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Kate Bosworth: Burberry Body Bash with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Burberry Body Bash with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth attends the Burberry Body event on Wednesday (October 26) at the Burberry boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress came out for the bash, which was hosted by the fashion house’s chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey, and one of the current Burberry spokesmodels, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Kate mingled with Christopher as well as her boyfriend, director Michael Polish.

FYI: Kate is wearing a dress, shoes, bag, and belt all by Burberry.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Burberry Body event…

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Credit: Michael Buckner, Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Getty
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  • JJ

    Who cares about this flop Where is Rosie the star?

  • Someone was in a rush

    There’s sexy bedroom hair, and then there’s “fell into a coma, just woke up and couldn’t be bothered to rake my hands through my hair” hair. And I guess she saved time getting dressed by tying an old afghan around her like a towel.

  • Happy Kate

    She is so pretty, with a wonderful smile. I think she looks happy!

  • S.

    Oh I’m pretty sure it has *everything* to do with her not eating.

  • bah

    wow its been a week since the last post…i remember we were getting posts once a day sometimes even twice day. thank god for small favours!!

    its strange her skin on her face is amazing – like no pores or anything. she has wrinkles but shes almost 30 so thats a given. but her arms just look so weathered and dry and sun damaged

    some one has to tell her that the bed head look doesnt go with every look!!! jesus how lazy is the hair stylist??

    i think over all she looks ok. the pattern of the dress gives the illusion her body more ‘meat’ on but then you see her skinny arms and legs

    meh she bothered me when she was dating Alex but before they dated i never really paid attention to her (ie gossip or fashion) i think my brain is still used to the fact that on JJ Kate was always followed by Alex in posts. but im sure in time i wont think or bother about her posts.

  • blah

    She and Alex both look much happier now – both are smiling a lot more since the break-up was made public. Kind of does make the reports of it being mutual seem more likely than the conflicting ones of either him having wanted marriage and being heartbroken over her ending it, or her stalking him after he ended it.


    uh ooh! bad hair day lol but still pretty indeed

  • bah

    i dont believe it was mutual at all. but what ever theres no point hashing it out and what i think happened. but i am curious what happened at the end tho.

  • rada

    there are actual people who are naturally thin. i for one think she is. she HAD to put on weight and muscle for blue crush, she is a slender girl, let her be. if only obese america could be so lucky.

  • caro

    i like her dress

  • This chick

    the hobbit creeps me out, it’s his eyes they are weird looking. He looks like one of those aliens from the MIB 2. Why is he wearing so much clothes man he must be warm, she well whatever the shoes is cute her not so much but she is the great pretender of her life so whatever

  • Famewhores suck

    Hm…where’d that quote about why she’s so skinny go? One minute it was there and then not. Maybe somebody realized it was just a little TOO blatant an attempt at spin, just randomly dropped in there like that.

    The ‘naturally thin’ argument doesn’t wash when you look at photos of her over the years. She’s been a normal weight for her size at times, and then other times she’s been so thin her bones have been visible. The contrast between the two is startling. Nothing normal about it. And since she split from Skarsgard, she HAS lost weight.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Dress is okay. Shoes look too small. Hair? No, no, no. Fake rings evident again, what’s with that?

  • hazmat

    She’s definitely not normally that thin. When your wrist is as thick as your upper arm, it might be a clue. Methinks she doth protest too much. And I think she looks happier, because her arranged partner is playing the game. Skarsgard never really did.

  • ladybug

    @Peanut Gallery: Those are ‘life partner’ rings! And yes, she does seem happy that MB is willing to be seen in the same photo with her, unlike AS.
    rada, she’s naturally slender, but if you look back at her pre Blue Crush days she looked slender and healthy, and she looks more slender now. And skinny doesn’t equal healthy and overweight doesn’t equal unhealthy.
    AS for the dress, I like the cut, and it covers her knees. And the blue is good for her (at least it’s not beige), but the actual pattern isn’t good-people don’t look good when it looks like they’re wearing quilts.

  • Bossworz

    Has she ever been very famous before? Because I don’t get all this fuss about her. I’ve just seen a movie of her: BlackJack. I liked the movie but that’s all. If she wants to destroy herself with botox I don’t care. Many celebs destroy their faces with botox.

  • Peanut Gallery

    @ladybug Bwahahaha wearing bedding ;) Life partner rings *snort* based on what? The fact that he is happy to be seen in public with her.

  • ladybug

    @Peanut Gallery: The life partners thing is from the Sunday times interview from 2 Sundays ago.
    Bosswortz, probably not botox, probably lots and lots of chemical facial peels.

  • BigEasy

    She’s beautiful and has the most gorgeous smile!!! She’s looks happy and healthy – just look at her perfect skin!

  • ladybug

    @blah: I concur with bah at this point there’s no reason in hashing it out but just because they’re both happy now doesn’t mean it was mutual, that’s logical fallacy (and yes I’m being somewhat pedantic on a gossip thread).

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    No a fan of that hair, but I love the dress and make up. Gorgeous.

  • dahlia

    she forgot to brush her hair… again. could use a little make-up, looks anaemic… again. Usually I love her style but she is looking more and more washed out… on the other hand, Alex is hotter:) and this boyfriend she has now is totallly irrelevant

  • sheila

    She NEVER gets the hair right. She has awful, thin hair, it’s like she’s almost balding so maybe the messed up look was her attempt at make it look fuller. Whatever, fail on the hair AGAIN.

  • Mimi

    Kate is a beautiful woman. I love her eyes. One is hazel and the other is blue! Very unique and special.

  • Chic

    @Mimi: I totally agree with you. She’s stunning!

  • mforman

    What makes me laugh with her 3 fans is do they realize how photoshopped she is, and when not photoshopped that girl goes through so many chemical peels and botox that soon it will take longer for her to heal. Don’t they realize that when she disappears from public view or has that extremely unattractive red glow to her face, she has had procedures done.
    Cher also styles Rosie and Rosie is the new face of Burberry, so of course the famewhore would show up, she probably wasn’t even invited until Cher got her an invitation.
    I just think it is so funny that now she is doing all of this modeling again because the pariah couldn’t even get hired as an extra right now.

  • Harley

    I love her shoes and I want her waist. She looks beautiful.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    She used to be so pretty and actually have a carer and fashion sense what happened?

  • http://ShelooksOLD! Blackcat99

    @BigEasy: Please!With enough make-up and photos taken from a distance ANYBODY can have perfect skin.Take a look at this photo from the Straw Dogs screening.Her skin is far from perfect and she looks OLD as hell!

    Thanks Kate for covering those God Awful knees!

  • bobbyweiner

    Botox face

  • Tulip

    Have to say mforman makes me very uncomfortable. Everything she conjures up about Kate is her delusion and I don’t think she recognizes that. It’s crazy for her to say Rosie thru Cher got Kate invited to the event. Kate is a Burberry favorite and gave Chris Bailey some big award at a fashion gala. That’s highly unusual because Burberry is all about the Brits – only Brits are hired to model for them. Fair enough, it’s a British company.
    Clearly, Kate’s never had botox. If you watch her in videos, her face is very animated. Botox freezes the muscles. I know it’s hard to believe her skin is that beautiful naturally, but it is.
    Well, you’ll believe what you want. No sense confusing you with facts.

  • lafamepoma

    She was anorexic, but why doesn’t put pounds again?

  • Gina

    She has really large feet. I never noticed that before.

  • chelle

    Why does she always stand like that? It looks like she always has to pee. And bending her back like that ……she is going to pay for it in her older age. I absolutely do not like that dress and Hobbit is creepy looking.

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    GoFugYourself article:
    Well Played, Kate Bosworth

  • Rachel()

    Nice dress and, but she needs to dye her roots and for god’s sake brush her hair! Her bag clashes too and what the crap is she doing to Mpol? He looks like a tool, who’s better groomed than Kate at least.

  • Rachel()

    @Tulip: Lol…when is the last time anyone has watched her in movies? Botox doesn’t make your face permanently imobile, and her acting is wooden as crap. She has like two expressions her sad look and her “sexy”(smug) look. Neither require much muscle movement.
    @mforman: I don’t find you creepy, just dedicated. =) The first thing I thought when I saw this was that Cher had pulled some strings to get her in, but I guess it does make sense for her to be there. Didn’t she used to model for Burberry?

  • knackered giraffe

    So how much effort does it take to look like a drunken, deranged clown? Kate?

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    Nice try! She does not look drunk, drunk with happiness maybe.

  • chelle

    @knackered giraffe: her eyes do seem a wee bit glassy in the close ups but hey it is a party right?

  • brenda

    She’s beautiful!!!

  • bah

    no was never a model for burberry

    did JJ get rid of the ‘i cant help it im skinny…its like a vibration’ part and added the bf?

    the guy looks terrible, he and alex never smiled around her but atleast he willing to pose with her. smile dude im sure there was free drinks! he looks very cold. is it cold in LA?? i thought you guys dont really have winter (cool weather) in LA??

  • ladybug

    @bah: It’s possible that MP is wearing a Burberry coat, just because it’s a Burberry event and not because it’s cold. Of course, Angelenos usually have a weird sense of what’s cold/cool and what’s not.
    Apparently JJ removed the skinny quote quite early on, as it was gone this morning. Not sure why he would put in there, what would be the point?

  • Shannon

    She looks high as an effing kite

  • yo

    @rada: My thoughts exactly

  • mforman

    @Tuip—Actually you scare me. Do know that Botex doesn’t freeze your face permantly, it is only temporary. When she does one of her chemical peels, she disappears for a while and then reappears with a red face; remember her when she gave Cher the Stylist of the Year Award, her face was red and glowing at the awards, and her white shirt made it stand out even more, and you are trying to tell me you have never seen her after she does one of her over blown lip injections, seriously. Have you ever seen a close up of her skin, it is awful, even with these procedures, she continues to do, over and over.
    The favorite for Burberry is Cher, because she can bring them true beauties, such as Rosie, who is their new spokewoman, that is a job that KB never had and never will.
    Cher got her that invitation and I am sure styled her in Burberry, in hopes of trying to do something for KB, since her ridiculous film roles have dried up, all of a sudden she is going back into modeling and of course since Cher has the contacts she will be using her other clients to get KB work, just like RB does.

    @Rachel()—Thank you for not calling me creepy—you are correct I am dedicated. I cannot stand that she is so selfish and self serving. It kills me that this disgusting famewhore is what up and coming actresses might see and think that is the way to get attention and what she represents to women in general. That I cannot help.
    KB hops from man to man and bed to bed, it is horrible.
    She was never a model for Burberry, but again because of Cher she has worn their clothes and always made sure she was photographed in them, that way she could score points.

    Tulip—Just to remind you of one of the many reasons I dislike KB, is her Mexico trip. Let us just go over exactly what she did, she went away on vacation (like she works so hard), decided to extend her vacation, even though she had a commitment to a foster childrens charity, in which she was a co – chair, had it advertised she would attend and then cancelled; then let us not forget she decided to go topless for the first time ever (interesting timing), made sure Cher took photos and then posted them themselves, the same day as AS’s trailer was finally being released for Melancholia; how interesting, and what timing. Once again she makes sure everything is done only for her.

  • Shannon

    and her hair looks atrocious. i get that she’s trying to make it look fuller & sexier, but it literally looks like she rolled out of bed. but then, her hair always looks awful. at least she’s not wearing beige.

    i thin it’s funny that she can never find someone to pose with her without them looking physically ill, not even her “life partner.” she looks thrilled, though…and drunk/high.

  • Camille

    Lainey has an interesting take on KB’s recent Burberry appearance and how MP appears to be playing the game, where Alex didn’t want to be used that way by her.

  • jackie

    Saw a screening of Another Happy Day in LA this week. Kate’s very very good in it. Captivating. Actually, all the performances were good.

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    Dear god. I thought Lainey had the exact amount of acridness to still be a bit funny, but no.
    Alex “refused to wh0re himself out”? Please.
    The criticism of Kate having a boyfriend after the breakup (my theory is that her relationship with Alex was “long” but superfluous) is so biased, how many escorts or something-wannabe has been Alex f_cking recently??