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'Paranormal Activity 3' Tops Box Office

'Paranormal Activity 3' Tops Box Office

Paranormal Activity 3 had a record breaking weekend at the box office, bringing in an estimated $54 million!

The horror film landed the best debut ever in an October opening – and executives weren’t expecting the flick to earn more than $40 million domestically, Variety reports.

Also released this weekend were Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich‘s The Three Musketeers, with $8.8 million, and Rowan Atkinson‘s Johnny English Reborn, with $3.8 million. While neither film had huge openings in the U.S., both have had success internationally.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend?

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  • Cee Lo Brown

    The Musketeers movies have been done to death and have become increasingly repetitious and monotonous. How many times have they made this same movie already? It’s the same story, just with different actors.

  • Sheldon Ashcroft

    Just like with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Too Big to Fail which were also about the global recession, Margin Call is a very important movie.

  • Magdalena

    Rowan Atkinson has barely done anything in the last seven years. I hope he’ll have a career renaissance with Johnny English Reborn and do more American mainstream movies from now on.

  • Sharon

    ‘Margin Call’, ‘The Mighty Macs’, ‘Oranges and Sunshine’, ‘Retreat’, ‘The Reunion’ and ‘Snowmen’ should have all gotten a nationwide theatrical release and were better than this week’s wide releases. They all have great casts:
    ‘Margin Call’ – Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto, Penn Badgley, Simon Baker, Mary McDonnell, Demi Moore, Stanley Tucci
    ‘The Mighty Macs’ – Carla Gugino, David Boreanaz, Marley Shelton, Ellen Burstyn
    ‘Oranges and Sunshine’ – Emily Watson, Hugo Weaving
    ‘Retreat’ – Cillian Murphy, Jamie Bell, Thandie Newton
    ‘The Reunion’ – John Cena, Ethan Embry, Michael Rispoli, Amy Smart
    ‘Snowmen’ – Ray Liotta, Christopher Lloyd

  • Yo-Landi

    can’t wait to see PA3!!

  • Truthie

    Lol! 3M has been done to death and looked too European. There goes Orlando Bloom’s career.

  • T

    Saw Margin Call. Incredible acting all around

  • Jame

    This movie was not scary, i swear only 4 parts actually scared me. i seen scarier.

  • Facts

    “OMG these movies aren’t scary they were funny as hell haha!!!1!!!11″ – 16 year old who pissed their pants.

  • Facts

    @Jame: Only 4 parts you say? Tell me, the movies you DO find scary, how many parts did they have that scared you? And what kind of fear are we talking about here; jump scares, creepy atmosphere, paranoid fear, etc….? Because fear is just as diverse as the Horror genre themselves and just because you didn’t JUMP all the way through doesn’t mean you weren’t scared. Most people are afraid of spiders and snakes BEFORE they ever jump at you, if they ever jump at you at all. #Ignorant

  • @6

    That’s a bit of a stretch, wouldn’t you say, with The Hobbit coming out next year and all. Don’t be such a hater. It will only bring you bad Karma.
    But I do have to ask what you meant by “too European”. How can a movie set in France NOT be European?

  • Layla

    Just saw PA3. I get what Jame is saying… I love scary movies, but in order for them to scare me it needs the “creepy atmosphere”, I need to feel tense trough the whole thing. imo music plays a very important role in horror movies, and there’s none in this one. And PA writers should think of new ways to scare their audience… the same old “doors closing”, “flying fourniture”, “silhouettes in the hall” is no longer enough and they’re all gonna happen just a second before you think they would, and they’re probably thinking that by misplacing the climax will do the job. SPOILERS FROM NOW ON: just when i thought it would get good by the end, and a lot of things were gonna happen… well it didn’t! By the time he discovers that the grandmother is a “witch” or whatever it takes 5 minutes till the end of the film! And yes… parts of it were ridiculous, the sheet ghost? girl being pulled up by her hair?… if i was in a good mood i would have laughed, but instead i just rolled my eyes.

  • balkan music

    This movie was really good. They had a different approach than the first two it was really well done. Without doubt one of the best horror films I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. This film will freak you out so don’t take other people’s opinions on it.

  • Facts

    @Layla: Most of the time music is OVERUSED in Horror movies so they can use it to direct the audience to FEEL a certain WAY. It’s bullshit. Music is great in movies when used correctly but how the hell would they be using a soundtrack to a movie shot all in hand-held? When they don’t use music in horror movies, it’s actually better most of the time. It allows the scene to BREATHE and the music isn’t forcing me to preteniously feel a certain way. In a way, no music makes you feel naked. And that’s what fear really is, anyway. Music is so misused in this genre, I appreciate a good horror flick when they know how to scare you to death with nothing but the actors, atmosphere, and tension. That takes talent.