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Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara: New 'Dragon Tattoo' Poster!

Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara: New 'Dragon Tattoo' Poster!

Check out the latest poster for The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo featuring a silhouette of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara!

The drama-thriller, out December 21, also stars Stellan Skarsgard, Robin Wright, Joely Richardson, and Christopher Plummer.

WATCH: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trailer

Director David Fincher recently told Vogue, whose November issue features Rooney on the cover, that the search for the lead, Lisbeth, was anything but simple.

“We flew in people from New Zealand and Swaziland and all over the place. Look, we saw some amazing people,” he shared.

Scarlett Johansson was great. It was a great audition, I’m telling you. But the thing with Scarlett is, you can’t wait for her to take her clothes off. [Lisbeth] should be like E.T. If you put E.T. dolls out before anyone had seen the movie, they would say, ‘What is this little squishy thing?’ Well, you know what? When he hides under the table and he grabs the Reese’s Pieces, you love him! It has to be like that,” he added.

Bigger pic inside

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daniel craig new tattoo poster

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  • mo

    wtf is fincher talking about? ET??? lmfao

  • Hanna

    Omg! I can’t wait for this movie!

    ~~haters gonna hate~~
    But judging the appearance, I think Rooney looks amazing as Lisbeth.

  • Anna

    I agree with the ET analogy for Salander. Only after getting to know Lisbeth do you understand her appeal. Rooney fits the physical book description perfectly. I’m excited to see her performance.

  • Enzo

    Love it. Definitely beautiful!!

  • Mendel

    That’s such a great poster. Really looking forward to the film!!!

    (Fio and Guinness, for once I got here earlier than you ;)

  • Nate

    This movie is my top list of must-see films!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  • GCN

    I like them both… however, It’s hard for me to imagine the movie being better then the original!

  • Celia

    Daniel fits the character of Mikael Blomkvist, and I bet Rooney will be more successful!!

  • Lisbeth

    Rooney will suck. No one will compare to Noomi Rapace.

  • Gabriele

    Daniel looks so beautiful. His tranquil gaze is amazing.

  • Léa

    Hopefully Rooney exceed our expectations.

  • Amy

    Mikael Blomkvist is the long awaited role for Daniel. I think this particular type of thriller is a new channel for his abilities. Rooney is more accurate to the Lisbeth from the original book. However Noomi had a strong personality, so gave an impressive performance as Lisbeth. I think Rooney is talented, has infinitely many possibilities.

  • Creed

    I love Daniel Craig as Blomkvist.. Rooney, not so much. The wierd thing was I was actually excited for her when she got the part because I loved her in TSN and thought she would be a break out star.. now it kind of faded away. I think Ill check it out when it comes out on DVD.
    idk why Im not as excited for this as I should be.

  • Ruth

    The result still remains to be seen but the poster looks excellent at least.

  • Angelo

    Simple is beautiful, but this version is trite and commonplace.

  • susan

    @ Angelo

    i have an idea. why don’t you prove you’re intelligent by waiting for this version to hit the theatres. then go see it and then comment.

  • Angelo

    You are jumping the gun!! I mentioned this poster. Another poster is sensational, but is better.

  • JANE

    Can’t wait for Craig as Blomkvist. He is so sexy!

  • Alex

    The only reason why I go to see the movie is Daniel is in it!!

  • guinness

    Susan-try to ignore the haters–we are with you gurl.
    And Mendel-yea, you beat us. What do you win? ah, go back to the last thread–read my last post there! i got you to laugh, i know i did…? your prize!

    I WANT THE superimposed pic of Dan in this pic—THAT is HOT! anyone? I love this capture of him. wow.

    and fio-Hi hi hi hi

    I gotto get a pic of Woodstock from Snoopy….. disagree with you on this pic Mendel–sorry. not liking it. but that is what art is all about, isn’t it–evoking something inside the looker–not the maker. or something deep like that–hurts my brain–coffee needed. ciao~G

  • guinness

    ah, it REMINDS me of the profile of Woodstock. I am not a hater, i am a lover…imma jus sayin……

  • guinness

    oh- and Fincher should NOT be making any more comments without consulting the PR for this film–I don’t always wish Scarlett take her clothes off AND the submissive “its ok to eat” to Rooney, if that is what he was trying to tell her…or whatever. I am not liking him right now. Is he really that good? Or did he get blessed with talented people and a talented staff? aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! is he a dork or what people?

    halloween at the county senior citizen center–imma gonna git me some sugar and chocolate tonight!!!! and pumpkin coffee and pumpkin beer and pumpkin everywhere!!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    I did laugh at your captions – they are great as ever! I like the ‘who was the troll who touched me’ best!

    “What do you win?”

    A ride in the Dan van *grin*

    “that is what art is all about, isn’t it–evoking something inside the looker–not the maker. or something deep like that–hurts my brain–coffee needed”

    So you have Woodstock deep inside your brain and the little bird urgently needs coffee? ;)
    But actually, in a weird way, the poster DOES have a resemblance to Woodstock. Guinness, you are a poet!

    “is he a dork or what people?”

    I don’t know the man and I haven’t seen his feet… :p

    “pumpkin coffee and pumpkin beer and pumpkin everywhere!!”

    I have a pumpkin sitting in my kitchen, but never had pumpkin coffee. Is it good???

  • Serge

    S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Sign of dangerous criminal activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian educated and licensed pediatrician doctor

  • Fio

    How scary is he as Red Rackham? I love the brave girl!!

    johnwarrender: Still dizzy several hours after Tintin. The big “one-shot” setpiece featured so many swirling camera moves I think my sense of balance broke
    16 hours ago via TweetList Pro
    johnwarrender: @alessadark Good move! It was like being in a crèche today, but I laughed when 1 girl yelled at evil Daniel Craig, “I’m going to punch you!”
    15 hours ago via TweetList Pro

  • Fio

    I can see why his dad brings this review…

    Tim Craig: Dream House review:… Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz
    14 hours ago via web

  • Fio

    anna_docherty: @absbarron London was FIT abs.Man Fit. Celeb Spot-Daniel Craig #heartskippedabeat
    17 hours ago via web

    pappd: Daniel Craig in London #pappd /via @anna_docherty
    17 hours ago via Pappd

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    The pic with your caption which you posted on the last thread is amazing!! Yeah, I’m sure they can kick the troll’s a*s. lol
    I can’t kick the pumpkin a*s… Gee…
    And damn!! Woodstock? I hate to say this, but to be sure, it’s alike. It’s your fault if I laugh when she appeared!!
    Hi, Mendel
    “but never had pumpkin coffee”
    To you, Halloween Pumpkin Coffee Recipe! :)

  • Fio

    lizo_mzimba: Ooh, big James Bond launch event next week. With cast etc. I guess they’ll probably reveal title too. Think I can find the time!
    2 hours ago via web

  • guinness

    …got to get it all out, what’s in my head…and i sayy yeay yeah-yeah-yeah-ya…
    Yes, Mendel–everything pumpkin is great-pumpkin bread, pumpkin spread, pumpkin seeds,pumpkin beer, pumpkin coffee…AND i love pumpkin smelling candles. if you like the spices-yes, it is awesome. i love this season–apple things too.! except that i drove to work today with 1 inch of snow everywhere–beautifully specataculr. ohmygash, do NOT click on the pumpkin butt. i cant scrape that from my brain–aaahh, dan van,danvan,danvan,daneyes, dan feet,and tub scene. ok. better.
    i love coffee. and then guinness, not necessarily in that order. stimulant, dpressant, stimulant dprssnt…etc. so, yes–pumpkin coffee is awesome!
    i love that super imposed pic of him on the woodstock pic!1 love it.
    ocrap. this weekend trick o ttreats…they should be playing up DH for scary movies–wtf? ho hum/ we start watching sleepy hollow with Johnny for the next 4 days. its tradition–it is fantastical–watch it mendel.
    and be good this wkend. any plans to go to the big city to see Bond making? (could you remind him I am free to film him–i mean, to film bond over the pond!!?) London aint that far–or Dan aint that far from you now!! let me know-kay?

    and fio–thx for the great read on DH–needed it. and that pumpkin pic–whoa-where has your browser been gurl??????

    and i was thinking after i did that caption–does Dan use the “A” word to describe someone? I know he likes the f word. ohmygashohmygashdd…..

  • to Guinness and Fio

    Sam Mendes is to direct the new Bond film, Skyfall, and is rumoured to be planning drastic cuts to the action sequences, concentrating on ‘character’ and ‘motivation’ instead. John Crace saw an early shooting script.

    James Bond to be a changed character?

    Title sequence: It’s raining. Bond walks slowly along a desolate coastal path. The camera pans to show Blofeld walking slowly in the same direction 100 metres ahead of Bond. They don’t meet. A gunshot doesn’t ring out.
    Cut to … M’s Office
    M: How was Suffolk, Bond? Invigorating, I hope.
    Bond: Not really, M. I couldn’t shake off …
    M: Your tail?
    Bond: No. This overwhelming sense of existential ennui.
    M: Tell me about it. Can you imagine what it’s like to be just known as a letter of the alphabet? I’m a person, 007.
    Long pause. They turn towards the window as a pigeon flies past.
    Bond: What’s happened to us, M? Where’s the carefree James that used to run around blowing up villains and having casual sex? I look in the mirror and see a man in his mid-30s, but inside I feel about 80. I can’t carry on like this.
    M: Pull yourself together, Bond. Spectre has threatened to unleash a virus that paralyses the global banking system. Only you can save us.
    Cut to … A remote hideaway in northern Sweden. It’s snowing heavily. Blofeld is sitting in the corner of an empty room, stroking a cat.
    Blofeld: Why?
    An avalanche sweeps through the forest to leave only a crucifix standing.
    Blofeld: (louder) Why?
    Cat: Why what?
    Blofeld: Why do I always come up with these ludicrous plans that I know Bond will thwart? What is it about me that I can’t accept?
    Cut to … A semi-detached house in Blackburn. The curtains are drawn but the traffic noise is still audible.
    Pussy: Well hello, James!
    Bond: I can’t go on calling you Pussy. Objectifying you demeans us both. Can’t we just sit and talk instead of exchanging sexual innuendo. You see, I’ve realised Kitty, that is your real name isn’t it?, that shooting guns and sleeping with women is just my way of trying to compensate for having a tiny cock.
    Cut to … A deserted cabin on the Kamchatka peninsula. A single light flickers.
    Blofeld: (sobbing as he presses the button) Why?
    Cut to … M’s Office.
    M: Brilliant, 007. Doing nothing ensured the EU could paralyse the banking system before Spectre could get to it. Blofeld’s lost again.
    Bond: We’re all lost.
    Cut to … It’s raining. Bond walks slowly along a desolate coastal path. The camera pans to show Blofeld walking slowly in the same direction 100 metres ahead of Bond. They don’t meet. A gunshot doesn’t ring out.
    just horrible like Dream House and Cowboys– too bad for word. If John Crace talks true about this screenplay so I was right at one point – that Sam Mendes is one old-fashioned person and 23 Bond scriptwriter Logan is his good friend and had been instructed what to write. I welcome if Blofeld appears in 23. Bond but this script is disgusting as hell.

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    Details become clear at last. Whether the title is Skyfall, or not. Whether Daniel is wearing a beard as Bond, or not.

    Bond 23 official kick-off press conference to be held on Thursday 3rd November
    he traditional press conference that marks the start of principal photography on the new James Bond film will be held next week in London, on Thursday 3rd November 2011.

    Invited journalists were quick to spread the news about Bond 23 on Twitter today.

    EON Productions, MGM and Columbia Pictures (distributors under the Sony deal) will present producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, new Bond director Sam Mendes and key members of the cast, who will be appearing together for the first time.

    Stay tuned to MI6 next week for complete coverage of the event.

    In the mean time, visit the Bond 23 production tracker to keep up to date on all developments.

    I simply don’t believe they write the article based on The Sun. lol
    But it may be possible practically :)
    Albert Finney Goes From Bourne To Sam Mendes’ ‘James Bond 23’

  • Fio
  • Fio

    Rachel is blessed with goddess like beauty. She is not only beautiful but also intelligent and talented. And her husband is Daniel Craig!! She Has Everything!! Is she a worrier? Nah, all Hollywood actresses 40 years or older worry about it…

    Rachel Weisz’s unemployment worries

  • Fio

    Rachel also is in London? :)
    doppiocoffeeltd: Just witnessed a kiss between Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz in a Jaguar next to my scooter @ Euston.
    12 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • to dumbass #31

    ” If John Crace talks true about this screenplay ” LOL are you really that stupid? Or haven’t you read it? How can someone take this seriously???

    Blofeld: (louder) Why?
    Cat: Why what?

  • to dumbass 36

    what’s why I said “if John Crace talks true about this screenplay”……..
    I noticed that there Cat miaowes, nice though. Crace is another one who makes fun of Daniel and his Bond and people will join him.

    to Fio 34,
    her movies struggle to get distributors and when these movies bomb so it’s harder for her to convince any production company and distributors next time so she knows she can be jobless in the future.

  • to 36

    if Cat was a green-eyed blond woman with a fantastic looks and tanned legs and Daniel shaved his white beard with his Gillette and did not play a moody Bond so I would not protest.
    Fans wish to see some English sexy actress as there are only brunettes from France and Italy lately. I agree that Bondmovie should stay as an action movie but Mendes will just ruin it because he has his usual style of directing which does not fit to Bond.

  • Recap

    Cowboys and Aliens cost $163 million and made $171,144,811, that’s not much because people from Universal expected $400-500 million in return.
    Dream House cost $50 million+5 million for reshoots=$55 million and made $27,269,550 which is not a bad number and could be better if they continue in making money. but who knows, the final number can be about $49 million.
    For sure, Cowboys is one of disappoiting summer films of 2011, Dream House is a poor baby with many trouble.
    How about Dragon Tattoo? Did Fincher finish his perfect movie? is all edited and cut in a laboratory, all done in order? hopefully so.
    Skyfall – don’t mention me this horrible title and if producers announce this crappy tittle so everyone in the movie industry will laught at them.

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “I can’t kick the pumpkin a*s… Gee…”

    OMG! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the pumpkin coffee receipe. It does sound rather delicious, so I must try it out!

    Hi Guinness

    “Mendel–everything pumpkin is great-pumpkin bread, pumpkin spread, pumpkin seeds,pumpkin beer, pumpkin coffee…”

    I love pumpkin and apple soup. Makes me feel really hungry thinking about it now!

    “except that i drove to work today with 1 inch of snow everywhere”

    Wow! We have another spring at the moment – it’s so warm you can run around at night in a t-shirt (and I know what’s coming now, cheeky pumpkin ;)

    “any plans to go to the big city to see Bond making?”

    I wish…but you never know…can’t wait to find out more about the film on 3 November!

    “(could you remind him I am free to film him–i mean, to film bond over the pond!!?)”

    Of course, that film would be a serious documentary about method acting, and all clothes would stay on… ;)

    “does Dan use the “A” word to describe someone?”

    Your film would also contain some observations about linguistics…

    Happy Halloween to everyone!!! Boooooo

  • to Gina

    aka to Guinness and Fio, to dumbass 36, #38, Recap

    still at it again, i see. what pat of “no one with any connection to Bond 23 gives a damn what you think” do you not understand? your opinion is not and nor has it ever been of any importance. sam mendes is the director; he’s not going to magically disappear to make you personally happy. and guess what; the people who are putting up the money to make this film think that Sam is the perfect for the job. it the opinion of those putting up the millions of dollars to get this film made that matters; not yours.

    whether Daniel shaves is beard will be decided by the script and not by you. as for the Bond girl; again neither your permission nor your personal approval were needed or even required when it came to casting. you, Gina, must come to realize that your wants and opinions don’t matter when it comes to anything and everything connected to Bond 23; and never has.

  • to 41

    even you say whatever so it has no effect but remember when I said that Dream House will be troubled and not released so it was exactly like I said………..
    then I said Cowboys will do a bad financial result and as you can see, they did exactly like I said. I didn’t believe Favreau, neither Sheridan and Morgan Creek Productions and now Sam Mendes – like HIS OWN fans say that he makes a mistake with doing Bond because he’s used to his usual style and genre. Remember, it took some months than the things about Dream House and Cowboys came true, and it will take some months when Sam Mendes will admit he ruined Bond. Just wait and see.

  • to 41

    “and guess what; the people who are putting up the money to make this film think that Sam is the perfect for the job. it the opinion of those putting up the millions of dollars to get this film made that matters; not yours.”
    I have made own opinions how these movies like Dream House and Cowboys will do and guessed right that they will bomb, Cowboys did badly financially and Dream House is pulled to pieces (by film critics) and I said the money will be thrown in the air………………………. at least they saved money for marketing for Dream House, damn luck, ew.(:-

    If they’re going to put millions in Bond and hired Mendes so it will be another waste of money, ew. just wait for some time, and if I will be right about it then you can tell me what you guess (think) but it won’t have any effect because I am objective and I take positive and negative opionions to an equal extent and whatever I read here, how some posters write so I just read, leave site or go back and smile, nothing more. then let me inform if Mendes broke Bond down, yes?

    Recap: Cowboys aren’t making the expected money and Dream House is kaput.

  • to 41

    susan, why cannot you ignore Gina? See, she’s ALWAYS waiting for an emotional response. Nothing in the world would please her more.

  • Fio

    I don’t know why Daniel was in Whitstable with Fay. To talk with Daniel, how reckless they are!! lol

    liamckenzie: Me and mum went on a hunt through whitstable because daniel craig is here!!!
    22 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry
    liamckenzie: @kamalabryant he’s staying with fay ripley (some actress) near the neptune on the beach!!!
    22 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry
    liamckenzie: @kamalabryant all mums friends went a bit crazy yesterday and made their dogs run over to him so they had an excuse to talk to him hahaha
    22 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

  • susan

    to 44

    i don’t know who 41 is but it’s not me. i’ve just come back from spending 36 hours at the hospital with a pregnant friend. don’t worry though, Gina is not worth my time

  • to Gina

    “because I am objective and I take positive and negative opionions to an equal extent ”

    Gina, you just cracked me up. I’ve never laughed that hard in my life. If I ever had sensed a seriously deranged self-perception, than it’s yours.
    Are you really that nuts?

  • guinness

    wow. thursday! yey! who is going to post info first? I will probly miss it until friday anyway. but thx Fio again! And a jaguar is very cool-better taste than a NYC sexalade-or sexscapade(that is what we ride around in when i visit Dan in NYC. then i wake up.) I saw one with license from Florida in the snow yesterday. not sure how they did. but it was a 2 seater and sweet.

    And-she does NOT have the same worries a normal 40+year old woman has. If she is really concerned and this isn’t a rumor public-idiotic story-give her to me and she will never worry about anything she doesn’ t have already. DAH?! I saw her in Wall Street Journal Magazine–pretty fancy and fun. I love the red she wore. I am a red girl! and I havent seen her ring from Dan…

    OH! did anyone catch the new Vogue—-Rooney looks AMAZING!! I love what the artist/photographer chose for her–and the clothes chosen are perfect too. I like the sleek bling bling silver one of her profile. She don’t look like no “Woodstock” character!!!

    I can’t wait for more Dan pic from thurs!! he gonna be in a Tom Ford? nnnniice!

    crap–halloween trick or treat tonight–meaning i steal candy from my kids-without their looking. AND i put a little Baileys in my coffee whilst walking around…or shnapps-haven’t decided! trick or TREAT ME!

    and Mendel—of course, the documentary would include methods…of acting. or Methodical ways of acting shagadelic…and t-shirts? hell-havent you got lace over the pond? black. red. deep purple. whoa, what was i talking about? lacing Dan over the pond in my methodical way of shaagging psychedelic-like. or lights. or without lights. or lights just on him.

    anyway, this calls for a celebratory recap of Dan as Bond in my fav pic…. ah, next post.

  • guinness


  • guinness