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Kim Kardashian: Divorce Statement & Family Reactions

Kim Kardashian: Divorce Statement & Family Reactions

Kim Kardashian has released a statement about her divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries.

“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage,” Kim, 31, said (via E! News). “I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”

Kim‘s sister Khloe also weighed in on the situation.

“Reading some these comments r so hurtful. Im grateful 4our fans who understand & r being respectful. Hate is disgusting. Love is everything,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “Thank God for family. We are strong and we will only become closer! I love YOU”

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# 2
The Kartrashians @ 10/31/2011 at 3:13 pm

No Khloe, the Kartrashians are disgusting. If “love is everything”, your sister would not have filed for divorce 72 days after her wedding. Fans? What fans?

# 3

Rob Kim’s brother recently denied that there was any truth to the rumors said everything is fine with his sister’s marriage. Basically it was all lies. He shouldn’t have said anything.

# 4

I hope she finds someone better. He was a jerk.

# 5
lovefromsweden @ 10/31/2011 at 3:14 pm

i agee with khloe, stop being rude people, **** if you only could say that infront of them.

# 6

they didn’t even last 2 months?! whhaaaat?
NO ONE saw this coming.

# 7

anything for attention…

# 8
sparkly sequins @ 10/31/2011 at 3:15 pm

Freak show. It is what it is.
You have people making a mockery out of marriage while countless homosexual couples don’t even have the right to say “I do”.
Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s tasteful.

# 9

Her second marriage and it was all a sham. She thinks the public is stupid. Kim K you are finished just like Paris HIlton.

if the marriage was legit then i wldnt laugh because i dont think divorce is funny. but they make it seem like a drive-by event and that annoys me.

for a moment I thought that “the Statement” would be something like…for more details tuned the special on E!

Famewhores all of them!!!

chocolate cookie @ 10/31/2011 at 3:19 pm

@sparkly sequins:

i think sometimes its best that people part ways..but i agree these clowns have made yet another mockery..

and im looking forward to the day gays and lesbians everywhere can say i do!

Pray this is her jump the shark moment. And her famenslowly dies down like it did with Paris Hilton. Geez

Publicity *****. Is there anything she won’t do for some cash?! Disgusting excuse for a human being.

So their business contract is over? Good riddance anyway. Only retards pay attention to these scumTRASHIANS.

pathetic, just pathetic….these idiots make a mockery out of marriage, in fact, most of hollyweird does.

LOL I am a fan of Kim but honestly this kinda just pissed me off. wow kim wow.

@sparkly sequins:
Yes, the sanctity of marriage is upheld so well by this example of a hetero union.

Faye Thompson @ 10/31/2011 at 3:35 pm

Anyone who would have a 5 million dollar wedding and take it lightly is selfish and self-absorbed. Vows were made before God and not to be taken lightly. It’s a shame and a disgrace that one can be so nonchalant and act like, “Oh it’s another day”. Today is fleeting, but being with Jesus is eternal. It appears that someone needs to sit down and reflect and see how selfish they are. Beauty is only skin deep.

PippaLover @ 10/31/2011 at 3:35 pm


laverdadduele @ 10/31/2011 at 3:36 pm

Khloé, her s_lut sisters, and all this family should STFU and go away. They represent everything that is wrong with our society, immorality, dishonesty, manipulation, and greed. This family is a well oiled machine that will crush everything and everyone that stands in their way of making money. DISGUSTING PIGS! TRASH! SCUM OF THE EARTH! This also goes to Ryan Seacrest who we have to thank for giving them air space.

I was giving it 3 months, but I was wrong. It was all for publicity stunt. Oh well.

She just wanted her fantasy weddings, that’s all. I thought they would have at least lasted a year but only 70 days? Wow.

Becky Johnson @ 10/31/2011 at 3:40 pm

I completely understand…. Kim is a selfish shallow person. Apparently the words For Better or Worse have no meaning for her… The NBA Lockdown was not caused by Kris and in his line of work these things can happen… The lockdown won’t last forever. and apparently neither has her marriage… She will never have a successful marriage unless she learns money isn’t everything and the world doesn’t revolve around her… Dispite what she may think noone is perfect especially not her!!

10/31/11 and you’re filing for a divorce?

bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i knew it! never watched the show, never liked those girls but i saw the snippet when her gigantic fiancé proposed and was just SOOOOOOOOO FAAAAAAAAAAKEE you could tell right away it was a stunt

Kim proved one thing to me- you can make it in this world being without being a college grad and can swindle people out of $10m for a fake wedding and millions more for lousy perfume, talentless music , not forgetting a conceited and vain TV show which you are the star of. All I can say is- you go girl!
P.S- her milkshakes in her name taste awful too!

Wow Khloe…pot meet kettle.

They used everybody to get paid for that wedding.

Joke was on you all.
You wached it and sent them gifts of gold.

I’m just wondering who is her next victim or more appropriate her “toy”?
It’s funny that everybody was keep saying that they won’t last. So this is the end. This is such a sad thing that this attention seeker $%^&G*& is at the headlines of all sites right now. Dammit, when this kind of people are on the agenda you just think what a stupid world i’m living in.

Wow….. people in Hollywood are souless with no morals as you can see by Ms. Kardashian’s court filing. Don’t worry she’ll find some other rich sports star she can hook up with. Meanwhile, it seems like Kris was raised with some morals and not just on how much money and fame you can find he seemed to want a wife and family. Kim will have regrets the way she lives her life or the way her manager Mom runs her life…didn’t her mom want to change her name back to Kardashian?? What a slap in the face to Bruce and their daughters together….just for noteriety , fame, greed and money. Heartless! That’s love for family?? Good luck Kris in the future and good riddance to Kim and the Kardashian Clan. Oh and Kris K., you better do a better job of *****-ing out your younger daughters, you know what they say ….Time is MONEY!! And that’s what your all about!!

There’s a lot of “I’s” in HER statement… It was all about her in the beginning and it is now in the end. NO ONE but her beneficts from thi$. I think Kris is just a kid, wasn’t for her, she wasn’t for him, but no one cared, it’s always been about the money. Poor Kris! Got scammed twice out of this wedding!

Just proves how phony she is

A whole 72 day’s. Wow! Kim says she tried and was wanting it to be forever…..such a joke. Khloe can say what she wants but the only thing these people love is themselves and their money.

There was no chemistry there. I don’t think she liked hearing the truth from Kris…before they got married he actually called her on her bull-crap. He basically told her off when he said to her that she was working in a store not too long ago…like what is all the hype about…that made me laugh. I don’t think he was going to let her treat him the same way the the mother and sister treat their man. He said it..that he was not going to be like Bruce and the other guys in the family…I think he was too ballsy for her lol!!!

Oh Khloe please shut up hell that whole family needs to sit down somewhere and shut up. I know their father Robert Kardashian is probably pissed and rolling in his grave about the mess that they’ve become.
Kim deserves the criticism after swindling her fans and many people into thinking that fake of a marriage was real. I hope many see her and her family for what they are and leave them alone. I’m sorry for sounding too angry, but the fact that a person can play with marriage like that deserves criticism especially if they threw it all in everyone’s faces for all to see.

ROFL @ Khloe’s tweet…..the family is such a joke

I hate that she makes marriage seem like such a joke. Spending $10 million dollars on a wedding that didn’t last more than 2 months is such a disgrace. I keep reading that it doesn’t really affect Kim because she made $17 million for her wedding. So basically this was like a business deal for her.


ITA! He wasn’t going to be lead around by his balls like Scott & Bruce. He has his opinions and he spoke them. Anyone who thinks Kris is the issue needs to get their brains check out. What a godawful family this is. The father must be turning over in his grave. That poor grandfather didn’t even know where he was when she walked over after the wedding to say hello. The poor guy. Kris is soooo lucky to be out of that hell hole called Kardashian Family. If I have to hear one of those stupid woman say, “We’re all about family”, I’m going to throw up. Now Kris needs to find a REAL WOMAN!!

Go to hell Kardashians!!!


This from that piece of foul mouth pig. She loves the attention by saying filthy things and always talking sex. Maybe she should find someone to bed instead of her husband, because anyone who is always talking sex is someone not getting the goods from the husband like she should.

DakotaFan @ 10/31/2011 at 4:14 pm

Who cares? I wish the whole K family would just go away – like the ebola Lohan, Hilton et al

I cannot believe she had the nerve to steal Jessica Simpson’s mystery baby bump thunder….

so gays and lesbians who LOVE each other can’t get married, but ho’s who do it for money can.

Sometimes I just don’t understand this world.

what a way to spend ten million dollars!!! way to go girl especially with millions going hungry and homeless even in the big apple! But of course you woud’nt know about that, would you with that pervasive mother shielding you from all semblance of reality and normality!!! SHAME!!!!

Kim is such a tired “trick” and a testament as to why I subscribe to the belief in people being their OWN heros/heroines and to stop fawning over celebrites like the trash-all-about-cash Kardashian ho-hums. To be honest…I think Kris was put in place to divert the fact that she is all about marrying and sleeping with AA men which alot of people still don’t like even in this day and age. Kris was the perfect cover for Kim’s preference in men made even more likely to believe given that all over the news where I live this morning all they could joke about was her disrespecting Kris and their marriage as she chased down Reggie Bush who was in town to play against NY. Lunch and then a later hook-up ensued. Wonder if there will be a sex tape out on that? The fact that she is even claimed as a celebrity merely for opening her legs is a sad state of affairs. I agree with the Prez…nothing there I’d want my young daughters emmulating at all. Just yuckity yuck.

Put your paws down B!itch @ 10/31/2011 at 4:29 pm

Hahahaahah and here i thought that Khloe was the sane sister, listen Kim Wh@rtrashian is a fame loving wh@re everyone knows that she knows people will be talking about her in the media about her divorce and then she will get interviews and mag deals to open up about her Divorce this girls knows how to be a top fame wh@re

Not a fan @ 10/31/2011 at 4:33 pm

I’m not sure why everyone is taking this so seriously and personally like it’s affecting their life somehow? Do really have that high expectations for this girl and her entire family of spoiled privilege brats? It’s like some are actually invested in them. They’re not my friends, not people I look up to, not even talented people in any way.

The negativity is what keeps them going and everyone interested in them. Then they play the victim and say they are just trying to live a ‘normal life’. The Kardashians and Ryan Seacrest are the only ones that benefit. Don’t fall for it.

Sadly, marrying only for her TV show ratings is only the 2nd most scandalous think Kim has ever done.

I think the silly boy was in love poor thing.
K sister’s go away you all lie week after week and now call people haters?

Boycott the killer K family.
What a bunch of fame ******. All the hoopla over a 72 day wedding, please. We all know how she got noticed in the first place(porn). She(whole family) have used up the fifteen minutes. Now they need to go away. nobody cares. What fans?

Everyone saw this coming. But honestly, I though they would last longer! Not much longer.. but at least a year or so. Dang.. So stupid. There should be a law against this kind of marriages. It’s just not right. Especially when some can’t get married.. but this is actually legal? That is not right.

lovelydee @ 10/31/2011 at 4:50 pm

Not surprised.

Kardashians=Trash @ 10/31/2011 at 4:54 pm

Hate is disgusting??? More like ur sister is disgusting!!! Wat a pathetic,useless waste this family is!!! An hw long ws she taking this divorce into consideration while she ws still on honeymoon!!! Kim you are a sick woman and soon you will b a used up old hag dat no-one will wnt 2 even touch!

Chris Australia @ 10/31/2011 at 4:56 pm

Wake up it’s all about the video. Poor boy could never live with that embarrassment.

Georgia Lee @ 10/31/2011 at 4:58 pm

She shouldn’t have married him in the first place…..I mean, you guys were on a family vacation and he found out then that she had been married before..Hope she gives him back the ring..I mean give the ring back to who ever donated it.

OK so who is surprised by this announcement?? Anyone??? Like myself you were probably all taking bets on how long it would last.


****, give me the opportunity and i would!! it’s not that serious!

These trash scum swamp people think if you have $$, you are “above” the rest.
I saw that ugly dweeb Scott at Neiman Marcus all snooty & acting like he was all it.
Everyone laughed at his “low class” behavoir behind his back as he pulled away in his flashy car.
Scott & rest of Trashinians.
listen Tyler Durdan!
“you are NOT what you drive”
“you are NOT the contents of your wallet”
etc. etc.

The mother is just as bad as the daughters.
Poor Mr. Jenmner. He at least has class & pedigree.

I hope he find someone better she was and will always be a *****

@The Kartrashians:
Get a life and live her life !
wish her ths best !! :)

bobbiebee @ 10/31/2011 at 5:11 pm

I think people should Boycott E.. they have the trashiest shows on now..

The Kardashians and that Handler slag.. All of these people are the lowest of the low.

Kim is like so many women. needing the big splashy wedding. Forgetting that the wedding is not the marriage. Marriage is hard. Takes work. Compromise. She lives for the attention. And until that ends she won’t be a wife or mother. SELFISH.. and Kris is a fool that looks like a joke right now. He should be glad the NBA is off.. because he would be made fun of on an off the court.

Khloe needs to shut up. Kim was jealous of her and that she and Lamar got married so quickly. She had out do the “ugly” sister.. and let me say.. I like Khloe the best.. I actually think she and Lamar will last for a while. If Khloe had gotten pregnant we would have seen Kim do that too. She can’t stand not being the center of attention. The one everyone wants to see. That is why her wedding had to be the biggest best.. 3 or more wedding dresses.. WTF for..

Ugh.. she is just too much.


Kim says “We remain friends and wish each other the best..” Kris Humphries didn’t even know Kim was divorcing her..

Not a hater @ 10/31/2011 at 5:22 pm

Wow so we want to look at this girl and hate like if you people didn’t have the chance to do whatever you want you wouldn’t do it seriously get a life she can do whatever she wants with hear don’t be mad cause she banks off all the **** you guys enjoy talking.try taking some of this heat for one day doubt many would be able to survive. Everyone is entitled to their own **** !!! Do it big Kim !!!!! Everyone just keep taking your seats and watch or turn the channel HATERS


Boycott the Kardashians!

This is how you all can stop this nonsense.

sodamnpretty @ 10/31/2011 at 5:28 pm

i still haven’t finished watching the wedding.. at least now i know how it ends! Thanks for ruining the ending for me!! :(

Kardashian= trash @ 10/31/2011 at 5:28 pm

Just read on TMZ Kris apparently had no idea Kim filed for divorce! But he is still willing 2 fight 4 his marriage!!! All I can say is HELL NOOOOOOO KRIS!!! Let the HO GO….

These people made $18 million from their wedding, and here we are reading this crap, watching their lies on television and giving them a minute of our time which results in them making even more money!! It is apalling where this society is going. Dont give them a second of your life to hear this lies that are nowadays called reality tv. I wasted my min here but i felt the need to write this! You are all better than this!

@someone.: ummm pretty sure 72 days is more than 2 months

don’t know why I am getting negative comments about the wedding gifts. she needs to return those. That is SO tacky for her to keep them otherwise. SO TACKY.

I wonder if he was in on the scam fron the beginning or if he truly believed the marriage was legit?

I was hoping that maybe Kris would change her, at least a little bit. I’m sorry but I don’t give a fu about kim right now. I know kris is the good guy in the story

honestly, if you guys hate her so much, the heck are you doing wasting YOUR time posting nasty comments about her?
1. If you insist you don’t care, DON’T. Don’t be a hypocrite and say you don’t and then comment on the post a million times.
2. Let her live her life, and don’t speak too soon because noone knows what really happened.
3. Grow up people.

I'm sorry but.. @ 10/31/2011 at 6:12 pm

She made a porn in Ray Jay. Then she was tagging along paris hilton and people started taking notice of her. Then she gets a show and so does her whole family. Then she gets endorsements, then she tries to get on the NBA husband bandwagon because she heard that Vanessa Bryant hates her. Then E pays for the wedding and people dub it as America’s version of the “Royal Wedding”..and now this…so sad to be American right now.

I'm sorry but.. @ 10/31/2011 at 6:16 pm

BTW Chris was an idiot to propose. What was he thinking?

LOSER ALERT @ 10/31/2011 at 6:16 pm

@chill: B!TCH this is a gossip site we can fire our opinions if we wont freedom of speech she is a wh@re stop defending the trash.. You are probably like 14 because that is usually the age of her fans she is not a CELEBRITY she does not act nor sing nor direct nor do anything that makes her a celeb all she does is PARADE her V@gina all around the world she is nasty and a vile person

NO ONE GIVES A ****!!!!!

After careful consideration? When did this consideration start, the morning after the wedding?

Freak Show! That whole family is a mess. . . God HELP YOU ALL. . .

Kris u deserve better and ask for the ring back :). Kim u are jus dumb and selfish. U should reconsidered giving ur marriage a second change or at the end u are gonna end up alone. Money isnt everything. And u should be happy that u found a good men that took u seriously after u sex tape. So stop been dumb for once in your life and stop listening to ur dumb family especially ur mom and khloe.

BTW. . . to those who keep saying ” Why are you commenting if you DON’T CARE”. . . Unfortunately, this news of a person that has a competency level of a 6 year old with a pornographic video all over town is BREAKING NEWS! rather than we focus on AMERICA and the continents surrounding it, the world pauses to evaluate why a Kardashian filed for divorce and so people are then compelled to illustrate their view points and clearly so.

Poor Kris? Really? You people amaze me! I dont deny Kim is a piece of trash but dont act like that sob is some innocent poor sap. He is a grown fuggin man and I’m sure he was just as much apart of the scam as she was.

Ratings must be down – obviously needs more attention seeking drama. Sad that such airheads as Kim, Paris etc etc gets paid millions for doing nothing, while there are genuine hard working women out there, making a difference in the world, but paid pittance. Something is so wrong in today’s society.

I wish the whole family would just go away. Waste of perfectly good oxygen.

Really?! Khloe, you can’t understand why people are annoyed that your sister and Kris faked a marriage and wedding. Try making it to at least a year and than maybe will take Kim seriously!

only 72 days? … i don’t even understand how that is possible…

and to think, all that money wasted on their wedding could have gone to charity…

Good for Kris Humphries @ 10/31/2011 at 8:39 pm

He is going to benefit bigtime. Kris Jenner should have put a stop to this before the wedding, engagmnet.
Kim Kartrashian looks like a fool. Sympathy will be with Humphries.
this was a bad business deal and is the beginning to the end of Kim and family’s fame game.

justsaying @ 10/31/2011 at 9:20 pm

to Klhoe: we love also Klhoe, we just don’t love YOU guys-hope that is ok with you….since you are the almighty judge of everyone. Keep your family close-we don’t want it. Kris-I am from Minnesota, come back like you wanted and marry a Minnesota gal that can last 30 years and not 72 days.

justsaying @ 10/31/2011 at 9:25 pm

That is exactly right-a perfect show of gluttony is what I have always thought about them. They just don’t get it-lost souls the whole lot.

justsaying @ 10/31/2011 at 9:30 pm



How true
AKA: The rotting puss we now call American Society.
Bravo, people
Continue to worship losers with no education, who make a living
getting their hair, nails and face done all day and a new outfit
every day.

They call me Billy @ 10/31/2011 at 9:38 pm

I told all of you last summer, that I saw KK and KH in Jeffrey in NYC and they were 100% FAKE.
I could tell right away this whole thing was a sham to make money for her and get some fame for him in the NBA.
Then, you could tell by Lamar’s face, that he has no respect for KH.
Lamar is real, not phony and Lamar is very talented, a real NBA hero.
Occupied Wall Street?
How about Boycott the Kardashians?
Stop paying them!

Cinderella, not @ 10/31/2011 at 9:42 pm

I knew when KH’s mom was not in the wedding that something was very wrong here….
Where was Mama Humphries?
Day after the wedding I saw a photo of the Humphries at the airport.
The mom was not happy and didn’t like the fraud.
Bravo to her, she has class.

“I hoped this marriage would last forever”….or at least 72 days :)

urbigFatAss @ 10/31/2011 at 9:58 pm

I think they all have mental illness, how else do you explain the stupidity


how does it show her to be a fake?
perhaps she is so beloved among many that she cannot trust anyone.

Wow she didnt even try to save her marriage. Kim u are selfish, you could have all the money in the world but at the end u are gonna end up alone and unhappy. Cause after her sex tape no one have taken her seriously. Kim should be happy that you found a men that wanted a family with her. She is just dumb and should stop listening to her family and give the marriage a second chance cause she just prove that she is immature and she got married just to get her fairy tale wedding. As for Kris seriously u could do better, just ask for the engagement ring back she does not deserve it.

Wow she didnt even try to save her marriage. Kim u are selfish, you could have all the money in the world but at the end u are gonna end up alone and unhappy. Cause after her sex tape no one have taken her seriously. Kim should be happy that you found a men that wanted a family with her. She is just dumb and should stop listening to her family and give the marriage a second chance cause she just prove that she is immature and she got married just to get her fairy tale wedding. As for Kris seriously u could do better, just ask for the engagement ring back she does not deserve it.

You spend a reported 10 million on a wedding, have a TV special air 2 nights just a few weeks ago, and you’re getting divorced, and she does not expect rude comments ?
Screw Her !

First of all I think Kris treated Kim like the complete opposite than she deserved. Watching the reality show made me really dislike him. I don’t know him so I shouldn’t have an opinion but if he treats her like that for the whole world to see than I don’t even want to know how he treated her when they were alone. Kim is gorgeous and can get any one she wants to. I do agree though that you should be engaged for a little longer than a few months before getting married and not meet someone and decide to marry them nine days later. Lol that’s called being desperate. And yeah khloe hate is disgusting so why don’t you take your own advice and not be so hateful.

Punkinhead @ 11/01/2011 at 12:42 am

Who cares what the airhead (Kim) wants? What is it about her phony boring family??

They are all pitiful and a waste of time, and air that they breathe!


Alexandra @ 11/01/2011 at 2:23 am

everyone should boycott the trashy kardashians they have no morals and do anything for money and attention. Kim and Kris got married before God!…on tv or not they made a commitment which Kim is obviously not intelligent enough to understand but i guess since she gets married as a joke and to put herself on the map once, whats to make her not do it again.

First of all: Marriage is to be out of love. It is about joining two people for better or worse, not until the first problem appears. That is high-school behavior.
Second of all: F*** reality shows, if you really cared about this relationship, you wouldn’t have gotten married AND CASHED IN FOR THE WEDDING. If nothing else, how can that be *good* luck? And you wouldn’t be the only person on the cover, exclaiming “Kim’s wedding”. Um, yes, to herself. For her own money. Hence the prenup, hence the cash in, hence the divorce right before leaving for Australia. Avoiding any kind of contact with that poor bugger that looks like he is actually in love with you. You, who is deathly afraid of liking olives. Oh the depth on her!
I used to like her but she needs to go away and America needs to STOP protecting and supporting this trash. Larger than life? OMG, E!, you must be smoking something heavy.
One more thing. She is looking for love? For family? For stability? Boohaki. She is just gathering more and more money. How nicely greedy of her. So she’ll be buried in a diamond casket when your days are over? Fabulous. With no one but her four fellowashian-reality stars saying goodbye.

@I’m sorry but..:

The only American Royal Wedding we’ve ever had was when Caroline Kennedy got married. THAT was OUR Royal Wedding and not this HO!


Kris was telling her the ‘FACTS’. She lives in this fantasy land and needed to be brought back down to earth. He is for real and not a phony like the rest of her family. I mean, she didn’t even tell him she was married before. Huh? When Kim and the rest of the money hungry family 15 minutes are up they won’t know what to do with themselves. Bruce will be out flying his planes, playing golf or on speaking engagement and will have a good life since he’s the only one in that family with any brains at all. Just because you can make money doesn’t mean your’re smart. Greed is an awful thing and this family will learn real soon what it is not to have as much as they are used to. Wonder when Scott is going to have an affair? Gee, maybe E will get that episode together soon.

Aranka Paul @ 11/01/2011 at 8:42 am

Kim Kardashian is totaly self absorbed and narcistic. I would not mind her escapades if she had talent and beauty. She can’t sing, act or even talk in a normal way. Her whining “little girl” way of speaking is truly nerve racking. Her biggest achievement in life is a role in “Pussycat Dolls”. I am not making this up, I got it from one of their shows. The one person who is most ruthless and money hungry in the Kardashian family is the Mother. Oh God, I wish I she would just go away. She has zero scruples. Any mother whose sole purpose in life is to sell her family for MONEY (this is what she is doing, not a bit different from actual pimping) should be ashamed of herself.

This family is insulted that our First Lady would not allow her children to watch the show?. I would not allow my little puppy to watch it. It sends a totaly wrong message to our young people. In our currently critical economic situation (when some decent families can’t even put food on the table for their children), to see this family waste millions of dollars on stupid stuff, it is just repugnant.

Aranka Paul @ 11/01/2011 at 8:42 am

Kim Kardashian is totaly self absorbed and narcistic. I would not mind her escapades if she had talent and beauty. She can’t sing, act or even talk in a normal way. Her whining “little girl” way of speaking is truly nerve racking. Her biggest achievement in life is a role in “Pussycat Dolls”. I am not making this up, I got it from one of their shows. The one person who is most ruthless and money hungry in the Kardashian family is the Mother. Oh God, I wish I she would just go away. She has zero scruples. Any mother whose sole purpose in life is to sell her family for MONEY (this is what she is doing, not a bit different from actual pimping) should be ashamed of herself.

This family is insulted that our First Lady would not allow her children to watch the show?. I would not allow my little puppy to watch it. It sends a totaly wrong message to our young people. In our currently critical economic situation (when some decent families can’t even put food on the table for their children), to see this family waste millions of dollars on stupid stuff, it is just repugnant.

These women are tthe worst example for young ladies. They really need to get it together.

Kim is every inch like her mom from physical and their greediness, They will do everything to get money.

KIm kept asking Humphries to marry her. She’s rushing coz she knows she would gain a lot!

Kim earned miooions out of that wedding that was aired On E Channel then she the $2,000,000.00 engagement ring, the wedding ring, wedding gits etc etc

So now that she got what she wants from Humphries then time to look for another victim and get their money.

Maybe next time she might want to do what my husband and I did, go away to Lake Tahoe and get married. My husband and I have been married for 26 years. We did not have to pay a fortune to have a meaningful and long lasting marriage.

larissa Hernandez @ 11/01/2011 at 8:26 pm

Guys, this is what she does, and she has proven she is good at it, look at all of you..going crazy over her divorce…it`s her job to make money with stuff like this, she is well aware she doesn´t sing or dance or act, whats the big deal, this was another business transaction, and if it was a scam..well Kris had to knew about it, no one is trashing him..people should have had this reaction when BUSH made us think that there were nuclear weapons in the middle that really changed lives..give her credit, with no talent she is making it big..

Seriously, u guys r so rude. U only look at people’s actions.. Only hear what the media gives to u.. Making things up, like it was all a public stunt.. Yeah, maybe it is, but what if it wasn’t. Don’t judge ;)
Not everything is like how u see it. People like Kim K will be knocked down with one mistake, I bet u guys made a hundreds of mistakes, but u guys aren’t famous, it isn’t as tough for u guys as it is for her.
And if u don’t care, than why even bother? Seriously.
There are a lot of people who made the same mistakes even worse, but we r all human and we will keep making big mistakes. Respect a famous person even if they will make a mistake. U guys make the world tougher than that it already is.
You can’t say why she did something, u can be wrong too. It’s not only Kim K who has people talking dirty about her, all the famous people. It’s just wrong. One of the reasons that they r famous is because of U. So let them be famous, we don’t have to be all negative about everyone. Just support what somebody is doing and if u don’t like it THEN DON;T BOTHER.
And if somebody is being wrong, then u should support them to make them a better person. U guys r telling that some famous peepz r giving the wrong behaviour to others, but u guys are doing worse.

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