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Brad Pitt Signs on for 'Twelve Years a Slave'?

Brad Pitt Signs on for 'Twelve Years a Slave'?

Brad Pitt is reportedly joining Steve McQueen‘s upcoming film, Twelve Years a Slave, opposite Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Here’s the synopsis for the film, which is based on Solomon Northup‘s 1853 autobiography: “Educated, married and living in New York, Northup was lured by a job offer in Washington only to be kidnapped and put in a slave pen, leading to years of enslavement under various owners. He finally earned back his freedom when a white Canadian carpenter who opposed slavery smuggled letters to Northup’s wife, which helped launch a court case that eventually set him free.”

Brad is also producing the film through his Plan B Entertainment company and “has been developing the project for years,” The Playlist reports.

Twelve Years A Slave marks Steve and Michael‘s third film together – they first worked together on Hunger and have recently been promoting the sex addiction drama Shame.

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  • for real

    McQeen + fassy + Pitt = dream team

  • http://bocHakuW bocha

    yeayy..!!Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender…!!

  • Guest


  • JoliePittWatch

    Angie and Brad’s mom Jane Pitt went to Poland to visit Auschwitz last Saturday.

  • Ginger

    It’s cool that Brad Pitt is doing movies about life’s struggles. I hope he wins an Oscar soon!

  • Ellen

    It sounds like a great film.

  • lurker

    brad has been making good movie choices since he found his love angie,cannot wait to see their upcoming projects

  • ahhh ha ha ha!!! i love michael fassbender’s smile!!! too cute!!!

  • Sweet

    I read it gonna shoot in January 2012 and release late 2012, supposedly in time for award season 2013.

  • Kirsten

    Pitt, Fassy and McQueen? This is going to be so good. Brad picks great projects now that he’s with Ang.

  • carly


  • Jen

    I am so glad Angie and Jane took this trip together. I can imagine the discussions they must have had on the trip there and on the trip back home. Two brilliant women discussing serious world and historical issues.
    And I can imagine what Angie must have shared with Brad about their trip. How hard it must have been to see that place and all it stood for at that time in the world. I wish I could say we, as a people learned a great lesson from the Holocaust but, sadly, the world does not show that we learned much.
    If only we could learn to treat others as we would like to be treated. The world would be a far better place.

  • gracie

    Thank you JoliePittWatch for posting that link. Everytime I see pics of Brad’s parents with Angie, it gives me extra buzz and makes me happy coz it’s like they are telling the tabs, you should all go fcuk yourselves, we love our son’s wife (Angie) and that other b!!tch you liars think we love is all old tab/pap lies and 100yrs old news. We are united family and we support Angie. Do you guys notice the tabs don’t print the lies anymore coz they know with all the pics of Brad’s parents with Angie floating around, no one believe their lies anymore. The two women doing charity work together is great. Angie is the best thing that happened to this family, Brad’s sister adopting from Africa, his brother doing charity work in Africa and getting recognition for it and his mom’s charity work getting huge publicity and she may also be collaborating with Angie. The JP union is here to stay. What a fabulous daughter- in-law she is. Goodluck to them and God bless them all.

  • Jen

    I am loving Brad’s choices of movies. What a variety of parts he is selecting to play. This should be a great film. And I enjoyed Chiwetel in SALT. I loved what he did at the end of the movie.
    Brad, is so handsome in this picture. :)

  • quentin carmicheal

    what is not to love in this project? so looking forward to this film.

  • gracie

    Hi Jen, I am totally with you. Angie and Jane working together or doing charity work together is great for their friendship and a great way to strenghten the bond between them. This will only bring them closer. I love it.

  • Liana

    BP has an impeccable taste of great movies and movie roles.

  • JP Fan

    Yahhhh Go Brad !! Keep up the Good Work you Hunk!

  • lylian

    Thank you to JoliePittWatch.
    Obviously, these 2 ladies like each other company quite a lot. Proof is in the amount of time they have spent together and the regular visits both make of each other. I wonder if Pitt Senior is also there.

  • Frankie

    I love autobiographies. Im looking forward to see this movie


    Plan B is on a roll ! Brad is really going to another level and expanding his resume with all those meaty projecyts. He doesn’t stay on his laurels and look for great autors out there.
    He keeps on adding stature to his persona. It’s amazing the number of meaty project and critically acclaimed movies he has put out during the past 6 years.
    I love, love Fassy, Pitt, Mc Queen and Chiwetel !
    iI am Glad and proud for Mc Queen. Finally an Black European as myself going big, writing and directing meaty projects that Hollywood embraced !
    A can full of tremendous talent out there. Explosive combination !

  • world exclusive

    Jolie, 2 tabloid cover
    One with my story


    another not making money project
    Pitt is a looooser knoe
    So Pitty

  • busted

    @world exclusive: @AFTER REALITY 10:

    Move on.. seriously.. you are idiots..

    Brad Pitt is a STAR.. has made some of the most Iconic films. Many of which can be found on the 100 best films ever.

    YOU have accomplished nothing in your life except show that you are an IDIOT.

    get a job or get of the couch.. Brad will always be remembered.. NOBODY knows you and they don’t want too.

    LOL… at you LOSER

  • Rose

    Brad has said he is not taking project to only make money. They must have staying power. He is making movies that will be around and talked about for years by true movie buffs.
    Brad has enough money so now he is looking for projects that makes a difference in people lives, eg building homes for the less fortunate in this country and abroad. He is now into giving back, he does not have to worship the almighty dollars any more.
    Angie and his children makes him richer than any amount of money he can make from fly by night movies just to fill his pocket.

  • Lara

    Sounds like a really interesting project. Another I will make sure to see!

  • ex Jen fan


    @world exclusive: @AFTER REALITY 10:

    . . . YOU have accomplished nothing in your life except show that you are an IDIOT. . .



  • Jones

    Looks like another Oscar caliber project for Brad Pitt. The man is clearly on fire! And with Chilly (Chiwetel) as his co-star in this upcoming film, this is a match made in heaven! Chilly’s already worked with Angie in SALT, so I’m totally down with him pairing up with Brad! Fassy is another talented actor who’s on top of his game right now. A film with the three of them could be a game changer. Pitt is definitely in the zone right now with his projects and I’m sure Angie has a lot to do with that because as he stated in his Parade interview, you can’t make interesting choices if you’re not living an interesting life. Looking forward to this upcoming project and beyond for Brad!

  • anustin

    bahahaah… idol RE.TARDE Maniston eh…movies like…… just fck with it,mismanagement 43.hehehehehe

  • Baltimore

    I love him but how is Angelina supposed to cast movies if he does ? We all know they are doing one each at a time ! It’s her turn now !

  • who

    This movie sounds like a great project. Brad is on fire.

  • Another Lurker

    Does anybody know where I can buy Anuston’s tranvestite horse mask? I want one with also blond mane. I need it for Halloween.

  • world exclusive

    A smart people:
    Read the rag this week to know the truth about Jolie

  • busted

    @world exclusive:

    see there you go again.. being an IDIOT.

    (Wow you actually do have a purpose in life)

    I hope it pays a lot of money.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Michael and Brad together again. How wonderful? Although, Brad & Michael didn’t have any since together in IB, I am glad they are working together again.

    Glad to see daughter in law & mother in law traveling together.

  • world exclusive

    Coming soon ……….


  • chachitta

    Brad is living an interesting life now that is why he is choosing interesting projects. He lived boring life with chinnifer that is why everything was boring. Period!!

  • dianad1968



    I am sure the Jolie-Pitts work out their film schedule quite well with no help from the general public.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I meant scene.

  • Brat Pitt

    Did I mention that Brat drinks his own pee?
    (This time, you have to admit you guys started it.)

  • nani

    Did you notice JA’s though and manly neck at Hollywood Elle’s award? What was that so ugly?

  • world exclusive

    Goodbye loves
    See you next Wednesday ;)

  • OMG

    This movie gonna be so awesome. I think Brad makes the best movie choices than any of his peers.

  • brad is da hag

    Sissybitch pittstain is desperate for his fans to like him again. Pittstains or team and lainey are baffled by the negative response he gets now. So now sissybitch pittstain is trying to work with one of the most liked New actors…

  • brad is da hag

    Is it true that fassy beat up one of his ex girlfriends ? Rotflmao once pittstain hears about that he’s gonna run with his boots vibrating from all that shaking. Sissybitch that he is lol

  • Brat Pitt

    Did I mention that Brat drinks his own pee?
    Maybe I did.

  • brad is da hag

    im hoping she will finally dump him. Then she can work on whatever movie she wants and wont have to take the scraps. She turned down a lot of potentially good movies because of the sissybitch . Ugh @Baltimore: she probably doesnt want to hear him whine so she just gives in ..”okay fine you can do a movie “

  • Alice

    I didn’t know Brad’s Plan B was developing this film for years. Wow. I guess Brad hired Steve McQueen writing the script. I am really looking forward to this film.

  • brad is da hag

    World exclusive, you are still on a mission aren’t you. Like Wile e coyote chasing the road runner. Rotflmao angie says: beep beep jajajajaja

  • Bella

    I don’t get Fassy love. I think he is ok looking not great. Not the same level of Brad’s handsomeness. Since Brad will be in the movie, I will see it.