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Beyonce: 'Party' Video Premiere With J. Cole!

Beyonce: 'Party' Video Premiere With J. Cole!

Check out Beyonce‘s “Party” video featuring J. Cole!

The 30-year-old entertainer takes care of hosting duties for a backyard bash, where guests – including Bey‘s younger sis, Solange, and Destiny’s Child bandmate, Kelly Rowland – bust some dance moves and cool down in a pool.

“Your touch is driving me crazy. I can’t explain the way I feel,” Beyonce sings on the track. “The night belongs to us. Just hold me close, don’t let me go. So in love.”

FYI: J. Cole‘s own video, “Lost Ones,” was also just released!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s “Party” video?

Beyonce – ‘Party’ Feat. J. Cole
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  • BEAN

    Why are all her videos coming out at once?

  • takii

    Too ovexposed needs to go away for awhile.

  • Wes

    I’m guessing the THEME for this video is hoodrats? And of course Solange has to jump on the sis fame train SMH

  • YAYA

    @Bean cause Bey is pregnant and probably will take that break Takii wants her to have.

    I love this song so much. The vibe is too cool. But the version with Andre 3000 is better. I like J. Cole but 3 Stacks fits this song better.

  • stella

    Love beyonce but this song is wack. It’s annoying.

  • Ebony evans

    I love the video party!!!hot!!love my girl b!!!congrats on the baby…..

  • Mash

    That was fun…I actually like the song…I’m not a huge fan of her music but she seemed very comfortable & fun in it.

  • Mash

    That was fun…I actually like the song…I’m not a huge fan of her music but she seemed very comfortable & fun in it.

  • Ebony evans

    I love the video party!!!hot!!love my girl b!!!congrats on the baby…..she always come with it

  • Jojo

    Sexy ass women

  • ash

    i see she’s still killing animals. that dyed yellow fur is disgusting.

  • Nancy T

    Cute but again, nothing special.Yet another video where she’s either dressing up or putting on a fashion show. What else is new? Funny how she’s trying to make trailer parks look hip, chic & coutoure. Nice to see Kelly in there though. Where’s Michelle?

  • Celia

    I love it!! I never know if I like her songs until I either see her perform them or watch the music video. This whole album is AMAZING!

  • Lou

    reminds me of the dazed and confused shoot she did

  • So&So

    Cute but the overload of releases is annoying. She wasn’t gone that damn long for folks to crave 3 vids in the span of a couple weeks.

  • naBZ

    I am not sure what I was expecting for her video but it def wasn’t that o_O I think that video sucked even though I love the song. The hood party and her outfits were lame. Sorry B…disappointed!

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  • LaCroix

    omg would someone shut that hole in her face already?

  • whitney

    I’m totally a Beyonce Fan… as an entertainer, other than that she does not produce or write her own songs. Beyonce seemed really into herself in this vid, and as much as she tries to act even a bit ‘hood’ she cannot pull it off. shes way too ‘diva’ for that. Not impressed, at least dance or something…

  • Um

    Love Beyonce!

  • Cookie_Monster

    Is it just me…?the flow of the song is reminiscent of ’96-’98 R&B scene with girl groups like Blaque, 3LW, Blaque, Honeyz etc.., while Bey & the extras are dressed from a decade earlier like from ’88 ! Then what’s up with the Oprah voice parody when Bey sings the hook; “I told my girls they can DOOO ITT!! as in Oprah calling out her guest “John TravOOOOLTAAA”..lmao

  • cjohn


  • tope

    This video is good,i know people dont like this woman but are we not taking the hate too far? Someone said she is too exposed, i love britney spears but she was practically having sex in criminal video with justin and people said the video was the best.if we are to reprove anybody in life,let it have a genuine reason.dont just hate bcos u want to hate.

  • Aurore

    Is Beyoncé having fake boobs ? It seems so .. They don’t look natural to me.
    Not a fan of the music nor the videoclip

  • camillus

    Re: Aurore: Fake boobs yes, Fake hair yes, fake singer yes,
    She is pure fake from her head to ass. Fake pregnancy. It seems she’s now contracted to be on a web site every day. God how I wish she’s go away, No talent Fame Wh__re.

  • I dig u

    I love u

  • blb

    DEAR BEYONCE,stop wearing FUR!!!!!!!!!You don’t have to wear Real FUR!!!!!!!!!!You’re a BAD MOM already.i hope your kid will be less ignorant!Congrats…thanks to you and other self-absorbed celebs world is becoming worse than ever.WHY do you have to be so selfish i dont understand.oh and this song sucks.go away and never come back…

  • keep it real

    For every “hata” that post the ignorant comments….just a reminder: She is living her dream, while YOU behind a pc wishing it was your life. Stop deferring your dreams, and attempt to accomplish what she has. It’s okay not to like her music, but bashing her cause it makes you feel better about yourself is LAME! I am not a fan of the video. But her music is top notch. The numbers speak for themselves. Stop hatin from the sidelines and get into the game!!! Smdh..

  • sheila

    Maybe she’s putting out a video every other week because this album is not doing well. They hardly play any of the songs on my local radio station from it and it’s far, far from being a hit. Didn’t the 1st song, Run The World not even make top 20?!! Think it’s a bomb but her pregnancy has her PR thinking they can pretend it’s not.

  • Wes

    I’m a DIE HARD BEYONCE FAN….I have loved her since day one! What people don’t understand is Beyonce has paid her way, she’s been in the game for years, and she has sold trillions. Its ok for her not to show her ass or dance with the girls she’s SIMPLY ENJOYING HER LIFE….something that you HATERZ should be doing. Do I love the song HELL YESS do I love the video no…I WILL ALWAYS LOVE BEYONCE no matter what

  • breakingben

    SO funny to watch with no sound.

  • The Glamazons Blog

    Loved every minute of it!! Go BEY!

    And we gave step-by-step info on how to get Bey’s makeup look on! Check it here:

  • velver

    Cute but again, nothing special.Yet another video where she’s either dressing up or putting on a fashion show. What else is new? Funny how she’s trying to make trailer parks look hip, chic & coutoure.

  • Mia

    I watched it too without the sound!
    And it looked very weird, as if she is convincing us that she really is down to earth?
    Please beyonce, your bodyguard was holding your umbrella, when it wasn;t raining.
    And to someone who commented before about her breasts
    It really looks like silicons, when you watch closely.
    Her hair IS fake, her nose IS fake, her plaguerism IS real.
    Her diva attitude IS real. Acting as if she cares about all the black men and women is FAKE.
    Why is she wearing fur? WHY??
    Trailerparktrash doesn’t wear fur ??
    Convincing us that she did these video’s MONTHS before she was (uhum) pregnant? Right who believes that.
    She has so many video’s coming out because she wants to stay rellavent.

  • As IF

    I like the video fun dress up clothes not another body suit she looked like she had a great time shooting the video. I loved the hair and make up. It was like no other video she produced. I just wish sexy Andre 300 was in it. A+

  • demarieh

    Don’t u abuse my beyonce like dat beyonce don’t let no one drag u down uve improved from the last couple of days but u still work and produce a lot of amazing sexy actions uve got Kelly in u ur intelligent and as I sed don’t let no one bring u down

  • yassss

    Always someting 2 say about u Bey!

  • Cool Stuff

    Congrats beyonce on the new baby! Can’t wait for the new photos