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Natalie Portman: Synagogue Saturday with the Family!

Natalie Portman: Synagogue Saturday with the Family!

Natalie Portman holds onto her 4-month-old son Aleph in a baby carrier after attending synagogue at Ohr HaTorah Temple on Saturday (October 22) in Culver City, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress was also joined by her fiance Benjamin Millepied, who followed Natalie out of the temple holding a baby bag.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natalie Portman

Earlier this week, Natalie gave us our first glimpse at her adorable son while leaving a friend’s house in Los Angeles.

FYI: Natalie is using her Ergo baby carrier!

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman leaving a temple with the family…

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natalie portman synagogue saturday with the family 02
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natalie portman synagogue saturday with the family 04
natalie portman synagogue saturday with the family 05
natalie portman synagogue saturday with the family 06
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  • Mac

    She looks unhappy.

  • jamie


  • Jen

    Her son is born out of wedlock which makes her kid a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Sorry, truth hurts.

  • Creed

    @Jen: What is this the 1600′s?? Barbarians like you disgust me, how dare you label a child?

  • Frozoid

    She looks very stressed. And when are she and her “fiance” getting married?

  • Kiks

    I like her for keeping her word as well.
    She is a self-proclaimed atheist but always said she was going to raise her kids Jewish and she is doing just that.

  • Kiks

    Natalie Haters Unite!! Honestly, their is no real reason to hate this woman so much, everyone who does is just jealous.

  • Lindsay

    Hey, Jared, Youre website has been infiltrated by Nazi Christians!

  • Jessica
  • Domino

    Her son is a bastard? Well so was your Jesus. Oh right a pigeon (the holy spirit) f*cked Maria from behind. I guess that’s what they called c*cks in those days…

  • k

    her son is beautiful and shame on anyone who says otherwise.

  • Misfit.

    @Kiks: An atheist would never raise their kids Jewish just to look good if they were an actual atheist. Agnostic maybe but an atheist no. Unless she is raising her son Jewish in Hollywood so he will get ahead in the industry when he gets older.
    An atheist raising their kids Jewish makes about as much sense as someone that is Jewish raising a kid as an atheist just to look better. It would be total BS. I think it worked for her when she was younger to be a single hip Harvard bound atheist for her acting career. Making her the Queen actress of indie films. Once she got older though in recent years she has become more and more involved with the Jewish community in Hollywood. Especially now that she has a baby. So she was probably ” atheist while at college” kind of like lesbian/gay or bi while in college.
    She grew up and decided to go back to her families roots and also it has helped her career along the way. Nothing wrong with that. Atheist doesn’t really help you later on in your career. When you want to go strictly A List.

    She probably doesn’t look happy because someone snapped clear pictures of her baby the other day. You could see why she might not be thrilled. She may have had other plans as to how she wanted that to go. If she really wants to avoid that she could always not live in LA. Something she use to say she would NEVER do back when she was in college and still an “atheist”. She use to say she would never raise a family in LA and she is taking time off from work right now . So she doesn’t HAVE to be in the spotlight with her child. If she moved back east for several months no one would be hounding her or baby anymore.
    She is still a strong acting talent and I enjoy her films but seems to have changed a lot in the past two or three years.

  • lola

    why all the hate, im both shocked and really disgusted. It’s so easy tohide behind a computer and spit hate at someone you don’t know but it’s really pathetic. as for all the things she said about “never raising a kid in L.A” or all this jewish/athiest crap, people say alot of things things when they are young and humans are aloud to change their minds and opinions, we are all free that way. who knows whats changed in her life from then to now, get the hell over it, it’s not your life.

  • Athena-Omorfi

    I love Natalie, she is smart, vegan, and has an incredible post-baby bod. Her success inspires me an ‘extra’ currently to keep at it. Natalie NYC loves you!

  • cierra

    ok. im a christian and im disgusted by the fact that you would label a child. thats not only stupid, immoral and down right wrong, its also something needs to be kept back in the 1600s. women today can have kids out of wedlock and they can raise their kid anyway and any religion they want.
    as for the marriage thing, brooke burke and david cherbert didnt get married til five yrs later after having kids so they don’t always have to have a stupid piece of paper that says they are legally bound by the church and court that they are married. so i ask you, SO WHAT? idc, if you think im saying a mouthful, if you can so can i.
    grow up and realize that the olden age where slaves, adultery, and having a beautiful baby out of wedlock is ok is now outlawed, stupid and senseless and wrong. get over it and GROW THE FEFF UP LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Que

    Where is Aronofsky?

  • BARF

    Can’t stand her, such a stuck up HOE. Yeah, she is a hoe, getting knocked up by a guy who was dating somebody else? Real classy Natalie, real classy. These two will never get married. Trust me.

  • Shawna

    @Misfit.: You have way too much time on your hands.

  • Lili


  • Misfit.

    @Shawna: No some people are capable of typing quite fast and thought comes easily to them. While you do not seem to have any words of your own to use.. other than THAT. Such is a shame.

  • ken

    Judaism frowns on illigimate children & Milliped won’t propose. That’s why she’s mad.

  • Tota

    I will leave this blog what do you think? Your sould miss me i’m bright person. Glad my self.

  • Ms.uma

    Great family

  • Momment

    Gorgeous looking.

  • Q

    @Tota: we really miss you now your simply bright person. Don’t leave comments join me.

  • Q

    @Tota: anyoing person you sould back again with a big smile :).

  • Jenn

    any child born out of wedlock is a need for anyone to get mad about that unless you have one too..the worst about this child, is that his parents were hooking up when his dad was still with someone else 10 years his junior, who obviously trusted him..won’t be long before he finds someone else to fall crazy in love with other than Natalie..

  • Justin

    Go tota you just crazy retard tested your comment with the other comments.

  • Idiots

    i can’t BELIVE she’s indoctrinating her kids!! religion should be destroyed!

  • nepenthes

    Lol, wtf does that even mean? “An atheist who is raising her kids in jewish tradition” does not really sound like an atheist to me! Misfit’s reply is pretty much what I was gonna say.

  • Love the shoes

    @Kiks: She is not now and never was an atheist. She never uttered that to anyone and her words were construed by some as that. She and her family are non-religious ethnic Jews which doesn’t mean “I am an atheist.”

    “In 2006, she said that she felt more Jewish in Israel and that she would like to raise her children Jewish: “A priority for me is definitely that I’d like to raise my kids Jewish”,7340,L-3273438,00.html

    She’s also not a vegan, She is an lacto-ovo vegetarian (she eats eggs and dairy) She isn’t much interested or involved with Israel politics anymore. She basically dispelled every urban legend issue out there about her. She says she doesn’t know how things get attached to people like they do

  • NoName

    She’s lucky she found a man that can carry a diaper bag with such poise.

  • naouar

    why they didnt marry yet,is they r waiting until they gives 3 more kids,natalie like something wrong with her she looks sad and unhealthy,she should be happy caring he first child

  • Rachel

    Girlfriend needs to put a smile on her face and feel happy again. She looks pissed off ALL the time, and I doubt it is just because of the paps. She doesn’t seem to be doing so great. Maybe she has post partum depression. Plus, it looks like a lot of her hair fell out. It’s super thin and scraggly. She’s not aging very well. I almost feel bad for her.

  • Love the shoes

    @Rachel: Projecting much? You don’t know her or why she isn’t smiling enough for you. You need to feel bad for yourself since you seem not to have your own life and need to dip into Natalies. I repeat, you don’t know her.

  • sweet pea

    jew bitch

  • Rachel

    @Love the shoes: Haha… and you DO know her? Because you have commented multiple times on this thread like you are the authority. Unless you are her paid PR team, I think you are the one who needs to get a life sweetie.

  • Rachel

    @Love the Shoes:
    Haha… and you DO know her? Because you have commented multiple times on this thread like you are the authority. Unless you are her paid PR team, I think you are the one who needs to get a life sweetie.