathers who have a partial custody don’t consider their children their #1 priority? It doesn’t work that way. There are fathers with children who split up for reasons less dramatic than being with a person who induces them to alcoholism (as you claim). Partial custody is far better for a child than a (very) unhappy marriage.

  • Bazinga

    Anybody seen 3M and is it any good. I wish he would be in something besides swordfighting movies.

  • Ha!

    @47 Those fathers probably don’t have the background that OB does. I think he’d do anything to make sure he was in his child’s life all the time, even though it might not be the smartest thing to do for either of them.

  • @Ha!

    An unhappy marriage is a nightmare for the couple and for the child.
    Besides, while he seems very smitten with his baby, he doesn’t seem to be obsessed with spending every minute with him. When he has a job he is able to spend a few days away from him. He doesn’t seem to have the exaggerated reaction to childhood traumas you think he has.