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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Little Door Duo

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Little Door Duo

Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen leave The Little Door after dinner on Tuesday night (October 25) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer recently told his fans that he’s been talking about them in interviews!

“Just did two phone interviews today and spent a significant amount of time chatting bout YOU Glamberts! Seriously- I adore u!” Adam wrote on his Twitter account.

Late last week, Adam was spotted out and about in midtown Manhattan, where he worked on tracks for his upcoming album with acclaimed music producer Nile Rodgers.

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Credit: VLUV; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Rogue

    No offense intended (or really, I don’t care if you are) but he’s Adam friggin’ Lambert. WHY is he with this twink? He could probably have anyone.

  • Millie

    Sauli looks gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Like a star. Adam? Not so much.

    I love Adam and I’m a long-time Glambert, but that look is baaaaaaaaad. The boots — yeah, yeah, I know they’re katrillion dollar Rick Owens boots — look like unzipped snow boots he threw on while running to the Home Depot to buy salt to melt the ice around his suburban tract house. They’re sloppy, totally NOT sexy, out of season, and shorten his legs. And that hair? Blech, blech, blech. Hate those shaved sides.

    Can’t wait for him to change his look again, because I’m not liking this one at all. Too bad since it appears he’s starting up promo for his single and I don’t want to watch this look over and over again.

  • GetReal

    They’re starting to resemble each other – LOL. They’re a true couple.

  • Melanie

    Rogue, probably because he’s in love with him? Probably because according to Adams best friends. Sauli is sweet and one of the kindest people on the planet. Prolly because as Adam said in the Advocate, Sauli inspires him, grounds him, there’s great energy between them and Adam is really really happy.

    My question to you is, why would you think you know better than Adam himself?

  • Tracy

    Wow, didn’t realize how HOT Sauli was!

  • Janice

    Sauli is very very handsome but his look is too gay for me lol

  • Boston61

    You Adommy freaks need to go away. Sauli is gorgeous and a doll. I’m glad Adam found happiness. Why don’t you all flock to your queen phychopath Laurie.

  • Anitta

    @Rogue: Because he is a twink himself and has loved this lovely, gorgeous, awesome and kind twink for a year and has lived with him for months. That’s why! Sauli looks so HOT!!!

  • Janice

    I think now I’m into gay people

  • Evann

    I’m never going to love all of Adam’s looks equally, but I appreciate that he has them and will always think he’s drop dead gorgeous. Sauli looks great, but he’s not really my type. But he’s not my boyfriend, so nevermind!

  • spilt_daydreams


  • Moimeme

    ummm @Millie, Adam is a really beautiful guy, it’s just a hairstyle and a pair of boots, but if you “don’t want to watch this look over and over again” then you can Fck off! :)

  • Moimeme

    ummm @Millie, Adam is a really beautiful guy, it’s just a hairstyle and a pair of boots, but if you “don’t want to watch this look over and over again” then you can Fck off! :)

  • andy

    Those boots do not compliment Adams outfit in any way..they need to go!!

  • Hiba

    WTAF Jared, WHY Adam’s pics less than Sauli’s

    who’s the star here?????????????

    but Adam as ALWAYS outshines and looks good

  • Chris

    Adommy freaks can GTFO anytime! Adam and Sauli are the hottest couple in Hollywood! Oh, and we have eyes @Millie, perhaps you need glasses? LOL!!! But then you really aren’t an Adam fan, are you? Oh ya, now I remember you from every Adam related article, you love to try to take down Adam, his looks, anything you can think of, sorry, like I said before WE HAVE EYES and ADAM LAMBERT IS THE BEST EYECANDY EVERRRR! SAULI IS HOT AS FIRE TOO!!! YAYYY!!!

  • J.Taylor

    Sauli looks yum! Adam seems very happy and his skin is looking frickin’ amazing!! I just think I like him better with some side burns, even if it was just a shadow of hair instead of shaved down to the skin. lol i hope this phase passes quick :)

  • Kven

    They’re beautiful, gorgeous men no matter what they wear..! ..inside out.. I’m fortunate enough to have met Sauli and he’s one of the kindest people ever. I’ve been a Glambert and a Sauli-fan both for years now, but I gotta admit that this picture and their good looks took me by surprise! So happy they have found each others!

  • Millie

    @Moimeme: Darling, no need to take it so seriously. Who cares if I don’t like the look? No need to go BSC about it. Chill out.

  • Millie

    @Chris: You must be confusing me with some other Millie. Just because I don’t like one set of looks doesn’t mean I’m not a fan in general.

    Big deal. Chill out.

  • Nosra

    I love Adam’s boots, outfit, and looks! His hair cut shaved on the side all the up to his hair line is O.K. but still he looks hot. Sauli is fine but why on the headline Adam’s picture is behind Sauli. Adam is the star and he should always be in the forefront. JustJared can you change the headline picture? You have Adam’s fans commenting on this article. We want his picture on front headline of this article.

  • Allison

    What a gorgeous couple! They’re both beautiful men and they look stunning together. Adam looks so happy, that’s really all I care about. I adore Sauli for being part of the reason Adam has that look on his face. I wish them nothing but the happiest of days <3

  • SharonS

    @Millie: wish you would keep your unkind thoughts to yourself. You are not a Glambert.

  • Barb

    I love these two but I wish their heads would get cold so they would grow their hair back. Both have beautiful FULL heads of hair.

  • Bee

    His BF is probably a really nice guy, but he looks like the male version of a female blonde cheerleader with fake boobs i.e. there’s something “plastic” about him.

  • Adam Rocks!

    @Millie: great, you can have your opinion, you don’t like his look, but you go on and on about it…. you are no Glambert

  • bjbabe

    @Rogue: oh and you know Sauli?? you are privy to Adams feelings and how he thinks?? why is a twink like you even commenting , you look ridiculous

  • bayjanes

    @Millie:troll and that goes for your twin millie too.@Millie: then why do you make such a big deal and go on and on about it til you beat it to death. I think you need to chill sweetie, you like causing upset you hypocrite

  • sizzlingsmile

    I love and support Adam unconditionally even though I like some of his looks a lot more than others….His “wolf hair” was probably one of my favorite hair styles. Adam’s boyfriend Sauli is gorgeous beyond belief and he appears to be a very sweet and down-to-earth guy. Adam deserves nothing less than that! They are a great match!! For now, I am just beyond excited about Adam’s single to drop in November!!! Bring on the music, baby!

  • lafamepoma

    Salui is Finnish these Scandinavian men are really hot, Sauli, Alexander Skarsgard,Basshunter etc

  • justafan

    I love Adam more deeply than what his current appearance trend happens to be. I miss his emo hair, I don’t like the missing sideburns and didn’t like the light colors at all but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t fret about it anymore b/c he always changes it up but I’m afraid emo hair might be gone for good. The last time he wore his hair ‘down’ by any stretch of the imagination (in public at least) was at that Prince concert on Mother’s Day :( Sauli looks cute, he has really pretty eyes but I don’t find him ‘hot’ like others do. He’s just cute to me. Adam could shave his head and wear a garbage bag and I’d still wanna lick him from head to toe LOL. I’m just happy if Adam is happy and also READY for new music!!

  • Anna

    I’m too don’t like his look. but it’s always nice to see him

  • ysh

    That’s one hot couple!

  • http://wismiss3 cheesehead

    Such a beautiful couple! As one of the Glamberts, I want Adam to be happy and feel fulfilled. I’m sure this fuels his creativity…which, by the way, fuels us. Sauli is looking more and more hot. Watch out, Adam!:)

  • Adamfan

    Love seeing these two hot guys out enjoying themselves. Adam is beautiful and Sauli is getting hotter. I think Adam has something to do with that.

  • Angel

    I love ADAM no matter what.

  • Dill

    Both are extremely gorgeous but I am not feeling the silver pants.

  • Melissa

    His bf if hot. Of course he’s gay, they are either gay or taken. Damn his bf is sexy. I love his jaw line.

  • Zeeshan

    Nice jeans and Boots.I like your style man.houston massage

  • glamity58

    @Evann: I don’t get what he sees in this guy….he looks about 12 years old except for the silver hair. I hope he’s particularly nice and supportive of Adam….otherwise I don’t get it.

  • Jerry6

    I’m sorry, but Adam’s earrings, multiple finger rings, and necklases make me want to vomit. If he wants to look like a female, get an operation and end the mystery.

  • Maria

    @Bee: I understand what you are saying. I think it’s the combination of Sauli’s skin color (getting a little too tan), the platinum hair and the makeup. At the same time, this is an interesting, different look. It’s nice that they try different looks.

    All of you commenting on their hair: I think that your hair is the best thing to change about you; you ca color it again or let it grow / cut it shorter. It’s an easy, easily reversible way to change your looks. (And yes, those boots are not cool.)

  • Evan

    Well, I do understand why AdamĀ“s pic is smaller ;)

    Because this time his bf was much hotter than A himself :) (sorry!! :))

    Little Sauli the Sunshine is getting hotter every week and he is not too feminine for me, no no… His jaw line is sooo masculine and his icy blue eyes…

    So happy for those two love birds!