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Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!

Kate Bosworth gives a grin at the Chanel Intimate Dinner held at the Chanel Boutique on Thursday (October 27) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 28-year-old actress attended the Burberry Body event with her beau Michael Polish.

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At the event, the twosome “never left each other’s sides, strolling through the party holding hands, stealing kisses and chatting with friends,” according to a source (via E! News).

Love Kate‘s lace-up wedges with gold chain trim!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the Chanel intimate dinner…

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157 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Chanel Intimate Dinner Cutie!”

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  1. 101
    Lilla Snorkfröken Says:


    Doreen you mean several GOSSIP sites, right! LOL, you haters are so pathetic it’s almost funny..

    Good comment again Her amazing eyes, thumbs up x 100!

  2. 102
    ladybug Says:

    @chelle: Nope, that’s too logical and straightforward. It has to be because you are a fat, middle-aged, jealous lesbian stan of OB/JR/AS. It certainly can’t be that KB isn’t really liked because of who she is.
    And I see her stan with multiple posting personalities is back: when trying to pretend to be a different it helps the illusion if you don’t show up too close together, time wise, don’t have a similar ‘voice’ and don’t keep congratulating yourself on your clever repartee.

  3. 103
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @ladybug Nothing was posted about how much chelle weighs,what orientation she is or her age for that matter. I don’t care about any of that. The sick comments are what I can’t stand. I guess they can be ignored by some. Not me.

    As far as switching names, It seems that old accusation of multiple names is brought up anytime posters can’t think of anything else to say. Give it up.
    Gee, do you think I would post a congratulatory comment to myself? Right after my own comment? Oh please, make up all the stuff you want. You are wrong and actually I think you know it.
    Defending a friend is commendable, even if the friend says things that are crude and gross. I guess.

  4. 104
    chelle Says:

    @ladybug: Yet I’m the “TRASH” for calling a tramp a tramp? I guess by them calling me trash is no where in the same vicinity as me calling someone a twat? LOL
    @Her amazing eyes: so would you not be affraid to do anything unprotected with her??? I sure as hell would be …if I went that way. BTW you don’t have to keep quoting everything I say. I know your jealous cuz you didn’t think of the comments and the hazmat one actually came from my hubby who thinks she’s a bigger tramp than I do. But at least I don’t generally go around insulting posters that I do not know.

  5. 105
    ladybug Says:

    @Her amazing eyes: Yes, I do think you’d post a self-congratulatory comment to yourself. Otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it. It’s not that you’re giving a positive reaction to another comment, it’s that you’re doing in such a way that it gives the very distinct impression that you’re patting yourself on the back.
    Of course, it’s entirely possible that hae and LS are two entirely different people, but with an amazing hive-like mind regarding KB.

  6. 106
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @chelle I quote what you say because that is the point of my posts. Showing the gross comments you make. Is there a problem with that? Are you ashamed of them now?

    No, I am not jealous that I didn’t think of those comments I am PROUD I didn’t think of them. If I were you I would be at the very least embarassed by them. Now you say your husband thought of them. Well you obviously belong together

    Sorry if you feel a widdle upset ,you know the saying “Can dish it out but can’t take it.
    The truth hurts chelle, the truth hurts

  7. 107
    mforman Says:

    As promised, I found the article that states exactly what a disgusting creature KB is and never deserved AS in the first place.

    Kate Bosworth is a total psycho hose beast if she cheated on this Swedish hunk of man meat, also known as Alexander Skarsgard. He is very fine, hot, hot, hot man and she’s stupid if any of this is true. STUPID.

    Reportedly, Kate was cheating on Alex with her new squeeze, director Michael Polish. This guy isn’t a tenth of the hotness of man meat that Alex is. (Can you tell I’m Team Eric?)

    There is another article and as soon as I find that one I will forward it

  8. 108
    ummmmm Says:

    @mforman- that’s just a rehash of the National Enquirer article I remember everyone was commenting it was trash. In fact it was on Celebitchy and alot of people thought it was all KB pr.
    The article is just repeated with comments. Take it as you will.

    I don’t think anyone knows the exact story but i guess that’s what speculation and gossip is for. :)

  9. 109
    mforman Says:

    @108—That seems interesting since it was posted after their recent outing at Lemonade for lunch. Also the date for the story was new.

    I have seen other articles about her doing what she usually does, but I was asked to print what I had just read so I did.

    I never read that particular piece in the Enquirer.

  10. 110
    chelle Says:

    @Her amazing eyes: I am not ashamed of anything I said. I was just giving hubby his rightful credit. As for us belonging together …..damn right we do. My parents are extremely proud of me mainly because I don’t back down. Also in my profession females deal with a hell of alot more than you could ever dish out so bring it ……I definately can handle words from a faceless person. Especially since I can handle having urine thrown at me (among other things ) while.being called everything under the sun and then some. So no, calling this bobble head a twat is not embarrassing to me.

  11. 111
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: That comment does seem in reaction to the Enquirer article, which came out at the end of August. Considering the inaccuracies in the article: it claimed that AS was in LA sleeping on friend’s couches and licking his wounds when he was quite obviously happily out and about in NYC, filming WMK. It also repeated the the living together/possible engagement bs, the belief is that either the Enquirer made the whole up and/or someone (KB) planted the story to look like KB was in control and AS was all torn up about the end of the relationship.

    I still don’t believe that she cheated on him with Polish, unless the relationship with MP started well before filming of Big Sur. AS appeared to be mentally/emotionally out of that relationship well before Coachella.

  12. 112
    Macy Says:

    I’m confused, are those actual articles from publications? Because they seem more like comments on articles or something. Is there no link to say where they came from? It’s kind of hard to separate the “artcile” mforman is talking about with her own comments because they seem to all blend together.

    I agree, I would assume they are about the Enquirer piece, but to me they seem more like comments on a forum rather than actual articles.

  13. 113
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: They’re comments from a forum about the Enquirer article.

  14. 114
    Ria Says:


    hey Mforman,
    hope all is well..
    I read on a blind gossip site that she was sleeping with Walter Coggins who was also in SD and is engaged to her friend, Nadia Connors(wow what friend) any way this was in February and March(you are correct LONG before Coachella) she supposedly got pregnant and aborted the baby and FLIPPED when Coggins asked Connors to marry him a few weeks later…I believe it she is a snake

  15. 115
    Her amazing eyes Says:

    @chelle Having urine thrown at you is horrible! You might want to consider that your profession is more stressful to you than you realize. Maybe the stress is causing you to say extremely crude things as a way of letting off steam. That’s the only possible reason I can think of that a person might have for making the OTT (and vile) comments you make.

  16. 116
    mforman Says:

    @ladybug—I understand what you are saying but, I had never read the cheating article before the Burberry event. I truly believe that she is trying to make herself the victim again, just like when she pulled this nonesense with OB. Can you imagine having your whole life revolve around this cr*p, because you have no talent whatsoever. We all know what she is good at and my goodness what a disgrace she must be to her parents, that is why @Her Amazing Eyes shouldn’t comment on anything chelle or her husband say and throw in comments about her parents.
    Sometimes it really does show when we hit a nerve with her 2 stans.
    I really do believe her relationship with MP began as soon as Big Sur starting filming, or when she was cast, especially since we never saw AS and KB together for months and months, being the gentleman he is, he let her save face and went to Coachella with her; the fact he looked so unhappy at the festival, the fighting between the two of them that had Cher even stepping in and worse yet, not even one off his friends went with him this year, the poor guy was trapped with her and her paid for friends; wasn’t it great how happy and relaxed he looked when she suddenly left early to go to work on Big Sur, that didn’t start shooting until that Monday.
    That to me showed she was cheating with MP, but still was stalking poor AS, her reputation speaks for itself, she always has to have a back up.

    @Macy—Sorry, you guys only asked me to find the artices, I will definitely get the links for you, I will try and get them posted tonight. Also, Macy in any of my posts, I have never made up stories, KB’s real life is just too full of disgusting behavior.

    @Ria–How are you and where have you been. I have never read that particuar post, but what is so sad is with KB’s reputation, especially what she does to her gf’s that have bf’s or husbands, who knows what is true. The worst thing about her is that she doesn’t blink an eye when she does all of the things we know about, she doesn’t even try to hide it.
    But now that she has a life partner, who she admires the most in this world. Can you believe she even said that. To bad AS is such a great guy, becuase I would love for him to tell the truth of what happened, but I think him being the way he is, is one of the reasons he has such loyal fans.

    I bet he misses Joans on Third.

  17. 117
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: I think she was done with AS when she took up with MP (or more accurately AS was done with her). However, I would believe that she was still trying to get back with AS when she was with MP.
    I’m not sure that the Enquirer story ever got posted in its entirety online, here’s the Celebitchy link about it:

  18. 118
    MAcy Says:

    I thought so, they didn’t seem like articles to me but just a reposting of comments on an article. That’s why I suggested the links be shared.

    Yes that would be great. Though I think they all stem from the Enquirer piece, which was obviously a load of crap. I remember someone saying it was convenient timing because it was during a big event for Skarsgard, like his movie premiere, or casting news, or something like that and she was trying to take the attention away from him and place it on her. I could believe she would do something like that actually.

  19. 119
    ladybug Says:

    @mforman: “I bet he misses Joans on Third.” I bet Joan’s on Third misses him too. All that free publicity.
    @Macy, I think most of the Enquirer pieces on their coupledom were crap-either they made it up on their own or someone fed it to them.

  20. 120
    Macy Says:

    I assume she fed them to the mag. She tried to say that she doesn’t talk about her private life, but that’s obviously not true as she just finished revealing her relationship with Polish. That’s not a statement someone who values and protects their privacy made. I think she was told to clamp down on it, so instead of it coming out her mouth, she planted it from “close friends” or “sources”, etc.

  21. 121
    Bosworthless Says:

    I’m not normally one to do this, but please, please read the comments section on this video of Bosworth being interviewed on Jimmy Fallon – I’ve literally been crying with laughter at the argument that’s broken out there.

  22. 122
    ladybug Says:

    @Macy: You mean the Enquirer didn’t come up with engagement and moving in together stories on their own? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you :)

  23. 123
    Macy Says:

    Ha! No kidding. They were totally planted, and in the end as a lot of us suspected, not true.

  24. 124
    BlueCrushed Says:

    @mforman, Keith was at Coachella.

  25. 125
    ladybug Says:

    @BlueCrushed: And a couple of other friends, as well, IIRC.

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