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Rachel Bilson: Making People Laugh is My Favorite Thing!

Rachel Bilson: Making People Laugh is My Favorite Thing!

Rachel Bilson stocks up on some necessities at Target on Friday (October 21) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress was joined for her shopping trip by her mom Janice.

Rachel recently talked about about entertaining the masses to the Associated Press.

“If I can make people laugh it’s my favorite thing. It’s all I want to do,” Rachel said.

She also spoke about the differences between Hart of Dixie and The O.C.The O.C. I started when I was 21. Now being 30 years old and working on a show, it’s just different…you know the drill,” Rachel said.

FYI: Rachel is wearing the Current/Elliott ankle skinny in paprika boa.

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  • Jon


  • bobbyweiner

    she is just not a good actress….not strong enough to carry her own show….the OC had some great actors like the extremely underrated Ben Mckenzie

  • Julian

    I’m addicted to Hart of Dixie! Wonderful show!! Rachel’s so funny and adorable, and the boys (WADE) are so hot!!

  • http://tdat slig o ^_____________^ cute

    rachel want now makinp money with people

  • Julian

    @bobbyweiner: I think she’s fine on the show. Each episode is getting better, and more story lines are growing for each character. So it’s not really just her carrying the show.

  • Casting Fail

    I wanted to get into Hart of Dixie, I really did, but Rachel Bilson’s acting really stinks. It’s so bad. How in the heck did she last thing long in the business? I find myself cringing throught the entire show. They should have hired a more charismatic, charming actress who was both strong and beliebvable as a Doctor. I would not want to be handled by someone who “totally” thinks you have a “gross” rash (or whatever). Rachel Bilson is still playing Zoe Hart as The O.C.s Summer Roberts.

    As for the comment about making people “laugh”; I don’t know about that. “funny” or “intelligent humor” doesn’t exactly come to mind when you think of Rachel. I’m not a H8R. I like her and everything, but just keepin’ it real.

  • Casting Fail

    ***How in the heck did she last THIS long in the business?

  • Julian

    @Casting Fail: I’ve always found her funny, that’s definitely her strong suit I think. :) Rachel and Adam Brody’s characters on The O.C. were the funniest IMO.

  • Casting Fail


    I guess it’s all a matter of opinion. Rachel’s character was amusing on the O.C., but how long is she planning on playing the dumb ditzy roles before it gets boring and repetitive? Though I respect your opinion, I however, never found her to be really funny. It was more like laughing AT her, rather then laughing WITH her. Kind of like that Miss South Carolina contestant:

  • Tota

    Great walk , i’m walk with my sister. Glad

  • strom
  • lexy hates bilson

    Interesting that Target lets the paps follow her around like that!! I’m stilll waiting to see the “fashionista” follow her advice and wear head-to-toe plaid.
    Gee Rachel I’d think working on a show where you play a doctor (LMAO) vs one where you’re playing a teenager is different!! But the fact that the only way she gets a job is b/c of Josh Schwartz remains the same!!

  • jess

    she and hayden broke up again? look at her face.

  • She can’t….

    Obviously she is trying to promote a so called acting career as the new Jenifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz But Hell no she does has NO DEPTH in her acting ability.
    She is playing “dumb” indeed so people call her cute but there’s nothing cute in a REAL DUMB 30 something actress who can only play one dimensional character.

    She is also failing to make her on-off boyfriend or business partner (hayden christensen) laugh or happy.
    He always looks like he has lost faith or interest in life.
    Purely disgusting when we all know life is so much easier when you have cash to spend and forget your issues!

    She is still in the spot light thanks to her secret lover Schwartz and her nice hard working PR team, her family’s connections, her stylist Chavez who tries to dress her as decent as possible.

    This girl has zero talent but stealing people\s designs ( her clothing lines, and her mugs were both stolen).
    What about her new shoe collection?
    Does she really think that she is the new Jessica Simpson???
    Steven madden will actually designs all the shoes NOT chavez or bilson!

  • call me crazy but…..

    @Casting Fail:
    I would change doctors if my doctor was dumb & ditzy. I wonder out of whose ass that script writers pull these stoopid ideas. Dumb & ditzy is for a comedy show about valley girls, not doctors. Doctors can be funny but they sure shouldn’t be seen as dumb & ditzy. I blame the dumb as an ass script writers though.

  • Trish

    She likes to make people laugh? That would explain her choice of clothing.

  • yep

    i enjoy hart of dixie and look forward to seeing the show each week. rachel is awesome along with all the other cast/characters. as for as playing a repetitive role/character she has found her strong suit. that is the same in ALL jobs – we are better at some things than others! i wish i could fast forward and backwards to find out about the mayor and the blonde (can’t think of her name!) WHAT happened? you know they had some type of relationship but what? also, enjoy rachel, the doctor character grow! it is just a fun show!

  • caro brazil

    look, i really really love the show, but the name could be: hart of bluebell, i don´t think the shows need the name of a carather, so responsability and can be faill more easily, sorry for the english…brazilian girl

  • sidony

    @ Making People Laugh is My Favorite Thing..
    Coz you yourself Douchel is utterly laughable as you got a brainsize of a pea and a talent like chalkboard.

    And of course she’s not a good actress nor even credible in her latest TV project (that was given to her on a “silver platter”)… just look at the ratings – shameful!

  • just me

    The show is ok.But there are other talented people that desreve to be mention too.she never mention the other cast members that help with the show. She is not doing it alone.why all this shopping every week? To promoted the show? No need to menion hayden anymore. That is over.Even on and off is not good anymore.on and off means that both are not serious to commit to the relationship and both are free to do what they want. And that is what both are doing.rachel should call off this on and off relationship ainyway.its her who wants it not is making both miserable.

  • gilmorie

    By claiming that she’s an actress, fashionista, column writer, designer, humanitarian/endorser of all sorts, etc. etc. etc. – that is just laughable soo damn hard!

  • Misfit.

    The interview with the Associated Press wasn’t very flattering in the beginning. It basically suggest Mr. Josh Schwartz is the only reason Rachel’s career is still alive.
    Since when does anyone get stalked by photographers actually inside a Target? Thats right they don’t normally!!! Outside you see it sometimes but I have only ever seen the photographers allowed to roam stores freely on Rachel Bilson posts. If this was Kim Kartrashian or Lindsay Lohan everyone would be screaming how fake and staged these are. Well that can only mean these are too. Even the Queen of all Presswhoredom Kate Bosworth herself is smart enough to not try this. No one gets followed to the point they go inside a Target not even Justin Beiber or Selena Gomez!! and they are hounded right now. Not even someone from the cast of Twilight just Rachel Bilson. Yeahh that makes total sense. No one in the store even notices her as she is shopping. So if she is such a big star shouldn’t she have been at least recognized by someone? So that her being stalked by the photograhers would be believable.

    If making people laugh is her favorite thing that explains an awful lot about her. Like for instance staging pictures and never becoming a real actress like the OC once promised she would, in the beginning of her career The clothing lines and fashion advice. She should hang out with Kate Bosworth more often. Kate’s presswhoredom is better defined than Rachel’s. Rachel could learn a lot. Kate could learn a lot from Blake Lively who is set to be the next Queen of Presswhordom. And WHAT IS UP with Rachel Bilson’s overly SAD face everytime she goes out. Makes her look like she is mugging for the cameras even more.

  • call me crazy but…..

    She always has bags under her eyes. I often wonder if that’s why she wears sunglasses so much. When she takes them off she always looks like death warmed over. What’s with that?

  • Julian

    @call me crazy but…..: You can tell here she’s not wearing makeup. Not a lot of people look like supermodels w/o makeup on. She looks a hell of a lot more gorgeous w/o makeup on than I do!!

  • Actually…

    @Julian: She has some makeup on just not a full face of makeup to cover everything. She has on eyeliner and mascara for sure. Looks like a lipstain as well.
    There are many women that don’t wear makeup at all and still don’t have the bags and circles under their eyes at just 30 years old.@call me crazy but…..:
    She doesn’t take of herself most likely and thinks she can look like she is did on the OC forever. Just one look at her mother though shows the uphill battle she is fighting.Her future is right behind her in these pictures unless she works on herself. She needs to get more rest, eat better, get a good moisturizer, night time eye cream and sunblock. Basically normal up keep types of things.

  • call me crazy but…..

    @Actually…: um…yeah…but, you know, all that stuff is like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. If you’ve got bags under your eyes at 30 then you’re stuck with them. And they’ll only get worse as she gets older.

  • Julian

    @call me crazy but…..: Wow, could you be anymore rude? She is 30, obviously she is going to age. She’s still gorgeous tho. What do you want her to go do? Get botox like the rest of hollywood? At least she doesn’t feel like she needs to get plastic surgery to look perfect. I for one think she looks beautiful with and without makeup. And she’s just at Target, I don’t think she needs to get all glammed up for that. I’m sure working on a TV show is tiring with all the long hours. So what if she actually dresses like a normal person and doesn’t cake on makeup to make a quick errand.

  • Rachelneeds2getsomeselfrespect

    @Julian: Her lips are botoxed. You can tell when she has them recently done and hasn’t they go from having that over done pulled look at the top of the lip line to almost non existent months later when the swelling has gone down and the botox has weared off. So that would classify as being like the rest of Hollywood and she has had a nose job. She looks completely different from the first half of the first season of the OC.
    No one is saying she has to be “glammed up” but she is suppose to be the fashion expert the fashionista that gives others advice. That implies someone that takes extra care with how they look and prides their self first and foremost with the face and look they put forward everyday. A lot of actresses are natural type girls yet still manage to balance casual comfy with still taking care of themselves. So if someone is going to put their self in that position as an expert on how others should and should not look then they are expected to enjoy that role and put effort into it. Since their advice effects how people spend their hard earned money.
    Rachel always gives advice but NEVER follows any of her own. She doesn’t wear any of the trends she tells everyone else is “it” to wear. Appearance is about self respect so if she doesn’t put effort into her own appearance she is showing a lack of respect for herself, her position and for those she trys to sell products to.
    Like Anna Wintor Editor of Vogue. She has let herself slip lately and got caught at it and people called her out on it. No one that is suppose to be “into” fashion gets exempt from critiques.

    Rachel looked like this BEFORE Hart of Dixie so her new tv show can’t be to blame.

    Although she has been seen dressing and looking pretty down the last two times anyone saw her. So maybe people are right when wondering if her boyfriend and her split yet again.

    The best way to get over that is to come out looking fierce! not forgettable RACHEL NEEDS TO GET SOME SELF RESPECT and quit being such a hollywood tool.

    Her stylist really could put more effort into Rachel I think. They are going to try and sell shoes together? While Jessica Simpson the frumpy prego trys to sell makeup? It is like the blind leading the deaf here.

  • Julian

    @Rachelneeds2getsomeselfrespect: OMFG! LOL. I can’t help but laugh at what you said. There is no way she has had a nose job and botox in her lips. Look at the picture I posted below, one is from 2003 one is from 2011. The only thing noticeable about Rachel is from when she started on The O.C. to now you can tell she’s lost weight. You can say all you want that she has botox in her lips (which there is no way she did) but to say she has a nose job? Really??! She’s always had a cute button type nose and it’s always been the same. Now if we’re talking about Natalie Portman, she HAD had a nose job. :) hahahahah.

  • Julian

    @Julian: And really? Ur starting the Rachel and Hayden broke up thing again? You guys say that in about every post. They were just together what, a week ago? I doubt they broke up.

  • eva

    I saw her in Taret on Friday with her mother she is such cutie!

  • eva

    I saw her in Target on Friday with her mother she is such cutie!

  • Jax

    @25, who are you? Her mother? I doubt her mother gives her that kind of advice. What she NEEDS to do is just go away. Period. She’s no actress, she’s no designer, she’s no fashion icon, and she sure as hell isn’t a role model. So go run along now little girl, and go play dress up in your closet, because that’s pretty much all you’ve got.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Is that her mother behind her pushing the trolley? Sheesh, that is just so wrong! Who goes shopping with their mom and makes their mom push the trolley? And how about walking next to her mom and talking to her instead of walking yards in front and acting more like her mom is some kind of porter?
    I don’t know bout anyone else here but when I go shopping with my mom we walk together and chat and I push the trolley. She’s not getting any younger, my mom, and those trolleys can be darn heavy when loaded.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Is that her mother behind her pushing the trolley? Sheesh, that is just so wrong! Who goes shopping with their mom and makes their mom push the trolley? And how about walking next to her mom and talking to her instead of walking yards in front and acting more like her mom is some kind of porter?
    I don’t know bout anyone else here but when I go shopping with my mom we walk together and chat and I push the trolley. She’s not getting any younger, my mom, and those trolleys can be darn heavy when loaded. That’s just plain ass rude, what she’s doing!

  • Super Cool

    @bobbyweiner: She is not a good actress I agree but she is fun to watch because she is cute and pretty. Her eyes are so big and lovely! Also there are good actors in that show, such as the handsome guy from FNL, and the script is good so far. I like the warmth of the show. I like her little shorts too!

  • Super Cool

    Ugly people are so jealous all the time…

  • She can’t….

    @call me crazy but…..:

    She can’t help it but being a brat with her own mother. Something I would never let my mother do even with a broken leg.

    Maybe she is taking her revenge. Remember when she and her on=off boyfriend go shopping, SHE is pushing the cart! haha what a joke!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, now she’s a b-tch because her mom is pushing a shopping cart? Does her mom look crippled? I never push the cart when I’m with my mom, does that mean I’m a b-tch? It’s funny, you guys have no real reason to not like her so you just look for reasons. Pathetic.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Nope, you’re not a b-tch, just darn ignorant to your poor, long-suffering mom who has to put up with your rudeness. Would it hurt for you to push the cart instead of her? Of course not.! But some parents are just burdened with ingrates for kids, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    @call me crazy but…..: You realize we’re talking about pushing a cart at a store, right? My mother is 42 and very health, so saying “long-suffering mom” makes no sense. My mom has never made any point to me that “pushing a cart” is really hard work. I’m really hoping you are under the age of 15, because you calling Rachel a brat and me ignorant for not pushing the cart at the store is really immature. I could see if she’s hauling carts of rocks and bricks, but going to the store and picking up a few things? Wow. I’m surprised this isn’t breaking news!!!

  • oh, brother

    I can’t believe you people are making a big deal of Rachel’s mother pushing the shopping cart! You sound like your mothers are in their eighties, or something. My grandmother is in her eighties, and gets mad at my mother when she tries to push the grocery cart for my grandmother. My grandmother likes to push the cart, she uses it to rest on while she walks, and gets insulted if we try to do it for her because she “can do it myself”. LOL! Rachel’s mother is probably in her late fifties, perfectly capable of pushing a shopping cart if she wants to.


    Actually she never pushes her own cart and many other things,if her mother is around. She has other people drag her luggage for her.. Her mother and her own grandfather even. Basically if someone else is around her that she can get move, pull or carry things for her she gets them to do it. She is spoiled. Rachel herself said she grew up a princess and still sees herself as one. Princess of what? I would love to know. HAHAHA. Her mother looks like she is in her late 60′s not her late 50′s. So if she is in her late 60′s based on the fact Rachel is thirty and she has older siblings than that is really messed up making her do everything. It is called respecting your elders. If she is in her late 50′s and just looks like she is in her late 60′s than the future doesn’t look to bright for Rachel as she ages. HAHAHAHA Rachel is a grown woman and still lives and acts like she is a kid still. She still acts in her projects like she is a kid too. Hart of Dixie is cringe inducing when she slips into her OC voice over and over.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Sheesh! You people! Just because teenagers and twenty-somethings are often portrayed as selfish, folks, doesn’t mean we actually have to be. Push the cart for your moms! It’s not gonna kill you, you know! Instead of letting your moms do all the hard work. You lot never heard of courtesy! And chat with your moms too…don’t drag them to the store then act like theiy’re the home help!

  • Maya

    She likes to make people laugh?? Mission accomplished! Unfortunately, people are laughing AT her, not WITH her!!! Might have something to do with her “great” fashion advice, not to mention her crappy acting.

  • jessica

    she is so ugly, stupidy and boring… poor hayden! RUN HAYDEN RUN!!!

  • Carolina

    She’s fabulous! Love her style!

  • Kamen Rider Fireshot

    Rachel Bilson is so cute

  • UhOh
    Hart of Dixie had it’s highest ratings ever at only 2.1 million viewers on Monday. Moving it from 7th place to 5th place in it’s 9pm time slot. Even with the higher ratings for one episode Hart of Dixie is still tied with Gossip Girl for the season.
    Gossip Girl is now believed to be on it’s last season so where does that put Hart of Dixie.. not in a very good place for a second season.
    They are also airing the episodes out of order now. In hopes to get ratings.
    Last Mondays episode was suppose to air BEFORE the episode with the heat wave. Because the episode where Wade and Zoe almost shack up was believed to be better for ratings. They aired them out of order to get people to tune in.
    One problem with that. The new nurse at Zoe’s office that catches Zoe with a handful of condoms in the heat wave episode was introduced for the first time in Monday’s episode. A whole week later. Also Lavon and Lemon went from being close to all over each other in the rain back to their usual games. Wade and Zoe went back to their usual banter as though nothing had happened. They removed DeeDee completely from the episode. Trying to make it so no one noticed. I think that is really tacky of the CW and if they did a better job on the show they wouldn’t need to air them out of order now would they? There won’t be a new episode for two weeks until November 7th. Probably not the smartest move. They might lose even more ratings. A lot of people didn’t like it when they realized the episodes were being aired out of order. Some people on twitter said they like Rachel from her OC days but not enough to watch the show anymore. CW should really quit messing around with this show if they want it to stay on air.

    Unless Hart of Dixie starts to get 2.1 million plus every single episode if not even more like 2.5 million/3 million per episode it probably won’t get a second season and if it does it won’t survive a second season.
    If it is tying with Gossip Girl when GG is having it’s worst season ever and Hart of Dixie is only part way in on it’s first season that probably isn’t a good sign for HOD.

  • WOW

    25 Oct via Twitter for iPhone
    Looks like Scott Porter aka George Tucker on Hart of Dixie is already keeping his eyes out for a new job!!!!! lol Looks like he is setting up a back up plan for if Hart of Dixie gets canceled by it’s second season.!/ScottPorter

    I know it was his parents fav show BUT there is no way he could do two tv shows at once playing two lead characters. Not to mention one is cw/cbs and the other is NBC. Scott use to be on Friday Night Lights on NBC so he just might have to connections to get the job. Question is WHY would he want to leave HOD? LOL WOW.