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Jessica Simpson: LAX Family Flight

Jessica Simpson: LAX Family Flight

Jessica Simpson walks through LAX Airport in a pair of high heels on Sunday (October 23) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old entertainer and fashionista met up with her sister Ashlee and nephew Bronx at the Chili’s restaurant in the terminal before catching her flight.

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Jess recently launched a new jewelry line!

“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend! See my new fine jewelry collection at Zales,” she tweeted, along with a link to the collection.

FYI: Ashlee is wearing a Veda Supreme Leather Jacket.

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson, with Ashlee and her son Bronx, catching a flight out of LAX Airport…

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  • laraso

    can´t hide that bump any longer, she must be 7 months along or something …

  • Maguire

    Love Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson, very attractive and sexy.

  • Jenn

    She is DEF PREGGERS! If she isn’t, I will be surprised because that is what I looked like 7 months along.. now I still have some tummy after giving birth but it isn’t round like that.. so that is not a bloated.. fat belly.. there’s a baby in there! :P

  • Cee Lo Gray

    It is strange that she made all that fuss earlier this year about getting in shape and losing weight before her wedding then she got pregnant.

  • Ashley

    Yeah, she’s not even trying to hide it anymore. Why not just confirm it? She’s always been super open about everything personal in her life. I guess she’s not going to say anything until after she has the baby at this point. She has to be in her third trimester. Or at least late second. (She’s short and naturally curvy so hard to tell for sure)

  • judge

    The kid is scared of Jessica?

  • chelsea

    @laraso: she’s 4 months

  • chelsea

    @laraso: @laraso: she’s 4 months

  • chelsea

    @Ashley: she’s waiting to get at least a $5 million magazine deal to ‘break’ the news and share baby pics (except that no one cares about her because she’s fat and has no real career)

  • Ssshhii_baby

    guess she got the last laugh for someone who is fat with no real career she is almost a

  • Ssshhii_baby

    guess she got the last laugh for someone who is fat with no real career she is almost a

  • J

    Did anyone teach the Simpsons girls about birth control? I don’t think they intended to get pregnant before marriage.

  • Amanda

    @chelsea: Well, sweetheart, obviously you care enough if you’re checking out a post about her. And actually, it was 500K from OK. You should really do your research before you start typing away about things you know nothing about. Oh, but that’s right, you supposedly don’t care. Funny, then why are you even here to begin with? I swear to God, you’re just like the rest of the moronic people who start posting hate about celebrities they can’t stand. You don’t use your God-given common sense and steer clear of people you hate because you really have nothing better to do with your life. Pathetic. If people didn’t care about her, there would be no gossip sites still talking about her. Hell, if she was so irrelevant, why would Jared be posting anything about her? As far as I’m concerned, JJ is a well-established gossip site that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people visit each and every day. But yeah, she had no career. Perhaps you would like to say that to her billion dollar fashion industry. Also, what does her weight have to do with anything? Nothing. Nothing at all. Someone could be morbidly obese but still be the sweetest person in the world. You, however, are probably some skinny twig who laughs at those who happen to be overweight. Do you know what that makes you? A bitch. A stuck-up bitch. Like I said, weight has nothing to do with anything.

  • ina

    So happy for her!

  • commonsense

    I can`t believe she was stupid enough to get preggers her fool of a fiance. What does he do? If she ends up marrying him she`s going to be paying him through the nose.

  • sheila

    She is not very bright, she could have chosen a better guy to have a baby with. At least pick a guy who has his own stuff going on and who has a JOB of his own. She is going to be supporting him forever, he is K-Fed #2. How can she respect someone like that is beyond me.

  • Jasmine

    @Amanda: Well, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re not exactly skinny.

  • Jasmine

    And WOW, she really is pregnant. There’s no denying that. I’m wondering why all of a sudden she’s out in a fitted shirt that makes it obvious, when she was covering it up until now. Maybe she just hit her second trimester? Isn’t that when people feel “safe” to announce a pregnancy because they’ve gotten over the risk of miscarriage, since it usually occurs during the first trimester? That would be a smart move on her part.

  • girlstragedy

    She’s stupid. Why doesn’t she tell she’s pregnant? LOL Is she angry with somebody????

  • amensister

    why do pregnant women like B and Jessica where skin tight or short skirts when they are pregnant, do they not know how ridiculous they look

    their dad was a preacher, nuff said

  • Melissa

    @amensister: So they have to wear baggy clothes all the time and look like a granny in a moo moo? Uh…no.

  • Jessica Simpleton

    Stupid, wearing high heels when you’re very pregnant. What if she loses her balance, or trips? That’s a miscarriage waiting to happen. But she was never the sharpest tool in the shed anyway.

  • Jessica Simpleton

    @Melissa: Yes, they should. Some of us don’t want to see pregnant bellies in skin-tight clothes.

  • ace11

    Wouldn’t it make a great story if the Baby was Nick’s?

  • dud

    wow, her preacher dad must be so proud, both daughters got knocked up out of wedlock…

  • sb

    is there nothing other than ugly tights or granny-style clothes? Her stumpy unattractive legs do not look good in tights, pregnant or not, period.

  • LOL

    Any publication that pays her $500,000 to state the obvious — that she is about 4-5 months along — is really, REALLY stupid. This is Jessica Simpson not Jen Aniston….no one really cares.

  • Gotta agree

    It is not connfirmed if OK paid or not. Google it. Ok has her on the cover. The story is not exclusive as it has been reported over and over she is preg. At lest she beat Vaness a Manillo and Nick Lachey here in getting pregnant first.

    $500,000 is a rip off and a dumb move unless OK is getting pics of baby first and wedding.

    Eric Johnson, Fed Ked Prt. 2, is swimming in the millions for that sperm cell as he is broke, ugly, jobless. Jessica reached real low to get him.

  • laverdadduele

    Maybe they will now leave the “Beyoncé-fake belly” obsession alone.

  • Lena

    Pregnant for sure but i bet she will confirm pregnancy rumors for the right $$$$$

  • Kayla

    This woman has wh*red out every aspect of her life, so why not the baby story, too? Who in their right mind would buy a magazine because she announces her pregnancy in it? So she’s pregnant, big deal. It really is amazing that the preacher’s girls get knocked up pre-marriage, and like her sister, I can’t imagine this relationship will last.

  • Kylie

    she should let that boyfriend break the news and talk about what it feels like for a former football player to be a lap dog. that way he can earn himself a little spending money.

  • LOL

    @Gotta agree: Minnillo is filming some type of show for ABC called — Wipeout? I doubt she will turn up pregnant until the show is wrapped for the season. She is most likely contractually bound. If Simpson got pregnant with K-Fed 2 in order to beat Nick…then it is a really stupid move. In the end, the Simpson’s will try to get financial gain from this in one way or another. These people have no shame and will do anything for a buck even pimp out a pregnancy and a baby in order to stay relevant and financially solvent….so sad.

  • Kirsten

    I wonder when most of you idiots on this comment board are going to get a life and stop criticising her. I’m thinking never since the majority of you are probably grown ass men and women still leeching off of your parents whilst living in their basement. So hey, to pass the time, let’s scrutinise a celebrity we’ve never even come face-to-face with. What a bunch a winners. Bravo. If you dislike Jessica so strongly, there should not be a single reason (one that’s legitimate, anyway) for you to be looking her up in the first place. Sure, you might come to this website every day to check out the latest celebrity news and yes, there will be a chance you’ll see a blurb about Jess. None of you like her or even care about her for that matter, so why not just pass the blurb entirely?

  • Schizo – Kirsten or Amanda…?

    Kirsten aka defender of the celeb universe. I suggest you, my friend, do something more productive than to sound like some righteous beeyotch. People who visit gossip sites will visit any page they wish and place their opinion where they want, OK! No one hired a celeb patrol. So in the end, it’s you who seems pathetic trying to police something. I’ll let you in on a little something – get a life! Oh and quit making multiple accounts to say the same thing you already said…AMANDAA!

  • lvb

    Their father has never judged them the way haters do, and the way he loves Bronx, he’ll be happy with the next kid also!

    She seems to be getting along just fine in those heels and those clothes, and when did Jess give any of you the rite to decide what she wears, uuuum NEVER!

    And we don’t get a vote in who she marries or has kids with either, INSPITE OF WHAT SOME OF YOU MAY THINK, AT THE END OF THE DAY HER CHOICE IS JUST THAT…..HER’S!!!!

  • K-fedup

    Defenders Kirsten and lvb: learn how to spell. You are only proving that her fans are as simple as she is.