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Hayden Christensen: Smoothie Stop!

Hayden Christensen: Smoothie Stop!

Hayden Christensen keeps his head low as he leaves a store on Saturday (October 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 30-year-old Canadian actor grabbed a fruit smoothie to go and a few water bottles for the road.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Christensen

Early last week, Hayden stopped by a Thai massage parlor. Hayden caught up with a friend on the way there before heading inside for his relaxing massage!

Earlier in the month, Hayden and his girlfriend Rachel Bilson were spotted running some errands together in Los Feliz.

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  • Clare

    He is the new Josh Hartnett. Po thang.

  • Cristina

    I like him. Rachel and him are cute!

  • jolene

    it’s always nice to see hayden!!! I just love him!!!

  • jolene

    I wish I were the smoothie!!! LOL!!

  • YAY!!

    It’s good to see him out again. YAY!!!He kind of looks like a post man here. Doesn’t he or UPS or something. Hahahaha. Oh well it works for him in his own way.
    I’m surprised to not see Rachel with him. After that interview she gave to Nylon Magazine I would have thought for sure they would be seen together. That interview got a lot of people talking and fighting. West Hollywood is close to his brother’s place in LA so that is probably why he is there. Hayden probably has a place of his own in LA again by now. He stays under the radar enough that no one would know where it was if he was renting it out while he was in town. He probably is going to need to spend more time in LA if he wants to see Battlecreek with Clint Eastwood’s daughter directing get off the ground anytime soon. Hopefully it does. At least it looks like he is staying healthy and eating healthy. Smoothies and water.

  • dream on

    @ Yay

    Uh, yes, Hayden lives with Rachel in LA, read the Nylon interview and it will clue you in. There is another blog on twitter that has more photos of Hayden from above with the same car he was in that he drove to the Thai place on Monday–the one in the photos on The twitter by line is “Hayden buys food in Los Feliz” and Los Feliz is in West Hollywood. It looks like Hayden had to finally buy a car since Rachel uses her car to drive to work every day–it looks like a really nice car, too, check it out at DH.

  • tina

    The comment Rachel made about Ryan was just girl talk. An expression. Justin Timberlake (still dating Jessica Biel) recently made similar type comments about Pippa Middleton then said he’d better quit. Nothing to any of it except some joking around.

  • TheAnnie68

    I love smoothies and quite a comfort with the Indian Summer California weather has been today. Hayden is probably enjoying some sun from the Canadian cold!! I love smoothies and Hayden’s skinny white legs!!! Hahahaha

  • Deborah

    I think he looks better alone. Rachel is not kidding in that article. She means it,. Just like when she was dating Adam Brody and she never told him that she was breaking up with him. He found out on the internet and the tabloids. She will dump Hayden if she finds someone to help her with her career that is richer and more famous than Hayden just like she did with Adam. She is cold-hearted and a black widow, You’ll see, they’ll be broken up when she gets another actor like Ryan if he decides to go for it. I can’t stand her. She is a witch.

  • Anon

    @Deborah: Jesus, you’ve got issues.

  • call me crazy but…..

    He sounds like he’s better at tiling kitchens than he is at acting! I read somewhere that Harrison Ford was a carpenter before he became an actor so maybe Rachel’s bf can become a decorator now that his acting career is drying up.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow!! JJ really has nothing to say about him. If he’s left the business he should say that so he doesn’t look like such a deadbeat.
    Then again maybe he’s decided to give Rachel a taste of her own medicine and live off of her for a while. He’ll let her work and spend her money. Now all he has to do is go to the Grove!!

  • Hayden Aging Badly

    I can’t believe how terribly he’s aging. Not a shred left of either the androgynous cutie from Shattered Glass or the gorgeous hunk from ROTS. He looks average with a strangely shaped body and long hairy skinny white legs and perpetually unshaven. Rachel is not kidding when she pants after better looking + more attractive actors in interviews. She will dump the unemployed and unemployable Gayden as soon as she finds something better. Meanwhile he can do what she’s been doing most of the last 4 years they’ve been together: get papped getting smoothies and coffee or visiting restaurants or personal pampering establishments because he’s NOT WORKING. I bet his PR person has the papparazzis on speed dial now and calling the same ones Rachel’s agent uses. It would take a miracle for him to get a job since he doesn’t have Josh Schwartz and he’s been blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein. No one wants to work with an untalented unattractive smelly former teen hearthrob who reeks so bad even Jake Gyllenhall remarked on it. You can smell him even in the photographs with the dirty baggy shorts, the same shirt he gets photographed in all the time and the sweaty baseball cap covering dirty hair. Not sure if he ever washes his face but we know he rarely shaves. As usual he’s keeping his head down and pretending his PR didn’t call the papparazzi. Just like his soulmate Rachel does.

  • just me

    @Deborah: Agree with you.If i was hayden i wouldn’t have done nothing for her. She only use him to promote her show. And that;s why she mention him. I don’t see ryan Gosling with her why mention him anyway. jared you use hayden to by mentioning him. You should have left rachel’s name out are this post.@lexy hates bilson: And hayden is not using rachel for her money. You don’t make sense at all here. This is way to say that Rachel has dump hayden already. Are she wouldn’t have mention ryan Gosling She want someone else now. Also rachel does not work on saturday. And she didn’t want to take a picture with him? About the movie it suppose to be have done weeks ago if he was going to do it.

  • u forgot the thinning hair!

    @Hayden Aging Badly:

    I call this karma. Hayden was very lucky in life bu kept making the bad choices, now he is really getting “ugly”. What inside him shows outside. He deserves all the crap he has now. He wanted a now he’s got a blood sucker who stole his light(=luck in life).
    She does no good to him. He looks like a homeless guy, unhappy and bitter.

    MONEY can’t buy happiness. Maybe he should get some new hair (his hair line is receding) plus he has natural thin hair (thanks God it can get curly).
    Money can’t buy job either. He has no job but money. He is getting bored and it shows in his habits. He is unkept, moody, and unhappy.
    He cannot fool people or his fans and former fans.
    His body does not lie.

    Never thought that he would become the shadow of himself.

    Time to make a huge change in his life or he is doomed for life

  • Hayden is a hottie

    Hayden looks way more handsome than Gosling, Rachel is right, he really looks funny and goofy.

  • nina
  • shadowy

    @ #5 – Battlecreek with Clint Eastwood’s daughter directing get off the ground anytime soon…
    DREAM ON!!!
    Anything with that Haydamn’s name on; it is bound to go down in flames or in scrutiny.
    “Karma” has a strange way of coming back to haunt you; slap you hard right straight in the face for as long as you deserved it!

  • Boyish Frame?


    He needs more meat on his bones. We don’t ask him to be a Cavill but at least to eat and not sipping juices all day long like a angry model on diet and relying on smoke to stay slim!
    A brief trip to a Thai restaurant to get his pics taken with the one we shall not name is not enough.

    Looks like Hayden refuses to grow up and have a more manly figure.
    Hopefully he will not end like Enrique Iglesias. This dude is just pathetic playing an 20 something dude when he is closer to his 40′s.
    We don’t want o see Hayden like that.

  • sterling

    HE is a respected and serious talent… (sprinkle w/ a handful of “”mockery & sarcasm”” on top of that!).
    Sigh… mediawhooring is a “highly-contagious disease” I must say…

  • trisha

    @Boyish Frame?:

    Just goes to show people will make up any nonsense in the comments here. LOL

  • Canadian_Caveman

    Take a look Robert Pattinson… this will be your FUTURE.
    A has-been / washed up former heartthrob!
    So go home now Canadian Caveman… Go home now (where you originally came from) for good ASAP!!!!

  • call me crazy but…..

    @YAY!!: Um….smoothies aren’t all that healthy. They contain shed loads of sugar and fat and can be 450 calories a shot. Plus, they are seriously bad for your teeth and the fructose in them can cause intra-abdominal fat. Not good! Yeah, I know we’ve all been well and truly hornswoggled by all that fruit is healthy for ya jazz. And it is, only just not in smoothie form. Veggie smoothies are good for you, tho! Just not the fruit ones.
    If Rachel’s bf keeps sucking on those too much, he’s gonna end up with fatty organs, bad teeth and a chubby gut. Not a good look.


    Hey Hayden, what about hooking up with kim kardashian . she’s single now!

  • KC

    Nice to see Hayden, he looks great, his clothes match nicely! The Battlecreek movie he is supposed to be in has gone from pre production status to in production status (whatever that means) on IMDB recently I hope this movie works out for him, with Clint Eastwood’s daughter directing, if he does the movie it sounds like a good one.

  • nina
  • Cuuuuute

    It’s been years since the Jumper movie, but he’s still as hot as ever. And he doesn’t even wear makeup or designer outfit. That’s more than what 90% of today’s actors can say about themselves. He’s a humble human being and amazing to look at lol