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Jennifer Lawrence: 'Silver Linings' With Bradley Cooper!

Jennifer Lawrence: 'Silver Linings' With Bradley Cooper!

Jennifer Lawrence walks around the set of her new film, The Silver Linings Playbook, on Wednesday (October 26) in Upper Darby, Pa.

The 21-year-old actress, who plays Tiffany in the film, was spotted chatting with co-star Bradley Cooper in between scenes.

Anton Yelchin recently talked about his first impression of Jennifer when they worked on the romantic drama Like Crazy.

“I was training for a film called Odd Thomas that I was doing at the same gym Jen was training [at for] the bow stuff and all the running [for The Hunger Games],” he told MTV News.

“When I saw Jen, it was different kinds of physical training she was going through, like running training. She’s such a powerful person. She can do anything she puts her mind to. If she needs to transform for something, she’ll transform. If she needs to learn how to kill you with the bow, she’ll do that. She’ll do anything she needs to do,” he added.

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21 Responses to “Jennifer Lawrence: 'Silver Linings' With Bradley Cooper!”

  1. 1
    Jill Says:

    That haircolour is too harsh for her, and she seems a bit too young to play opposite Bradley.

  2. 2
    Merson Says:

    Love Jennifer Lawrence, very attractive and sexy.

  3. 3
    Elena Says:

    Frist impression? Like Crazy is their second movie together. But I guess Like Crazy could of been flimed before The Beaver, but anyway can’t wait to see Like Crazy, The Hunger Games & Odd Thomas.

  4. 4
    Ann Says:

    1. The hair colour makes her look 40.

    2. They made a HUGE mistake casting Bradley Cooper. Mark Walhberg would have done a much better job. I can’t believe they let him go.

  5. 5
    lohan#1 Says:

    Jennifer is very sexy

  6. 6
    melissa Says:

    wow i did not know she was in the film, the set is not too far from where i live:D saweet!!!

  7. 7
    mel Says:

    I have such a girl crush on Jennifer!

  8. 8
    records Says:

    @Ann: Mark Wahlberg had to drop out, nobody let him go.

  9. 9
    betsy Says:

    So sad Anton didn’t comment on Jennifer’s comments about not changing phisically for a character… She didn’t even try lose weight and look malnourished like Katniss does.

  10. 10
    [~Fug Face Man!ston~] Says:

    ..she’s not pretty at all.

  11. 11
    Creed Says:

    Jennifer needs to keep her hair brown. She is more sopisticated with it and has been getting more roles.

  12. 12
    kofef Says:

    That is exactly what I was thinking! If she was truley commited to the role she would have lost weight like any other actress

  13. 13
    betsy Says:

    @kofef: I know right? She wasn’t commited at all and that’s one of the reasons I won’t be seeing the movie because when I look at her I don’t see a malnourished person, I see the girl that showed her boobs on a baywatch dress at the oscars…

  14. 14
    kofef Says:

    exactly. She looks the same in all of her movies. I understand most of the roles but, THG is huge. No one is going to understand why she is chubby while everyone around Katniss is dying

  15. 15
    Romeo Says:

    Jennifer Lawrence isn’t chubby at all!

  16. 16
    I Need a Thesaurus Says:

    I’ve only seen her in one film, but she’s so boring. How overrated was Winter’s Bone? The more violent and intense a film, the ‘deeper’ it’s supposed to be.

  17. 17
    zozo Says:

    @I Need A Thesaurus…You also need a clue. I can’t wait for The Hunger Games!!. After watching Winter’s Bone, (before Katniss was cast) I completely saw Jennifer Lawrence in the role…so glad Lawrence was cast.

  18. 18
    Emma Says:

    How is this girl 21 ? She looks 30 . She’s not gonna age well at all

  19. 19
    alison Says:

    let’s all just stop talking about her weight for two seconds, okay? weight is a very sensitive subject, you can’t just go throwing around comments like “she’s chubby”. i know this is the internet but still, you can really hurt people’s feelings. jennifer is a very good actress, and a nice person. let’s talk about her acting ability and nice personality instead. i’ve had enough of the negitivity by commenters always on this site.

  20. 20
    Helene Masiko Says:

    Sure would like to get inflatable witch costume (borrowed from me by Ms. Lawrence on the set of “Silver Linings Playbook”) back!

  21. 21
    mel Says:

    @alison: Well, I think you are not getting the point here. I have no problems with her body at all. I like it. She looks different from all the other girls her age but she’s supposed to look EXTREMELY thin on The Hunger Games but she didn’t even tried. She thinks that because she has the acting ability, she’s got the carchter right, and there physical transformation is a huge part of the story. Would have you believe that Natalie Portman wasa ballerina if she hadn’t dropped 20 lbs? No, she needed to look sickly thin in order to make the audience believe but Jennifer didn’t care about that and that’s my problem with her weight.

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