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LeAnn Rimes: Snuggle Time on the Bus!

LeAnn Rimes: Snuggle Time on the Bus!

LeAnn Rimes leaves her hotel and heads to her tour bus on Friday (October 21) in Washington, DC.

“Cold morning! I’m loving it! Snuggle time on the bus!!!!!” the 29-year-old singer tweeted.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

The day before, LeAnn and hubby Eddie Cibrian flew into Washington Dulles Airport before she performed an acoustic show for the Stand Up for Kids charity.

“Tonight is one of those nights where i really don’t have much of a set list. Kinda winging it for fun,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

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  • jj

    Just what no one needs, more posts about LeAnn.

  • billie

    OMG what a face !!!

  • Theo

    Hey! Maybe she’ll find another family to break up!!! AND if she’s lucky he’ll actually be employed!!! LMAO And at least that will be one less dollar i’ll have to spend on a concert. Who would actually spend money to see a homewecker has-been?

  • Me

    Tour? For what?

  • gwen

    Another staged photo-op? Who didn’t this one coming? Didn’t we say that WEWE only did Stand up for kids because she thinks that doing charity work makes it okay for her to plaster her and EC face along with EC kids all over the internet?

    Snuggle Time? So I was right, WEWE Rimes only did the Stand Up for Kids concert so that she could continue to bombard the media and press with more staged photo-ops of her and EC to convince us that EC isn’t having an affair.

    If WEWE cares so much about EC kids, why then is EC even on that tour bus? Shouldn’t he be with his kids?

    Thanks JJ for proving our point. When WEWE gets involved in charity it’s ALWAYS done to benefit her and EC. So WEWE didn’t have the interests of those kids at heart at all.

    WEWE didn’t perform for SUFK, since JJ just posted yet another staged photo-op we know that WEWE just exploited that cause for her own personal gain.

  • gwen

    This is 1 of 3 reasons why WEWE did Stand Up for Kids
    ( Number 1: Promote her relationship/marriage with EC ; Number 2: Make it okay for her continue to talk about her affair with EC and exploit EC and BG kids; Number 3:Get people to buy her album so she can continue to financially support EC):

    “In her much anticipated return after a four-year break from the stage and a publicized tumultuous restructuring of her personal life, LeAnn Rimes’ new album, “Lady and Gentlemen,” is a throwback to Rimes’ earlier discography but with only a mediocre outcome.”

    The Ithacan:Rimes’ return misses expectations by CW
    Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

  • Joanne

    I am extremely curious as to how a pretty much has been like Leann Rimes and her once again unemployed husband get multiple daily postings on this website? Anyone know?I think they are on here more than any other celebrities. Seriously, it is like this is their personal blog with all of the irrelevant “news”, stupid quotes and oddly staged looking photos. What’s the deal? I know lots of celebs pay for press but this is really over the top and must be costing them (more likely her) a fortune. Plus it looks really obviously out of proportion with public interest as they aren’t exactly hot commodities career wise right now. It makes them look desperate and foolish and I don’t think that will help him get another show that people actually tune into or sell her new record which has apparently had very disappointing sales so far. Maybe it’s time for a new PR strategy

  • gwen


    Speak now(aka Lucy) is messing with the votes(which results in the ERROR page), that’s why the double posts are becoming more and more prevalent.

  • laverdadduele

    Twitter is the stupidest invention ever. Now we have all these self-absorbed useless celebrities writing about every stupid detail of their pathetic lives. But even worse, there are some idiots out there who actually follow them. Who gives a f_uck about what this home-wrecker worthless POS has to say?

  • gwen


    Or we missed the most obvious thing of all.

    Im starting to think that the person ( a member of JJ staff) who is posting these articles on WEWE Rimes is a HUGE ” fan” of WEWE. So once of WEWE so called twitter followers might be an actual staffmember for this site.

    So JJ is catering to their staff members rather than their fans.

    JJ posts about WEWE Rimes because they are being paid and of course because one of the members of their staff is a HUGE WEWE fan. I wouldn’t be shocked if that staff member was making comments here on JJ, it would explain why JJ deletes our posts for no reason at all and why Speak now is allowed to keep coming back to post even though there is direct evidence of him stealing people’s names and stalking and harassing BG. Just look at how he came back as Lucy from CB(BTW lucy was an old poster from CB and a week ago someone showed up in LR thread using that name to make negative posts about BG).

  • sheila

    That face is just incredibly bad, imagine Eddie has to wake up to it, the money must make it worth it for him!!

  • noelle

    @Hope4U: yes, the grinch! i knew she reminded me of something! :)

  • WTF?

    @ Lucy

    It’s really pointless arguing with her hun. Waste of time. I bet she’s 13…Just sayin.

  • LeeSeol

    She is scary-looking, for serious.
    She looks like she has a congenital disorder – I’m not cruel enough to say
    which one but u all know what I’m talking about.

  • Cindy

    Evil face, evil eyes, and a soul to match.

  • Hope4U

    Leann is ugly who*e..homewrecking horsefaced c*nt

  • Amejean

    Leann is a horsefaced homewrecking C*nt..I love Brandi..just want to stay on I have to pretend to like the horseface

  • Lilac

    Why exactly did my comment get erased? I just got here.

  • Lilac

    Someone put a minus one next to that question? I’m starting to see a demented pattern forming.

  • Lilac

    Bizarre. Most websites encourage new readership.
    They’re very friendly at The Superficial.

  • Amejean

    Easy to tolerate horseface Leann..she does have a boy body and you know how I love my men!

  • Stonegoddess

    Is this an example of her being so upset that she couldn’t get out of bed for a year and a half? Ya, in these pictures she certainly seems devastated!

    What a lying, delusion, ho bag c**t. I guess if you repeat the story enough times you start to believe it yourself; despite evidence to prove otherwise.

  • Josie

    OMG LeAnn is ugly. She looks like a pissed off wicked witch.

  • Kendra Smith

    I feel very lightheaded, my legs and arms feel like Jello, and I have to go to the bathroom 3-5 times during a panic attack. I often feel like I’m going to pass out, crying.

    Kendra Smith