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Kim Kardashian: Divorce From Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian: Divorce From Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage.

TMZ reports that Kim cited irreconcilable differences for the reason for the split in papers dated Monday (October 31).

Before they married, Kim and Kris signed a prenuptial agreement so that their respective assets would be protected in the case of a split.

Kim and Kris married on August 20 in front of 440 guests at a private estate in Montecito, Calif. The celebration was televised in an E! special.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are splitting up?

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  • Isabela

    I knew it wouldn’t last, but WOW I still got impressed of how fast it was



  • jasmine

    saw this coming a mile away. Not surprised at all. smdh

  • James

    I’m not surprised at all. I saw this coming a mile away.

  • leela

    not surprised at all. expecting actually.

  • http://xoxnima95xox nima

    omg whatttttt?! didn’t expect this!! i seriously thought they were soo cute and in loveee but i guess not

  • Dork

    Knew it was a public stunt.

  • Kristen

    The whole relationship is a publicity stunt. Kim and Kris are the new Speidi. Gag.

  • Nadia

    I knew they wouldn’t last, he wasn’t Kim’s little bitch.

  • MyLeNe


  • MyLeNe


  • p

    My bet was 6 months tops.

  • Gaby


  • BEAN


  • Sammy Freestone

    Kim and him weren’t a good match, they need to be with other ppl. He probably felt threathen cause Kim’s the hotshot not him. He was not Kim’s lil bit*h and he didn’t listen to what she had to say. He was also a major tool.

  • Dina

    What the

  • jo

    she and her family are BS

  • BaddaBing

    Will the divorce be televised as well? Call it “Divorce – Karshadian Style!”

  • k88

    That whole Kardashian/Jenner crew are nothing but white trash with money. Obviously the entire thing was a publicity stunt. I thought the entire wedding was a joke anyway, and why do people thing she’s such a princess!?!! OMG give me a break.

  • Wouldn’t Last

    He has talent and will make legit $
    and she is a talentles & worthless piece of crap

  • Idril

    Some Hollywood’s celebrities are just big jokes!

  • Joboots



  • Put your paws down B!itch

    I have said it before i will say it again this women’s whole life is a sham the wedding from the beginning was a publicity stunt her whole life is her being a fame hungry wh@re not even surprised i bet she is loving the media attention right now

  • sally

    like seriously? do they think this is cute? how embarassing. how that money on a bull shit wedding WASTED. pathedic! i hate people

  • renata

    Surprise? Not at all

  • KingsMom

    if you watch their wedding special you won’t be surprised at all. they were not compatible with each other at all. i think they rushed in too fast and didnt give the relationship time to grow b4 they jumped into a wedding.

  • grace1

    in italy where i live, this crap would not happen: it takes us 3 years to get a divorce. we complain it is way too long time once you have made your mind about the split, but the positive side is that people do not marry for sport. this is pure ah, and we havent pre nuptial agreements as well. good or bad….i dont know.
    ps this marriage smells of buffoonery even from the other side of the world :)

  • piaf

    no one will lover her as much as she loves herself

  • BT

    I never thought it would last. Kim is to materialistic and doesn’t know what love is. I feel for Kris. Kloe was right to question it but not about Kris but should have questioned Kim. I don’t care about how much money u have. Its about the heart not about the green. Kim cares to much about what doesn’t last in life. Grow Up Kim!

  • Trendy

    More in Love with the idea of being married
    than the person she is marrying.

  • pinkydoo

    Ummm. why is she famous again? If she didn’t have her looks, what exactly would she have left? I think she should go off to Etheopia for a few years and become a more humble person

  • angie


  • NYCoolKid

    Kim is a fat dirty slut who got fame from fu*king a superstars no name brother. Her whole family are fame seekers especially her mother, they calculated everything out what was hot this season? Weddings so she would have married anyone just to stay in the media minus any real love connection it was obvious her and Kris had none so i’m sure everyone saw this coming there all jokes it’s disgusting.

  • Barbara

    72 days?? it last too long for KK

  • jess

    I think it was fake from the beginning of their relationship. They both just wanted the money that’s because they were getting married and now the kardashian store will open in Las Vegas tomorrow so they filing for divorce


    Jewelers, Vera Wang, and all the “vendors” that provided thousands of dollars of goods for free publicity. Wow. Maybe next time you should avoid “doing business” with the K/J family. Yea, you got lots of publicity. I guess that is what it is all about. What a joke. What about your brand? Your corporate identity? Values?

    And the reputable magazine that paid millions for the exclusive pics? Yea, maybe you made your money back. So no loss. I guess next week’s cover “The Divorce” with more exclusive pics.

  • Delilah

    Guess Kris didn’t want to go along with the program and live his entire life in front of a camera. I read that his family was super disgusted by the wedding hoopla. It was a three ring media circus. Too bad he didn’t have enough backbone and smarts to see thru all the phoniness. How dumb can a person be?

    Chloe and Courtney seem to have more sense than Kim…and that ain’t saying a lot.

  • OMG

    HAHA I just watch their wedding are they gonna televised the Divorce life as well? LMFAO

  • Ayy Kidd

    Of course I never thought it would last but I did think it would at least last a year, I wonder what the reason behind it was

  • Mary Jane Callender

    The wedding is fake ! So why not tell your boss that a divorce is next!
    Good for him to get out! Who needs that family! Ask Tony Parker!
    Divorced basketball star married to a big star! So what is the problem!

  • blb

    i can’t believe she still has fans even after this news! can’t you see she is a fame(w)hore and she is head to toe fake!!wake up people.
    her fans are probably 0-14 year olds…

  • Eden Lords

    it was never a real marriage , it was for her show and he agreed to it , that’s all
    he wanted fame too

    if they love each other they would at least worked this marriage out for a month

    they already dated for 6 months so , this is all fake

  • SeeFSee

    F@cking losers

  • aiyana

    Hahahah new it! Personally I think that she wa jealous of khloe+kourtney because their married+have kids, but yeno…

  • Sam

    not totally surprising but I’m gonna wait for a source other than TMZ to report it

  • legsfan

    That’s awesome. Now she can have another wedding extravaganza and make another pile of money. You go gurrlll!!!!

  • Siena

    Humphries didn’t know what hit him. Like most innocent men.

  • mel

    this is so obvious its a publicity stunt. And whats worse its cause none of the Kardashian’s have talent therefore result in them doing stunts such as this which is said.

  • MikaloMia

    Divorce for publcity ploy????

    Liking kHLOE more and more!

  • Lol

    LOL. Not even surprised! She got an attention when she got married and now time to get attention when she is divorced! Famewhvre!