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LeAnn Rimes: Thankful for Grounding of Family & Friends

LeAnn Rimes: Thankful for Grounding of Family & Friends

LeAnn Rimes smiles for photographers while landing at LAX Airport on Monday (October 24) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer, wearing a sheer black blouse by Elizabeth and James, flew in from New York City, where she performed on Live With Regis & Kelly earlier in the day.

“On plane already headed back to LA! Can’t wait to see all my sweetnesses!!!!!! I’ll be home just in time to greet everyone from school. :)” LeAnn tweeted.

“I’m touching down and heading out to see my fam! Thank goodness for the grounding of family and friends,” she wrote a few hours later.

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  • laverdadduele

    Karma is coming for ya home-wrecker POS.

  • AirOneRY

    She looks great!

  • Kelly

    Wonder how she feels about the “grounding” of her and her husband’s careers?

  • Kelly

    She’s wearing the perfect outfit for her, TRANSPARENT TRASH.

  • Stonegoddess

    What does she do again? Is she a singer? I see her on interviews but she never talks about what her actual talent is. It’s always about her weight, her coveted kids or her jobless bum of a hubby.

    Only someone w/ a less than happy marriage would have to make a point of publicly declaring they made it to 6 months. If he cheats with you he will cheat on you.

    Karma is coming for you you pig faced, overbearing, shameless cow.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, another calculated photo opp. Wearing a sheer top for MAXIMUM attention! She is sooooooo desperate. Does she really NOT get why people dislike her???

  • homewrecker

    Leann must have JJ on speed dial just happen to run a short story of the pig leann about nothing because leann does nothing but live on Twitter so sad this pathetic pig homewrecker….desperate

  • dang

    how is she even allowed on a plane like that. i wouldn’t want my kids to be sitting near that.

  • homewrecker

    Brandi is on Bravo tonight this is her night…sorry leann you tried Brandi stole your thunder

  • homewrecker

    …sorry leann you tried Brandi stole your thunder

  • anyone notice?

    1) a year or so ago her threads had hundreds of post. Now if you take a look at the latest thread- all around 30tops. Good! No one cares’

    2) as people pointed out when this crap first hit the fan- she thrives on the drama. She is shallow and twisted and it WILL catch up to her BUT in the meantime- these twitter postings about Brandi’s kids are of course her trying to rub it in and be spiteful. So glad less and less people are listening to her anymore but It WILL catch up to her. I hope Brandi is smart enough to know its just the ramblings of a very insecure twisted woman.

    3) pity all that money can’t buy you class, happiness or a man that really loves you for you. Ha, poor eddie (not) if he had real money of his own i think he would be out of there by now- I hope he is trapped .Serves him right. Poor kids though

  • http://n/a Esquire

    Now I see why Leann tries soooo hard to be brandi, she knows eddie downgraded in the looks department when he married LeMan. Brandi is stunning, Leann is just — ewwwww.

  • @athena

    Um,nope. Just Jared site sometimes acts strange so you don’t know if your comment went through because it doesnt show up for a while so new people especially end up rewriting or resubmitting trying to get it to go across.

  • Carol

    And she wonders why Brandi called her overbearing. She is so pitiful and desperate.

  • taylo

    Some people are so blind. She’s grateful for the “grounding” yet she ripped the rug from under Brandi’s little boys when she tore up their family. So sad.

  • Stonegoddess


    I don’t hate her at all actually. I am merely pointing out the obvious.

    She is a home wrecker, she is overbearing (we have seen many examples of this both written and in photos) and she is definitely shameless. She constantly uses someone else’s children for press. You never see the kids when their with Brandi only when their with their father. Wasn’t it he who said he didn’t think the kids should be exposed that way at all and yet there they are?

    Cow and pig face was over board so I will take that back. I actually feel a bit bad for her. When (and if) her marriage ends I worry about her state of mind.

  • Stonegoddess

    I’m not Brandi, quite the complement though so thanks for that. I used the term over bearing on here because I agreed with Brandi when she went on WW show.

    Also, from watching her tweets the last year or so it is very obvious that this term fits her to a tee. I follow Brandi on Twitter and think she is beautiful and has handled herself pretty well despite all the crap thrown at her from EC and LR.

    I don’t know what truth you’re referring to as I am not Brandi. But like a true LR fan, you can pick and choose the facts you care to believe. Disregard anything that you don’t like to hear – typical.

    LR has been on a tear deleting her many, many tweet from today. Wonder why? Couldn’t be that she regrets anything she said or wrote, Leann doesn’t live her life w/ regrets remember?

  • lisa

    Keeping it classy as always I see.

  • http://gadissinis Delilah

    So, she always tweeting where she is so that the Paparazzi could take her photos? I like her when she was 14 and sang her song with beautiful voice..Now she is like a crap

  • blair

    Well, Brandi does owe her success to Leann & Eddie. Too bad they are such losers.

  • Erik

    Hey LeAnn. The only grounding you need is from the delusional idea you have that you are in any way a celebrity.

  • http://deleted Ellen

    “LR has been on a tear deleting her many, many tweet from today. Wonder why? Couldn’t be that she regrets anything she said or wrote, Leann doesn’t live her life w/ regrets remember?”

    She doesn’t regret at all. Eddie told her to take them down as he knows it isn’t helping their (his) cause at all. She won’t be happy about it but he rules the roost.

    Brandi leaves her comments up because she is up front about her opinions. Last time I looked, Eddie and Leann had no issue with making their affair and opinions public? I am a mom and would want Lean to stop twittering on about my boys.

  • Joanne

    The truth is that if she had friends and family to ground her, she wouldn’t behave the way she does, They would tell her honestly that she looks so desperate for attention and that it isn’t going to help her failing career to behave the way she has been. That it is in fact turning people off in a big way. That is the problem when everyone, including your own spouse is on your payroll. Personally, I feel sorry for her. She is making a fool of herself and no one seems to care about her enough to tell her she needs to give it a rest. This outfit is another show stopper. It would be great if it was a night out or a performance but she is getting on a plane. No one needs to see her bra. Once again, it’s her same old “please, please look at me” act and it sure is getting tired.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I have to agree with Joanne and anyone notice.

    I saw saw The Wendy Willimas show last night and brandi Glanville was on.
    When asked how was the stepmother or LeAnn Rimes …Brandi glanville said, and she was cautious and paused and looked down/sideways and said,

    I think Eddie did Brandi a favor by this affair with LeAnn of his many affairs he had on Brandi because she can finally realize Eddie is a pretty boy PoS.
    Really. I am thinking , of course, Brandi wants and is happy that LeAnn is good to her, Brandi’s, sons, but I am thinking by the overberaing comment, Brandi must not like the constant tweets about the boys activities, school days, etc.
    Eddie , a pretty boy PoS does nothing to stop LeAnn obvious. LeAnn goes overboard in tweeting about these little boys. Ok, the public gets it and Brandi too, that LeAnn is their stepmother, cares for them, loves them, treats them well, and is a big part of their lives. I think she should not tweet about these kids almost daily , practically every day or weekly. Enough.

  • betty

    @GoAskAlice Leann IS and has always been overbearing and overstepping her boundaries when it comes to Brandi kids, Since when has Leann been good to Brandi.Leann only does things to make herself look good and just as transparent as you are. You are full of BS If Leann loved the kids she would respect their mother.Leann can tweet about “my family” but it only makes her look desperate. As far as Eddie affairs Leann was one of them he played on Brandi and will play on Leann. Brandi didn’t pay to keep him around.

  • http://n/a Esquire

    @Betty, How much you wanna bet that its not a case of eddie will play leann, its a case of “he already is playing leann”? He has never EVER been faithful to leann rimes, not once — he ain’t about to start now. He’s slaming chicks left and right already and my bet is that he never stopped.

  • Josie

    I’m with Esquire on this. Eddie has been cheating on Lizard Face for a long time. He is with her for the money ride. She’s so desperate she’s completely blind to it or just looks the other way Either way, she’s blind to it.. As soon as he sees a way out that will sustain the lifestyle he wants, he is GONE. I have to ask everyone reading…would you want to be married to a person with a phone locked to their hands and tweeting constantly? Most likely in Eddies case, he’s just happy she’s doing something else and leaving him alone. She is a mentally unbalanced person and he’s just as nuts. Birds of a feather. Too bad for those adorable kids.

  • Mia

    I wonder what she will do when he leaves her.
    She will go crazy and be so ashamed because of all the crap she has said on social media.
    Seriously does she think this love she claims she has, will last till forever?
    She knows her days are over soon, nobody wants to see her perform.
    Only those country fans, who have loved her in the past.

  • Go Ask Alice

    bety, you are an bitter hen. You are full of bs. No need to insult me, but one insult derves another.

    Sorry everyone, I misplaced a comma there. I was not saying leAnn is god to Brandi, but god to Brandi’s sons and I am sure Brandi is ok with that.
    What do you think? She would prefer Eddie have someone who is not good to the boys.
    Eddie was going to be with someone and divorce Brandi, LeAnn or not.
    He played around on Brandi.
    I remember Brandi saying in some interview early on, way back, that now LeAnn can wonder about his often and late night poker games…??? Get it.

    Least LeAnn has money. Yes, I will say, I think LeAnn honestly loves, cares for, does, treats the boys well, but the tweets about these kids , all the time, and LeAnn’s latest statemtns. of making it sound like Brandi was unfit/out of the kids’ lives/abandoned them was really cruel, silly. Dispicable.,

    Women vs. women …age old thing. Why are we not saying about Eddie? Eddie C should tell his wifely not to print constnat updates on the boys lives-school, extra activites, home life, holidays, visits, etc. Really.
    These are not her kids and for simpleton Eddie, the boys, his boys, are really such little guys. So young.

  • Randy

    It’s so funny that Leann thinks she is attractive when she is so obviously NOT! She will never be able to measure up to Brandi. Except for singing but who even cares about her singing anymore.

  • Randy

    It’s obvious Leann copies Brandi-too bad Brandi can’t make some money off of being Leann’s stylist..

  • betty

    @GoAskAlice I can give it as well dish it out. Eddie is a douche but what makes you think he would allow any one to mistreat his sons.If he was going to divorce Brandi why did Leann tweet his lawyers told him to stay with Brandi .that’s the lie Eddie told Leann because he didn’t want to leave So who was the fool.Leann does have money that’s why Eddie is with her she is his ATM.since he can’t keep a job.All those tweets about Brandi fitness as a parent was deleted because Brandi can show Eddie is the one that missed custody days,Brandi has spent more time with them than Eddie and that’s a can of worm he wouldn’t want to open if they went to court.Who cares what Leann says a desperate woman jealous because Brandi has what she wants kids by Eddie. I bet Eddie is in no hurry if at all he can’t support the ones he has. It’s not women against women but mothers against a childless ex mistress.Eddie boys are young but Mason is not dumb and he knows more than you think Brandi is their mother and blood is thicker than water.Brandi has a new career and her star is rising Eddie did her a favor and is Leann problem now.

  • vuvuzaela

    Private life aside….she is actually an extremely talented singer. Very gifted.

  • kel

    When is Curb gonna kick her to the curb?

  • Marie

    With far more significant people and issues in need of attention in today’s world, I won’t waste time hating on LR/EC or handing out hankies to Brandi. LOL I will say however, that when I do take a moment to pause in boredom for this empty shallowness, it is quite evident that LR forgot whose womb EC’s kids came from as she seems obsessed with playing “mommy” to another woman’s children. To hear her speak about the kids…well.. it’s almost like Brandi is deceased and LR is trying to fill the void. It is really quite creepy. She’s the one legally bedding EC now so why isn’t she putting a bun in her own oven? Not that she or anyone in the role of stepmother can’t be loving and concerned for their spouses’ children with another, I’m just saying I don’t see any respect or boundaries when it comes to the fact that whatever went down Brandi is still #1 in the mommy department and if that is what LR is hoping for with the obsessive tweeting about Brandi and Eddie’s kids why not cut to the chase and let her man knock her up and then she can tweet all day long about THEIR baby together. Just saying.

  • Racy

    @betty: Speaking of respect, how can you respect someone with the trashy, nasty mouth that Brandi has?

  • cathleen

    LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!! She has to make sure airport paps see her! So sad….

  • betty

    @Racy At least Brandi has honesty and character that’s more than your girl has.No one respects Leann and she has been outed for her lies and hypocrisy.No one talking Leann down she did it all herself with her twitter finger and arrogance.

  • betty

    @Marie You told it right. It takes a delusional woman to think she can step in and take possession of another woman kids. When Brandi stated she was overbearing this is exactly what she meant by it. If Leann is so desperate for a family let her start her own because Brandi kids already have one.with their mother.