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Rachel Bilson Covers 'Nylon' November 2011

Rachel Bilson Covers 'Nylon' November 2011

Rachel Bilson graces the cover of Nylon‘s November issue.

Here’s what the 30-year-old Hart of Dixie star had to share with the mag:

On her nighttime routine: “I’m all about Netflix and ordering Teen Mom on iTunes. I go to bed at 9! I’m not as interested in going out and partying at night anymore; I’m more set in my ways. I know I sound like an 80 year old.”

On her fashion sense: “I always had to dress myself, which is very interesting when you’re 2. My poor mom. There was this one dress, it was my favorite – it was really colorful and big and ridiculous. I wore it until it fell apart. I was a very bossy fashionista when I was 3. I feel like if I ever have a daughter, there is going to be some sweet revenge placed on me because of how I was as a kid.”

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80 Responses to “Rachel Bilson Covers 'Nylon' November 2011”

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  1. 1
    Face Says:

    Does this girl have a stylist? Last I heard, she did. Yet Bilson gets all the credit for the outfits she’s seen in.

  2. 2
    Observer Says:

    Another excerpt from the Nylon interview:

    On her attraction to Ryan Gosling:
    “I met him [once] and I didn’t know what to expect. He was so funny and goofy. His timing and everything was amazing. I was like, ‘You’re supposed to be my husband!’ ”


  3. 3
    AbFab Says:

    Love the skirt.

  4. 4
    Ryan? Says:

    @Observer: Ryan Gosling? Holy cr@p. Well that is interesting considering she was hanging out with Ryan Gosling while in Cannes last year during the film festival. Remember she went to that party on a boat and was seen hanging out with Ryan and posing for pictures with him.
    That was when she stopped wearing her engagement ring and it was just a few weeks later that it was announced the engagement to Christensen was off and they broke up.
    Before getting back together in late October of last year.
    So now we know why she changed her mind about marrying Christensen she met Ryan Gosling!!! and wanted him instead. Haha.
    That explains a lot about last year when she was linked to Jake and Chace and those turned out to be false. She was trying to get Ryan!!! OMG. WOW. Should a person really be thinking. ” You’re suppose to be my husband” about one man while engaged to another man. Probably not.( That is the kind of thing Kate Holmes said about Tom Cruise in an interview and it got her Tom. Maybe Rachel was hoping this interview might get her Ryan.) No wonder they are only dating now. Christensen and Rachel..they still haven’t got out of the just dating phase again.
    Sort of a messed up thing to be joking about when your Prius is suppose to be packed to go camping with your boyfriend when you did the interview.
    The interview took place sometime right after Sept 22nd. That’s when Chick-fila opened in Hollywood.
    Other then the Ryan Gosling comment, her auditioning for the big Disney movie Tangeled and not getting it . her pulling a bra out of her cluttered purse and taking her birth control with a milkshake, the interview was the same one she always gives.
    She talked about how she liked to dress herself when she was two. AGAIN. Talked about how she goes to bed at 9pm. AGAIN. Compared herself to an old lady. AGAIN.
    Oh I forgot…. she remembered to plug NetFlix. Which just signed a deal to screen CW shows. Including Hart of Dixie. She is sometimes more clever then she looks.
    I wonder if she mentioned the birth control before or after mentioning Ryan Gosling. XD

    The fact is she does have a stylist Nichole Chavez who she never plugs in her interviews. Which is in poor taste I think. If she has a stylist she should admit it. When she was 3 she dressed herself now at 30 someone helps her!!! At least she threw Nichole a bone with the shoemint stuff coming up. Should be as successful as beautymint with Jessica Simpson LMAO.

    The way Rachel has been pouting around LA lately I am going to guess that camping trip never happened. Probably for the best she doesn’t seem like the camping type anyways.Of course unless Ryan Gosling is into camping.

  5. 5
    Jax Says:

    This girl is on one hand an idiot, and at the same time just as shrewd and cunning as can be. I wonder how her “BF” (only on the good days, Bonny) feels about her wishing Ryan were her husband? As if, lol. Hayden needs to kick this useless air headed tw@t to the curb and find a real woman, not this 30 year old child that sings Disney karoake, plays Disney Princess board games and watches Teen Mom while “obsessing” about having a baby. Run Hayden, run quickly, lol.

  6. 6
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    I don’t know Jax – she’s no Kardashian but I’m sure she’d love to be. At least they don’t claim to be actresses.
    Hasn’t she said all this before?? She’s 30 – she stopped partying after that accident she blames her brother for that caused her to be unable to learn lines – which I imagine is hard for an actress!!

  7. 7
    lisa Says:


    You only think you know the timeline for the down time in their relationship in 2010 and now but in reality you only know what your bias is telling you so it’s not all that reliable.

  8. 8
    @Lisa Says:

    @lisa: They are using the timeline that was posted on here actually if you check. Just look up the old Rachel Bilson posts from 2010. There is the timeline. Duh. Also Us Weekly’s reports and People magazine with comments from Rachel’s own PR reps.
    Rachel was in Cannes with Ryan at the end of May and the engagement ended of June or at least that is when the end of the engagement was announced. So it could have been during the end of May. No one knows what happened, but something did to make them call off the engagement and the relationship at one point. Couples don’t do that unless one or both parties is very unhappy about something. Maybe the reason they ” took a break” last year from their relationship is because Rachel found herself crushing on someone else and it made her wonder why she was having those feelings and decided to take some time to think about it. When nothing came from the split they got back together to give it a second chance. Happens all the time in relationships although breaks like that often do permanent damage to a relationship that can’t be fixed. So far they are still together but at some point someone is either going to want to move forward in the relationship and get serious again like engaged or someone is going to want to move on completely. Guess time will tell which one it will be. They are both 30 now and getting older can make people rethink their life and the direction they want it to go. Things get reevaluated including relationships.

  9. 9
    Jon Says:

    Rachel looks so gorgeous!! Such an amazing girl!!

  10. 10
    Rachel's twin Says:
    Look twins!!!!

  11. 11
    Yikes! Says:
    The picture posted on Nylon’s site is not flattering. Where someone is applying make up to her face. It makes her look older than she maybe its the makeup.Bright lighting and no photoshop? I don’t know but it made her eyes look really wrinkled and aged her about 5 plus years. Her lips look odd too. Bad choice of a picture. They should have used a different one. Someone at Nylon clearly didn’t like her to have used that picture so close up. Poor Rach!!

  12. 12
    Twitter Says:

    Oh boy!!! Her comment about Ryan Gosling is all over Twitter. People are tweeting it over and over. Something tells me Hayden Christensen isn’t going to like this much. It would be so embarrassing to have your current girlfriend go from talking about camping with you to having a thing for another actor once she met him. Ryan is a lot more famous right now and his career is going much better. Something like this could really hurt someones ego or feelings. Actors are people too. What were Rachel’s people thinking letting something like that be printed. They should have asked that they not print it and consider Hayden’s feelings and her relationship with him first. This is blowing up everywhere. Now people are having everyone way in on who she would be better off with. I love that people aren’t even considering that Ryan is dating Eva Mendes supposedly and if he wanted to date Rachel he probably already would have. This could get ugly!!!! Hayden probably is going to stick his head in the ground like an ostrich after this!!! More importantly what was Rachel thinking she had to have known people would twist her words. This isn’t her first interview ever. CW has also linked the magazine interview on their site. So it really is everywhere. Rachel will probably have to be seen with Hayden soon in public because of this one, just to show who she is actually with.

  13. 13
    @Twitter Says:

    carpenterellen Ellen Carpenter
    Rachel Bilson treated me to dinner at Chick-Fil-A. She’s classy like that. Read about it in my cover story for @NylonMag, on stands now!
    3 hours ago
    The interviewer from Nylon Ellen Carpenter tweeted that. Why does she sound sarcastic? Because she does to me.
    .@Twitter: Maybe that is why it got printed Carpenter asked her the loaded question to begin with didn’t she? Why would she even ask her about Ryan Gosling to begin with? Rachel has never worked with him and has only met him once. Seems like an odd question to me. Really odd.

  14. 14
    @Twitter Says:

    @@Twitter: She is the deputy editor of Nylon Magazine actually. Not just the interviewer my mistake. Well I guess this might help sell some magazines. Because otherwise it would have been a run of the mill normal interview and that doesn’t sell well.

  15. 15
    SMH Says:

    I think Rachel has had her eye on Ryan for a while.She has met him more than once. This is from AFTER the Cannes film festival. She went to one of his bands concerts.
    She made Extra and Ok Magazines sites this time. Talk about publicity all she had to do was mention Ryan’s name and talk about how she wants kids just like Ryan. ~rolling my eyes at this~

  16. 16
    SMH Says:

  17. 17
    RunRyanRun!!! Says:
    She sooo read Ryan’s interview right before she did her’s with Nylon. It was all over the internet and all over entertainment news television around the world. He was talking about how he wants kids really bad one day but doesn’t know if he would continue to act and work and would mostly likely stop acting.
    Rachel’s interview summed up when talking about having children.
    She doesn’t want to work and have kids and wants to be able to not work and THEN have kids. Just like Ryan!!! She would need someone on Ryan Gosling’s level to do that. Right now she still has to work I guess that is why she is doing Hart of Dixie. Ryan better run like hell!!!!

  18. 18
    Anonymous Says:

    @Jax: She uses to words obsessed way too much. She is obsessed about shoes,kids,ebay,clothes,water bottlesand trends she never wears herself . She uses obsessed a lot. One person can not truly be obsessed about that many things. She needs to learn a new word to use for when she is interested or likes in something. Like enthralled, consumed, addicted,immersed,compelled, devoted etc etc etc
    Just stop using obsessed!!! Please honey. When she does say she is into something it sounds less sincere because she always claims everything is an obsession. Check out her Instyle collum you’ll see what I mean.

  19. 19
    Anonymous Says:

    “She uses the two words obsessed and obsession way too much.”

  20. 20
    Rain Says:

    These comments are hilarious! You all act like Rachel is Angelina Jolie, or something. She met Ryan a year and a half ago, and she was packed to go camping with Hayden when she did the interview. Hayden and Rachel, Ryan and Eva would probably laugh them selves silly if they read this stuff, or any of the articles talking about it!

  21. 21
    lillybell05 Says:

    How does everyone know she and Hayden went camping? This just seems really random that everyone knows they went camping. Did you all follow them?

  22. 22
    yes Says:

    The comment was made in the Nylon interview that when Rachel showed the interviewer her Prius, it was ” packed with camping gear to go on a future expedition with her boyfriend Hayden Christensen”. This comment is on the Nylon website. Hayden and Rachel disappear often enough together to go anywhere, or just stay at home.

  23. 23
    OCRULES!! Says:

    @lillybell05: In the interview if you read it on the Nylon site it says Rachel let the editor of Nylon look around inside her Toyota Prius I can assume while they were at Chick Fil A doing the interview. Rachel let her see what was inside and it was full of camping items. The editor then wrote ( to go camping with boyfriend Hayden Christensen). The editor may have been assuming that was who she would go camping with or maybe that is what Rachel told Ellen. The deputy editor didn’t say either way. The interview was done fairly recently end of September. Hayden wasn’t seen with Rachel until after Oct 5th and he left LA before that around Sept 7-9th. So the camping may have never even got to happen . Rachel has been filming Hart of Dixie ever since she got back from NYC earlier this month. So she has been busy. All anyone knows is that he came back to La after her NYC trip and they were seen together a few weeks ago. If you actually read instead of just commented you would know HOW people knew about the camping equipment. You would have to read the article very closely though because Hayden was mentioned only by name briefly in the interview. While Rachel talked about Ryan Gosling instead. o.0

    What I think is unfair if Hayden was commenting about meeting an actress while engaged to Rachel Bilson and saying ” You’re suppose to be my wife” because he found some other girl so charming, Rachel fans would be have a sh!tfest about it, calling him all sorts of names. For doing that to her. So why is it okay for Rachel? Because when she met Ryan Gosling she was still engaged to Hayden Christensen. Double standard. Just because she is known for being a nice girl doesn’t mean her saying something like that isn’t equally wrong and inconsiderate of her. I would think it was jacked up if Hayden said something like that about someone else but he didn’t Rachel did.:(
    I like Hart of Dixie and loved Rachel as Summer Roberts on the OC!!! so I was surprised to see her say something like this. Something I think isn’t quite right. I have been a big supporter of her and Hayden while a lot of people didn’t like them together. Saying they were together for all the wrong reasons. That someone was using someone in it. I now wonder if maybe everyone was right and it is all for show. I don’t think if Rachel was in love she would even joke about Ryan Gosling like that while still dating Hayden. She didn’t do that when she was with Adam Brody ( I don’t think or can remember). There is a freudian slip to what she said plain and simple, Rachel may not have been aware of it.
    I still like Hart of Dixie and I will still watch. I am just confused about Why she would say something like that. Seemed wrong to me.

  24. 24
    Anonymous Says:

    @OCRULES!!: Well, firstly the interview on the Nylon website isn’t the FULL interview, so you can’t say she “briefly” mentioned Hayden. Have you read the full interview from the mag? And for all we know, the interviewer may have asked Rachel who her celeb crush was, and she said Ryan Gosling. I highly doubt out of nowhere she just started talking about Ryan.

  25. 25
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Wow! Chick Fil A – Rachel’s a big spender.
    I think she’s hoping people will mistake her for Kristen Stewart!!

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