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Tom Cruise: New 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer!

Tom Cruise: New 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer!

Check out Tom Cruise in the latest trailer for his upcoming flick Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The 49-year-old actor returns as master spy Ethan Hunt in the fourth installment of the espionage franchise.

The action packed movie, also starring Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton, will preview in IMAX on December 16 before hitting theaters all over on December 21.

Tom is notorious for doing his own stunts!

“I want to entertain the audience, and part of making these movies is doing my own stunts,” Tom said. “When I jumped from a car that was traveling at about 60 miles per hour, Katie and Suri were watching!”

Also pictured inside: Tom wearing Earnest Sewn jeans at an evening shoot for his film One Shot on Thursday (October 27) in Pittsburgh, Penn.

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25 Responses to “Tom Cruise: New 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Trailer!”

  1. 1
    Johanna Says:

    Woohoo!! Paula Patton looks like a strong, empowered and sexy IMF agent. Hahah.. freakin’ fantastic, can’t wait! Man! I feel like a woman!

  2. 2
    Espensen Says:

    Every Mission: Impossible movie is set in its own alternate reality/universe.

  3. 3
    Kaylee Says:

    Superwoman Paula Patton is so voluptuous and shapely in ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ after giving birth to her first child with her toyboy husband Robin Thicke merely five months before filming began.
    In the movie, she flaunts her amazing post-pregnancy figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside.
    Her incredible physique and sexy new curves probably added to her performance in delicious and wonderful ways.

  4. 4
    clapyourhandssayyeah Says:

    @Espensen: Yeah, but really cool alternate reality/universe.

  5. 5
    gglover128 Says:

    This looks good can’t wait to see it,Simon Pegg is to funny. Why isn’t his name in the article?

  6. 6
    great Says:


  7. 7
    Lurker Says:

    “Katie and suri are watching” I wonder if Bella and Connor are also watching. Remember them Tom?

  8. 8
    NYC/NJ Says:

    I love you Tom Cruise
    Let the haters squirm when this movie explodes around the world.
    Greatest movie star on earth- Tom Cruise
    Cannot wait to see this!

  9. 9
    T2 Scott Says:

    I’m surprised no douche bags have trashed Tom Cruise.

    Umm, to all the idiot Drama Queens out there and you know who you are.

    Tom jumping on Oprah’s couch is nottttttt crazy. It’s an entertainment show and he was confirming his engagement. If he’s crazy than your Daddy, Brother or ANY man you know is a lunatic! Since I guarantee that 99% of the men on this planet called Earth have done more wild things than that.

    Others complain that he’s a control freak. Umm, he’s an A-List movie star. What the F****** do you think it takes to get to that level. I’ve met plenty of pretty boy models out there with his level of looks and they can’t act worth squat since they lack the discipline and focus.

    Seriously, I’m disgusted at all the d-bags who talk and talk and talk. No wonder half the countries in the world hate us. Because idiots like the ones who trashed Tom Cruise go over to France and say, “You don’t speak any English. It’s the language of the world you should learn.” Umm, you should learn to speak French you d-bag. It’s also why the Japanese call us Gaijin which means foreigner however to most of them it means in slang, “Dumb American!”

    Back to my point, Tom Cruise out lasted Val Kilmer, Eddie Murphy Stallone and a whole bunch of A-list stars from the 80′s who are no longer A-List. Cruise is still A-List for a reason. When you go home to your loser husband/boyfriend and then call Tom Cruise a crazy man than you are nothing but an idiot. Again, you know who you are.

  10. 10
    greek music fan Says:

    Russian actor Vladimer Mashkov, the best of the best!!!

  11. 11
    Roxy Says:

    Although his beliefs are questionable, and his wife sometimes comes off as an idiot. Nevertheless I like his movies. Some of them are great some are not. There’s something about him being on screen that makes me forget what may of may not be going on in his personal life. I don’t see Tom Cruise, I see the character he’s playing. I love all the MI movies, and I love Valkry (I think that’s how it’s spelled)… Ok I’ll take all my thumbs down :)

  12. 12
    tom Says:

    is this plot not the exact same one from the first mission impossible?

  13. 13
    tiny sneeze Says:

    Didn’t see the first 3 and I won’t see this one either. I won’t see any Cruise movie. He supports a dangerous, abusive cult that destroys families and hurts people to the tune of millions of dollars a year. I can’t support that in any way and he should be ashamed of himself. I don’t care what he believes, thats his business, but I do care that Scientology is involved in human trafficking. Believe what you want Cruise, but stop supporting the cult. Also, when I see a Tom Cruise movie, all I see is grinning, running, glad handing Tom Cruise. NOT the character.

  14. 14
    mailey Says:

    the films are good.
    he’s good in action.

  15. 15
    laverdadduele Says:

    Yes, Tom, keep making action movies. I’m tired of all the “romantic-comedy” c_rap out there.

  16. 16
    annie Says:

    To: T2 Scott,
    you rock… your comments,and i believe it is very true…lots of haters do despise him because of his belief and what ever he did in Oprah,but they somehow forgot,that they are just american as he is and, made more mistakes,and probably misbehave during the relationship…..some do not like him because of the pass,but they already knew him before long these things happened…

  17. 17
    Anna Says:

    I have nothing against Tom, buy why do they only put his name on the trailer??
    I mean Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton also have an important part on this, their names should also be on the trailer!

  18. 18
    Tessa Says:

    @tiny sneeze: A comment after my own heart. tiny sneeze speaks the truth!

  19. 19
    Piper Says:

    i see the scientology minions have been here to praise their overlord.

  20. 20
    Ginger Says:

    Ooooooooo… Josh Holloway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see this!

  21. 21
    Yanto Says:

    so.. when the mission’s come out?

  22. 22
    قنوات Says:

    Realy impossible

  23. 23
    مشاهدة مباراة Says:

    Waiting for the fifth part of the amazing series !

  24. 24
    مشاهدة مباراة Says:

    @قنوات: @قنوات: yes it’s

  25. 25
    تحميل برامج Says:

    Very very cool

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