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Hayden Christensen: Roosevelt Hotel on Halloween

Hayden Christensen: Roosevelt Hotel on Halloween

Hayden Christensen makes his way to the Roosevelt Hotel on Monday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old Canadian actor, who arrived in his Audi, made a low key entrance in a blue flannel shirt and jeans.

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Over the weekend, Hayden dropped by a store to pick up a few water bottles and a fruit smoothie before heading out for the day.

Hayden also was recently spotted saying hello to a friend as he stopped by a Thai massage parlor.

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  • tina

    Love the new Audi. Cool car for a cool guy like Hayden.

  • ThisBitchBites

    A cheating man and webhost who aires dirty laundry on innocent people is getting what he deserves!! That cheater Randy Charles Morin! Heard he has AIDS!

    Randy is a liar and is mad that the news is all over the internet he has been cheating!! He is lying all over the place to cover himself!! Sick CHEATER! REAL NEWS FLASH!! RANDY HAS AIDS FROM FUKING ANASTASIA AND GAVE AIDS TO HIS DAUGHER IS WHY HIS WIFE IS DIVORCING HIM! Randy is the cheater!!

  • ThisBitchBites

    Revenge is a bitch isn’t Randy! Maybe U will stop stalking me U ugly FAT drunk with AIDS!!

  • hayles

    nice lumber jack look.

  • Weronika
  • Canadian_Caveman

    STILL jobless???

    STILL mediawh*ring???

    STILL a loser???


  • sloane

    A lousy actor with the charisma of a moldy bread.
    That goes to say that his career starts & ends up in Star Wars.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Three posts in one week! Sheesh, not even working actors get three posts in one week. JJ’s crush on this guy and his girlfriend is now seriously weirding me out.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! Don’t tell me he finally bought himself a car?? Funny how he got this fancy sports car when he’s been driving around in Rachel’s putt-putt!

  • tweet

    I think he needs himself a car if he plans to move to LA. Rachel has to drive her’s daily to work.

  • A Business Meeting?

    Hopefully this one will bring him some GOOD work!
    We need to see more of him working and less of him in tabloid, or JJ like his on-off so called fiance!

  • Deborah

    @A Business Meeting?: Totally agree with you. So-called off and on fiance. I don’t think he is moving here. I think he bought the car because he has to go to meetings like the one he was obviously going to that day. He could have been with Rachel on the weekend but he wasn’t and then not now? I hope it’s over. I’m tired of her being a publicity whore.. And he has every right to treat himself to a nice car. No one said it was because he was moving to L.A. He has a house in Canada and his brother has one here. He stays there when he is here. If they are so in love, why is she not in these pictures the last five days.

  • Anon

    @Deborah: Why is she not in the pictures? Maybe because she’s working? She’s been on set of Hart of Dixie. Just because they haven’t been seen together the last 5 days doesn’t mean they broke up. And LOL at the he stays with his brother. Yeah, that’s why he’s always seen leaving Rachel’s house. Being with your girlfriend for 5 years and he’s going to stay at his brothers house. It’s called DENIAL Deborah, Hayden and Rachel are in luuurve, deal with it!! :) Hahahahahahaha

  • lexy hates bilson

    Doesn’t she have a driver pick her up and take her to/from the set? After all she’s such a star?

  • just me

    @Anon: Hayden haven’t been with rachel in days while he been there. Its not like her to not take pictures with him. Also he can buy his iown car. And jared you don’t have mention rachel everytime be alone. That was weeks ago and Rachel don’t work that much every week. So why not no picttures? its not like her to not take none where she is in la are while he’s there. They are not together anymore. She haven’t in two weeks . And don’t need rachel taking pictures with him when she is not interested are beng with him. Jared you can stop saying rachel is his girlfriend now. You see that she is not with him. He don’t stay with her anymore at all. She make people believe that he does and he don’t. You all know that rachel don’t miss taking a picture when she can. When its about her only. Hayden doing the right thing about not being around her right now. Rachel don’t want to be seem with hayden anymore. That’s what Alex did with kate bosworth.

  • chill out ppl,,,,


    if you are sad enough to reply to everthing about the pair of them them get yourself a username- but then again you are just a coward still i have reason to believe who you are,
    still fighting the long dead cause about the pair of them,
    or is not much being said about them at imdb where also you think you rule there?

  • Anon

    @chill out ppl,,,,: What? So, I need to change my username to something more like yours which is just “chill out ppl”? What’s that going to do? I’m a coward? I couldn’t give a sh-t if these two broke up tomorrow, but when people are still acting delusional of the fact they’re together I have a right to say what I want. And never posted on imdb, so you got me mixed up with someone else. [ :

  • Yawn

    The last time Hayden and Rachel were seen hanging together was the 14th of October so it has been 19 days not five days. Which is odd when Hayden is in town being papped everywhere but not with her. You would think at least one of the times would have included her. It wouldn’t be strange for them to not be seen together if Hayden had been back in Canada all this time but he isn’t he is in Cali still. They haven’t been seen together since the grumpy Thai food date and the errands they ran the next day. They also haven’t been seen together after that interview came out. I’ve noticed he is staying on the west side of LA instead on the east side of the LA area where Rachel lives. The 101 freeway splits the area and west hollywood, hollywood are on the one side Los Feliz is way on the other side of the 101 near the Griffith Observatory. They are probably trying to start some break up rumors to get some attention maybe even announce they are taking a break again all to get some attention just like last year and then get back together just in time to get more attention. Same story same rumors different year. Same games.Boring,

  • Anon

    @Yawn: Hayden and Rachel are seen together about once every 2-3 months. It’s not strange not to see them pictured together. Now if Rachel wasn’t working on a show, then it would be weird.Being on a show you could work between 5 in the morning till late at night everyday of the week. You don’t like when they’re seen together, yet when they’re not seen together you still complain. Pick one or the other.

  • @Anon

    She seems to have plenty of free time to me. From today.
    She has enough to time to go out shopping during the day while she is still working those” busy” hours. So I guess she isn’t that busy. Actors also don’t work every single day of the week on a television show only when they are needed for a scene that is being shot that day. Sometimes an actor could not work for days even if they play a lead on the show filming. Like Blake Lively on Gossip Girl currently running back and forth from NYC and Boston to see Ryan Renolds when she isn’t filming for days.
    So with all this free time it is weird Hayden and Rachel went from being seen together a lot last month while she was filming Hart of Dixie to not at all for three weeks. While during that time they are spotted out by themselves on several occasions in LA. You would think all that free time would be spent together. If the paparazzi just happened to catch them wherever they were the odds are they would be together not apart. Unless they are having problems. Couples go through problems ALL couples do. Hayden and Rachel have gone through a lot of them in the last year. The last time they were both in LA for a long period of time but not seen spending time together suddenly things weren’t going well for them. It’s a gossip site people gossip. Hehehe.Get over it. If it wasn’t for gossip these sites wouldn’t exist and most actors/actresses wouldn’t have careers!!
    Now go back to stalking the Rachel posts. Haha.

  • @16

    @lexy hates bilson: He traded up and got a better car maybe he will trade up and get a better girl!!!Haha.
    He is thirty years old now. A lot of men go through phases and want to change things up while they are still young enough. AKA midlife crisis. He is a little young for that still but when guys hit the big 3 -0 it is a game changer.That is the kind of car a guy buys when he wants to run away from something in his life and still be free.
    I half expected him to buy a station wagon ( a settling down car)not a bad ass sports car again!!!( a still want to be young car).
    Guys and cars tend to match their moods and lifestyles.

  • carol

    Wow, what a variety of opinions on here. I just posted on the Rachel thread, I should have done it here instead. There were a couple of twitter sightings yesterday of Rachel “filming Heart of Dixie on the Warner Brothers lot”. She has said in interviews that she goes to bed at nine because she gets up at five am every day to go to work on the set of Hart of Dixie. Some of the actors of HOD that have twitter accounts have mentioned filming at night and on weekend days, as well. Rachel works full time now, sometimes she has free time between takes I would imagine. Hayden’s movie is in “in production status” now according to IMDB. I would imagine he has to work on getting that set up, etc. while in LA. It is not unusual for them to be papped separately, that happens alot. Just because they are not seen together, you think they broke up? What couple spends all their time together? Sometimes Hayden and Rachel are out and are papped, sometimes they are not. What man would re do his girlfriend’s kitchen and house by re tiling and painting if he expected to break up with her? He would tell her to hire a handyman! And to think he would do all this work, then go have a sleepover at his brother’s house is funny! I have a feeling spending the night with Rachel is more appealing to him. They both do things without each other, I am sure they do things with their families without each other at times. Rachel is with her mother alot. Hayden had a fancy sports car a few years ago before he totaled it in an accident. He is only 30 years old, why wouldn’t he want a sports car? He has a Land Rover in Canada, he finally had to buy a car instead of borrowing Rachel’s or Tove’s, which indicates he plans to spend more time in LA, a good thing if he plans to work as an actor. Who knows how long Hayden and Rachel will last, but some of these comments calling Rachel names with hate behind them show some of you are taking their relationship way too seriously when you do not know either one of them.

  • swirly

    awwww these poor women are so depressed inside that Rachel’s the one sleeping with the guy you have wet dreams about!!!!!! funny sooo funny.

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    Hayden Christensen she Hayden said Hayden I loved you a kiss gos wong on tuesday if din’t here from she Hayden cops got she or staff fight get she back team get she back loved ok I loved you Hayden Rachel

  • http://HaydenChristensen she Hayden Christensen

    Hayden she will be together soon talk soon I love you smile

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  • RandyCharlesMorinisa STALKER

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    Randy Charles Morin
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    CPS in the Ontario area 416-924-4646
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  • Slartabartfast

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