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Victoria Beckham Takes a Break with Harper

Victoria Beckham Takes a Break with Harper

Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper sit in the shade on a lawn chair while they watch their boys play soccer on Saturday (October 29) in Los Angeles.

Later that day, the 37-year-old fashion designer tweeted that her kids were watching their dad David Beckham act on a cartoon!

David was on Phineas and Ferb, its so cool!!!! Cruz was so impressed!!” Victoria tweeted.

The day before, Victoria tweeted that she saw a UFO flying over her house!

“UFO hovering above our house last night!!!!!” Vic wrote, along with a picture of a bright circular light flying in the sky.

FYI: Victoria is using her Maxi-Cosi infant seat and iCandy stroller!

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victoria beckham takes a break with harper 01
victoria beckham takes a break with harper 02
victoria beckham takes a break with harper 03
victoria beckham takes a break with harper 04
victoria beckham takes a break with harper 05

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  • Tara

    These photos are the cutest candids i have seen of Beckham, she looks fantastic watching her boys with her baby girl, i love her entire look, thanks for psoting JJ.

  • Jane

    How stunning is Harper? She looks like a cherubic angel in some Botticelli painting, haha to damn cute.

    ps: VB is rocking those flares!

  • Layla

    I can’t remember I’ve ever seen VB smiling


    OMG….Harper so cuteee…….!!!!
    Thank you so much JJ!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s a shame this woman and her children can’t even attend a kids soccer game without being stalked by these animals!!

  • katie

    she’s a beautful mommy.

  • XYZ


    Cherubic angel? She looks ugly and piggish, anormally swollen, u must be either blind or idiot. And wow, as usual shitty Beckham is all smiles and happiness. Makes me sick.

  • Becksister

    Sorry for Victoria. She’s had a fat baby.

  • haha


  • Alicia

    Harper is adorable but I bet Victoria’s pissed her kid is fat.

  • Moon

    @XYZ and @Becksister….you guys are pathetic human beings to call a baby as ugly and fat!! More shame to @XYZ for insulting a baby and call her as a pig and swollen! What kind of human being are you??! I bet you’re as bad as her when you’re a baby as well…perhaps worst!

    For your info…her baby not ugly, piggish or swollen at all but rather a HEALTHY AND CHUBBY baby, like what a healthy 3 months old baby should be!

    (May God won’t give you guys babies who don’t like a human at all as a pay for your bad deeds to other people!)

  • johnaaa

    The baby is super cute.. and those cheeks beg to be kissed and pinched.

    but come on. she is parading that baby around everywhere. I don’t recall her doing that with the boys. I guess she maybe a bit pissed that the media is not paying that much attention. I think she thought people would be all over the fact that she finally has a baby girl. But for the most part people don’t care that much. And she and David tweeting and all makes them look a bit pathetic. Sorry I hate when Celebs tweet their lives.. Reeks of attention seeking.

    sorry.. bu the baby is cute.

  • johnaaa

    Oh and I love how she turns the baby for the paps to get their shots..

    Classy move Vic…

  • oops

    That baby is not cute at all, she is just a plain looking baby. She looks like her mother, nothing special.


    Ohhhhhh NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, her daughter is not cute at all……LOL

  • Miami D

    WTF is wrong with one side of her designer daughter???

  • lilli

    hehe harper looks like a fat mongolian girl.. i looked the same at her age that means she will beautiful ;)

  • coco

    Compare to her Mel B. daughter is off the charts

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Think Harper Cute ;)
    I Wish Harper & Flynn Bloom is Couple :D

  • DaringDeb

    Oh, I will say that chubby babies are cute!

  • DaringDeb

    HAHA Maybe Harper and Flynn WILL be a couple! NEver know do ya.

  • boring

    Don’t compare Flynn with Harper. It’s like comparing Jude Law with Paris Hilton. Flynn is chubby, healthy and cute but Harper is fat.

  • NOTwithhim

    Hello! :D

  • cereallover

    Cute baby…without a doubt, without a doubtz ;)

  • beckhambag

    @johnaaa: Honey, you’re obviously a new Victoria B fan. If you were following her when Brooklyn was born, you’d know that the only single thing of hers that beat those expensive bags she’d carry were her kids. Though, I must say she did tot Romeo around for the longest. I do think he was the smallest of the bunch. Not to say there’s anything bad with that.

  • lilflowa

    @johnaaa: What are you on about parading her baby? so she must hide her baby away? She carried all her boys around what are you even talking about? And perhaps she’s facing Harper that way not because of the paps but because harper can have a view of the match and stay entertained??

    What you want her to turn baby Harper around facing the fence the whole match for the sake of the paps?

    Dont be ridiculous. Haters gonna hate.

  • Becksister

    The baby is fat like me

  • Tina

    OMG, Harper’s face looks so swollen! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a healthy baby look like that.

  • .

    she’s just a normal baby
    WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PPL !!!!!! its clear that you’re jealous :S

  • jillie

    cute baby but the mother looks frail and sickly.

  • jillie

    cute baby but the mother looks frail and sickly.

  • Pepper

    I just really hope that when Victoria’s indoors with her kids, she’s grinning non-stop because her public poses make her seem so cold and distant.

  • Cookie_Monster

    Baby Harper has gotten to be a fat baby as she must constantly cry to be fed …she was starved for 9 whole months by her narcissist mother for crissakes!

  • Zeeshan

    David Beckham wife and daughter is looking very good,

  • june

    That baby is not cute . Tiny eyes, and pie face. Not cute.

  • heather

    Like someone else on here said. The baby looks like a little tight eyed Mongolian.

  • i wonder

    which one weighs more? I’m guessing Harper.

  • laverdadduele

    Harper is so cute and adorable. Like a little cherub. I would love to have a baby girl just like her. I hope Victoria is aware of how many blessing she has in her life.

  • chaos

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Ha ha ha! You should know by now that the Beckhams alert the paparazzis about their whereabouts to make sure they make Just Jared and other tabloids. THey are famewhores and cannot live without being in the spotlight, even whoring out their kids! So give me a break!

  • I’m sorry but..

    the baby looks like a FRENCH BULLDOG.

  • Ivermom

    What kind of sick person must you be to post such terrible comments about a baby? I personally think babies are cuter when they are chubby and their cheeks are most fun to kiss on! I had chubby babies and they are skinny now and in their teens…it means nothing!

  • Hmmm…

    I don’t know, but does anyone else think that looks like Gordon Ramsey’s kid? I know they would hang out a lot, him and Victoria…just saying.

  • hahahaha

    HAHAHAHA! Finally got their long-for-wished daughter and she just so happens to look exactly like her FUGLY momma! HAHAHAHA too funny!!! Baby is NOT CUTE or GOOD-LOOKING AT ALL!
    You want to see good-looking celeb kids, look no further then Shiloh Joilie-Pitt, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s twins, Miranda Kerr/Orlando Bloom’s baby boy, Cindy Crawford’s kids, the Affleck girls’… Harper 7 (stupid name!) is fugly looking… hahahahaha…..

  • Ew

    V. Beckham is sooooo ugly!

  • Punkinhead

    she looks like a little piglet!

  • notopcrubbish

    am really sorry to say this but someone has to. Not every baby is cute just cos it is a baby! why don’t people (especially women and “mummies”) stop this PC nonsense?
    I know personally of a new baby that happened to NOT be cute at all and am afraid to say there is no way you will ever hear me say “what a cute baby” if it plainly isn’t! …cos that would be just lying. Just don’t say anything like I do.

    oh and whoever says she is a healthy weight for a baby really needs to reconsider what they feed their baby. My god, I have not seen such chubby ankles for a while. Except in 1700′s paintings?