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Zac Efron: The Box Birthday Celebrations!

Zac Efron: The Box Birthday Celebrations!

Zac Efron leaves The Box nightclub with a few of his buddies on Friday (October 21) in London, England.

Zac celebrated his birthday this past Tuesday – he turned 24! Happy birthday, Zac!

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The teaser poster for Zac‘s film, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, was recently released – check it out in case you missed it. The animated film also stars Taylor Swift, Ed Helms, and Betty White.

Last month, Zac was spotted walking through the airport holding tight to his iPhone and a pair of shades.

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Credit: Mark Milan; Photos: INF Daily
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  • A

    Ahhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. EFRON. Damn, 24 already. I had a feeling he couldn’t be in London without the papz following him.

  • DCE


  • carmali

    lol not… one of them is a producer the others are friends…

    i loled so hard at the facebook’s comments about the DRUNK ZAC hahaha

    i loled so hard at the facebook’s comments about the DRUNK ZAC hahaha

  • andrea

    beautiful as always, so happy for him.. happy birthday :D

  • beatriz

    he’s looking hooot (:

  • Buzzy

    Even drunk, Zac looks hot. But that pervy flyover stache has *got* to go.

  • sophie

    drunk much? lol



  • leave zac alone

    He was witha friend from the U.S. and, the producers son and two were bodyguards for the group . he was not all that drunk , he was laughing.

  • veronica

    ithink i will pass on the movie,he cant do one descent movie,i was a fan but now am not a fan of his acting at all i think he isnt that good of an actor but he is hot.he can do modelling.

  • allessia

    what modeling he is to short for that Honey,

  • ehryle

    Nice to see you Zac! good luck to your new project you been to much workaholic this years I hope you still balance your life to your family, friends and love life! xoxo

  • gglover128

    aww happy birthday Zac! :D nice too see him it’s been too long since I’ve seen him on here :)

  • kerri

    I missed him so much! <3 He looks so handsome and i love that he is smiling.

  • ME

    Who are all those dudes? They look like the Mafia. Zac’s the only one who looks drunk. LOL

  • alex

    short talentless dwarf :-)

  • evon

    wow he looks so short betwen those wow.he is realy littile

  • Merlin’s Mum

    I can’t believe he is here!!!! LOL I love it how people diss any films he is making before they even know what it is!! And do you know what? I don’t give a toss if you think he’s short!!! I’m glad that he is having fun over here. Away from the mad fans who stalked him on his film set last week.
    But look out Zac!! I’m coming to find ya!!!

  • Enough already of this twat

    @leave zac alone: That was the night of his BD when he supposedly was out with the group. This is a different night, and check out The Box in London. It’s a raunchy n*de burlesque club that openly welcomes drugs. And he looks totally sloshed. Wonder what he was doing in the upstairs VIP rooms with the private, more s*xually titillating shows…..he’s gross.

  • Enough already of this twat

    And if you don’t believe St Zac could do anything like this, go google The Box- London.

  • florence


    Well knowing how he now loves the club scene he was in the right place and the type of place it is suits him fine, no wonder he did’nt leave till the early hours looking the way he does wonder how many of the girls he had rubbing up against him or doing other things.

    Vanessa went out to celebrate a friends birthday and got a load of crap for it with people saying that it all she does now and here’s where the double standards come in he can go to a place like this and people are like yea good on you Zac hope you had a good time, so I say once again if he can go out and enjoy his single life then so can she. At least the clubs she goes to don’t involve half naked males, and she came out a lot more soberbthan he does here.

    And talk about getting a big head and thinking ‘ I’m Mr big shot why the hell does he need body guards maybe they escorted one of the women from their for him to go back to his room and finish off their business.

  • LOL

    I see he’s working hard on his sleaze bag image. Nice work.

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @florence: This ‘sleezy’ club doesn’t open until 11pm so there wouldn’t be a lot of point in leaving early would there? Plus, this club is frequented by celebs and royalty so there is absolutely nothing wrong with 24 year old MAN going to this type of club. And I looked at their web-site. Don’t look too bad to me, reminded me of Moulin Rouge a little!! And he needs bodyguards cos last time he was here some pratt set about him. May I suggest that you chill out and stop the hate. And he deserves some fun cos
    A it was his birthday the other day and
    B He’s been working very hard recently and by that I don’t mean being photographed out shopping!!!

  • Athena

    Nice to see he knows how to party. Hope he thoroughly enjoyed himself. B-day party in London, alright Zac, Congrats to you!

  • me

    i love london.

  • Kro

    @leave zac alone: since you seem to know, who was the producer he met with?

  • Kro
  • Amber

    That club is very popular among celebs. Some of the biggest stars have been there: Christina Aguilera, Emma Watson, Keira Knightly, and Scarlet Johansson to name a few.

  • Amber

    You’re so obsessed with Vanessa and sex it’s not even funny. Don’t bring them up in every Zac post. Jeez.

  • cvu

    It’s a gay club, right?

  • wicked wench

    Wow, how self-righteous and judgmental some of you are. I frequent similar venues because they possess a sophisticated aesthetic opposed to most nightclubs, but I don’t do drugs, smoke, or drink much. The idea that everyone who visits the club is guilty of everything found therein is faulty thinking at best, and witch hunting at worst.

    As for Zac, he looks absolutely smashing and not a bit high or even excessively drunk. I’ve seen photos where I’ve had my doubts but these – I wonder if some aren’t hallucinating.

    And for the record, Happy Birthday to this talented actor and sexy man, and I hope he keeps the facial hair – its a sign of his manhood, and really sexy to us ladies. (-;

  • leave zac alone

    The producer abd backer of The Heartland , what Zac just finished talked about other projects on this trip ( Mo Al Turki) Google him. To all you Know- it -alls, No drugs , No sex, no sneaking Girls or Guys out. . Just went back to sleep alone.. He is showing respect to his host where is staying .

  • leave zac alone

    And for the rest you-know it-alls the Box , is exactly like Beachers Madhouse Club in the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood Calif. one of Zac’s (among other stars) favorite , You don’t have to participate, you can just watch the show.

  • cvu

    @leave zac alone
    You know Zacky is gay, right?

  • leave zac alone

    For the rest You-Know-it-Alls , the Box is just like Beachers Madhouse in The Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood Calif. One of Zac’s favorite (among other stars) .You don’t have to participate you watch the show.

  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    Really? (being sarcastic)
    Enlight on your so called info that u know of Zac?

  • leave zac alone

    I know no know such thing, he never made a pass at me. What a shock to all the girls he’s dated . Your so stupid why would I care what a friend does.

  • cvu

    He’s as gay as Elton John braiding Little Richard’s hair sittin’ on a rainbow, sweetie.

  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    How do u know?
    Do u know him?
    Or are u some bitter fan?
    Or some “friend” of Zac’s?
    Whatever your just a hater so stop causing shit

  • Elena

    I want so badly a photoshoot!
    Missed him.

  • True Sincerity Realistic

    This #16 Alex is the same defending Shia LaBeouf of the detractors that “have nothing to do”? what a contradiction.. lol

    Zac is soooo much more talented than Shia of course

  • lo

    Oh the zac n partys, alcohol and drugss is back… This is the Zac i know!

  • loo

    Lol pornstache

  • leave zac alone

    You haters are to be pitied for how you feel about someone so nice. You say things with out facts , no drugs, little drinking, just celebrating finishing four movies , ready to start another project his birthday week and you wish so hard he was gay. Does it make you feel better about yourself to say that? If it does I know he would say,” Then go a head put me down and make youself feel better”

  • leave zac alone

    To enough I never said zac was a saint and never would. but you haters go in the other direction so far it’s ridiculous, the stories of drugs and wild behavior was vastly exaggerated, you know you are all just jealous

  • Super Sayajin

    Hollywood stars have many advocates in this place lol

    Zac and Shia actually are in the same level of mediocrity

    Shia is maybe dearest than Zac to be an ugly jerk who always gets hot girls in the movies

    The nerd ugly kids loves him for this (should be the situation of alex)

    None of above is even an actor in level of Ryan Gosling or Michael Fassbender…

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @cvu: no! it is a cabaret club. and how is it he gets accused of being gay and hooking up with a woman on the same outing???

  • Zzz

    Wow jj won’t post my comment. It wasn’t even that bad. Fine I’ll dial it down some, happy birthday you giant douchebag.

  • cutie

    Belated Happy Birthday Zac!!!I hope you had a great Birthday party here in London with his buddies…

  • http://@Starsitel Leila


  • michelina

    woww 24 already. feels like he was in HS musical just the other day…………..