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Zac Efron: Post Halloween Food Run

Zac Efron: Post Halloween Food Run

Zac Efron jogs to his car after leaving Palm restaurant on Tuesday (November 1) in Beverly Hills.

The 24-year-old actor kept a toothpick in his mouth as he made a beeline to his ride!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Over the weekend, Zac got in the Halloween spirit by showing off his legs in a pair of short shorts – he was a Reno 911 cop! Zac hung out with sisters Aly and AJ Michalka at the big bash.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Zac‘s upcoming animated film, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax!

FYI: Zac is wearing DieselThavar 8X2” slim distressed jeans.

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  • Niiiiiick

    He is so handsome. His life will be much easier once he comes out of the closet. Ladies you can’t deny a good looking guy like Zac can’t be straight. Just looking at his Halloween picture you can tell he likes it up the butt every now and then. I’m not being offensive here because I’m a Zac Efron fan myself. I’m just not one of those delusional fan girls who refuse to believe it.

  • laverdadduele

    I remember when he was the hottest “actor” in Hollywood. Not anymore. Only real talent stands the test of time.

  • Miranda

    He has real talent, any director knows that. And he is gorgeous.

  • Niiiiiick

    He’s definitely talented. He’s the only actor from High School Musical who really has had major success.

  • Derpina

    @laverdadduele: Sorry to disappoint you and all the haters, but Zac just work on five films this year ;)

  • Niiiiiick

    He also has 8 movies in development. I think these next few years Zac is going to be a global phenomenon!

  • gglover128

    yaaaay more Zac weird Ive been seeing a lot more of him since V left@Niiiiiick:Hes not gay Its just a Halloween costume. Why is everyone taking it so seriously and it’s very possible for a guy hot as Zac to be straight.

  • Niiiiiick

    @gglover128: It’s not. Take Neil Patrick Harris as an example. Forever I thought he was straight because of his character on How I Met Your Mother but it turns out I was completely wrong. There are so many people in this world who refuse to believe Zac is gay or atleast bisexual. Whenever he decides to come out haters and that sorority will laugh in your face.

  • Kaskaskas

    This is funny but I am gay and don’t think Zac is gay, not thaaaat gay, I used to think he is before but not now, he confuses me a little

  • Niiiiiick

    @Kaskaskas: How so?

  • lacy

    lookin’ good efron!

  • Kaskaskas

    I think he acts too much like a boy, have boy interests, had a normal-looking relationship with a girl for five years, gay people less “over-exposed” like Zachary Quinto can not hide it for much longer, if Zac made it so far he is a good liar, where all the evidence? Real evidences, not that “dressed up a gay caracter” who is played by a friend of him (that explains a lot)

  • marisa

    My gosh, even with a stache he’s gorgeous<3

    My brother-in-law’s sister met him when he was filming a movie near her town and said that he was the nicest guy ever, and took a bunch of pictures with her kids.

    Love you Zac!

  • Facts

    The only ppl who think Zac Efron are gay are the ones jealous of his success or want him to be gay because they’re gay…………..OR both ;)

  • Niiiiiick

    @Kaskaskas: He’s a smart guy and he’s young. Evidence is bound to show up sooner or later. I have no issue with him whether he’s straight, gay or bi, but you can’t help but question his orientation when he’s drop dead gorgeous and has quite a few female mannerisms.

  • Kaskaskas

    @Niiiiiick: Yes, I don’t say that he is not gay (not say this for sure about anyone) i just think he is like in 30, 40 in a 0 to 100 scale of gayness

  • Tamara

    He looks like a little boy playing dress up with fake mustache. Really silly looking!

  • tobymason

    Zac Efron has recently signed onto to star in a new movie based upon the graphic novel “Fire”. His role will be that of a CIA secret agent, he is also set to produce this film.

  • Hi Zac

    a kiss from you and a kiss from your mustache

  • ozzie

    hipster with his white iphone …

  • veronica

    what 5 other movies he is doing,he plays supporting roles he dosnt star in movies becous there is no sane director that will want him as the leading zac efron fans still live inthe past.this guy isnt hot stuff anymore.wake up.he should do more tv and stop trying to bea movie star becous he dosnt have the extra thing that movie stars have carisma.and he look like agirl u cant take someone that look like a girl and make him cia agent

  • allessia

    zac efron fans are so delusional,this guy is a no one ,he didnt do one decent movie ever.if you know of such a movie just name it.yeah right it doesn’t exist.;-)

  • SE

    Looking good as always :D

  • Amber

    @veronica: Zac plays supporting roles? He’s playing leads in The Lorax, The Lucky One, The Paperboy, and the untitled Bahrani film. He and Matt McConaughey are co-leads while Nicole Kidman and John Cusack play supporting roles in The Paperboy, and Zac is also playing leads with Dennis Quaid in the untitled film. Why don’t you check out facts before writing ignorant lies?

    @allessia: He has done only five theatrical movies so far, and three of them are fresh on RT. Hairspray and Me & Orson Welles got raves from critics. Looks like you’re the delusional one here. Stupid hater.

  • adam

    Amber @ if you take all your info from imdb and expect them all to be true you are delusional.and yes all his in work futer projects he plays supporting roles ,and he didnt proved him self as an actor yet and i dont think he will do that any time soon.he isnt Not Good Enough to carry a movie by him self.

  • veronica

    Amber @ how old are you honey? are you 12 becous only girls in that age range will finde this guy talented when he is not ,and only 12 years old girls will finde his girly face atractive.he dosnt look like a man how can any one take him seriously, he is too feminine for seriuse rolls.

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @veronica: Um? I’m not 12 and he makes me happy. Some of you are so full of hate for someone that you don’t even know that you let facts get in the way. He’s doing OK. he is working hard and has a lot of work on the way, and not all of it supporting roles. And anyway not so long ago the haters were all banging on about how he SHOULD be doing supporting roles to build up his skills. How typical that as soon as he does what people said he should he is still wrong.

  • Xox

    People thinking he’s gay because of his Halloween costume make me laugh. It’s called a COSTUME. My bf dressed up like a woman last year with his friends. It’s for fun. Maybe if people weren’t so uptight they would see that. I thought it was a really good costume.

  • Amber

    @adam: LOL are you kidding? Who goes to imdb to find out if an actor’is playing lead when upcoming movie casts are not even listed in billing order? I got info from some people who actually read the scripts. And I read the books The Paperboy and The Lucky One are based on. Zac’s playing leads in all of them except New Year’s Eve(where everyone has small roles) and Liberal Arts(where he filmed a cameo). Who is delusional here?

  • Amber

    @veronica: “he is too feminine for seriuse rolls.” Are you serious? How about Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio? Damn, how stupid are you? Have you read reviews of 17 Again, HSM 3 and Charlie St Cloud? Even critics who hated these movies RAVED Zac and agreed he has a bright future as a leading man. Are these critics 12 year olds too? LOL Your comments are getting more pathetic everyday.

  • veronica

    are comparing him to brad pitt and leo dicaprio.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they can act.and by the way i know Merlin’s Mum @ ,Amber @.are the same

  • wicked wench

    @veronica: And how old are you when I found 10 grammatical and spelling mistakes in your post? How do you expect to be taken seriously when you massacre the English language?

    Zac is very talented, you are just unable to recognize it. On the other hand, I think your motives have nothing to do with his acting talent and everything to do with who he used to date, or maybe you’re just a troll.

    He looks adorable in that blue stripped shirt. Is he toning up / losing weight for a role or for personal reasons. Does anyone know?

  • Amber

    @veronica: Okay, read your comments before posting. You sound like a someone that didn’t even finish kindergarten. You keep writing ridiculous stuff and can’t even spell simple words. Jeez. Me and Merlin’s Mom are the same person because we don’t sound childish like you? You’re laughing at my comparion to Pitt and DiCaprio because you weren’t even born when they were at Zac’s age. Despite getting an Oscar nom at 19 Leo was still called untalented pretty boy by ignorant people in his early career. And Pitt’s career didn’t really take off until he was in early thirties. You’ll probably come up with even more stupid comment afterwards. But you’re only making yourself look stupier by the comment.

  • Derp

    Hey, look at me, I’m the badass Zefron with a macho moustache and bad boy facial expression, I’m so hot and straight.. NOT!

  • pathetic

    Unhealthily underweight. GREAT role model…not.

  • Delicate Girl

    “Hey, look at me, I’m the badass Zefron with a macho moustache and bad boy facial expression, I’m so hot and straight.”

    My di*k got hard reading this

  • hahaha

    delicate GIRL
    you have a di*ck ? what are you ?

  • Derpina

    These Veronica and Alessia are fans of Robert Pattinson = just stupid desperate little girls fighting over their stupid idols

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    why u all keep posting bad comment of Zac Efron?he is not a badass as I know him since HSM
    He is cool! And I love him!!!!!!:D

  • pathetic

    Whoever thumbed me down KNOWS it’s true. I will give his career ten more minutes.

    Not taking him back was the best thing Vanessa ever did.

  • florence

    It’s no surprise he looks underweight drinking the amount and how often he does is bound to have a effect on the body and he’s been clubbing and drinking and clubbing regular for nearly a year so of course it will show.

    And the moustache looks stupid on him does’nt suit him or make him look sexy in the slightest.

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @veronica: I am definitely NOT amber!

  • Derpina

    Last week zac was fat, now he is “unhealthily underweight”. LOL how these haters are funny and incoherent

  • monica

    “unhealthily underweight” guys are you insane? He’s fine and please leave the guy alone.

  • monica

    “unhealthily underweight” guys are you insane? He’s fine and please leave the guy alone.

  • http://facebook me

    oh shut up people i find him an okay looking guy and i definitily i dont find him gay and this mustache is so sexy on men

  • Sabrina

    @@florence: He can drink and club all her wants hes a grown man!! hes 24 years old soo what? i don’t see how it’s affecting anyone but him. His life, his choices!
    @Niiiiiick: I know right? He is sooo talented.
    @pathetic: He is a good role model can you please just shut up omg. So what he’s skinny, some people are born like that. I’m skinny. Am I a bad role model too?

  • Drive

    Trying to be Ryan Gosling in Drive with that tooth pick

  • http://justjared mig345

    People leave him alone, hes not gay i can tell a gay person an its not him, Please leave him alone.

  • http://@Starsitel Leila