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Orlando Bloom: 'We're Very Lucky' To Have Flynn!

Orlando Bloom: 'We're Very Lucky' To Have Flynn!

Orlando Bloom rocks a bright blue button-down shirt as he leaves his hotel on Friday (October 21) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actor hopped in a car while carrying his adorable son Flynn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Orlando recently made an appearance on the Chelsea Lately show!

“I love it, I absolutely love it. We’re very lucky. He’s a happy baby,” Orlando said to Chelsea Handler about Flynn.

Orly also opened up about Flynn‘s delivery.

“It was long. Twenty-seven hours. It was a brutally long time, but she [Miranda Kerr] was amazing,” Orlando said.

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Credit: Guillermo Bosch; Photos: INF Daily
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  • laverdadduele

    No Orlando, you’re not “lucky” to have a healthy baby, you’re BLESSED.

  • anon

    I’d hit that.

  • ?

    DUUUUUUH. Old news, silly. Just shut up!

  • ren

    orlando or miranda every day? oh please.. find another celebrity..

  • wicked wench

    WOW! He looks fantastic! This the hottie I remember!

  • *sigh*

    So handsome!

  • Love you, Orlando and Miranda!

    I’d rather read about Orlando and Miranda than the Jolie-Pitts. They have a super beautiful baby and they are legally married. The Jolie-Pitt’s are just “shacking up” and doing things constantly to gain public attention. They may give to charity, but I think they are really poor role models with their lifestyle of adopting all those kids and they aren’t even married. Those knuckleheads! BTW, Orlando was a guest on “Regis and Kelly Ripa” today. He seems to be so natural, easy-going and happy. He really loves his baby. I love, love, love that! If only all men were like that about their children. Anyhow, Orlando was talking about Flynn’s Halloween costume, saying he wants to dress Flynn up in, perhaps, a banana. That would be so adorable to see that handsome little guy’s face poking out of a big yellow banana outfit… or some other kooky kid costumer. So cute!

  • LeeSeol

    Here comes orlando and his “weak jaw”. have to agree with the other thread on that one.
    he needs a chin implant, stat.
    or like exercise his muscles there.
    is he a vegetarian or on a liquid diet maybe?
    i dunno what……………..

  • @LeeSeol

    But you can’t even see his jawline here because of the way the light is hitting it.

    He’s been looking good on the promo circuit so either it’s the lighting or something temporary.

    And if he is losing his defined jawline, I certainly wouldn’t want him to get an implant. I’d want him to take the roles that his face suits him for.

  • Frozoid


    Yes, he’s on a liquid diet alright… a booze diet.

    There’s no excuse for a 34 year old man to have a puffy face and slack jaw like that unless he’s been hitting the booze pretty hard.

  • Dance In The Dark

    Does he actually work? Has he had a hit film since Pirates which, let’s be honest, was only successful due to Mr. Depp. His acting is as wooden as a park bench. Sorry, but every story about him lately is just about him discussing parenthood. You’d think he was the only man on earth who’d fathered a child.

  • uh?

    I like him but have to agree with some comments here…he lost his beautiful jawline. What a pity! Maybe he should drop some weights?

  • @Dance In The Dark

    What do you consider the definition of “wooden” acting? I’ve been reading ALL the reviews of Three Musketeers I can find and many many people have said that Logan Lerman is wooden, and I don’t see it at all. Gabriella Wilde is definitely wooden in places, and I would say Milla is as well, although she’s energetic and fun anyway and pretty much carries the film. It’s not a synonym for “dull” and a lot of critics seem to think it is.

    It’s been remarkable reading all the reviews because critic’s views can vary so wildly but they all talk as if what they are saying is the objective truth. I read a couple of people saying they never thought they’d say it, but Orlando’s is the only good performance in the film, and a few others saying he’s so bad that it’s offensive he continues to work. It’s ridiculous.

  • @Frozoid

    I think he looks OK on the 18th and 19th but his face does look puffy in these photos and the previous set especially.

    I just had a look at the Regis & Kelly appearance and he doesn’t look particularly puffy there but there is a loss of definition compared to how he used to look I guess.

    I saw a Tweet from someone saying he looked coked-up on Chelsea Lately and there might be something in that. He sniffs and rubs his nose, and sucks his cheeks in and keeps drinking water. He doesn’t do any of those things on Regis & Kelly. There are no doubt other explanations – I’m not at all expert in assessing drugged-up behaviour. I can tell his mouth goes dry when he’s nervous.

    I’ve always thought he seems to have something ADHDish, but in his dyslexia talk he said he doesn’t take medication. Maybe he should consider it. According to Malcolm Gladwell, people with untreated ADHD are prone to getting addicted to cocaine and cigarettes.

  • wow

    The delphi trolls are out in force.
    First with their claim that he doesn’t actually work, just hangs around his wife. Then you bring back the old BS of trying to infer that he has a drug or alcohol problem.
    Your feigned innocence and concern is laughable. You aren’t fooling anyone.
    Pathetic loons.

  • @12

    So you only consider actors in hit films as working actors?
    Or does that only apply to Orlando, and not Viggo, Ryan, Colin, etc?
    In Celebration, Sympathy for Delicious, New York I Love You, Main Street, The Good Doctor, The Three Musketeers, and if not for the birth of his beautiful baby, Albert Nobbs. All since POTC.
    Sure looks like work to me.

  • @15

    MCamp is that you??
    Still trying to claim that he is a druggie?
    Such a loser.

  • Sally

    I am going to see three musketeers tonight. Orlando does not look like he is doing drugs or has a drug or alcohol problem. What is wrong with the crazy people. He looks handsome as always. @15 the person saying he is doing drugs sounds like mcamp. That is what she would say because she is a moron. I see she doesn’t even post on olove anymore. Orlando is a good actor and I don’t see him as a wooden actor. He’s doing different roles which I think is good for him. I haven’t seen sympathy for delicious yet? Has anybody on here seen it and did you like it?

  • @18

    No, I’m not MCamp.

    As you can see, I’m not writing in his voice claiming he is a druggie. I’m considering the possible viability of what an independent observer said (it wasn’t one of the Delphi people; it was a guy).

    I haven’t concluded anything, because I can’t really judge. If no-one wants to discuss it further that’s fine.

  • @20

    Passing on rumor and iniendo IS judging.
    You posted it to cause a stir. At least admit that much.

  • @21

    No, not really. I suppose I wanted to see if anybody who knew more about it had a view, and especially to see if someone who seemed to be knowledgeable could refute it.

    Because I think that it’s possible that that Tweeter did have some relevant knowledge. He mentioned three things he saw. To me, that makes him a bit more credible than someone saying “puffy face = drinking too much”. If he knows about three things, he might be quite well-informed. And if you have three things co-occurring, that’s more diagnostic than just one. Not 100% proof by any means, but you might start to take the possibility seriously.

    I guess even if he was, a one-off isn’t that significant.

  • @23

    You are taking a ‘tweeter’ seriously? As knowledgeable? Well, that’s your first problem.
    Have you seen the interview at all? Or are you just going by this so-called expert’s opinion?
    Orlando was as relaxed as he ever can be during interviews. Which means that he was still slightly nervous. His nervous tics include playing with his nose, moving his tongue around his mouth, licking the corners of his mouth, and sipping at water. He has done all of these things since he first came into the public eye. Are you going to try to conclude that he has been a coke adict for over ten years? As active as he has been on movie sets with absolutely no credible information even hinting at drug use?
    Oh, I’m not saying that he hasn’t tried any and all manner of recreational drugs, but the man is a professional who, unlike Lindsey Lohan, knows that what he puts into his body will affect his career. Plus, I am sure that he has prescription meds for his back pain, if he had been using other drugs regularly, he would have ended up in a hospital long ago.
    Repeating a tweet is ridiculous. And your defending your stance with that same tweet is laughable.
    We all know what you are trying to do.

  • .

    He looks nervous to me. I don’t think he’s Bambi, he’s probably tried some white stuff at some party, but I don’t think he’s as stupid as to go to promote a movie in front of all the US on cocaine.

  • @23

    Yes, OF COURSE I looked at the interview (though only on computer, so I didn’t have a sharp picture).

    He isn’t sniffing, rubbing his nose, or sucking in his cheeks in the Regis & Kelly interview, when he really did seem to be fairly relaxed.

    Yes, I always could go back and look at some other interviews. As I said, I have noticed that he swallows a lot when he’s nervous.

    I don’t see anything wrong with talking about Tweets. People have done it before on this forum. It’s not OLove where they are banned. Of course they have to be treated with caution. And what do you mean “defending my stance using the same tweet is laughable”? I was explaining my reasons for giving it some weight, even though I know next to nothing about the person who said it.

    If you’d just stated your reasons why you think there’s nothing to it instead of attacking my reasoning and motives, I wouldn’t have to keep coming back to defend myself.

  • @27

    It’s simple.
    You can’t logically defend your stance with some nobody’s anon tweets.
    And anyone, be they shippers or haters, who use tweets as a base for their beliefs are indeed, laughable. You can’t defend yourself when you open the door to being attacked.
    You can post anything you like, but you do something as stupid as to use twitter as a source, you have to be prepared to be laughed at.
    BTW, your bringing up OLove and people being banned, just proved that you are a hater, feigning innocence to stir things up. You deserve to be mocked.

  • #26 here

    Pretty good when the numbers change before you hit ‘send’.
    That of course, was meant for what is now #25.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @19 Sally I want and saw it and i loved it Orlando was so good i love seeing him in another film again. I think everyone should go and see it. Its fun and a good film and if you like Orlando bloom go and see it even if its just for him.