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Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth gives a grin at the Chanel Intimate Dinner held at the Chanel Boutique on Thursday (October 27) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 28-year-old actress attended the Burberry Body event with her beau Michael Polish.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

At the event, the twosome “never left each other’s sides, strolling through the party holding hands, stealing kisses and chatting with friends,” according to a source (via E! News).

Love Kate‘s lace-up wedges with gold chain trim!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Chanel intimate dinner…

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157 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!”

  1. 1
    alex Says:

    she would look so much better is she gained 5 to 10 pounds.
    she looks dead.
    with the extra weight she’d look a lot refreshed, her hair wouldn’t be so thin from starving herself and maybe she’d finally look clean.
    cool eyes though

  2. 2
    samule Says:

    Kate lay off the botox

  3. 3
    bah Says:

    hate the shoes. i think the hair shouldn’t have been in such a severe bun. it needed a soft up do i think.

  4. 4
    Zeeshan Says:

    How she is carrying the Shoes.???

  5. 5
    chelle Says:

    Oh look!!! She has to pee again!! What the hell is she wearing now? Those shoes are hideous.

  6. 6
    Actually... Says:

    I really wish that she could grasp that her overly bronzed legs are not her best feature. And that we can all see that they are SEVERAL shades darker than her top half.

    (Which is disturbingly obvious in such a short skirt: )

  7. 7
    youngagain Says:

    She is an escort. No more no less. She is not an actress

  8. 8
    Cj Says:

    What’s with the faux wedding ring? Gee this chick will do anything for attention! I mean really younhave 10 fingers but she had to put a plain gold band in her wedding finger. Oh Kate we see through you girl!!

  9. 9
    close your legs Says:

    kate will you PLEASE close those legs! in that short skirt while your trying to pose!
    also that is 2 JJ posts in less then 24 hrs, I guess kate is making up for lost time

  10. 10
    Where is the hobbit? Says:

    She didn’t drag the hobbit, life partner along, was it his day off? How, why shouldn’t they be live inseparable because being life partners and all how does she even go to the ladies room without him. How?

  11. 11
    /HAHA Says:

    She looks alot older then 28 and also her head is HUGE!!!

  12. 12
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: You’d think, as a former equestrienne, she’d have better posture, even when posing.
    I like the outfit, but it’s about a foot too short, it needs to cover her knees, which are not her best feature.

  13. 13
    sal Says:

    Why does she smile like that? It makes her look like an idiot.
    She has beautiful teeth, so why doesn’t she show them?

  14. 14
    Jeannie Says:

    For a wanna be model she should learn how to pose, and stop messing around with her face. Also, for such a ‘ private’ person, she makes sure that ring gets photographed. She’s so obvious.

  15. 15
    Mjforlife Says:

    She is like a bad flu that won’t go away…

  16. 16
    mforman Says:

    @ladybug—has anyone seen one photograph of her in a horse competition. The first time I saw her on a horse was in the weird Vanessa Bruno ad, that still makes no sense to me.

    The strangest thing is she has always posed that way, tilted head, the look that she has to go to the bathroom and the worst of it all, that smug, I am better than everybody smile, smirk, I do not know what you call it.

    @Jeannie—Those rings are ridiculous and the best part is that the famewhore who claims to want to be private, had to call X17, because how else would they know to concentrate on his and her fingers, I mean seriously, she will do anything for attention and I think this is only the beginning.

  17. 17
    Ryan K esquire Says:

    The Walking Dead could always use another zombie!!!!

  18. 18
    Irritating Says:

    Does this girl ALWAYS have to have a boyfriend??? Would it kill her to be single for like 2 months? She is definitely one of those women who think they are worthless without a man by their side. She has no self confidence and that’s probably why she’s anorexic too.

  19. 19
    Her Amazing Eyes Says:

    Her eyes are incredible. The shoes are weird but she looks great in that dress.

    JJ – will you delete this post too?

  20. 20
    chelle Says:

    @Where is the hobbit?: he was there …just saw pictures on her other paid for site ….I guess they really are attached at the hips ….ewww I would rather be attached to a nuclear warhead!

  21. 21
    brenda dubois Says:

    It’s kinda sad that she’s incapable of being without a boyfriend for too long.

  22. 22
    Why all the hate? Says:

    Why do all of you hater her? Please tell me. Is she really that bad?

  23. 23
    Jamie Says:

    She only goes to these things for the free sh*t they hand out. On Popsugar you can see her with a bag of Chanel stuff. She wants the handouts, plain and simple. Notice how her shoes are clearly Chanel? Sucking up to get free stuff.

  24. 24
    chelle Says:

    @Why all the hate?: She is a horrid actress who is only known for the men she dates. A blah “fashionista” whose stylist gives her advice on what to wear to the toilet. She blew off a foster children’s charity event to show her non existent boobs in Mexico the day her bf long awaited movie trailer was released to try to upstage him. Rumors of ******** her friends husband ….need I go on?

  25. 25
    Her Amazing Eyes Says:

    @Why all the hate?: Thanks for asking the question. Maybe the people who are answering you can really see how ridiculous their comments are.” Horrid actress! Likes to get free stuff!” lol Everything is based on gossip sites and of course their own hate for KB. Even if KB is not perfect (who is?) the haters comments are way over the top. They talk like they are part of her life and are so angry at her. Huh? I guess it makes them feel important. Whatever, it seems to make them happy. Oh and now they make nasty comments about Michael Polish just because she is with him- no other reason. Nice, right?

  26. 26
    Cora Says:

    @Why all the hate?:
    Most of (all?) the people who hate Kate are girls/women who are fans of Alexander Skarsgard. They hate her because she dated him. In other words; jealousy. It’s that simple.

  27. 27
    ladybug Says:

    @Cora: This makes the fans who don’t like her because she used to date Orlando Bloom/James Rousseau/other unnamed boyfriends very sad, since you left them out of your ‘explanation’.

  28. 28
    Actually.. Says:

    @Cora: I loved her in Blue Crush (who didn’t if they were middle or High School aged when it came out?), but after that she did more and more interviews and in them she was immature and occasionally very rude, AND has never been good in anything else I’ve ever seen her in. In short: I disliked YEARS before I had any idea who Alexander Skarsgard was, and don’t say I’m some Bloom fan because I’ve never liked him.
    I don’t dislike her because of anyone she’s dated. I dislike her because of HER, or at the very least the version of her that she shows the public. She can’t act, she acts very entitled and spoiled, and she never appears to do anything for anyone else. On Chelsea Handler, Chelsea had to stop her from going on and ON about how “smart” they were to make sure that a film was shot in Italy so she could get a free vacation. She didn’t talk about the actual movie or help promote her friend that was directing it until Chelsea got her to stop her self involved ramblings. And yeah, I find that annoying. (No men or jealousy in there, just her.) If she wants to talk about how beautiful Italy is fine, she WAS lucky that she got to go, but make sure you tell people about what the movie is about first (which I don’t think she ever got around to) so you can help both your and your friend’s careers. I just wish that for once she would think about something besides her personal instant gratification. (/rant)

    Sorry it was so long, but I am sick and tired of people saying that the only reason people don’t like Kate Bosworth is because of the men she’s dated. (Why would we limit ourselves to that when she offers us so many options?) – Okay, now I’m actually done.

  29. 29
    @why all the hate Says:

    They hate her because the hot guys they fantasize about fell in love with Kate. Plus she’s bright, beautiful, talented – they aren’t – and she has a life – and they don’t. This is the overall attitude of many of the snarky girls who post at JJ. It isn’t just Kate they go after. Yesterday they were like rabid animals going after Blake Lively and Ashley Greene and probably many others! Pathetic!

  30. 30
    Where is the hobbit? Says:

    @chelle thanks I will take your word for it. Why does she always ruin her BF careers. Isn’t he like a diretor shouldn’t he be like directing not following this idiot around. She is going no where fast and she takes down her life victims, sorry partner down real fast. Oh well better this idiot than Alex. I hope he has a fashionable prison sorry love jumpsuit for this relationship.

  31. 31
    ladybug Says:

    @@why all the hate: What an excellent over-generalization I look forward to more of your vast insight into the mind of the ‘average’ JJ commenter!

  32. 32
    chelle Says:

    Really?? Are we going to play this game yet again?? Yes I happen to like ASkars. I also like Orly. I don’t care that she was with either of them. I don’t know a thing about Polish but he does look like a creepy little hobbit. I explained why I don’t like this twat. She has no redeeming qualities. She can’t act, her “effortless fashionista ” is because she is styled within an inch of her life ….just take a look at Cher Coulter’s twitter.

    Oh and I do have a life. I am finishing a surgical residency in 2 years, I am happily married AND …….wait for it …..I AM NOT FAT!!!

    SERIOUSLY!!! you KB stans really need to get over it or at the very least get some new insults. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities about this person. She does not deserve any respect. Anyone that hops bed partners as fast as she does in nothing more than pure gutter trash. I only hope Hobbit wears a hazmat suit and attaches a harness to her waist to keep from falling in the bottomless overused hole!

  33. 33
    mforman Says:

    @–chelle–I am so mad at myself. Yesterday it seems that the information about her cheating on AS with MP, has finally come out.. We all knew it would happen sooner or later, because that so called relationship was over way before Coachella, I think she was trying to keep this a secret as long as she could, to once again make herself look like the little, fragile innocent, victim, my goodness she is really a joke. I will get you the link, hopefully tonight.

    I truly do not know why her two stans, always change their sign on names, especially when we know what they are doing. honestly why even bother, when we all know they just keep changing them over and over. How silly, if they really were her fans, they wouldn’t have too, but then again she has no fans.

    It is so obvious that they are stans because they do not believe anything we say, and there are quite a few of us, some with the same stories and others that have others to offer, but no matter how many of us there are and usually with pretty much the same stories, they would rather put on blinders. How sad.

    There truly isn’t one pleasant or even one nice post we can say about her.

    Why does she continually to lie and make up stories about herself and other things, when she knows we know all about her. It is truly amaizing.

    Maybe one day they will listen to us.

  34. 34
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: “Oh and I do have a life. I am finishing a surgical residency in 2 years, I am happily married AND …….wait for it …..I AM NOT FAT!!!”
    Didn’t Lurie try and insult you by claiming that since you didn’t like KB you must be gay?

  35. 35
    bah Says:

    you said ” Yesterday it seems that the information about her cheating on AS with MP, has finally come out.. ”

    where did you read this??

  36. 36
    Tulip Says:

    Kate’s lovely. People who have met her are always commenting on how gracious and sweet and interested she is in them. When she filmed Another Happy Day in Michigan EVERYONE fell in love with her. I’m excited to see that movie. She’s a cool girl.
    @bah: Mforman is crazy. Ignore her.

  37. 37
    bah Says:

    lol on the Jewelmint blog she is already using her new bf to pimp out her jewellery.

    just like she mentioned when alex when he came on to set when they were doing a photoshoot for her collection.

  38. 38
    mforman Says:

    @bah—I am still seeing which gossip site I saw it on, I am so angry with myself, because I usually make sure I can at least give you guys a heads up.

    To be honest, I didn’t this disgusting creature could go any lower and then well oh well, and surprise, surprise, she is just evil and just wants to make sure that she has her digusting bed hoping, “AS made me do it,” excuse all ready

    She is truy onre of the most vile creatures in all of HW.

    I hope I can get you guys that link by tomorrow.

    Take care

  39. 39
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    You go girl! but I liked more the last event look.
    I think the more natural, the more beautiful she looks.

  40. 40
    chelle Says:

    O@ladybug: yes he did. He’s a stupid twat too …LOL. I still find it amusing that all the critics for Straw Dogs gave him worse reviews than KB.

  41. 41
    Lollipop Says:

    THIS! This is the way she ALWAYS poses and it reeeally bugs. It looks so stupid, I’ve never seen anyone pose like that all the time. Also, her head is beginning to look freakishly huge compared to her little skinny body. Is she aiming to look like an alien???

  42. 42
    Lollipop Says:

    *bugs me

  43. 43
    wtf? Says:

    what are you talking about? this is such a natural body position xaxaxa

  44. 44
    oy Says:

    @Tulip: EVERYONE fell in love with her? That’s a narcisstic Mary Sue fantasy – so it actually fits in with KB. And her stans, I suppose.

  45. 45
    Tulip Says:

    There were so many comments from the people of the community where AHD was filmed saying Kate was extremely nice and gracious. I know it conflicts with what you want to believe!

  46. 46
    oy Says:

    I have no problem believing that many people find her a nice person (although my lack of disbelief may be a problem for you, I suppose). It would be just as abnormal if everyone hated her as it would be if everyone loved her.
    On that topic, I bet she always tries really hard to ingratiate herself with others. Her problem isn’t that she’s a snob on purpose – she just comes off that way, regardless of good intentions.

  47. 47
    Lily Says:

    @Lollipop: Those could be the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen KB wear. I don’t care that they’re Chanel, they’re super ugly.

  48. 48
    Lily Says:

    I don’t understand why so many people seem to think that her eyes are beautiful. I think it looks like someone took a poop in her eye, LOL:
    She’s got beautiful lips though.

  49. 49
    typical Says:

    It’s always amusing to read anyone who posts on KBo or any other actress that draws critics to say it’s because everyone is a jealous hater who wanted her boyfriend. Since you would no doubt want us all to rise above that as women and be supportive of each other. Yawn. Others have said it, but the reasons this one draws such criticism are obvious and no stan here has refuted it – she doesn’t have much talent, Hollywood has been the metric on that one (she’d be getting B-list roles if that were the case, not filming out of her own suitcase with her friend’s handi-cam), she seeks attention (because as much as the paps are evident in LA, they aren’t sitting outside her friends houses without her calling them), for someone who has public attention she does nothing at all to turn that towards good use (charities? causes? Anything? no – wait, she did go on a freebie to the Maldives so she had to post on that, but other than that it’s straight up fashion dinners). I think it’s fair game to be critical of individuals who seek public acclaim who are basically just floating from one VIP free pass to another. I can understand it – I’ve had the benefit of top restaurants and nice hotels too, but it doesn’t make her interesting. Her interviews also play that up – there is nothing that she has to talk about, it’s all repetitive and about things that are filler, like her talk about Lost Girls. and don’t get me started on her lame attempts around JMint. I think she and Polish seem suited to each other – he appears to want to get some limelight, she’ll be happy to try to make him something bigger in the industry than he is, etc. They like the paps, etc. may just work. But for the love of all that is sane, stan posters, don’t keep banging on about how beautiful and talented she is if you can’t acknowledge at the least her serious eating issues because that weight is unnatural and her skin is starting to show it…

  50. 50
    Eresyn Says:

    She shouldn’t be allowed to wear black, it makes her look even worse than she already appears. Her legs are like toothpicks and don’t get me started on her knees (or her lollipop head). That hair bun makes her look too severe, she should let the hair down, even that we know it’s too thin and unhealthy looking…She used to be very cute, and instead she chooses to starve herself and look way older than she is (that, i would never understand).
    One thing i really like though (don’t kill me for this) are the shoes!!!! LOLOL ;)

  51. 51
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: So do I. I suppose in some way that should take some burden off the lead actors, since the reviews that hated SD blamed Lurie, not them.
    @typical, that guerrilla-style of movie making for the Coiro Italian project just proves how indie she is, don’t you know!

  52. 52
    Get Real Says:

    @Lollipop #41: Thank you for posting the link to the picture of Kate. It’s a beautiful picture!
    @Typical: You obviously haven’t seen many of Kate’s films. She’s especially brilliant in dark, dramatic roles. I loved her in The Girl In The Park and Straw Dogs. Overall, she got great reviews. I’m really looking forward to Another Happy Day and Big Sur. On the flip side, she was adorable in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. She’s a darling of the fashion world so, of course, would be invited to many fashion events. I’m certain she picks and chooses the ones she wants to attend. Please, Tom Ford wanted her for his fashion spread in InStyle. Tom Ford? Doesn’t get much better than that! Paps in LA know where many actors live, park outside or nearby their homes, and follow them everywhere. How do you think they find Orlando getting ride to bike ride in the mountains!?! Duh? She and Polish seem very happy and comfortable together. It’s nice they can ignore the paps. I’ve seen paps in LA. They are really really annoying. I don’t know how anyone can say Kate doesn’t have beautiful skin. It’s like porcelain. She’s a naturally thin woman. Don’t you know anyone who has a hard time gaining weight? Please, it goes both ways – for some it’s a huge battle to lose weight and others to gain. Very few people don’t have one or the other problem. Unfortunately, obesity is the real problem and has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. I think overweight has become the new normal. Too bad as it’s quite unhealthy.

  53. 53
    Blackcat99 Says:

    Doesn’t she have the look of a “CRAZY LUNATIC” in these photos? and her lips are Not beautiful in my opinion she has had them plumped one too may times.They have lost their natural shape and have no definition.

  54. 54
    Fashionista Says:

    Love her! She looks stunning!

  55. 55
    typical Says:

    @Get Real: This site keeps tweaking out on me so it may post partial twice. GR – thanks for that, normally I wouldn’t bother replying but I have to assume you’re in on the joke of her because your tone is way too over the top to be serious, but that was really funny. So much to pick through in there. Of course I’ve seen her films, so have most of the people on here. “especially brilliant” hasn’t come out of any critics mouth (well, if you don’t count her parents), so that may be a bit of a stretch. She’s average at best and most in the film business would agree that she is utterly replaceable in almost every movie she has been in except for Blue Crush. Picks and chooses – did you look at the rest of the guest lists for some of the things she’s been to lately, including the Chanel dinner? Not brimming with A-listers. Tom Ford – do you really think he made the model choice for InStyle? If he was so enamored of her, why has she never been to any of his shows? Particularly the ones where he uses his own set of fashion icons to model? They have a column in that pub from Bilson for g’s sake, it’s not Vogue. Ignore the paps. Well, ok. Yes, she’s a black belt at ignoring the paps. One of posters at The Fashion Spot said it best re her skin – “she’s got like three bottles of foundation on her face”. And that’s why her body and her face are radically different shades. Won’t even go there on the weight, it’s too silly to address. Although maybe she’s so thin because Kirsten D, Michelle Williams, Cary Mulligan, ScarJo, heck, even Blake L have eaten her lunch in H’wood. not even in their league. But yeah, that was good, I don’t get enough to make me laugh out loud during the day.

  56. 56
    Ali Says:

    I met her at a restaurant in LA maybe 2 years ago. She was having lunch with Orlando Bloom’s sister. Kate couldn’t have been nicer. I was very impressed by her ability to make me feel comfortable even though I interrupted their lunch. OB’s sister seemed sweet too although I mostly talked to Kate. Kate’s very pretty especially in person!

  57. 57
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Ali: RIght!

  58. 58
    ladybug Says:

    @Blackcat99: Oh, it’s entirely possible that Ali’s story is true.
    In this thread alone have been mentioned many reasons for not liking KB. But I don’t believe that among those reasons mentioned is that she’s rude to people. So Ali’s story isn’t really doesn’t address those reasons mentioned.

  59. 59
    oy Says:

    Does she have a career other than being in tabloids?

  60. 60
    chelle Says:

    @oy: yes it’s on her knees though.

  61. 61
    Zeeshan Says:

    Does this girl ALWAYS have to have a boyfriend???
    Yes girls always have at least one boy.massage houston

  62. 62
    Tulip Says:

    If Orlando, James, Alex wanted to be with any of you, would you have said no? I mean, come on! We don’t know much about Michael Polish except the he’s quite a filmmaker. He has an interesting look (I actually like his look) although he’s not moviestar handsome. My point is, desirable guys were waiting in the wings for Kate to become available and they’re the sort of guys one wouldn’t walk away from. I, for one, can’t blame her for being in these relationships or the timing of them.

  63. 63
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: “waiting in the wings” it must be my warped brain, because now I have this visual image of her with one one those little machine with the number strips in them, that stores use for people waiting in line.
    Also, I suspect some of them were pursued, and weren’t waiting.

  64. 64
    Tulip Says:

    @ladybug: Without any nastiness to my response to you, I disagree. I think all the men I mentioned pursued Kate. Regardless, would you have turned any of them down if they wanted to spend time with you? I wouldn’t.

  65. 65
    Alexandra Says:

    Does anyone know where Alex is at the moment?

  66. 66
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: Of course you’re going to disagree, but then I think you have a very, very rose-colored view of KB.

  67. 67
    Macy Says:

    I have my doubts that Alex persued her, seeing as he was dating someone else at the time they met. Kate kept pouring it on until things didn’t work out between he and ERW. You can tell by ERW’s comments that she was pissed off about that. Also, it’s was pretty well documented by a lot of gossip sites that when KB was filming Superman Returns, she was trying to hook up with Marsden, and that same with Jim Sturgess during the filming of 21. A lot of people on those sets noticed it. I would venture a guess that it was the same on the SD set also.

  68. 68
    oy Says:

    @Tulip: It’s really not about who she’s been with, or when, it’s about how – that woman just cannot function independently of men, her self-esteem depending on the presence of one and when she “has” one, she morphs into him, adjusting her habits and clothing choices.
    I’d still respect her, mind you, if she could own up to it. But the hypocrisy rampant in whatever comes out of her mouth – that’s when she goes ‘bleurgh’ for me.

  69. 69
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Tulip: Sort of like Leonardo DeCaprio.She was on him like white on rice.Kate thought she had hit “Pay Dirt”. What did Leo do? He “Hit It and Quit It” and all Kate got out of it was photos of her “Walk of Shame” plastered everywhere.

    “Waiting in the wings” HA!HA! More like hiding in the bushes and avoiding her like HELL.

  70. 70
    ladybug Says:

    @Alexandra: Not with Kate? (his new movie starts filming in Shreveport next week).
    Macy, she does have a reputation of pursuing men, so Tulip claiming that’s there’s just a line of men waiting to date amuses me.
    As oy points out, she seems unable to function without a man. So, even if she did have a line of men waiting to date her, perhaps she should take some ‘me’ time and figure out who and what she is and not be dependent on a man for her personality. It’s as if she read that )(@#*$ book The Rules from about 10 years ago and never realized it was cra*.

  71. 71
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    You say it – You own it OR Trash is as trash does lol
    @ chelle – You refer to KB as gutter trash.( #32) Reread your own comments dear ( #60 also) thats just disgusting. The comments you make sure make YOU sound like gutter trash!

    You say you like Askars – Askars would run as fast as his legs could
    take him to be faaaar away from the likes of you! He seems to be sweet and kind and mellow. You and your comments would repulse him, I feel certain about that. Even though his love affair with KB is over I don’t think he would sink to your level. Too bad cause you obviously are an Askars stan.
    Oh and you like to use the word tw*t quite a bit too. NOOO you’re not gutter trash, not you lol
    Red arrow away! All of the haters must be so proud of you chelle.

  72. 72
    Lilla Snorkfröken Says:

    @Her amazing eyes:

    Good post HAE! ITA wholeheartedly with you, even though I’m not the biggest fan of KB, actually I don’t know her at all but never get this hatered which is totally based on meanspirited gossip blogs and trash magazines. It’s not really my business but as a huge ASkars fan I’m sort of relieved when their relationship is over b/c all of bitchyness their relationshipi caused in the ASkars and True Blood fandom and secondly I’m not the biggest fan of international marriages either. I think Alex should marry Scandinavian girl *cough cough cough* but otherwise I think ppl should leave that poor girl alone. Those haters, which indeed mostly are Alex fans give the normal fans a bad name. Not all the fans hate KB or give a rats a$$ Alex’s private life and who he dates, bangs etc ;D

  73. 73
    Kay Says:

    Really?? I thought Evan was just a hook up and that they never really had a relationship. Oh well maybe I’m wrong….

  74. 74
    mforman Says:

    Hi bah—I finally narrowed down where the rumor was printed, it was in one of the lesser known magazines and the article had to do with the Burbuerry event to snuck her way into. Don’t worry, I have never let you guys down and I do not intend to start now.

    @Tulip—-You say I am crazy, at least the things I say are fact, whereas you, being the stan you are, change your name and say the same nonesense.

    @bah—I know right, I couldn’t believe the most recent postings of her using him too, but he ike her must love it, it is just to funny.

    @oy—who keeps falling in love with her. All the things we hear is that if a man is attached or can help her in anyway shape or form she goes in for the kill. Her stans and pubicist make sure we always find out about she is in such demand for love, espcially on her knees with her co stars.

    “Nice”, all I have read about her is that she is a demanding diva, who ignores her fans and is very nasty to them, tells other actors and directors, who all have much more experience than her what to do.

    In Michigan, when she was filming there, she totally insultated the whole state, with her horrible comments about various things; for instance, she found a Michael Kors skirt in a thirft store and could not stop talking about how nobody in that town knew what it was, I mean give me a break, she only got the cover of LUCKY, because Cher called in a huge favor. So sorry she made no friends there.

    By the way guys, please, please watch Fridays, 10-28, edition of Fashion Police, I am still laughing at the comments made by Joan, especially about KB, it truly was a classic episode.

  75. 75
    Tulip Says:

    @Macy: AS was never into ERW. KB and AS didn’t start dating until the Scream Awards. He pursued her. Please provide links to the gossip sites saying Kate and James Marsden hooked up during SR as well as Kate trying to hook up with Jim Sturgess during the filming of 21. Some girls like to say Kate was flirting with Jim Sturgess at the 21 premiere which is ridiculous. They were happy to see each other and that’s the extent of it. Not even the worst of the trash magazines reported the $hit you’re claiming. BTW, Jim’s girlfriend was with him the night of the premiere and Kate was seen with Jim’s girlfriend at the Troubadour in LA months later, They all became friends during the filming of 21. Kate was with James then.
    @Blackcat99: All that was reported about Kate and Leo was that they were sitting together at a club. They were with a group of people and all left together. No report of them hooking up. Kate and Leo are probably friends and hung out in a group one night. Big deal. Don’t let your imagination get carried away!
    I find the jealous behavior on this board appalling.

  76. 76
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @Lilla Snorkfröken:
    Thanks Lilla!! The KB hate is just way OTT and when I see especially smutty comments I can’t pretend its okay.
    ITA with what you said too. Their “facts” are all taken from mean gossip sites and trash magazines. LOL
    If most of the posters are ASkars fans (the ones here are stans,for sure) then the irony is thick. ASkars seems to just want to do good work,give back,enjoy his life – a live and let live kinda guy. They don’t get it at all.
    Thanks again and I see no one has red arrrowed your comment. Thats a start!

  77. 77
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: ERW visited AS in Shreveport during SD filming. “I’ve even been there myself, so there you go. I did date one of the cast members already, so I’m done.”
    So yeah, he was probably interested in her.

  78. 78
    Tulip Says:

    @ladybug: But you never answered my question. Would you have said “no thanks” to going out with Orlando, James, or Alex?

  79. 79
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: Not the point, really. It’s a nice attempt to divert attention from the fact that she doesn’t seem to be able to go more than a few days w/o a boyfriend. And say for the sake of argument that all her boyfriends have pursued her. She could in fact say, ‘not right now, just got out of serious relationship and I need a little space’. It’s been done, she could do it. She appears to choose not to.

  80. 80
    Macy Says:

    WTF are you talking about, he dated EWR for a couple of months. Good grief she went to visit him on set and the were photographed at a local market. She admitted they dated in an interview a few months ago. I don’t have to look anything up, other people have already posted the proof. I never said she hooked up with Marsden, I said she tried to go after him. Jim too, but he resisted because of his girlfriend. The proof is out there, go look for it yourself. You can start with Lainey gossip.
    I’m so sick of people asking for proof of the crap she does. Camille got lambasted by a couple of idiots trying to refute things and she posted NUMEROUS links proving otherwise. Naturally, those people shut their mouths and never responded to the proof. Go look for it yourself. I don’t have to prove anything to you, I’ve seen the stories and so have countless others. Why the hell don’t YOU prove your facts for once instead of always demanding it of others?

  81. 81
    Doreen Says:

    I don’t often post of Kate Bosworth’s threads, because I’m not a fan of hers. While I haven’t read the stories of her trying to persue James Marsden and Jim Sturgess, I have heard about them in passing reading several websites. What I don’t understand is why some people demand proof from people about things like that. Do you people honestly think that several people are making up the same story simultaneously? Someone, somewhere must have seen these things or some kind of proof. Stories don’t just spontaneously appear out of thin air. Even if it’s an unfounded rumor it must have been reported somewhere for people to catch wind of it.
    Ms. Bosworth appears to me to be a very insecure girl with a lot of issues. I really hope that someday she grows up and admits she needs to work on some of those and get a bit of help. I don’t think she’s a bad person, but she doesn’t come across as an overly likeable one.

  82. 82
    Blackcat99 Says:


  83. 83
    Jamie Says:

    LOL that picture is hilarious!

  84. 84
    F_Le_Rulz Says:

    Kate’s fingernails look really unhealthy.

  85. 85
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    @Blackcat99: haha, it’s like Kate making one of those Hugh Jackman funny pictures.

  86. 86
    CJ Says:

    You know is the one thing that supports the general theory out there that Kate is a total dimwit???! And you don’t need any proof!!

    She is wearing a g*ddamn wedding ring when she isn’t married. Doesn’t that say a thousand things?

    She is blatantly wearing that gold band on her ring finger to illicit interest in her as she has nothing else to offer the general public.

    Totally pathetic. And to all those Kate supporters out there can you honestly say that she is innocently wearing that ring without wanting the ATTENTION??! Please

  87. 87
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    “She is wearing a g*ddamn wedding ring when she isn’t married. Doesn’t that say a thousand things?”
    Yeah, it says that:
    - She is wearing a golden ring.
    - She isn’t married.
    wait… those are just two things, not thousands!

  88. 88
    CJ Says:

    La nouvelle icône fashion:

    haha! Touche! You got me :)

  89. 89
    oy Says:

    @oy: Darling, you really must stop impersonating me. I’m flattered, but our writing styles aren’t close. It’s your tell.

  90. 90
    oy (2) Says:

    @oy: Lol, I’m not impersonating you – in fact, I assumed you were impersonating me. Kinda jumping to conlusions there, huh?

  91. 91
    Tulip Says:

    @Macy: I never said AS and ERW didn’t date for a brief period of time. I said he wasn’t into her. And thanks for posting such a credible link. You call that proof? Do you always believe gossip sites and rags? People who have met Kate, friends, writers for magazines who spend quite a bit of time with her for interviews, people in the business have nothing but nice things to say about Kate. Even your beloved AS said he’ll always have love for Kate. No credible source has ever said anything negative about her. Does that count for anything?

  92. 92
    Camille Says:

    You are aware that sometimes people say things just to be polite, and that they don’t necessarily believe them, right? Sheesh! Give it up already. It’s pretty tiring to only see you come on here just to blast others and demand proof. You don’t ever really have much else to say. No, gossip sites shouldn’t always been taken with absolute truth. However, there is usually some grain of realism to what has been posted or there would be a ton of lawsuits I would think. People can’t just go making up absolute nonsense and post it as fact, or they get sued. At the very least they refute the claims and demand retractions. Since that doesn’t happen to a lot of celebs, you can assume that SOME (I’m not say all) of what is said happens some of the time. It’s obvious that someone like Kate Bosworth is aware of the gossip sites, she mentioned she knows people talk about her being thin and whatnot, so it’s not out of the blue.

  93. 93
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: You know, it is possible to take your claim that AS dated ERW even though he wasn’t into her to make the same claim about his relationship with KB. He may have looked into her at the beginning of the relationship but not so much the last few months.

  94. 94
    Curious Says:


    Out of curiosity, where did Alex say that he’d always have some love for Kate?

  95. 95
    He has good up bringing Says:

    @Tullip 91 I just wanted to say that of course Askars was polite about her on paper but HW is a small town they will run into each other. So of course he was polite about her in print. But his bolting from the Straw Dogs Pr shows me how he really feels about her. (apparently not so good) Action as they say speak louder and more effective than words. Just like she is despeartely trying to show that she is so over Askars. (despearate action but one none the less). If she would shut up and just be happy (it always shows) I would believe her but this forcing us to believe she is so in love, speaks a different story.

    But of course this will go over your head and understanding just like you belive that everyone wants her straved body.

  96. 96
    chelle Says:

    @Her amazing eyes: I have said this only about 3million times …..I disliked KB long long before ASkars came into my view. I really don’t care who these people date screw whatever. My point is that she is not a very good influence on anyone and the little publicity stunts she likes to pull makes her look desperate and trashy.

    As for ASkars, he is a very talented and beautiful person both inside and out. I admire him for the way he is but by no means think he can do no wrong. I also don’t live in a delusional world where we are going to meet and walk off in the sunset living happily ever after. My hubby might not appreciate that very much.

    As for you thinking I’m so much trash under your feet, I have also stated I call it like I see it. I have always been brutally honest and I don’t see the need to sugar coat things. Been that way since I learned to talk. Sorry if I offended you regarding your girl crush. AND the word twat is much better than a couple of other words I refuse to say spell or think so get over it!!!

  97. 97
    mforman Says:

    @Curious and He Has Good Upbringing—I agree with you both, on quite a few points, especially that ridicuous comment Tulip made that he always had some love for KB. He never said anything even remotely close to that

    I mean seriousy, the man didn’t even talk about her until after the breakup and then he still didn’t mention her as his suppossed gf.

    @He Has Good Upbringing–Like you said, “Actions speak louder than words. When he made sure to first stop going to his usual hang outs, that was the first clue; then making sure to arrive first at the SD premiere and got out of there before KB showed up.

    Also, as we know he has class and lets his acting and his reputation speak for themselves. He doesn’t have to talk about a bad situation, because he knows his fans will see the truth. Even with all KB did to AS he allowed her to still save face; so she doesn’t repeat that situation, instead she jumps very quickly in MP’s bed, poses with fake wedding bands, calls the paps to make sure they take close ups of the rings and shows us all, her usual smug (I am better than you all smile).

    For some reason Tulip keeps making things up, without any backup. It really looks more and more iike she is a stan.

  98. 98
    Adorable Says:

    Kate is so beautiful and looks very chic at this event. I might be in the minority but I adore her shoes.

  99. 99
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @chelle You’ve been that way since you learned to talk? Your parents must be proud of the job they have done! You do post many crude and disgusting comments.
    “I only hope Hobbit wears a hazmet suit and attaches a harness to her waist to keep from falling in the bottomless overused hole”
    Nice chelle. Do you realize how cray cray this comment makes you look? You took the time to think that up and post it. Gross

    I call it the way I see it too and you and your comments are TRASH.
    Your comments speak for themselves
    Oh and red arrow away. It shows me how many fans you have for your crude comments

  100. 100
    What a HYPOCRITE Says:


  101. 101
    Lilla Snorkfröken Says:


    Doreen you mean several GOSSIP sites, right! LOL, you haters are so pathetic it’s almost funny..

    Good comment again Her amazing eyes, thumbs up x 100!

  102. 102
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: Nope, that’s too logical and straightforward. It has to be because you are a fat, middle-aged, jealous lesbian stan of OB/JR/AS. It certainly can’t be that KB isn’t really liked because of who she is.
    And I see her stan with multiple posting personalities is back: when trying to pretend to be a different it helps the illusion if you don’t show up too close together, time wise, don’t have a similar ‘voice’ and don’t keep congratulating yourself on your clever repartee.

  103. 103
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @ladybug Nothing was posted about how much chelle weighs,what orientation she is or her age for that matter. I don’t care about any of that. The sick comments are what I can’t stand. I guess they can be ignored by some. Not me.

    As far as switching names, It seems that old accusation of multiple names is brought up anytime posters can’t think of anything else to say. Give it up.
    Gee, do you think I would post a congratulatory comment to myself? Right after my own comment? Oh please, make up all the stuff you want. You are wrong and actually I think you know it.
    Defending a friend is commendable, even if the friend says things that are crude and gross. I guess.

  104. 104
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: Yet I’m the “TRASH” for calling a tramp a tramp? I guess by them calling me trash is no where in the same vicinity as me calling someone a twat? LOL
    @Her amazing eyes: so would you not be affraid to do anything unprotected with her??? I sure as hell would be …if I went that way. BTW you don’t have to keep quoting everything I say. I know your jealous cuz you didn’t think of the comments and the hazmat one actually came from my hubby who thinks she’s a bigger tramp than I do. But at least I don’t generally go around insulting posters that I do not know.

  105. 105
    ladybug Says:

    @Her amazing eyes: Yes, I do think you’d post a self-congratulatory comment to yourself. Otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it. It’s not that you’re giving a positive reaction to another comment, it’s that you’re doing in such a way that it gives the very distinct impression that you’re patting yourself on the back.
    Of course, it’s entirely possible that hae and LS are two entirely different people, but with an amazing hive-like mind regarding KB.

  106. 106
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @chelle I quote what you say because that is the point of my posts. Showing the gross comments you make. Is there a problem with that? Are you ashamed of them now?

    No, I am not jealous that I didn’t think of those comments I am PROUD I didn’t think of them. If I were you I would be at the very least embarassed by them. Now you say your husband thought of them. Well you obviously belong together

    Sorry if you feel a widdle upset ,you know the saying “Can dish it out but can’t take it.
    The truth hurts chelle, the truth hurts

  107. 107
    mforman Says:

    As promised, I found the article that states exactly what a disgusting creature KB is and never deserved AS in the first place.

    Kate Bosworth is a total psycho hose beast if she cheated on this Swedish hunk of man meat, also known as Alexander Skarsgard. He is very fine, hot, hot, hot man and she’s stupid if any of this is true. STUPID.

    Reportedly, Kate was cheating on Alex with her new squeeze, director Michael Polish. This guy isn’t a tenth of the hotness of man meat that Alex is. (Can you tell I’m Team Eric?)

    There is another article and as soon as I find that one I will forward it

  108. 108
    ummmmm Says:

    @mforman- that’s just a rehash of the National Enquirer article I remember everyone was commenting it was trash. In fact it was on Celebitchy and alot of people thought it was all KB pr.
    The article is just repeated with comments. Take it as you will.

    I don’t think anyone knows the exact story but i guess that’s what speculation and gossip is for. :)

  109. 109
    mforman Says:

    @108—That seems interesting since it was posted after their recent outing at Lemonade for lunch. Also the date for the story was new.

    I have seen other articles about her doing what she usually does, but I was asked to print what I had just read so I did.

    I never read that particular piece in the Enquirer.

  110. 110
    chelle Says:

    @Her amazing eyes: I am not ashamed of anything I said. I was just giving hubby his rightful credit. As for us belonging together …..damn right we do. My parents are extremely proud of me mainly because I don’t back down. Also in my profession females deal with a hell of alot more than you could ever dish out so bring it ……I definately can handle words from a faceless person. Especially since I can handle having urine thrown at me (among other things ) while.being called everything under the sun and then some. So no, calling this bobble head a twat is not embarrassing to me.

  111. 111
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: That comment does seem in reaction to the Enquirer article, which came out at the end of August. Considering the inaccuracies in the article: it claimed that AS was in LA sleeping on friend’s couches and licking his wounds when he was quite obviously happily out and about in NYC, filming WMK. It also repeated the the living together/possible engagement bs, the belief is that either the Enquirer made the whole up and/or someone (KB) planted the story to look like KB was in control and AS was all torn up about the end of the relationship.

    I still don’t believe that she cheated on him with Polish, unless the relationship with MP started well before filming of Big Sur. AS appeared to be mentally/emotionally out of that relationship well before Coachella.

  112. 112
    Macy Says:

    I’m confused, are those actual articles from publications? Because they seem more like comments on articles or something. Is there no link to say where they came from? It’s kind of hard to separate the “artcile” mforman is talking about with her own comments because they seem to all blend together.

    I agree, I would assume they are about the Enquirer piece, but to me they seem more like comments on a forum rather than actual articles.

  113. 113
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: They’re comments from a forum about the Enquirer article.

  114. 114
    Ria Says:


    hey Mforman,
    hope all is well..
    I read on a blind gossip site that she was sleeping with Walter Coggins who was also in SD and is engaged to her friend, Nadia Connors(wow what friend) any way this was in February and March(you are correct LONG before Coachella) she supposedly got pregnant and aborted the baby and FLIPPED when Coggins asked Connors to marry him a few weeks later…I believe it she is a snake

  115. 115
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @chelle Having urine thrown at you is horrible! You might want to consider that your profession is more stressful to you than you realize. Maybe the stress is causing you to say extremely crude things as a way of letting off steam. That’s the only possible reason I can think of that a person might have for making the OTT (and vile) comments you make.

  116. 116
    mforman Says:

    @ladybug—I understand what you are saying but, I had never read the cheating article before the Burberry event. I truly believe that she is trying to make herself the victim again, just like when she pulled this nonesense with OB. Can you imagine having your whole life revolve around this cr*p, because you have no talent whatsoever. We all know what she is good at and my goodness what a disgrace she must be to her parents, that is why @Her Amazing Eyes shouldn’t comment on anything chelle or her husband say and throw in comments about her parents.
    Sometimes it really does show when we hit a nerve with her 2 stans.
    I really do believe her relationship with MP began as soon as Big Sur starting filming, or when she was cast, especially since we never saw AS and KB together for months and months, being the gentleman he is, he let her save face and went to Coachella with her; the fact he looked so unhappy at the festival, the fighting between the two of them that had Cher even stepping in and worse yet, not even one off his friends went with him this year, the poor guy was trapped with her and her paid for friends; wasn’t it great how happy and relaxed he looked when she suddenly left early to go to work on Big Sur, that didn’t start shooting until that Monday.
    That to me showed she was cheating with MP, but still was stalking poor AS, her reputation speaks for itself, she always has to have a back up.

    @Macy—Sorry, you guys only asked me to find the artices, I will definitely get the links for you, I will try and get them posted tonight. Also, Macy in any of my posts, I have never made up stories, KB’s real life is just too full of disgusting behavior.

    @Ria–How are you and where have you been. I have never read that particuar post, but what is so sad is with KB’s reputation, especially what she does to her gf’s that have bf’s or husbands, who knows what is true. The worst thing about her is that she doesn’t blink an eye when she does all of the things we know about, she doesn’t even try to hide it.
    But now that she has a life partner, who she admires the most in this world. Can you believe she even said that. To bad AS is such a great guy, becuase I would love for him to tell the truth of what happened, but I think him being the way he is, is one of the reasons he has such loyal fans.

    I bet he misses Joans on Third.

  117. 117
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: I think she was done with AS when she took up with MP (or more accurately AS was done with her). However, I would believe that she was still trying to get back with AS when she was with MP.
    I’m not sure that the Enquirer story ever got posted in its entirety online, here’s the Celebitchy link about it:

  118. 118
    MAcy Says:

    I thought so, they didn’t seem like articles to me but just a reposting of comments on an article. That’s why I suggested the links be shared.

    Yes that would be great. Though I think they all stem from the Enquirer piece, which was obviously a load of crap. I remember someone saying it was convenient timing because it was during a big event for Skarsgard, like his movie premiere, or casting news, or something like that and she was trying to take the attention away from him and place it on her. I could believe she would do something like that actually.

  119. 119
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: “I bet he misses Joans on Third.” I bet Joan’s on Third misses him too. All that free publicity.
    @Macy, I think most of the Enquirer pieces on their coupledom were crap-either they made it up on their own or someone fed it to them.

  120. 120
    Macy Says:

    I assume she fed them to the mag. She tried to say that she doesn’t talk about her private life, but that’s obviously not true as she just finished revealing her relationship with Polish. That’s not a statement someone who values and protects their privacy made. I think she was told to clamp down on it, so instead of it coming out her mouth, she planted it from “close friends” or “sources”, etc.

  121. 121
    Bosworthless Says:

    I’m not normally one to do this, but please, please read the comments section on this video of Bosworth being interviewed on Jimmy Fallon – I’ve literally been crying with laughter at the argument that’s broken out there.

  122. 122
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: You mean the Enquirer didn’t come up with engagement and moving in together stories on their own? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you :)

  123. 123
    Macy Says:

    Ha! No kidding. They were totally planted, and in the end as a lot of us suspected, not true.

  124. 124
    BlueCrushed Says:

    @mforman, Keith was at Coachella.

  125. 125
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: And a couple of other friends, as well, IIRC.

  126. 126
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: And a couple of other friends, as well, IIRC.

  127. 127
    Macy Says:

    Yeah he had a couple friends with him. He wasn’t alone. I actually think he went there with his friends, and not with KB. As in, she travelled separately from him and they merely met up there.

  128. 128
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: I think you’re correct, I remember someone posting tweets from Cher indicating that she and KB were traveling together, and not with AS.

  129. 129
    Macy Says:

    Yep, right along the same time Cher tweeted that she was packing three days worth of outfits and JM for KB to take, even though they only ended up staying two days. Alex went with his male friends. I don’t think he necessarily wanted to spend the whole weekend with her, but he was kind of stuck at that point.

  130. 130
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: I know that Coachella is both a music fest (for normal music lovers) and a big pap fest, but do you really need a stylist to pick your outfits for a music festival?

  131. 131
    Macy Says:

    @ladybug: Apparently she does, but I won’t only find her guilty of that. I’m sure there were others there that did the same. At least to his credit, Alex didn’t sit there and pose for pics, not that you can say the same for Bosworth.

  132. 132
    mforman Says:

    @BlueCrushed and ladybug—You are correct that the Swedish gang went to the first Coachella festival, but at the second festival it was Cher, her sister, I think Keith and one or two of KB’s paid for friends; just take a look at the photos from the weekend and you willl see what I mean.

    To be honest his friends stopped being seen anywhere near her beginning at that Nylon magazine nightmare. The only one that still was seen with her was the Surfer Dude, and then he even stopped.

    I just think they got sick and tired of being not only a buffer but also a babysitter

  133. 133
    chelle Says:

    @Her amazing eyes: not complaining about my career choice or I would not be spending the time or money for it ( traum/ critical care resident ). If the crude comments offend you so much either don’t read them or go to a less controversial subject.

  134. 134
    Macy Says:

    No, Alex was there with more than one of his guy friends. Not necessarily the Swedish gang, but definitely Keith and there was another guy there also. Surfer guy left before the Nylon party. He was gone in late February.

  135. 135
    Macy Says:

    You can see the other guy here, in the white shirt. He and Keith are Alex’s friends, and that is who he actually travelled with to the festival. On other sites you can see photos of Alex just walking and talking with his guy friends while she’s just in the background with Cher and another girl. Bosworth only went with Cher and the other girl, Rachel, who is supposedly Cher’s daughter. Other than that, I don’t believe anyone else was in that party, which IMO was in fact, two separate parties attending the same festival and Alex was stuck hanging out with her and her cronies.

  136. 136
    Macy Says:

    Actually I was incorrect, Surfer guy was gone back to Sweden by early Feb. These photos were taken around Feb 4 or 5th, the same day as the Bristol Farms shopping.

  137. 137
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: I’ll mock anyone else who uses a stylist to dress for a music festival. If you can’t figure out how to dress for a music festival, you need help.
    I find it amusing that in this year’s pics, the ones from Saturday, where’s she’s really posing up a storm, it appears from the background of the pics that everyone else has left her there.

  138. 138
    Ria Says:


    the reason the blind item caught my eye…it was titled “BFF and ring”
    a blatant play on her movie BFF and Baby..the movie she that was written by Kit Coiro and Nadia Connors…..

  139. 139
    ladybug Says:

    @Ria: This blind item?
    I wouldn’t really call KB a B list actress, not now.
    I still think this blind item is someone else, if it’s even true.

  140. 140
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @chelle At least you admitted that your comments are crude!
    Please don’t advise me to go somewhere else. This is a KB thread and that is where I want to go. You and your buds have made it a hateful place. You should go somewhere else and spew .
    Judging by the last several posts, its clear where you guys belong -
    you and your buds belong on an Alexander Skarsgard STAN thread. (Poor AS – he seems like a sweet guy)
    Just read the comments/conversation about Coachella above. Inane and ridiculous.

  141. 141
    Another pos Says:

    JJ has another post on Kate and molish arriving at LAX hand in hand on monday I guess molish doesn’t mind the paps then

  142. 142
    ladybug Says:

    @Her amazing eyes: You are of course welcome to stay here. But KB’s threads getting negative comments about her didn’t just happen when she started dating AS. So if KB have negative comments upsets you, you’re on the wrong site.

  143. 143
    Macy Says:

    Oh I’ll make fun of that stylist crap too, but she’s not the only person we should make fun of for that is what I mean. All sorts of desperate wannabes at that festival posing up a storm in carefully selected outfits. *cough, Vanessa Hudgsens or whatever her name is. If you can’t pick out your own clothes to go listen to music, it’s a bit pathetic. I can see red carpet events, or press stuff, but a concert. Give me a break!

  144. 144
    mforman Says:

    Sorry guys if I was mistaking about him bringing some friends with him to Coachela the poit I was really trying to make is that the first year it was th e whole Swedish posse, including isa L and then this yearhe had one or two friends. The past year his friends decided he was way too good for her and they just didn’t want to be around her (honnestly, do you blame them).

    @137—ladybug—she gets styled to go to the vets and or the post office, how ridicuous is that. When she wore those white shorts with the pockets hanging down, I couldn’ t stop laughing, my 10 year old niece wears them, not a 28 year woman and what was that pose of her’s standing all by herself, looking so foolish.

    @Ria–She is a Z list actress, even her own WIKI page calls her wooden, she cannot act. She only gets parts when favors are called in a she puts up some of the financing, I think that is why she is going back to modeling, I mean seriously what else can she do, her and Cher do not even design the JM pcs.

    Ria–I do not know aout he steaing of the ring, but I can see her sleeping with her friend bf, that is what she does, she has to have it all, why else doesn’t she have any gf’s uness she pays them.

    @Her amazing eyes—you need to go somewhere else. We are all entitled to our opinions. Don’t you find it strange that we all write the same things about he, I know speakig for myself, I have disiked her way before AS. I cannot stand people that are only out for themseves
    They are self centered and only care about what they can do for themselves

  145. 145
    Ria Says:


    ladybug…her association with AS quickly elevated her to a B, for a VERY short while………..I cant get past the reference to the BFF(from another site AND the movie adaptation is Superman)

  146. 146
    Ria Says:

    Pregnant By Her BFF’s Fiance
    BuzzFoto] A B list actress from a popular movie adaptation has been sleeping with the boyfriend of her best friend since April. She found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago and ab*rted the baby. Last week, her best friend became engaged to her lover….. more as this story develops.

    BFF Engagement Drama Becomes Nastier
    BuzzFoto] In our last blind we told you about the celeb cheating with her best friend’s beau. This weekend the B list actress from a popular movie adaptation,was so angry about the recent engagement of her BFF and her lover that she broke into her lover’s apartment and stole her best friend’s engagement ring while the two were sleeping. The BFF is beside herself and her fiance is too, since the ring cost over $12,000.
    This was posted right around the time of the BFF and Baby premiere and I immediately thought of an afterhours house party and mybe KB snooping into someone; bedroom…..also the “sleeping since April”
    made me think of the blow up at Coachella and how KB could really stick it to AS..sleep with ANOTHER costar from Straw Dogs…I doubt AS cares about her latest director…lots of people claim AS made friends with the cast and crew of SD that would piss him off

  147. 147
    Ria Says:

    depending on who knows about her taking the ring ..the “New rings” and life partner crap about Polish would be a perfect cover for crazy behavior!!!!!

  148. 148
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @mforman Gee I thought you were a big AS stan, in fact I thought you were the Queen. After all, you do enthusuastically refer to AS as “man meat hotness” #107 so I would think that means you appreciate his good looks and like him! Nothing wrong with a stan expressing the way she feels. I get it. ( were you quoting an article or was that your own comment? It’s hard to tell.)
    You are certainly entitled to your opinions. When you try to guess about what happened between Kate and Alex that is what they are – opinions – NOT facts.
    Thanks Queenie

  149. 149
    mforman Says:

    @Her amazing eyes—-I will never take away from AS’s fantastic fans, by calling myself the Queen, I feel that we all are because we really enjoy his talent and the fact that he creates a new character each time and that is very rare.
    I never said that he was “man meat hotness, I did say that he was and is a “Swedish hunk of man.”
    Right now KB is making sure that she makes sure that she tells any pubication around we know that she dumped AS because all he wanted to do was hang around with his friends and not make her the most important thing in his life, the creature constantly talked to the press about this exact same thing when OB dumped her and that way she always had and has people feeling sorry for her to get more and more sympathy when let us realize she was dumped, due to the fact that she is an extremely scary person, who not only stalks her victims, but drunk calls and texts them as well, to gain as much sympathy as possible. She really is truly a desparate person.
    Also, why do you dislike chelle so much. For as long as I have been posting with her, I have found her funny and interesting. Give her a chance I do not think you will be die[

  150. 150
    mforman Says:

    @Her amazing eyes–sorry I was just finishinf with my comment regarding @chelle—–If you give her a chance I do not hink you will disappionted.
    Just give her a chance. Marissa

  151. 151
    mforman Says:

    @146—Ria–You make a couple of excellent points regarding the creature.

    1) She definitely seems like type of person you invite into your home and she goes through drawers and of course medicine chests. I am waiting for the day someone exactly catches her. Thank will be a classic posting.

    2)Also the flaunting of those rings that her and MP are wearing is just to weird and like her she will do anything for attention, seriously how did X17 know exactly when they got to the event and to make sure their hands were photographed.

    You make a good point about those nasty fights a Coachella, she tried to start trouble with him, but he was the one on the set of Straw Dogs that everybody talked so kindly about; and the fact they wanted to work and hang with again; when it came to her it was the complete opposite, as usual terrible attitude, not nice to work with and thought she was better than everybody else.

    So I could see her trying to start something with him at Coachella and him laughing about it and her getting madder and madder becuase he wasn’t getting mad.

    He is probably having the best time watching what the newest victim is going through.

  152. 152
    Wiley Says:

    There’s a small group of some really crazy, highly delusional girls at this site! mforman, chelle, macy, I’m talking to you! Sometimes ladybug has moments of clarity otherwise she’s a little nutty too! You’re all like a mean girls click. Gross.

  153. 153
    @Ladybug and #94 Says:
    Regarding Kate – “I’ve got nothing but love for her. She’s amazing, a great actress and person.”

  154. 154
    @Ladybug and #94 Says:
    Alex’s comment regarding loving Kate, “I’ve got nothing but love for her. She’s amazing, a great actress and person.”
    December Elle UK.

  155. 155
    @Ladybug and #94 Says:

    Sorry for the double post. I didn’t realize it posted the first time, thought I’d inadvertently deleted my post and rewrote it.

  156. 156
    mforman Says:

    @#152–Wiley —You left out RIa, I am so surprised because you put me in such a wonderful group of women. You know women that respect themselves, have qualitilies that people admire in us, have friends that we do not have to pay to have and best of all can go one or two days without having a man in our beds, or yes we also change our sheets.

    Wiley–I know she only has maybe 3 stans, but must the 3 of you use the same ridiculous comments about us over and over.

    Just curious Wiley, what do you think of her famewhoring and especially how she is really playing the ring situation up?

  157. 157
    mforman Says:

    @Ladybug and #94—He didn’t say he would always have love for her, so that is not what was printed. If you what the interviewer wrote and what Tuip is saying, thay are two completely different things, with two different meanings.

    As we AS fans have always known he is a true gentleman. So where the famewhore who used him for anything and everything she could, especially the nonesense of those rings and the classic quote of MP being her “life partner” , after supposdely only dating since July, when it is all over HW that she was cheating on AS with MP, but making sure that she doesn’t bring AS up at all but still brings up OB after 6 years. He really must have love for her when he made sure to get to the Straw Dogs premiere 1 hour before her and left before she arrived. HW is a small town and the classy people know how what to say and how to say it.

    But like I said, his fans and especially the people he has to work with know that he is a true gentleman and that is why he is getting role after role.

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