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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Step Out on Sunday

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Step Out on Sunday

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds step out early on Sunday morning (October 23) in Boston, Mass.

The 24-year-old Gossip Girl actress and Ryan, who turns 35 on Sunday, brought their pet pooches with them as they headed to an awaiting car. Happy birthday, Ryan!!

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Ryan is currently in Boston to film his newest movie, R.I.P.D., which tells the story of a recently slain cop who joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him.

Blake and Ryan were also spotted leaving his place on Saturday morning.

FYI: Ryan is wearing Crocs Hover Slip-Ons in navy.

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  • Creed

    I was honestly not expecting this from her. What a Tramp.

  • Cee Lo White

    I hope Blake Lively finds love and happiness with someone her own age to settle down with.

  • towanda

    she always follows her men. First she went to Australia for leo, now for ryan she went boston,

  • Jean Vilain

    They’re probably just meeting to discuss their ideas for ‘Green Lantern 2′. Only last week, DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns said he is still hopeful for a sequel.

  • damn

    ugh i hate her.

  • Emma

    Wasn’t she just dating Leo DiCaprio like five minutes ago?

  • BoBo

    lol Famew***e. PR w**re. Can’t stay relevant without dating someone more famous. Pathetic. Whore

  • Alaia

    She sure moves on quickly.

  • JustMe

    Can you believe this?! The nerve of the Sluts. Two single adults seen coming out of an apartment together…….ALONE!! Come on people! If you feel compelled to make negative comments, go to another more worthy website with something more controversial than this.

  • Blake Fan

    So cool to see them together on the weekend of his birthday…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

  • @Emma

    No. She dumped him almost two months ago.

  • Lorelei

    Thanks JARED! I am very happy you posted two series of pictures of this new HOT COUPLE. I just hope they will stop hiding their gorgeous faces. No need to feel ashamed to be seen together, guys.

  • http://38cords Oliver

    Or how about this for a shocker, they worked on a film together and became friends who choose to hang out with each other.

  • bobbyweiner

    i wonder if Blake broke up Ryan’s marriage during Green Lantern?

  • towanda

    OMG how can people believe, she dumped leo

  • Truthie

    Lol! Wannabe be “it” girl. She sure gets around.

  • gerd

    She’s actually a scapegoat for Ryan’s affair with Bullock.

  • Morgan

    At the rate she’s going, it’s bound to be my turn soon!

  • T

    Green Lantern DVD just came out a few weeks ago so they gotta keep the charade going a little longer

  • JC

    She sure gets around, at this point it must be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway for the guys she dates.

  • Well…

    I don’t understand the posters who claim she went from one guy to another so fast. What about DiCaprio? He dated someone for over 5 years and I believe the same week the split became public, he started to run after Blake till she fell for the him.
    I’m glad Blake wasn’t as naive as Bar Refaeli and found out quickly she had no future with him.

  • poof

    guys Leo just got out of a 5 years relationship with Bar, you really think he and Blake were for real? Im sure he had enough of her like he eventually does with all his GF’s and voila.

  • JustMe


    The ever-present PR believers! Please restore my faith in the power of common sense and tell me that you…that all of you….don’t REALLY believe that bullshit!

  • eve

    ha ryan didtn want to date her till he saw dicaprio was.All the sudden she seemed interesting.Apparently blske has been trying to get ryan for a while.So she can thank dicaprio for helping her to land him.

  • MaisyRL

    Predictable. I said ages ago, when she was ‘dating’ Leo, that she next be linked to other Alisters, quickly after that ended. Ryan was on that list. Blake was ‘dating’ Leo publicly when GL premiered. now ryan and blake are ‘dating’ when the DVD gets released. is anyone else seeing the ‘showmance’ trend? Also, Ryan’s new movie w/ Julia Roberts is getting some awards season buzz, so I’m sure he wants to keep himself in the public eye to get considered for nominations. they are also trying to secure a GL sequel so publicity can only help. Blake is still a famewh*re because she is blatantly sleeping w/ these guys to get ahead in her career. But I’ve noticed more and more that normally private celebs magically appear on gossip sites when a new movie is project is out. Too coincidental. Someone who never walked down the red carpet with his own wife, is now stepping out of his apt. w/ a girl. These private celebs are now using the paparazzi culture to their advantage: Leo, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds…etc. by acting out plot lines in real life to promote things. It works when you enlist a D-list actress.

  • guest

    Why can’t people leave them alone and let them live. I think you guys are just jealous. Get a life. especially by calling her a tramp. That is just mean.

  • JustMe

    Or maybe they often date people who move within the same social circle that they themselves move in. I think that the “showmance” idea is for the most part ridiculous.

  • Chuck Bass

    leo dumped bar, started dating blake a week later, they broke up then leo started seeing two models in australia.
    ryan and scartlett divorced, he was seen with various women including sandra bullock and olivia wilde.
    blake broke up with penn in september 2009, dated leo and is now dating ryan.

    how in the world is blake the tramp and the one who moves on fast?

  • Love the shoes

    @Creed: What the hell does their age difference have to do with anything?! They are both legal consenting adults free to date whomever they chose. Don’t hate her because you’re in the 8th grade for the 5th time!

  • Elisa

    i dont know if its true but unfortunately this leads to think if Blake had something to do something with the breakdown of the marriage of Ryan

    Be Careful blake, because bad reputation is hard to reverse in the public

  • S

    she’s moving on too fast. to another A-list star. what a cliche.

  • MaisyRL

    @Chuck Bass: there were rumors of her linked to Ben Affleck (married). they flirted, in print (google his interview of her in Interview mag). at the same time she took nude pics and sent them to, who knows? (her tattoos for the role in the Town are clearly shown in the nude pics). she LIED that it wasn’t her. then she was linked to Ryan Gosling, Leo Dicaprio (they had a meeting while he was dating Bar) and she dated him right after they broke up (coincidence?). and now she’s dating Ryan Reynolds. linked to 4 A-list actors in the span of a year. there’s no proof that Blake goes after taken men, but all her interactions with these men are too coincidental and suspicious. and yes, that makes her a tramp in my book.

  • Chuck Bass

    ben and blake seem like friends. the whole cast of ‘the town’ seemed to really enjoy each other but noooo the tall blonde is a slut who slept with the whole cast. she was linked to ryan gosling for about one day and the rumors about them started because they were seen at disneyland in a group of TWENTY people. when a celeb couple announces their break up, that doesn’t mean they literally broke up that day lol. anyway you’re a sexist idiot who is judging someone for things you know nothing about.

  • eunice

    I used to be a fan of her, but all these pictures of her dating one hollywood actor from another just really threw me off. I never thought she’d be that kind of girl, based on the sunshiny, happy interviews she gives. Now, to me, she seems just like the girl who’s willing to do anything for her not to be forgotten by people

  • Misfit.

    Ryan looks like he is the one doing the “walk of shame” hiding his face and everything. Kind of funny to see a guy having that look instead of a girl. He looks embarrassed after those series of pictures from the other day. While Blake looks the same. Giant JLO hat that screams LOOK AT ME BUT DON’T LOOK AT ME!!!! LOL I think there should be no double standards when it comes to Blake. Leo sucked as much as she did when they dated he used her for whats in her pants and she used him for magazine covers. He moved on quick from Bar she moved on quick from Leo. All is balanced in the latter climbing publicityho world again. I don’t think Ryan Renolds will stay with Blake long but hey you never know.Gossip Girl is about to get canceled any day now because of it’s ratings. Blake is probably going to hold on this A list actor for dear life!!! LOL

  • Creed

    @Love the shoes:
    When did I say anything about an age difference you crackhead.
    My dad is 13 years older than my mom I could give less of a damn.
    She is a whore and I actually liked her. Who the hell moves on from guys that fast.

  • Kate

    I loved Blake Lively when she was dating Penn Badgley. It was the last meaningful relationship she had. Fame clearly has gotten into her head. She’s jumping from one A-list actor to another! I wonder who’s next on her list? Wow girl. I’ve just all my respect for you. What a whore.

  • queen

    people are telling what a tramp she is… but why arent people criticizing men especially leo ( leo gets to sleep with 2 girls in asutralia) duh. just leave her alone because it doesnt matter if she’s with ryan as long as they are happy!!!! you dont know them in person

  • anonymous

    Shame!! We know nothing about these people lives we discuss and come to conclusions based on few photos from stalkers and Magazines who create the narrative to boost revenue. Blake dated Leo it did not work; at least it did not take 5 yrs of her life. Leo may be a “good actor” but a woman needs a “good man” She seems to be leaning to Ryan. This does not make her a “Slut” or “fame whore” her dating record next to a lot of others is stellar. This is a normal age for a woman to begin to think about family; both she and Ryan are the youngest of big families and both have said they want families. These are 2 consenting adults who just like every person on this earth wants to love and be loved, settle down and create a family. Ryan HAS NEVER paraded his private life for personal consumption; He never paraded Scarlett around like a trophy or used his marriage as publicity. God Bless them as they forge ahead.

  • Marieme

    I’m just confused. She’s pretty young for the both of them imo. What? There aren’t women closer to their own ages who are interesting, attractive? That hard, huh? I guess men are just lusting, fantasizing after her. What else could it be? And I like Blake, but I don’t have any respect for a girl (or guy, talking to you Clooney) who jump from one bed to another. Take a damn breath! Have some respect. Sh it.

  • ddl

    please tell me her next goal is not james franco

  • @Chuck Bass

    We don’t need your COMMON SENSE here only innuendo, cuss words, rumors and conspiracy theories will do.
    Especially from all the women taking their precious time out to call her a whore. Its always women isn’t it?
    We have no idea what went down btw she and Leo. Though I am curious LOL