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Michelle Williams - Hollywood Film Awards 2011

Michelle Williams - Hollywood Film Awards 2011

Michelle Williams hits the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (October 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress was given with the Hollywood Actress Award for her role in My Week with Marilyn.

“It was such a special project and truly an honor. I’m so happy the director [Simon Curtis] didn’t let me say no to the role,” Michelle told

During her acceptance speech, Michelle reflected on playing the Hollywood legend.

“It seems to me that all that Marilyn [Monroe] ever wanted was to be taken seriously as an actress. She studied, she trained harder than me, and she never got the recognition that she deserved and craved,” Michelle said. “I feel very lucky tonight to experience some of that.”

Also pictured inside: Michelle meeting up with her pal, Cougar Town‘s Busy Philipps.

FYI: Michelle is wearing a midnight blue silk chiffon gown with metal and sequin embroidered neckline by Nina Ricci.

15+ pictures inside of Michelle Williams at the Hollywood Film Awards…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Jason Merritt, John Shearer; Photos: Getty
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  • VioletRose

    Her dress is beautiful, but she doesn’t have the figure to carry it well.

  • meg

    Michelle is an amazing actresses and looks beautiful. The dress is beautiful as well. I cannot wait to see this film!

  • laverdadduele

    Girl, you have to let that hair grow.

  • dina

    could someone be more BORING?…….no

  • RedRover

    @VioletRose: She doesn’t quite have the figure or the posture to do the dress justice but other than that she looks good.

  • toothy tile

    She always has the same smile plastered on her face when she’s photographed on the red carpet … doesn’t she like her teeth?

  • patsy-pat

    I see Weinstein is already buying awards for her. I hope he saves some money to buy her an uncle Oscar

  • lolo

    bland and botoxed and that dress is fugly

  • Sophie

    She looks beautiful. Love her hair and make-up. Not many people can pull that off but she does.

  • Freda

    I hate awards season.

  • Truth

    Love the planted negative comments on JJ. Such a joke – like you think people that matter really read them or anyone thinks what you say matters? LOL

  • Erbaltint

    I bet that michelle hater will come and bring up Heath again,
    so to her i say Heath was losing all his hair for his age and michelle
    mustbe happy to have a 1/2 asian hottie who isnt balding as a beau

    contgrats michelle for winning a award :)

  • duckface

    Her smile is damn annoying looks like she smelled some shit.

  • madmax

    why are you being cruel to Heath, Erbaltint? He and Michelle loved each other, had a daughter together but, unfortunately for whatever reason, things did not work out at the end. Who knows if they could have at some point worked things out in the end.

    we’ll never know. And we certainly don’t know why they broke up, but if you ever look at pics of them together they were in love. But now it’s time for Michelle to move on. It’s been almost 4 years.

  • Erbaltint

    @madmax: Because a obsessive fan of his always trolls michelle posts.And did i ever say she couldnt move on?i said shes happier to be with fukanaga. Asian men are hot esp the popstars

  • You can’t rewrite history sry

    Michelle was calling Heath *my husband* while he was banging hotties behind her back. He stayed with her as long as he did because he loved his kid. Michelle was DESPERATE for him to marry her but he wouldn’t no matter how she tried to manipulate him.
    Michelle is so proud of her bf she won’t even acknowledge him L-O-L. She still says she’s single. Heath Ledger dumped her frumpy ass. Michelle COULDN’T STAND that he was in love with Gemma Ward that’s why she didn’t let him see Matilda.

  • Erbaltint

    @You can’t rewrite history sry:Here you are again spewing crap,if youre going to make up lies and diss michelle i’ll do it in return to you and Heath.
    but ill write whats true lets start-

    Heath was balding since his early 20′s,he looked terrible and gay in his last interviews and pictures

    Most of his fans didnt know/like him before he played the joker

    Michelle has always had fansites but Heath didnt really have any until after his death

    If anyone is frumpy is you not michelle he wasnt in love with gemma everyone knows what a player Heath was was just a fling to get in her pants

  • well


    me too

  • You can’t rewrite history sry

    Gosh, how old are you Erbaltint? You sound like a raving 12 yo.
    I don’t care enough about Michelle to deliberately start dissing her, I’m just stating facts because you started your bs on Heath Ledger but EVERYTHING I said is true.
    Gemma Ward met Matilda and Heath’s family and Heath met hers so you can bet Heath was serious about her. He was finished with Michelle either way.

  • Anne

    Yeah, sure. He was finished with Michelle and that’s why he said He missed BOTH his girls, that’s why he bought a book for Michelle and that’s why his friends said He was depressed over his split with her. Yeah. But definitely Heath didn’t love Michelle.

  • jilli

    I can’t believe the dumb posters in this place. Get over this thing about heath & michelle and stop all the hostility. they were like most celebs and most people in general. they got together, had a love affair and a child and split. heath tragically died but i really don’t think it had anything to do with their past relationship. why be so mean about people you never even knew? what a waste of time!

  • jilli

    On a more positive note… friday is Matilda’s 6th birthday. I wonder if we will see any pics of her?

  • You can’t rewrite history sry

    Anne aka Erbaltint, stop with the lies. Heath NEVER said he missed Michelle. His friends said he was depressed because he was missing MATILDA. Michelle was making it difficult for him to see his daughter BECAUSE she was jealous Heath was in love with his new girlfriend. She wanted full custody to get back at him. Typical behavior of a woman scorned. Heath was over Michelle. Deal with it.

  • Anne

    Yeah, even his “new girlfriend’s” sister said that he was sad and depressed over their split, but if it’s not enough for you, look for pecorini’s quote, Aloi’s, kelly hill’s, kapur’s and more. I don’t want to discuss with you, I just can’t stand your stupid and sick comments. You believe in what you want to believe and you don’t want to listen to other people.

    You say that Heath never loved and even hated Michelle. Really? Look for his interview for New York times. Even they broke up, He said many nice things about Michelle and her performance (in INT).

    You don’t have to like her, but if you think you are a fan of Heath, you should respect her. She is Matilda’s mother, his only child.

  • Gabby

    She looks so beautiful.

  • jess

    this isn’t an article about heath ledger so shut the hell up he was great….even if you think not don’t speak ill of the dead.

  • jess

    this isn’t a page about heath ledger so shut the hell up, he was really great. even if you think not don’t speak ill of the dead least of all someone who died so tragically and so young.

  • Freda

    I hate it when people discuss celeb’s children… almost as much as I hate awards season.

  • Erbaltint

    @You can’t rewrite history sry: lol im not not like you who disquises yourself under diffrent names,you cant stand the fact others disagree with you huh? i dont care for his relationship with michelle

  • RIP Heath

    @Erbaltint: fVck off will you. Heath Ledger was a great actor and a good guy. And he was absolutely beautiful. Even if you hate him show some respect and let him rip dumbass.

  • Erbaltint

    @RIP Heath:
    Why dont you fxck off :) .Im not going to let that b*tch diss Michelle you c.u.n.t.He wasnt close to beauty if you see his last pics and I dont hate him dumbass im just dissing him since that girl keeps dissing michelle on every post

  • BlueCrushed

    Michelle is very talented and looks lovely. I love that she built up her resume with stellar performances in small movies (Me Without You) before earning a spot in bigger HW ones. I love that she’s non famewhorey and only shows up for work functions/awards not the opening of an envelope.

  • jess


    shut up dissing heath I already said that once before. Go away now, how dare you he’s gone, he was great, now he’s gone so piss off and stop speaking ill of him

  • jd

    @jess: I agree, this ignorance Erbaltint is nothing but a disgusting TROLL.

  • jd

    @Erbaltint: Go crawl back under your rock you insignif troll. Can’t you get the hint when you comments are hidden that they aren’t worth sprewing out on here?

  • Erbaltint

    @jd: youre a disgusting troll so are michelle haters

  • jd

    @Erbaltint: I don’t hate Michelle, don’t even know the woman personally so how could I hate her? But you know what I do hate? scum like you coming in and trashing people YOU DON’T KNOW personally. Just shows what a low life lonely tidbit you are.

  • Rona

    Heath looked gay??? Bahaha lousy trolling is lousy. Heath was masculine and hot as f@ck with those tattoos and the grungy style. The inbred hater can suuck ittt!!!

  • Erbaltint

    @jd:Well you diss michelle i’ll diss heath simple as that,thats the only reason i did it you moron. Youre the lowlife so shut the hell up.

    @rona: yes he did look gay in his last interviews,and tattoos are tacky,funny how you can call his haters inbred when he looked inbred himself