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Hugh Grant Welcomes Baby Girl

Hugh Grant Welcomes Baby Girl

Hugh Grant has become a father, his rep tells

“I can confirm that Hugh Grant is the delighted father of a baby girl,” a rep for the actor said in a statement. “He and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, Hugh could not be happier or more supportive. He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms.”

This is the first child for Hugh, 51, who has not revealed who the mother of the child is.

Congratulations to Hugh!

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  • cjohn

    He and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, ______________oKEEEY

  • http://ajd slig o ^____________^ cute

    i dont heard anything about this man or he just sleep in uk

  • Carol

    Who the hell crafted this horrid statement?? was it really necessary to say it was a fleeting affair? Why not just that the parents are no longer together? This makes u sound like a playboy and makes the mother of ur newborn child sound like a wh*re. Well done Hugh.

  • Weronika

    Wow . look . Its … ehh click ;

  • Dina

    I always wanted to have his babies. Those baby blues….

  • Raichill

    He is 51 and doesn’t know about contraception?

  • Yada

    Congratulations, Hugh! You will make a nice dad to that little girl. It was high time, anyway!
    Congratulations and enjoy your baby!

  • Bev

    @Carol: Actually, its your perception that says she is a wh*re and Hugh a playboy. Why aren’t you calling him a wh*re?

  • WOW!!

    Either say nothing or say it all. He said just a tidbit which is enough for the media, esp., British media , to go gungho after the story get info on Changching$$Mommy.

    Or he should have just said it all .

    Or he should ahve siad nothing.

    Now, the girl who trapped him with his approval, can you say set for life.

    Very sad for the child…to be product of dumb horny father and money seeking woman.

  • Carol

    @Bev: Playboys are wh*res. He is a wh*re, there u go. And that will be my perception yes if u put out statements that it was a ‘fleeting affair’.

  • Dawn


    Contraception is not a 100 percent effective.

  • Bev

    @Carol: My mistake. Thanks for the clarification.

  • James

    @Dina: Lots of guys have blue eyes. Raise the bar girl.

  • CJLOVE23

    Why didn’t they just say that the mother is a gold digging stripper and Hugh was really drunk & had a one night stand with her in the back of the strip club & they went through many DNA tests to find out Hugh Grant is now the father of this baby girl!

    That would’ve been JUST a tad worse than this release statement from his publicist/rep

  • Fiona

    Perceptions are just thattoo. It doesn’t mean that they’re facts but that’s what people may think if given x, y or z. So maybe he or she are not wh*res but people will perceive u as such if u say something like that. Poor statement, I agree.

  • TexasLovin

    Is the baby’s name Divine Brown Grant?? Maybe that’s why they aren’t releasing her info

  • Orly

    @CJLOVE23: Lolol couldn’t have said it better.

  • Val

    Indignified, completely classless statement.

  • whatsoever


    Couldn’t have said it better

  • Breckin

    Might as well have tacked on ‘and Hugh is completely happy to pay child support by the way!’.

  • Jenna

    @Breckin: ‘within reason. They’re working it out. It was just a fleeting affair afterall. Did I mention unplanned? Oh right, I did. Just wanted that on record.’

  • PreppyJennie

    @Dina: LOL Me too , I fell in love with him when I saw the movie ( ironically enough ) Nine Months .

  • PreppyJennie

    While I agree with everyone here about this being a classless statement not publishing the mother’s name spares both Mommy and Baby the pain of being followed around by the paparazzi. In a way he is protecting them from all the media frenzy although at the same time the press will not rest until they find them which is sad .

  • CCrider

    January Jones did it AGAIN!

  • Liam

    @PreppyJennie: No problem with not publishing the name from me, protects privacy. It’s the statement.

  • MikaloMia

    how can an irresponsible manchild be a parent ?,..a certificate shold be required to have a child

  • PreppyJennie

    @Liam: I agree with you :)

  • Brian

    What’s offensive about it iaside from to the mother and child, is that whoever gave the statement believes they’re masking or assuaging the insult by saying Hugh couldn’t be happier and supportive etc as if the audience is stupid.

    Put another way ‘just to be clear to everyone, it was a one night stand, completely meaningless but dang it here we are. But mind u my client is an upstanding guy and happy and supportive’.

  • Truthie

    Now that his career is over, he spend his time chasing 20-yr-olds. Sady middle-aged man.

  • pearl

    Are there no ranting lunatics who care to come here and shout about what a manwhoring cheating low-life douchebag he is and doesn’t he have the sense to wrap it up? Must I do EVERYTHING????

  • Zelda

    @pearl: Ahaha yah why all the intellectuals come out to reasonably call out mr.grant? Damn u Hugh, even ur detractors are civilized!

  • Duh

    He was dated a chinese woman, back in april, and there was a story that she had a baby belly… search the internet and you’ll find it. It’s really easy to assume she was really pregnant back then and that is her baby now, which was born in october, by the way. I guess they went out for 6 months or more…

  • Damon

    @Duh: I’ve seen a photo of her, she’s very pretty. And an actress in China, I think I read. He should be so lucky that a woman would even give him the time of day given his track record. If anyone is lucky here it’s him.

  • MikaloMia

    The chinese woman will definitely give him the time of day if she want to use his contacts to get a foothold in the western industry…she does not even have to be chinese…any up and coming woman will see an opportunity there, so yes, he will have his fill of 20 yr olds chasing him

  • Hayles

    @MikaloMia: She’s 31. And not everyone wants to break into the Western market. That’s a really American-centric and ignorant view on ur part (not surprised btw). I’m sure being famous to 1 billion people in their own country is quite enough for many Chinese entertainers.

  • Barbara

    Could it the mother be Divina Brown? lol

  • Anon

    Damn, I would have had that “fleeting affair”!

  • Anon

    I would have had the “fleeting affair”! At least he is being honest – none of this we were in love but it didn’t work out Kim Kardashian bullshit!

  • Lyla

    @Helen: How do u know she doesn’t have money of her own? How do u know she didn’t genuinely like Hugh? So women who have less or equal amount of money to a man aret allowed to have real feelings for them just because the guy has more $?
    Are u saying Grant has no other redeeming qualities other than his money that a girl would like him? That seems more accurate.
    You are a disgrace to females.

  • Yesplease

    Oh Hugh….at 51 he is still gorgeous!

  • Amber

    I could have written a better statement than that.


    While X and the mother are not in a permanent relationship…

  • oy

    I’m guessing this little tab will run around 7 digits when it’s all said and done.

  • Helen

    So who will be on the list ? Maybe Gerard butler or Leo , don’t think this might happen to George , he seems careful

  • jo
  • Helen

    Lyla, some women are only after money .. And take it easy dear , no need for big word like disgrace .. At the end u don’t know me and also u don’t know Hugh nor the mother .. Have a good day.. maybe this comment will be flag also ..

  • Lilia
  • Narla

    Sounds like Benicio Del Toro however Hugh’s PR statement is completely different at least he’s pleased to be a dad lol

  • condomscondoms!

    Another idiot who can’t be bothered to wear condoms sounds like he wanted to have kids. Another kid where the parents are not together seems the way to go these days. No amound of money can buy a child a stable childhood.

  • Paparazzi

    Knowing the paparazzi they will eventually find out who the mother and baby is and then hound them. I think the mother is that Asian woman we saw last year in the media.

  • lafamepoma

    Congratulations Hugh you’re a really good actor hope you will be a a good father ^^