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Kate Hudson & Baby Bingham Land at LAX

Kate Hudson & Baby Bingham Land at LAX

Kate Hudson arrives at LAX International Airport with her son, Bingham, on Tuesday (October 25) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actress covered up her 3-month-old baby to shield him from photographers outside the terminal.

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Over the weekend, Kate and her fiance, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, bundled up and took Bing out for a stroll around London’s Notting Hill.

Earlier this month, Kate showed off a darker hairdo while filming her latest movie, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, in New York City.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Hudson arriving at LAX Airport with Bingham

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Photos: AKM, Flynet Pictures
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  • Owen

    I’m glad she had a boy because Bing is an extremely ugly child.

  • Angela

    What is up with her hairline?

  • Jade.

    “The 32-year-old actress covered up her 3-month-old baby to shield him from photographers outside the terminal.”… Of course she’s covering him. She doesn’t want people like you lot poking around in their lives!

  • Judy

    rock the boots!

  • Tuire

    This is disgusting. Kate Hudson has just started a family with Matthew Bellamy, their son is only three months old, and the first thing these people choose to do is to take as many pictures as possible of this innocent mother and child? Hudson is covering her baby boy from the cameras for a reason, so why can’t you respect that? She and her new family deserves privacy as well as the next guy, this is someone’s life we are talking about. And you people should appreciate it, not bother it.

  • Alice

    It’s terrible to see those photos. Why you people like to watch paparazzi pictures? SHAME ON YOU! Why can’t you just leave them alone? Stupid paparazzi, stop intervene into others people’s lives!

  • Apollo Green

    Why continue taking pictures of her if she’s obviously trying to shield her baby? How would you like it if your children were put all over the internet?

  • Jeffrat

    Kate obviously did not want these pictures posted around or even taken in the first place. She COVERED her child, yet, you had the nerve to stalk her, snap these pictures against her will and post them around. You do realize that what you’re doing is absolutely illegal? You’re so blinded by money and greed that you forget that what you’re doing is bugging real people and hurting an innocent child! Stop it before it’s too late. Leave Bing Bellamy alone. His parents tweeted a picture of him so that he wouldn’t have to deal with people like you at such young age. For god’s sake, the boy is just three months old! He should be able to see the sun without the flash of cameras hitting his fragile eyes. Leave the Bellamy family alone!

  • Duck

    These pictures shouldn’t even be there. What’s the big scoop, anyway? All you’re doing is post pictures of a mother trying to protect her child. Everyone knows about Bing and everybody have seen him long before the paparazzi managed to take pictures, when his parents decided to share his picture with those who truly care about the baby – Muse fans. All you’re achieving by snapping, selling and posting these pictures is anger both from Muse fans and from the Bellamy family.
    If you can’t get a proper job and make a living out of something decent, respectful and, heaven forbidden, useful and productive at least stop bugging the innocent and leave the young children out of their situation. Can’t you see the damage you’re doing by stalking these people and their kids?
    Stop taking pictures of Kate, Bing and Matthew. Focus on other things. Take pictures of people who don’t mind. These pictures of the Bellamy family are NOT welcomed nor wanted.

  • sheila

    Relax people, her peeps likely call the paps, because she NEEDS the publicity, her last few movies have been MAJOR stinkers and Entertainment Weekly just did an acticle slamming her on her bad career choices since she did Almost Famous TEN years ago. So all that has to hurt and she is more known for who she dates, who her mother is and showing her kids. She NEEDS this for her career. Sheesh, that’s Hollywood 101!!

  • Tuire

    What she NEEDS is privacy, not only for her own sake, but for Bingham’s.

  • Cat

    This photos are disgusting look at Kate she’s trying to protect her baby, why would you take this photo on the first place? This isn’t news, this is an invasion of privacy!

    And for all the people that spend their life’s reading this kind of sites, you’re all just a waste of space.

    “she NEEDS the publicity”

    Well maybe she really needs, BUT SHE NEEDS you said it right, the baby doesn’t need it.

  • Heidgee

    Stop posting pictures of Bing Bellamy. Nobody wants to see it, it’s disgusting that you still hunt for those rude, disrespectful, privacy invading photographs of a three months old baby! Famous as his mother and father may be, a baby deserves its privacy and should not be so exposed to the media at such young age. Let him grow up normally and quietly and make up his own decision of whether he would like to lead a private life or a public one. You do not have a right to make these choices for him and taking pictures while his own mother is trying to protect him is so far beyond crossing the line. Have you got any humanity left in you? I think not.
    Please don’t post any more pictures of Bing Bellamy and stop taking away his rights.

  • l34

    Taking pictures of Kate Hudson, I can understand. Taking pictures of a baby, that’s just disgusting. I agree with the previous comments, please, stop posting pictures of their baby. Thank you.

  • mwannir
  • Kayla

    I’m not seeing what the huge deal is. She’s outside, carrying a child. So what if people take pics? I think there is little interest in such pics, but the baby has already been photographed so what exactly is she trying to protect?

    I agree that it would be highly annoying to have photographers in your face, but even non-celebs give up their privacy rights when they step out in public, let alone celebs who survive on staying relevant.

    Neither she nor the child is compromised is any way – it’s just a pic, even if it is highly unflattering, annoying, and not timed to her liking.

  • Guest

    Bing isnt any more special than any other celeb is just as wrong to stalk other celeb parents and their kids as this “muse” baby.

  • well

    people saying it is no big deal obviously never had a baby, babies get scared easily by noise and flashing lights, I would cover my baby up too.

  • Dominique

    I personally find this a disgusting thing to be found on the internet! This baby could be a beautiful, kind, caring and lovely person, yet do you think this will happen if filthy photographers stalk around, searching them out, hiding behind bushes just for that ‘sell-able’ picture? Look at Lindsey Lohan,a child star who grew up in the limelight. Does the world need more people like that? No. No. No. It’s incredibly unfair on the parents as well, how they feel if their child grew up to be a total crackhead, paparazzi lurking around every corner? They would feel sick with disappointment and rage, when it wasn’t even their fault, it was those paps.Disgusting.

  • u r dumb

    Reading people’s post about the baby is funny! MORNS! REAL muse fans never wanted these two together in the first place! She is “engaged” to a famous band member so what do fing expect!!!??? She is going to get the paps up in her face and her life! That’s the point of the Hollywood lime light! She is only showing off the weird looking kid to get publicity for another LAME that no one besides fans that kiss her butt for some reason will watch. She also needs to get the record straight that JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE ENGAGED TO MATT AND SUCKED HIM INTO YOUR HOLLYWOOD WORLD BY GETTING KNOCKED UP BY HIM DOESN’T MEAN MUSE FANS WILL BE COME A KATE HUDSON FAN AND WATCH HER STUPID MOVIES!!! she and matt need to disappear because no one really cares about these two anymore. MUSE’S NEXT ALBUM WILL SUCK JUST LIKE THE LATEST ONE!!! THEY LOST THEIR ORIGINALITY.

  • Tuire

    As much of a Muse fan that I am, I HAVE NOT watched a single movie with Kate Hudson in it, AND just because she and Matt got engaged, it doesn’t mean I’d start watching her movies. I am not a fan of hers, never have been, probably never will.
    But nevertheless, there is some humanity left in me, so that I remember to put aside her career, as well as Matt’s, to see that celebrity is no excuse to start haunting this innocent baby boy. Matthew himself once stated that “It doesn’t make sense. It’s just music.” And who doesn’t agree? Just because her career is on the big screen, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t appreciate her private life, as she probably wants to keep it, indeed, private.
    And I think I should just ignore you comment about Muse, because it’s really degrading, and you probably don’t think too clearly.

  • Coco

    I agree with what most others have said, it is out of order to be taking pics of an innocent baby who happens to have famous parents. The baby was probably crying as well, looks like his little hand is grabbing onto kate’s sleeve in one of pics and seems like he was moving a lot due to the chaos of it all. Disgusting these paps.

  • dot to dot

    PLEASE CELEBS USE THEIR KIDS FOR PUBLICITY FOR THEIR NEXT MOVIE OR WHATEVER ALL THE TIME! YOU WILL SEE THIS KID’S FACE EVERYWHERE ONCE HER NEXT BOMB MOVIE COMES OUT! She already has his face all over the internet already. I’ve been a radiohead fan for years and never seen Thom Yorke’s kids. nor does he publicize his kids to make people want to buy his albums. Matt is stupid and so is Kate. Please they dated for 1 year and get knocked up with in that year and get engaged because she was knocked up. they are fake just like everyone else in hollywood.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of the reasoning behind Mr. Bellamy and Ms. Hudson’s relationship, this is absolutely degrading (in my opinion) that people would continue to poke their lives into someone else’s to see pictures of their child. How would anyone feel had they just had a child and then many paparazzi workers decided to come along and take pictures of the child to sell across the internet?

    Violated, for one thing, is perhaps a good term to use here.The child isn’t even old enough to complain! It is one matter to have professional photo shoots that are then submitted to the public, but an entirely other matter to have rude people come and take photos of one’s child to then freely post on different websites, especially when the parents of that child have already made clear that they wished for people to leave Bingham alone.

  • Alex W.

    @u r dumb:

    Get real Bingham it’s just a baby that need his own privacy like his parents

  • Alex W.

    Please give a break to Bellamy’s family Bingham it’s just a baby

  • Sally

    @Jeffrat: You know it’s all a set up right? She pretends to cover him up so you will think “Oh poor Kate…she’s being stalked by the paparazzi.” Pfftttt! Please. She called them! That’s her only chance of getting some money. Her movies never make money and she has nothing else going for her so what better way to get some attention than get the photographers to follow her around the airport to take some pics of her baby. Talk about set up! Nobody cares about Kate Hudson.

  • Sally

    @dot to dot: Yep! Yep! Yep!

    Fake to the bone. This couple will break up sooner than later. Probably sooner.

  • Amy

    Matt and Kate have clearly expressed not just once, but on several occasions that they DO NOT want their poor child’s privacy to be invaded. They even went out of their way to post a picture of him on Twitter to avoid it. Yet, you do it anyway. What the hell? This is just wrong.