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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Dinner Date in Budapest!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Dinner Date in Budapest!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt leave Arany Kaviar (Gold Caviar) restaurant after dining together on Monday (October 31) in Budapest, Hungary.

The 36-year-old actress and her sweetheart arrived around 8 p.m. and dined until midnight together.

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On Sunday, Angelina was spotted taking the Jolie-Pitt clan out ice skating in Budapest!

Last weekend, Brad‘s parents spent time at the Uj Buda Center with Angie and the kids.

Brad is currently wrapping up work on his zombie movie World War Z.

Bigger pic inside…

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angelina jolie brad pitt dinner date 01

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  • Ghouls


  • 2 shots of blood

    devil worshipers

  • What A Feast

    Ang will have a small helping of bean sprouts.

  • Etta

    Dined till midnight..WOW..I wonder where they went afterwards

  • Brad = Dog The Bounty Hunter


  • Another Lurker

    2nd? LOL!

  • calmdown

    They look astonished by the paparazzi again

  • Agatha82

    I love this couple!

  • Angie Looks Hungry

    …but then she always does

  • Suri is stimming in her face

    First page!!
    Great to see the 2 of them together!!

  • Another Lurker

    Wish the picture is clearer. Anyways, they are undeniably a handsome couple.

  • Angie’s Forefinger

    What little there was tasted good going down,
    and even better coming up.

  • jo
  • Guffy

    A ha a ha

  • world exclusive

    Holly goes with them

    That romantic hahahaha

  • Agent99

    Always happy to see the two of them. Angie looks beautiful as always.

  • Ghouls

    Angie looks like she’s wasting away.

  • Another Lurker

    Paparazzis couldn’t let them alone. Seems these paps are following them 24-7, all year round. It could be unnerving. And yet here I am, always looking for news about them. At least I am a fan, unlike the psycho troll who is consumed by envy and hatred and can’t stay away.

  • eww

    Brad has that middle-aged, grow my hair long, white trash look about him.

  • Britney

    Why is only one photo? more please Jared. Love them

  • “her sweetheart”


  • P Drinker

    Brad wil have a tumbler filled with warm pee .

  • hmm

    This couple has the power of making a fool of everyone LOL

  • Another Lurker

    Psycho troll is so stupid and until now believes she can persuade any JP fan to agree with her way of thinking.

  • Guffy

    Where photos.really really need..and food..please..

  • Pearl was there too

    You can see Maianne Pearl behind them in the pic.

  • Agent99

    What a great family they are. Worthy of admiration in deed.

  • awwww

    They had daddy-mommy alone time on Friday night, and Today a date night again. awwwww melt.

  • Guffy

    Where photos.really really need ..and food..please

  • marina

    thumbing down the dumb-name changing troll.

    Good to see them out and about.

  • Wrong

    Jared the pic can’t be from tonight. It’s not midnight in Hungary right now. It’s not even 8 p.m there let alone mid night. Maybe from Sunday or Saturday

  • ff

    They are with Mariane Pearl, and she was with the kids in the ice skating in Budapes
    here a goos pic

  • Laranjen

    Sorry y’all but a 4 hour dinner means it’s over.

  • Agent99

    That pretty much says it all… Angie has close friends like the strong, caring, intelligent Marianne Pearl and SS has close friends like the foul-mouthed, black-hearted C Handjob.

  • In Hungary – Left Hungry

    stomach gurgles
    stomach gurgles
    stomach gurgles

  • use google traduction

    the woman behind them, maybe it’s marianne pearl.

  • a lurker

    I think it was from last night not tonight because it is only 7:00 pm in Budapest. It is glad to see the picture of Brad and Angie out for dinner. They actually had a quite few dinners/ dates before, but we didn’t get the pictures.

  • No shitt

    It is always great to see them. I love seeing the two of them. more please.
    Is that MP in the back of the photo? Brad looks protective of Angie. Angie always looks thinner when she put her hair back like that.

  • Tola

    Will the movie end anyday? I don’t think so

  • Passing Through

    # 237 Well @ 10/31/2011 at 12:01 pm
    Big Butt Kim is getting a divorce? Let’s all act shocked. This is what happens when you marry for tv ratings and swag. I hope everyone who gave this bimbo that $10million worth of free wedding shite and that $2.5MIL “engagment” ring feel suitably played. Ya gotta hand it to Mama Kardashian – she’s good…

  • QQQQ

    Wrong @ 10/31/2011 at 1:56 pm
    Jared and his peeps will write any cr.ap that comes to their mind even if it makes no darn sense.

  • who

    Nobody does sexy like Angie and Brad.

  • Jen

    Thanks Jared for the Picture. Looks like Marianne in the background.

    I am so happy to see a picture of them together. They look gorgeous as always.

  • Brad

    I love the way she looks tonight

  • Jen

    Bringing this link over of Marianne with Angelina at the Ice Skating Rink for those who may have missed it on the previous thread.

    Thanks to TEAM HEIDI!
    @ Jen
    There you go!

  • No shitt

    pls no mannny talk here or where ever her thread here is. I want talk about brad and angie
    isn’t that crazy kim is already divorcing? but i think it is better than living in boring life and spent 4 years trying something that is not working…

  • Rose

    JJ put out one picture of Brad and his lady love, and the trolls heads are exploding. Fans are loving to see the trolls in pain, good times!!

  • Jen

    This picture looks almost like a painting and it is difficult to discern whether they are entering the restaurant or leaving.
    Nevertheless, so happy Brad and Angelina had some time together.
    I truly hope the picture wraps soon. Brad must be worn out.

  • DC

    Finally a picture of Angelina and Brad. I haven’t seen much of them especially Angie. Love Angelina -love her and Brad together. Thanks JJ for this picture. See Angie does have friends.

  • Lara

    Good for them, having another romantic night together. Still so happy and in love.
    Thanks Jared.