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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis Shared a 'Father-Daughter Relationship'

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis Shared a 'Father-Daughter Relationship'

Elisabetta Canalis has spoken out about her relationship with George Clooney in a new book written by Italian journalist Bruno Vespa.

The 33-year-old Dancing with the Stars contestant, who split from George in June after two years together, revealed that “between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.”

George and I never spoke of marriage nor of having kids,” she added. “I don’t put limits to the possibility of having them, but neither George nor I had ever envisaged having kids together. The end of the relationship was not caused by a marriage issue, but instead by our personal needs.”

Also pictured inside: Elisabetta arriving at Tegel airport on Saturday (October 29) in Berlin, Germany. 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Venturelli; Trautmann; Photos: WENN, Wire Image
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  • a

    Disturbing… so many ways…..

  • NYC/NJ

    Clooney is nuts. She is beyond gorgeous, sweet and down-to-earth.
    I find her very refreshing.
    Any woman that goes out with Clooney is crazy.
    He will never commit to anyone and has said that many times.

  • jules


  • weirdo


  • PR

    Clooney is an old HAG now.

  • Ann

    Yea…I think she just threw him out of the closet. What kind of person stays in a relationship like that for that long?

  • LOL

    When there is a power imbalance certain roles are assumed.

  • ladys

    Um, that’s a little weird….

  • Jill

    @LOL: Yep! Leo and Blake both look like bottoms. How is that supposed to work? Uh..
    Oops, thats not what we were talking about huh..

  • lelo

    I thought she came across sounding like a hurt women who was just throwing whatever punches she could think of first.

    he dumped her but released that they both took the desicion just to make her look nicer , and after her faliure she couldn’t stay in her country and face the ppl she used to make fun of when she was with clooney elisabetta is lousy quekily she ran to USA so she can hide from them and now starting her real self to come out but i bet clooney care anymore .and many women said he was great in bed so if he wasn’t all of that with her maybe that’s because of her and not his fault

  • signage

    No sexual intimacy could simply mean that George prefers to keep his personal life and business life separate, hence he does not put real girlfriends on the red carpet in order to keep their relationships private as well as protect the girls from that kind of public scrutiny. There are women who want that kind of publicity, and Elisabetta is one of them.

  • mkhay

    ew thats nasty. didnt they sleep together? who the hell says an ex boyfriend is like their father?

  • Meg

    I get tired of the Oscar campaign of his PR team!! It’s a thin plot!

  • Halle

    I think he feel strong passions for no women anymore. Not that I mean he is gay. I guess he is impotent.

  • Saph

    If Elisabetta was his daughter then Stacy must be more like the grand daughter. Stacy is so immature with her video games and trailer trash outfits. Elisabetta sounds more like a woman who didn’t get what she wants so she is taking a sideswipe at a man who gave her everything. If it wasn’t for George she wouldn’t have gotten on to DWTS or made the amount of cash she has over the years. I don’t believe he is gay but I can believe he didn’t want to have sex with her, not after all the football teams and all those “friends” she meet at nightclubs. George needs to go solo to the awards we all know Stacy isn’t going anywhere they don’t even look like they like each other. I’ve never seen George look so old and so frail. Stacy looks like she can break him and sadly dresses worse then Eli.

  • Bela

    LOL!! Her words are being suggestive!!

  • Gail

    @Ann: Look at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes-another coverup as a couple to keep the male in the closet

  • Dr. Schnabel

    OK, fascinating history, right? How do I know it was a …
    See, when he first showed up I heard this little kid scream and turned to see this grim visage strutting about. She had hot as heck in there, so obsessed by curiousity I went over and kind of peered in the eye lens.

    “Are you my ex girfriend?”

    “NO,” boomed this deep Male voice from under the cowl.

    OK, certainly a guy, but I was skeptical.

    “Is your last name May?” I asked.

    “No,” came the same deep voice!

    Still in doubt, I asked him, “Are you from…LA ?”

    “YES !”

    “OK, thanks,” and I walked away, shaking my head. I mean c’mon, a guy dressed like that had at least a fifty-fifty chance of being ONE of my EX!
    George CL

  • Misfit

    Well either this is the most disgusting relationship I have ever heard of between a man and a woman or he is gay..She just ruined his whole publicity game for the Oscars. Haha. I guess she got her revenge though. Now everyone will look at his past present and future relationships as nothing more than publicity and work arrangements. All to keep his image as a Hollywood Ladies Man in tact. They use to say the same thing about Rock Hudson. He was the George Clooney of his day and he turned out to be gay and even married to hide it. The fact is most moviegoers want their leading men straight as long as that is true and that is how the powers that be in Hollywood make their money then this is what is going to continue to happen.
    Bad news for Elisabetta no one is going to want to be seen dating her now out of fear of what she might say later on or because it would make them look like they were hiding something.
    I never really thought Clooney was gay until now. I always wondered but now it all makes sense.
    Clooney will probably come out of the closet one day but it won’t be until he is pushing 60 years old and has played the part of Hollywood leading man long enough. That would be a long time to have to live a lie. A little sad.

  • Dream

    I think the reason why he “changed” partners is her scandal. Maybe he thinks the coke queen does not deserve to be the Oscars actor’s GF.

  • Tiziana

    Look at her BIG nose in the pictures with the sunglasses. Ugly, hahahaha.

  • famew

    It’s obvious she wants to bother him because he left her.

  • MikaloMia

    …whew…that an italian for you, umpredictable emotions waiting to bubble out….George clooney is toast…!

    Next time keep to the more docile demographics!
    What an arse….time someone put a stop to his charade

    this just cast some serious shade on Stacy and George as a [pretend relationship…ahhahahaha


    I think Canalis will be accused of breach of contract by Clooney.. Lol.

  • MikaloMia

    sued for breach of contract huh, that will just collaborate her story, plus she has probly gotten advice on how to stay what she wants to say…GC is prolly wishing for sarah larson right now..she was perfect, …beautiful, young, knew her place and we never heard from her again

    They guy may not be gay but rather have some wierd sexual , physical and emotional hang up that we cant fanthom..and thats why he looks to these women….the women always want to be famous and their profile goes up during thier time with him and they get a gig right after they part….GC needs to wake and smell the coffee.//he is too obvious, especially if he wants to hide….

  • AdjacentToTrashIsTrash

    this no-talent woman will do anything to get attention, but this quote may have been an error in translation and not her being her total low life self. i said it the minute i saw the picture of her with her breasts exposed dressed like a nun: this woman is trash and should never have been brought to the world stage on clooney’s arm or any other way. she belongs in the gutter and if we ignore her maybe she will get the message. anyone who dates this infested mess deserves what they get. anyone who sleeps with her, ditto.

  • GrossOnSoManyLevels

    She got what she wanted: her name linked to his in another headline. I said it before, this woman wants to be famous. She doesn’t care how she accomplishes it.

  • an opinion

    Or maybe she is telling the truth. He did move on to a “new stand” in pretty fast. Just like Hugh Hefner finds new girlfriends.
    Something is going on but of course it will be covered up because Clooney is beloved in Hollywood

  • skskj

    Of course this dumb bitchh is going to say that crapp she’s going to do anything to stay relevant. Now that her ridiculous stint on Dancing with the Stars (because lord knows she’s definetly a ‘star’) is over she’s going to tell everyone about her relationship wiith him because that’s all she’s known for. Real classy hoeee.

  • Please!

    Maybe he just didn;t want to risk infection? the truth is that she is a low life and she was dumped. the current one is no better … Maybe she can’t stand that her replacement is an even lower life than she is….like, if he wanted to go that low, he should’ve stayed with me…. sour grapes….she is the epitome of absolute classlessness. THAT is the truth. oh an opinion that is canalis pr or judging by the inferior writing, canalis herself hahahahaha

  • You are like my dad

    ‘Father-Daughter Relationship’? BWHAHAHA! What she said about him was nothing less than an insult to him!!

  • wren

    Clooney is a fine actor and really I wish he would stop making making lifestyle decisions that burden his reputation with stupid drama. I feel kinda sorry for him and the people who get involved with him – an orchestrated life rarely allows for unmitigated happiness. But he doesn’t care much what I think anyway.

  • CrazyGirl

    i still like him

  • moi

    father-daughter? that she-male doesn’t look young enough to be a “daughter” a ho ho ho yes.

  • class

    He’s got charm. Something that most of you including Elisabetta don’t have.

  • class

    I’m sorry but I’m team Clooney not team Elisabetta

  • Guess

    What a strange idea has Elisabetta about what she once called her boyfriend. I wonder why she dated him if she thought he was like her father. Where did she take that idea from?

  • Jess

    Everyone in behind the scenes knows Clooney is closet.
    Justlike his hero, Cary Grant.
    Elisabetta is a cheap ho to do this.
    No person deserves this flower language of being accused of being gay, esp; if it’s true!

    Can she(or is it a he?) EC looks like a tranny) please go back to
    broke Italia?
    Arriverdercci Brutus.

  • lona

    we still love u clooney no matter carzy speaks !

  • Tessa

    I cannot understand him because he prepares an eye candy for the Oscar every time. Nobody minds it even if he attends at a premiere alone.

  • lelo

    still love u george clooney no matter what nobody speak it’s her lost not yours she is nasty and tacky to sleep with her father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u GC gooooooooooo

  • Gerry

    Everyone knows George already is dry as a bone.

  • lola

    HAHA Wish more would come out about this manho. He is disgusting, always bringing out a new z list gf right before award season. HE IS A BIG FRAUD.

  • lola


  • ali

    oh c’mon she USED HIM to get famous !!
    Clooney used to be really handsome man , he is not anymore .
    he is just an aging 50 years old man .
    any woman who acts like a doormat with a man IS pathetic .

  • http://@miss_nora Nora xo

    the reason why he was a father to his own gf .. is cuz he’s GAY .period.

  • http://@miss_nora Nora xo

    there is a reason why he’d been a father to his own gf,, the man is GAY .. period

  • linda

    you know that in u.s.a you are all crazy?the italian said to have a boyfriend as a father only means that it is very protective’’s all,you’re nasty and there is not only your thinking and your culture ,but also that of over

  • to Linda

    A father feels very protective toward his daughter. But it is common for people around the world! Not only Italy!

  • mwannir