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Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth gives a grin at the Chanel Intimate Dinner held at the Chanel Boutique on Thursday (October 27) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 28-year-old actress attended the Burberry Body event with her beau Michael Polish.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

At the event, the twosome “never left each other’s sides, strolling through the party holding hands, stealing kisses and chatting with friends,” according to a source (via E! News).

Love Kate‘s lace-up wedges with gold chain trim!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Chanel intimate dinner…

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157 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!”

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  1. 51
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: So do I. I suppose in some way that should take some burden off the lead actors, since the reviews that hated SD blamed Lurie, not them.
    @typical, that guerrilla-style of movie making for the Coiro Italian project just proves how indie she is, don’t you know!

  2. 52
    Get Real Says:

    @Lollipop #41: Thank you for posting the link to the picture of Kate. It’s a beautiful picture!
    @Typical: You obviously haven’t seen many of Kate’s films. She’s especially brilliant in dark, dramatic roles. I loved her in The Girl In The Park and Straw Dogs. Overall, she got great reviews. I’m really looking forward to Another Happy Day and Big Sur. On the flip side, she was adorable in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. She’s a darling of the fashion world so, of course, would be invited to many fashion events. I’m certain she picks and chooses the ones she wants to attend. Please, Tom Ford wanted her for his fashion spread in InStyle. Tom Ford? Doesn’t get much better than that! Paps in LA know where many actors live, park outside or nearby their homes, and follow them everywhere. How do you think they find Orlando getting ride to bike ride in the mountains!?! Duh? She and Polish seem very happy and comfortable together. It’s nice they can ignore the paps. I’ve seen paps in LA. They are really really annoying. I don’t know how anyone can say Kate doesn’t have beautiful skin. It’s like porcelain. She’s a naturally thin woman. Don’t you know anyone who has a hard time gaining weight? Please, it goes both ways – for some it’s a huge battle to lose weight and others to gain. Very few people don’t have one or the other problem. Unfortunately, obesity is the real problem and has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. I think overweight has become the new normal. Too bad as it’s quite unhealthy.

  3. 53
    Blackcat99 Says:

    Doesn’t she have the look of a “CRAZY LUNATIC” in these photos? and her lips are Not beautiful in my opinion she has had them plumped one too may times.They have lost their natural shape and have no definition.

  4. 54
    Fashionista Says:

    Love her! She looks stunning!

  5. 55
    typical Says:

    @Get Real: This site keeps tweaking out on me so it may post partial twice. GR – thanks for that, normally I wouldn’t bother replying but I have to assume you’re in on the joke of her because your tone is way too over the top to be serious, but that was really funny. So much to pick through in there. Of course I’ve seen her films, so have most of the people on here. “especially brilliant” hasn’t come out of any critics mouth (well, if you don’t count her parents), so that may be a bit of a stretch. She’s average at best and most in the film business would agree that she is utterly replaceable in almost every movie she has been in except for Blue Crush. Picks and chooses – did you look at the rest of the guest lists for some of the things she’s been to lately, including the Chanel dinner? Not brimming with A-listers. Tom Ford – do you really think he made the model choice for InStyle? If he was so enamored of her, why has she never been to any of his shows? Particularly the ones where he uses his own set of fashion icons to model? They have a column in that pub from Bilson for g’s sake, it’s not Vogue. Ignore the paps. Well, ok. Yes, she’s a black belt at ignoring the paps. One of posters at The Fashion Spot said it best re her skin – “she’s got like three bottles of foundation on her face”. And that’s why her body and her face are radically different shades. Won’t even go there on the weight, it’s too silly to address. Although maybe she’s so thin because Kirsten D, Michelle Williams, Cary Mulligan, ScarJo, heck, even Blake L have eaten her lunch in H’wood. not even in their league. But yeah, that was good, I don’t get enough to make me laugh out loud during the day.

  6. 56
    Ali Says:

    I met her at a restaurant in LA maybe 2 years ago. She was having lunch with Orlando Bloom’s sister. Kate couldn’t have been nicer. I was very impressed by her ability to make me feel comfortable even though I interrupted their lunch. OB’s sister seemed sweet too although I mostly talked to Kate. Kate’s very pretty especially in person!

  7. 57
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Ali: RIght!

  8. 58
    ladybug Says:

    @Blackcat99: Oh, it’s entirely possible that Ali’s story is true.
    In this thread alone have been mentioned many reasons for not liking KB. But I don’t believe that among those reasons mentioned is that she’s rude to people. So Ali’s story isn’t really doesn’t address those reasons mentioned.

  9. 59
    oy Says:

    Does she have a career other than being in tabloids?

  10. 60
    chelle Says:

    @oy: yes it’s on her knees though.

  11. 61
    Zeeshan Says:

    Does this girl ALWAYS have to have a boyfriend???
    Yes girls always have at least one boy.massage houston

  12. 62
    Tulip Says:

    If Orlando, James, Alex wanted to be with any of you, would you have said no? I mean, come on! We don’t know much about Michael Polish except the he’s quite a filmmaker. He has an interesting look (I actually like his look) although he’s not moviestar handsome. My point is, desirable guys were waiting in the wings for Kate to become available and they’re the sort of guys one wouldn’t walk away from. I, for one, can’t blame her for being in these relationships or the timing of them.

  13. 63
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: “waiting in the wings” it must be my warped brain, because now I have this visual image of her with one one those little machine with the number strips in them, that stores use for people waiting in line.
    Also, I suspect some of them were pursued, and weren’t waiting.

  14. 64
    Tulip Says:

    @ladybug: Without any nastiness to my response to you, I disagree. I think all the men I mentioned pursued Kate. Regardless, would you have turned any of them down if they wanted to spend time with you? I wouldn’t.

  15. 65
    Alexandra Says:

    Does anyone know where Alex is at the moment?

  16. 66
    ladybug Says:

    @Tulip: Of course you’re going to disagree, but then I think you have a very, very rose-colored view of KB.

  17. 67
    Macy Says:

    I have my doubts that Alex persued her, seeing as he was dating someone else at the time they met. Kate kept pouring it on until things didn’t work out between he and ERW. You can tell by ERW’s comments that she was pissed off about that. Also, it’s was pretty well documented by a lot of gossip sites that when KB was filming Superman Returns, she was trying to hook up with Marsden, and that same with Jim Sturgess during the filming of 21. A lot of people on those sets noticed it. I would venture a guess that it was the same on the SD set also.

  18. 68
    oy Says:

    @Tulip: It’s really not about who she’s been with, or when, it’s about how – that woman just cannot function independently of men, her self-esteem depending on the presence of one and when she “has” one, she morphs into him, adjusting her habits and clothing choices.
    I’d still respect her, mind you, if she could own up to it. But the hypocrisy rampant in whatever comes out of her mouth – that’s when she goes ‘bleurgh’ for me.

  19. 69
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Tulip: Sort of like Leonardo DeCaprio.She was on him like white on rice.Kate thought she had hit “Pay Dirt”. What did Leo do? He “Hit It and Quit It” and all Kate got out of it was photos of her “Walk of Shame” plastered everywhere.

    “Waiting in the wings” HA!HA! More like hiding in the bushes and avoiding her like HELL.

  20. 70
    ladybug Says:

    @Alexandra: Not with Kate? (his new movie starts filming in Shreveport next week).
    Macy, she does have a reputation of pursuing men, so Tulip claiming that’s there’s just a line of men waiting to date amuses me.
    As oy points out, she seems unable to function without a man. So, even if she did have a line of men waiting to date her, perhaps she should take some ‘me’ time and figure out who and what she is and not be dependent on a man for her personality. It’s as if she read that )(@#*$ book The Rules from about 10 years ago and never realized it was cra*.

  21. 71
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    You say it – You own it OR Trash is as trash does lol
    @ chelle – You refer to KB as gutter trash.( #32) Reread your own comments dear ( #60 also) thats just disgusting. The comments you make sure make YOU sound like gutter trash!

    You say you like Askars – Askars would run as fast as his legs could
    take him to be faaaar away from the likes of you! He seems to be sweet and kind and mellow. You and your comments would repulse him, I feel certain about that. Even though his love affair with KB is over I don’t think he would sink to your level. Too bad cause you obviously are an Askars stan.
    Oh and you like to use the word tw*t quite a bit too. NOOO you’re not gutter trash, not you lol
    Red arrow away! All of the haters must be so proud of you chelle.

  22. 72
    Lilla Snorkfröken Says:

    @Her amazing eyes:

    Good post HAE! ITA wholeheartedly with you, even though I’m not the biggest fan of KB, actually I don’t know her at all but never get this hatered which is totally based on meanspirited gossip blogs and trash magazines. It’s not really my business but as a huge ASkars fan I’m sort of relieved when their relationship is over b/c all of bitchyness their relationshipi caused in the ASkars and True Blood fandom and secondly I’m not the biggest fan of international marriages either. I think Alex should marry Scandinavian girl *cough cough cough* but otherwise I think ppl should leave that poor girl alone. Those haters, which indeed mostly are Alex fans give the normal fans a bad name. Not all the fans hate KB or give a rats a$$ Alex’s private life and who he dates, bangs etc ;D

  23. 73
    Kay Says:

    Really?? I thought Evan was just a hook up and that they never really had a relationship. Oh well maybe I’m wrong….

  24. 74
    mforman Says:

    Hi bah—I finally narrowed down where the rumor was printed, it was in one of the lesser known magazines and the article had to do with the Burbuerry event to snuck her way into. Don’t worry, I have never let you guys down and I do not intend to start now.

    @Tulip—-You say I am crazy, at least the things I say are fact, whereas you, being the stan you are, change your name and say the same nonesense.

    @bah—I know right, I couldn’t believe the most recent postings of her using him too, but he ike her must love it, it is just to funny.

    @oy—who keeps falling in love with her. All the things we hear is that if a man is attached or can help her in anyway shape or form she goes in for the kill. Her stans and pubicist make sure we always find out about she is in such demand for love, espcially on her knees with her co stars.

    “Nice”, all I have read about her is that she is a demanding diva, who ignores her fans and is very nasty to them, tells other actors and directors, who all have much more experience than her what to do.

    In Michigan, when she was filming there, she totally insultated the whole state, with her horrible comments about various things; for instance, she found a Michael Kors skirt in a thirft store and could not stop talking about how nobody in that town knew what it was, I mean give me a break, she only got the cover of LUCKY, because Cher called in a huge favor. So sorry she made no friends there.

    By the way guys, please, please watch Fridays, 10-28, edition of Fashion Police, I am still laughing at the comments made by Joan, especially about KB, it truly was a classic episode.

  25. 75
    Tulip Says:

    @Macy: AS was never into ERW. KB and AS didn’t start dating until the Scream Awards. He pursued her. Please provide links to the gossip sites saying Kate and James Marsden hooked up during SR as well as Kate trying to hook up with Jim Sturgess during the filming of 21. Some girls like to say Kate was flirting with Jim Sturgess at the 21 premiere which is ridiculous. They were happy to see each other and that’s the extent of it. Not even the worst of the trash magazines reported the $hit you’re claiming. BTW, Jim’s girlfriend was with him the night of the premiere and Kate was seen with Jim’s girlfriend at the Troubadour in LA months later, They all became friends during the filming of 21. Kate was with James then.
    @Blackcat99: All that was reported about Kate and Leo was that they were sitting together at a club. They were with a group of people and all left together. No report of them hooking up. Kate and Leo are probably friends and hung out in a group one night. Big deal. Don’t let your imagination get carried away!
    I find the jealous behavior on this board appalling.

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