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Blake Lively Goes Back to Boston

Blake Lively Goes Back to Boston

Blake Lively exits her car outside the back of an apartment building on Wednesday (October 26) in Boston, Mass.

The 24-year-old actress is back in Beantown, where rumored beau Ryan Reynolds is filming R.I.P.D., after working on Gossip Girl the day before in NYC.

Earlier this month, Blake and Ryan enjoyed an intimate dinner at French restaurant Mistral Bistro in Boston’s South End.

“They sat at a corner booth and it was just the two of them. They shared everything … Ryan said he was celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“For dessert they split the warm chocolate torte with vanilla ice cream. They were definitely in a celebratory mood!” the source added.

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  • Amanda

    She better be careful before she only becomes known for being someone’s girlfriend. She should be spending some time on her own to work on her acting instead of dating half of Hollywood.

  • T

    Flake is a 5 stage clinger

  • Ann

    wow she’s really clingy. One day she’s at work in New York and the next she’s in Boston to pimp out her fake relationship.

    And look, she’s doing that thing where she doesn’t want her photo taken when in actuality those pictures were taken by her publicist.

    JJ how much do I have to pay you to not see this girl again on your site?

  • Ireena

    beautiful but annoying

  • eye roll

    ugly and annoying is more like it.

  • blech

    ryan is loosing major points in my book for this… maybe he’s just trying to figure out if those pictures were really her or not lol.

  • UhOh

    If that isn’t a posing pressho face I don’t know what is. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME…. WAIT DON’T LOOK AT ME!!!
    Doesn’t she know every actress that became best known for who they dated….. soon couldn’t get work and stopped be known as an”actress “all together.
    Examples would be Lindsay Lohan, Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton.
    Pretty soon she will be best known for what she wears and who she dates. What an idiot.
    Should anyone really expect more from a girl best known for Gossip Girl and Green Lantern and leaking naked pictures of herself?

  • Shi

    Ryan has dated every woman in Hollywood. What a slut.

  • bosworth

    publicity vvhore…..public romances check……leaked nudie photos check…..leaving c-list boy friend when get a little famous check

  • bosworth

    @Shi: fking=/=dating ;)

  • samule

    @Shi: Ryan is just using the casting couch…there are a lot of Blakes and Olivias in Hollywood

  • Aman

    Ryan and Blake cheated on Green Lantern set. Penn and Scarlett was smart enough to break up with this two sleazy actors. Blake seriously woman, you’re too needy and and Ryan, dude! what are u doing?! Green Lantern is lousy no wonder because this two had an affair.

  • Thanks Jared

    Looks like these two have become inseparable.

  • Sara

    IF you thinking about comenting here ….DONT …….
    you just gonna make her more famous…and prove that her famewhore stunts are working .

  • lol

    Blake and Ryan = Sexiest Couple

  • lol

    Blake and Ryan = Sexiest Couple

  • J. Ryan


    Lindsay had some serious issues outside of who she was dating… actually I only remember Fez and the lesbian DJ. I can’t name one person Mischa Barton has dated and only one for Sienna and Kate.

    As far as acting is concerned Blake did an amazing job in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (girl’s mother committed suicide – almost made me cry) and she transformed herself in to this uber Boston tramp in The Town. Not to mention the fact she’s made more money in the last 5 years on Gossip Girl than the majority of her haters will make in their lifetime. I think she’s doing just fine.

  • anonymous

    May I ask why are they any different from any other 2 single, people on the planet who are giving a relationship a try? Acting is what they DO… that is not who they ARE and it just so happens that they are in very high profile positions that garnish them a life style we may/may not dream about. How many of your friends or family look for a sinister motive when you begin dating someone? How many marriages start with a relationship? Who finds a mate that does not date? She is 24, most women at this age begin to think about babies and families. You may not like the way she looks that fine, but she is not the definition of an ugly girl, and what does that have to do with whom she loves?? none of us know either one of them to assess the reason for their relationship Why not just wish the best for them and let it go!! Or Do you feel better when you belittle them or call them names. This seems like a case of why her and not me

  • anonymous

    Ryan has nothing to do with casting

  • anonymous

    When the 2 people namely Scarlett and Ryan said there was no scandal or cheating and you say “they lie” and “In Touch”, “US Weekly” etc, say Blake and Ryan had an affair, you say “they sure did”, If there was infidelity in this marriage, I do not think they would still be going strong as friends, but the respect for their relationship remains. This says a lot about the both of them. Bullock says “Ryan and I are just friends” you she’s lying. In Touch”, “US Weekly”, TMZ etc, say it so, so it must be true. What is wrong with you people. You think Hollywood which is where they work and think “Sex, Drugs, Money and fame” that all folks

  • Courtney

    leave blake alone. so what if she’s the eye candy of famous men in hollywood??? jealous much!! get a life

  • Courtney

    so many jealous people!! you are just good in criticizing her!!! Well, if you think you are better than her, show yourself hater!!


  • Tania

    good for them. they will be a beautiful couple if they are really dating

  • ren

    i don’t like them

  • marianne

    if she is a famewhore why would she cover her face?????? think people!!!

  • Deedee

    @Ann: Clingy? well if you have a bf like ryan reynolds wouldnt you be??? money to pay jj?? i dont think you have enough knowing that you spend your time checking out a post about bl. by the way, if you dont like her just ignore a post about her, period. no need to post a harsh comment

  • Grey

    this girl is getting a lot of hate, seriously!!! so many jealous ugly girls!!

  • @Ann

    Uhm @Ann

    Scratches head

    Just don’t click on the stories were her name is mentioned.
    You’ll be surprised to find then you wont have to read about her at gunpoint or otherwise.

  • useless twat

    why is she always after some actor hunk?! get yourelf a proper career first. do some serious acting what the heck is she for an unneccessary human beeing on this planet!!!!

  • Rita

    hate her all you want, she will never care anyways! dont forget she’s earning millions.. and you haters earn how many? hahaha grow up people.

  • dud

    perhaps that’s why leo dumped her ass, too much carbon prints in a week!

  • Tara

    Why hiding when everybody knows you are a sl*t?

  • Eloize

    So not only they’ve been spending the last 4 or 5 weekends together in Boston, but apparently make their best to visit each other during their busy working weeks. That tells a lot about how they feel.

  • @Tara

    and what about her former bf? How can you qualify a guy who dumps his girlfriend to sleep with different “models of the day” and have them over in his home? A sl***?

  • Tara

    @@Tara: This topic is about Blake not Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Robsten_Fan

    Poor Blake! :( She’s getting a lot of hate, seriously!!! So many jealous ugly girls!! She can do whatever she wants! jealous much!! get a life, losers!

  • Sue Denim

    She has dated four people so far. Ryan Gosling, Penn Badgley, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Reynolds. She has been in RELATIONSHIPS with all of them for at least a month or more. So…where is the ‘sl*t’ stuff coming from? If we’re gonna insult her, can we leave out the sexist stuff please? They all date around much more than her but surprise surprise they are all still beloved. Also arguably she didn’t even date two of those guys I mentioned and was just bearding for them…

  • Reina

    @Ann: Actually, what I see is just a girl and a car. Hardly exciting. Maybe you ‘perceive’ something different. Do you think her paparazzi would take such a blurred photo? Knock it off, people. If you distort reality to make it suit your preconceived ideas you take big risks.

  • Jeny

    love you Blake but stop dating one after another.. that is not good reputation

  • Chic

    I like her hat.

  • hahaha

    Seems like the Gossip Girl fan club is out of school already. I always wondered what kind of people ‘love’ this ugly and talentless famewh*re. Covering her face? Sure but she doesn’t mind looking straight at the cameras! Covering her face ( thank god for that! ) and wearing the hideous hats are part of the act. She gets noticed more by doing that!
    She makes millions and the ‘haters’ don’t? So it’s all about money? No surprise that you are a fan of hers!
    With regards to Leo he didn’t do anything pist break up that he didn’t do before ( modelizing ).
    Run, Ryan, run!

  • Pearl

    Why would anyone be Jealous of this girl…

    She is plastic

    She is not talented

    and she is a A list groupie..none of these guys take her seriously..she seems easy..thus they date for a quick lay

    None of the other respect actress like Carey, Amanda or Emma have to be seen with multiple A List guys for PR..or rumored to be messing with married guys

    Call me when one of these guys date her for more the a few weeks…

    She is a Joke IMO..

    Ryan will rid of her soon..

    then what will her fans say…

  • Pearl


    Millions for Blowjobs…LOL!

    Jenna Jameson earns millions…also for sleeping around..

    Jealous Much…?

    They girl is know for breaking up relationships and being a PR Ho…

    Nothing to be jealous about there..unless you are slut or hooker..

  • Pearl

    @Sue Denim:

    Only the c-listers want her more then a few weeks..What does that say..we all know Reynolds will be over her soon, eventhough she follows him around like she did with Leo..

    Also don’t forget the Men she was linked with..Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling, Harvey Weinstein….


    You have to be kidding me! This woman as Grace Kelly? It`s funnier than her imagining she can get the role of Daisy in Gatsby. Someone give her a clue already that SHE CAN`T ACT TO SAVE HER LIFE! The comments say it all!!!!!

  • Orly

    She should pay Jenna Jameson…

    Sleeps around and is plastic…

    She is too Plain/Almost Ugly & Non talented to play Grace ..

  • Orly


    Her people call the paps..but She glances enough for them to know it’s her, then she has to pretend she doesn’t want to be seen…

  • Cleo

    It seems that they are quite into one another.

  • Chuck Bass


    emma is in a pr relationship with andrew garfield and amanda (seyfried i assume) had an affair with dominic cooper so…

  • Reina

    Why such hatred? Did she steal your boyfriend or has she been mean to you? People who harbour such strong feelings for someone they do not even know are only damaging themselves. Not to mention how petty they look. OK, this is a gossip site, but what about toning down the comments? One does not need to be unnecessarily cruel. I actually think they make a great couple.